After The Dust Settles

By Johnny Proft.

Based on characters and situations created by Mattel Toys, Hallmark Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Twentieth Century Fox, Saban Entertainment, Hasbro Industries, Paramount Pictures, Brian Terrell and Johnny Proft.


Adam groaned as he sat on the royal thrown with his head leaning on his hand. Being the king of Eternia was exactly as he expected, boring, and with little hopes of battle. His mother still sat in the queenís thrown, at least until Adam had a better understanding of what he was doing.

"Tell me my lord, what troubles you?" His mother asked.

"Donít call me lord please mother, Itís Johnny, If I am to be king I would have at lest been happy to know he would be here to defend the planet, but with him gone, I donít know how Iím supposed to defend the world against Skeletor and King Hiss."

"My son, I will not be here forever, and when I go, a mighty queen will replace me, and we have more than enough heroís to battle the evils of this planet, and I know Johnny was a dear friend of yours,"

"He was my best friend."

"Yes, and he will be missed by the hole planet, but I thing with you as king, we couldnít be safer." Adam gave another grown.

"Maybe, but I canít shake the feeling that a great evil is soon to rear itís ugly head."


Meanwhile, deep in the banshee jungle, there stood a twenty foot tall stone ring, as part of an alter to worship the gods of evil that were said to reside in the jungle. The animals that had made their homes around the ring suddenly scattered as the ring started to glow. Suddenly a massive blue explosion of water fired from within the center of the ring. When the water disappeared, the ring was now full of a wall of water. For a moment nothing happened, then one by one, three men and a woman walked out from within the wall of water. They all wore army camouflage and except for the tall man with the gold emblem on his head, they all held semi- automatic weapons. As the wall of water disappeared, the oldest of the group lead his team threw the jungle.

"Daniel, Tealíc, what do you guys make of this place?" He asked.

"I donít know Jack, It looks like some kind of abandoned shrine." The man with glasses replied.

"I agree Daniel Jackson, however, I disagree with the fact that is abandoned." The tall black man with the staff replied as he knelled to the ground.

"What do you mean Tealíc?" The woman asked, as she stood over him. The two others joined them as Tealíc peered down at the set of hove prints in the muddy ground.

"What sheep do worshipping here?" Jack asked.

"Not sheep, man thing!" A voice said from behind them. "Goat Men." They all turned to see a creature with the body of a man, and the head of a billy goat.

"What are you?" Jack asked.

"I am Goat-Man, second in command of the army of Skeletor."

"You are not!" Tealíc replied. "Skeletor is dead."

"Wrong Jafa, He was dead once, but has now returned to reclaim this planet. And why dose Apophus grow foolish enough to enter Skeletorís domain?"

"Aw, excuse me, but we are not with Apophus, in fact heís been dead for some time. We are SG1, Iím Colonel Jack O Ď Neil, this is Tealíc, Daniel Jackson, and Captain Samantha Carter."

"If, Colonel Jack O Ď Neil, you are not soldiers of Apophus, than who do you serve?"

"Weíre from a little planet called Earth, maybe youíve heard of it."

"Indeed I have man thing, the late enemy of my master lives his childish life on that miserable planet, You are prisoners of Skeletor, come quietly or you will be destroyed."

"Oh yeah, by who?"

"By my masters robot knights." SG1 suddenly realized that an army of hovering robots surrounded them, all with sharp claws and off screen like faces.

"All right, You got us. Lower your weapons."

"Colonel O Ď Neil, I must protest."

"Drop it Tealíc, or weíre all done for." Tealíc growled at Goat-Man and dropped his staff.

"Skeletor will enjoy the prize I have for him." Goat-Man said with a sinister laugh.


Teela sat in the royal courtyard, starring at the tall statue of his former brother, The Guyver and the Silver Space Ranger.

"This isnít right brother, Iím no queen, you were supposed to be here to be my childrenís teacher, why did you have to die, especially now that Cidney is pregnant and Skeletor is alive." Her thoughts were interrupted by the cry from the stroller at her side. She picked up the little boy that started to cry and started to rock from side to side.

"Oh, Michael, I wish you could have met your uncle. He was a great man, one who you could have learned a lot from, but I have to learn that I still have more than most. I married the most powerful man in the universe, and you in your sister will some day take his place. And life will be good and there will be no Skeletor or King Hiss, and life will have no problems of that extreme." She said to her trembling son as Duncan walked up behind her.

"Adam has called for a royal assembly." Teela nodded, set her slumbering son next to his sister in the stroller and with her father, Teela carted her children to the royal palace.


Jack hated being a prisoner, it had happened to him more than once, but it infuriated him more than once.

"Okay, Daniel, what do we know about this Skeletor guy?"

"In most beliefs there is a being that fitís his description, in Egypt it as the jackal Guard of Anubis, in Christian belief it just happens to be the Grim Reaper."

"So, weíre dealing with death."

"The creature of Skeletor is far more dangerous than any evil we have previously encountered." Tealíc added.

"Then why is there so little mention of him in his actual manuscripts?" Captain carted asked.

"Most gods fear Skeletor, including Apophus, and leave little if any record of his existence." Jack groaned at the historical reference.

"This is great in all but what do we know about him, How do we stop him?"

"He is a demon of another dimension, not of this planet, but has a never ending obsession is to conquer it."

"If heís so powerful why hasnít he taken it over yet?" Daniel asked.

"There was always a being of good whoís stopped his planís of conquest time after time, known as He-Man. He was thought to be only a legend, it is said that he is the strongest man in the universe."

"How strong is strongest?" Jack asked.

"In his labors against evil, he has been known to: pick up a castle and hurl it threw a dimensional portal; forced an entire prison to crumble to the ground; held a ship in a planets orbit with his bare hands and a rope; and battles countless monsters such as dragons, demons, serpent men, and god like sorcerers with only a sword." The three listeners were shocked.

"I wonder if he has a traveling act as well?" Jack joked. Just then two men walked up to the cell door and opened it. Their odd appearance startled all but Tealíc.

"Who the hell are you?" Jack asked.

"I am Whiplash and this is Triclops, Come with us, Skeletor has taken an interest in the four of you." As the four were shoved out of the cell Jack shot a joke to Daniel.

"Weíre off to see the Wizard."

"Sorcerer perhaps." Tealíc added.


"The time has come for the royal court to finally strike back against Skeletor, If need be we will level Snake Mountain into the ground. I tell you this so we can prepare for any counter attacks, Duncan, we may have to postpone the funeral arrangements." Duncan nodded and walked to his workshop.

"Adam," Teela started as the others walked away to their various dutyís, "Why must we attack Skeletor now, when the children have barley lived, We can use my fathers new planetary scanner, find a allies of Johnnyís to help, or call the Shiíar."

"If we let Skeletor rest for to long, we may not have another chance. If Skeletor has time to develop a plan we may..." He was interrupted by Duncan racing into the room, who was out of breath. "What is it Duncan?"

"The planetary scanner, I was testing it and...The Traveler is alive!"


When Daniel Jackson was forced to sit on the stone bench next to his three allies, he didnít expect to be standing in front of a glass, which was held up by stone framing. As they took in their new surroundings and man walked into the open room from the door they had just entered from.

"Welcome to Snake Mountain, travelers of the Stargate." The hooded man said as he rested the end of his goat staff in the cold stone floor.

"And who might you be?" Jack asked as sarcastically as ever.

"I am known threw the multiverse as Skeletor."

"We know of you, lord of destruction." Tealíc said evenly.

"Well then, Jafa, you would be expecting me to either kill or imprison you."

"Which you have." Jack said angrily.

"Quite right human, but now is not the time for such pleasantryís." Daniel literally raised his hand.

"Excuse me, you mentioned the multiverse, what is that?"

"It is the combination of this universe and all other universes in every reality. Reality, mind you, is like a river which splits into sever infinite variations. but as I said, now is not the time, Spikor, remove the veil." A curtain covering the other side of the glass was removed to show five people strapped to examining tables against the stone wall on the other side of the mirror, each person had a spider shaped scorpion like creature wrapped around their face.

"What the hell did you do to them?" Captain Carter asked.

"These are common farmers from the plains bent this mountain, I simply used them for my latest plan to take back this world."

"This world was never yours dark lord." Tealíc said angrily.

"Perhaps, but these Face-Huggers have transferred their seamen into the hostís here. When they fall off it will take twelve hours for the creature within to burst threw the chest cavity, once free of itís womb, it will grow to full size in fifteen minuteís time, then they will destroy the royal court."

"They are blood-burners?" Tealíc asked in shock.

"The local natives of the temple I stole the eggís from called them that, but it is off no concern of yours. You are simply here to watch, one of the five will be a queen, and when she hatches more face huggers, we will need new hostís, and you all make me proud to volunteer." Skeletor said with a sinister high pitched laugh, as he laughed his skullish featured came into view for the first time, sending a collective chill down the spines of the team SG1.


Morbious had been on the hunt for three days strait, resting with his "Bloodlust patch" As he called it on his shoulder during the day, but at night, the patch would come off and the hunt would begin again. the king of the vampires was his prey. The monster had hidden himself well since he had broken out of the Eternian mines over a year ago. Morbious felt forced to put the patch back on his shoulder as he came to a small village, when he wore the patch he was human again and was able to enter the town relatively unnoticed. he snickered as he sniffed the wind, even as a human he could vaguely smell the odor of the undead king. He waited for his physical features to return to normal before entering the city of Thaymor. It was just before sunrise and even though he was now human, Morbious felt out of place in open places. There would be nothing he could do now but rent a room and stay the night. But once the sun set, the hunt would begin again, with his ability to fly and his physic ability to track another vampire in an enclosed space, it would only a matter of time before the king of the undead would be quite dead.


Adam looked into the microscope like machine in Duncanís workshop, and looked up at Duncan and Teela.

"How?" Adam asked.

"I donít know, it is a total mystery, all I know is what the facts provide, Johnny was last seen on a planet that is no longer there, and now he is on a parallel Earth, alive and well." Teela thought there for a moment and then raced off towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Adam asked.

"Dead or not, my mother would know whatís going on, and thereís only one place where I can communicate with her now." Adam nodded in agreement.

"Castle Grayskull. Iíll go with you." Adam was about to follow her but Duncan grabbed his arm.

"My friend, you are now the king, you canít just leave." For a moment Adam almost wanted to start and argument, then nodded.

"Your right of course, go on Teela, but have Ram-man and Stratos go with you." Teela was halfway out the door when a local farmer burst into the room.

"HELP ME... PLEASE I......" The man then fainted. Adam and Teela quickly picked up the man and laid him onto the examining table.

"Duncan, get an examining room, I want to know..." Then Adam noticed the dirt on the manís shoes, a kind of dirt that he had seen several times before, in only one place on Eternia. "Have him put in a secure examining room, nothing else gets in or out." Adam said as he and Teela walked out of the room, leaving Duncan standing in the center of the room with an odd look on his face. Duncan quickly raced to the com-link on the side of the wall.

"I need a medic team in here now!"


Cidney sat in the small chapel on Cybertron, she had some time before meeting Rodimus Prime and felt it would be best to spend it there. She sat in one of the twelve enormous benches and did something she had never done before, she prayed.

"Oh Johnny, why did you leave us now, when our child is still growing inside me. I hope and call to any god, good or evil, to do anything in their power to bring my... The man I love back to me." She said to the open air as a middle-aged man walked into the chapel and stood next to her.

"Hey Cid," The man said, shaking Cidney back to reality. "Rodimus is ready to see you."

"Oh, thanks Spike." She replied as she hopped down and followed the man out of the chapel.


Night fell over the city of Thaymor, and Morbious could smell the blood of the undead near. As the final rays of sunlight disappeared, Morbious peeled off the bloodlust patch and waited for the transformation. His nose flattened, his skin became pail white, his teeth grew razor sharp, and most noticeable, he could smell the blood of everyone around him, practically tasting it, he was now practically starving, but had to control his hunger, save it for the prey. And then there it was, the hint of blood so old and decaying that it had to come from only the lord of the undead. his eyes grew red and his fangs seemed to grow longer as he flew off at top speed towards the undead king.


Teela, Ram-Man and Stratos stood at the age-old stone bridge of Castle Grayskull. Teela stood ahead of the other two, wearing the Sorceressís headdress and held her hands up high.

"I, Sorceress of Grayskull, command the jaw bridge open!" Teela ordered. For a moment, the cold wooden door shook, then did nothing more. Teela looked at her friends and shrugged.

"Duh, What went wrong?" Ram-Man asked.

"I donít know, All I know is that I canít open it."


Meanwhile, in a dimension open only to a select few, a battle of wits was transpiring.

"This emergency cession of the Continuum Council is now in session." A bearded man said from behind a long desk.

"The subject is quite clear, the Traveler is alive, what do we do about it?"

"The balance has been greatly disturbed, we must return him to the underworld at once, or the balance could be forever lost. One voice said out from no where, the man at the desk sat in a room of pure light, then from behind the light, Zodack stepped into the room, from out of no where.

"The boy has been resurrected by a force unknown to even the council, perhaps he was resurrected for some supreme propose, it is unwise to simply undo the procedure." Q stepped out from the light and stood next to Zodack.

"This all makes little difference, He is somehow protected form our powers, whether we like it or not, he is alive and there is nothing we can do to change it."


The lifeless villager lay still on the examining room table. A glass box surrounded the man as a medical team watched over the helpless farmer, recording their findings. from a booth of glass above the room, Adam and Duncan watched their progress as Teela, Stratos and Ram-Man entered the booth.

"Why arenít you at Grayskull?" Adam asked as Teela sat down next to him.

"The castle no longer responds to my commands, itís like it no longer considers me the Sorceress."

"Is that possible? I thought..." Duncan was cut off as a loud stirring formed from the medical crew below, they all watched with fascination as the farmer awoke.

"Help me, Skeletor, he put this thing inside me, heíll do it to more if you donít....AAAAAAAAAAAA!" The farmer screamed as his raged shirt started to change from a dirt stained white to a dark wet red. Then from out of the shirt burst out a bloodstained scorpion like creature, as it climbed out of the farmerís body, leaving a gaping hole in the now dead farmers chest, it gave a blood curtailing cry. It stood on two legs, with a long smooth head and razor sharp-tail.

"What on Eternia is that!?" Stratos asked in shock. Before anything could be done, the creature raced out of view, seconds later, one of the four medical researchers fell to the floor out of view. He screamed at first, then the scream was replaced by the sound of his throat either filling with blood, or being ripped from his neck. Adam drew his sword as the protective steel door sent itself closing down over the glass wall. Adam was about to use the sword to cut through the steel wall, when Duncan stopped him.

"You are the king of Eternia, you canít risk your life." Adam had decided he had heard enough.

"I have this power, I will not let it sit when others can be saved." Suddenly the glass shattered and the steel door beyond became warped, as if a mountain had been thrown into it.

"Exactly how big was that thing again?" Stratos asked. as if an answer to his question, two sets of four fingered claws pierced threw the steel armor. Adam held his sword in a fighting stance as the creature peeled threw the steel wall like it was paper. Suddenly, Duncan aimed a nearby blaster at the creature, took aim and fired, And the creature stood still, as if frozen in time.

"Everyone all right?" Duncan asked.

"I donít know yet, everyone stand back." Adam said as he swung his sword into the creatureís hard scaly armor like hide, decapitating the creature. The water like blood dripped off the hole where itís head once was, and burned threw the floor beneath it. Adam took a deep breathe as he starred at the headless creatures frozen body, minus itís head.

"Duncan, find a way to safely kill these things, Rammy, Stratos weíre going to call up some old friends and head for Snake Mountain."

"Adam.." Duncan began.

"Enough, Duncan. I have this power, this responsibility to make life right for my kingdom. If I learned anything from Johnny itís that no matter what the risk, Life must survive, I wonít stand by any longer while evil runs wild on my world." Duncan said nothing, there was nothing left to say. Adam turned to Teela, kissed her passionately, then raced off, Ram-man and Stratos close behind.


Spider-Man was tired, after stopping three jewel robberies, the most recent attack from the Trapster, and stopping a runaway bus from crashing into a school. He was ready to call it a day. He barely had time to read the Bugleís editor, J. Jonah. Jamisonís latest tie raid on him as the sun started to rise. As he started to web swing home, he noticed a sleek bridge of what appeared to be ice, glide threw the air. Spidey smiled under his mask as he swung towards it. As he got closer he noticed two figures sliding atop the ice, one of which he recognized immediately.

"Hey Bobby, I havenít seen you since the Spider-friends broke up, howís the X-mansion treating you?" Spider-Man asked in his usual wit.

"Hey Webs, as much as Iíd love to goof off with you right now we have problems. Prof. X just got a mental message from Teela, the new Sorceress of Grayskull, and thatís not all, this lady here is Moira, she came to the X-mansion last night, asking for the name." Spider-Man was shocked.

"Teela huh, well Why donít Moira and I see what all the fuss is about, you feel like joining us Bobby?"

"Thanks no, I got other problems right now." Spider-Man nodded and headed off, Iceman close behind.


"Morbious was close, he could practically hear the slow and muffled heartbeat of the prince of darkness. He showed a sinister smile as he saw his prey. How low the once king of the vampires had sunk, leeching off a flock of sheep like some king of traveling terror. Morbious waited for forty minutes for a passing cloud to pass under the moon, hiding his shadow from view, and glided over the monster below. Suddenly without warning, Dracula leapt from the ground and tackled Morbious in the air, sending the two of them crashing into the ground. Fists flew and claws dug into flesh as the two vampires wrestled for the upper hand. The started to roll down the hill in a mass of arms and legs until they hit a tree. Dracula had taken the most of the tree, leaving Morbious to sit up and aim his razor sharp nails at the demons heart. Just then there was an inhuman cry. The two monsters looked up to see a third monster, much uglier than the other two, nine feet tall, with a long domed head, no eyes that could be seen, and drooling a liquid that burned threw the grass and gravel with the smell of evaporating rain. The two vampires looked at each other, then dove in opposite directions as the third creatureís tail swung towards them, obliterating the tree they leaned against.

"Perhaps our battle could wait for another time?" Dracula said as he rose over the creature.

"Agreed." Morbious said reluctantly.


He-Man, Ram-Man, Stratos, Lizard-man, Spider-Man, and a woman who had joined Spidey, found themselves at the foot of Snake Mountain when Ram-Man asked the question everyone had on their minds.

"Duh, why are we at Snake Mountain?"

"That monster came from here, and that poor farmer said Skeletor had more of them, I wonít let another innocent life get killed like that." He-Man replied as they all entered the cavern that led to the top of Snake Mountain.

"Tell me Spider-Man, who is your friend?" Stratos asked as they walked.

"Her name is Moira, but she goes by the name age, An old friend of mine we call iceman, back on Earth, said she wanted to meet the Traveler."

"How do you know about Johnny?" Lizard-man asked.

"Isnít enough that I do?" Moira asked in a hard Irish ascent. Lizard-man was sorry he asked. Moments later the came to a fork in the cavern.

"Youíd think a cave wouldnít do silly things like change." Spidey said as he took the left tunnel.

"Stratos, you Ram-Man and Lizard-man take the other tunnel." He-Man ordered. Stratos nodded and they all split ways.

"What are we looking for?" Spider-Man asked as they continued threw the left tunnel.

"Any prisoners, Iím pretty sure anyone who Skeletor would use as a host for these things wouldnít volunteer." He-Man replied as they trekked deeper into the cavern. none of them noticed the beam of light that crossed the ground ahead of them, nor did they realize that once they walked threw it, they had set off the mountainís silent alarms.


Morbious and Dracula had a rather simple plan worked out as Morbious flew away from the alien creature, slow enough for it to follow. Morbious stopped however when he came to the edge of a high cliff, he peered down to see the jagged rocks below. He then hovered there as the alien walked up to within arms reach. The monster took one swing at Morbious, and was rewarded by Draculaís pounding into itís back, forcing it to loose itís balance and topple over the cliff, the two vampires landed at the edge of the cliff and watched the creature burst into pieces on the rocks below.

"Now where were we?" Morbious asked and the two vampires prepared for a second round. Just then they noticed a horrifying site, the first rays of daylight were piercing threw the murky clouds.

"To be continued, half-ling." Dracula said as he glided off at top speed. Morbious cursed in his native tongue, and slipped the bloodlust patch on his shoulder. he then let the sunlight come as he peered down at the monsterís trail. Between the massive prints and the marks made by itís drool, backtracking the monsters path would be fairly easy. He winced at the sight of the sun, it seemed brighter than usual, he thought as he raced off towards the monsters origin.


As Skeletor watched with glee as Webstor and Jitsu strapped the last of SG1 into their resting walls for the face huggers, he heard a beeping from the screen at the far wall. He walked over and peered down at itís crystal like images.

"Blast, He-Man, will I ever be rid of you. Ah, but not all of my petís have been destroyed yet, go my pretties, destroy He-Man and all who join..." Then Skeletor stopped as he noticed the woman who walked next to Spider-Man. "NO, How can she be here, I destroyed her years ago." Skeletor screamed as he swung the head of his havoc staff into the screen, shattering it and awaking the now tied down team. "No matter, Destroy the others, but bring the woman to me."


"So age, how did you come to be on Eternia?" He-Man asked.

"That, boyo, is none of yer business." Moira replied as she followed. Suddenly Spider-Man stopped in his tracks. "Is something the matter?" She asked.

"Maybe, my spider sense just went critical!" Spidey said as he pushed He-Man out of the way of a razor sharp tail, which imbedded itself into the ground where He-Man stood moments ago.

"I owe you one." He-Man said as he raced to his feet.

"You owe me six, but whoís counting?" Spidey asked as he quickly covered the tall monster in a blanket of long, sticky goo. The monster simply ripped threw it like a knife threw sand. The three heroes turned to see Webstor behind them, whirling his grappling hook and chuckling slightly.

"Any ideas guys?" Spider-Man asked as he prepared for the worst.


Stratos, Ram-Man and Lizard-man had walked for a full hour before coming up to a stone cavern wall.

"Duh, I thought this was the right way?" Ram-Man said as he scratched his armored skull.

"It was, itís like the mountain moved or something." Lizard-man said, as he turned around and hopped over the chasm, that they had spent twenty minutes to cross earlier in a flash. Once all three were across they started to walk the way they came. Suddenly an alien dropped from the cavern ceiling, landing on itís feet and snapping out a long tongue which had a set of itís own teeth. The three instantly turned to run when a second creature dropped and closed in menacingly.

"Problems guys." Stratos said as the three backed into one another, not sure what to do next.


He-Man quickly swung his sword into the alien, sending itís head hurtling into the darkness. But Webstor was already swinging his hook, wrapping Spidey in his Photanium cable.

"This is a twist, usually Iím the one wrapping people up." Spider-Man said as he struggled to free himself. He didnít notice Moira waving her hands nearby, but he did notice Webstor moving slower and slower towards him, like time was literally slowing him down. Spidey quickly used the opportunity to slip threw Webstorís grip and hop right in front of Webstor. Suddenly Webstor was himself again, but shocked to see Spidey suddenly in front of him.

"What happened?" Webstor asked.

"Spider to spider, you donít want to know." Spidey said as he flung his fist into Webstorís face, breaking his nose and sending him to the ground.

"Would it be to much trouble to be moving on now?" Moira asked as she headed further down the cavern. He-Man and Spidey looked at each other and shrugged as they raced to follow her.


Ram-Man wasted no time, using his spring leg to propel himself into the alien behind them, sending it hurtling into the deep chasm below. Stratos glided over the first alien, throwing whatever rocks he could at it while Lizard-man slipped around it like a snake. Stratos quickly flew over the alien to join his friend and the two men used their powerful legs to kick the last monster over Ram-Man and into the chasm. Ram-Man collected his few thoughts and walked over to his friends.

"Thatís the last of them, now letís go find our friends."


Skeletor watched with glee as he watched the first egg start to stir and peel open like a banana.

"Soon I will have a hole army of aliens, and no one can stop me from ruling this world." He said with happiness as he watched the spider-like creature crawl out of the egg and skitter up to Captain Carterís face.

"Come now child, it will all be over soon."

"I donít thing so, marrow donor!" Spider-Man said as his already fired web-line connected with the face hugger and pulled it into a stone wall, making a squishing sound as it hit. He-Man quickly swung his sword left and right, turning the eggís into piles of goo and shell while Deirdre released the four captives.

"Jack OíNeil, SG1." Jack said as he pulled himself up.

"Spider-Man, Spider patrol, right now letís get out of here." Spidey said as he quickly covered Skeletor with webbing and raced off, followed by Moira, Carter, Jack and Daniel. He-Man and Tealíc stood next to Skeletor and picked up his staff, he then aimed it at the fleshless monster. He-Man rested his sword on the staff, blocking Tealíc shot.

"No, Killing him wonít change anything, there will be another day." He-Man said as he started to walk off. Tealíc took aim at Skeletor again, but was forced to watch as Skeletor disappeared in a cloud of green mist, his high-pitched laughter echoing threw the cavern walls.


Morbious found himself in the Eternian medical bay when Spider-Man and Daniel Jackson entered the room.

"Ah, Spider-Man, it is good to see you again." He said as he slowly sat up. "Who is your friend?"

"This is Daniel Jackson, heís from another Earth." Morbious laughed.

"Another one for the list."

"Youíve found other Earthís?" Daniel asked.

"Weíll get into that later. Adam filled me in on the gory details, we have to find Johnny before the wrong people realize heís still alive."


It was cold there, the man thought as he wandered through the oddly made streets. As he walked threw the mist filled sidewalk, he felt so cold. But he had to find his way, his way back to ...Where was he going.

"Hello there." A voice said. the man turned to see a tall woman, about 25, with an infant in her arms. "You look like your not from around here, whatís your name?" The man said nothing. "You do know your name donít you?" Of course he did, who didnít know their name, he opened his mouth and ...He couldnít remember all he could remember the woman, the woman he risk it all for...who was this woman. "Well whoever you are, you cant go anywhere in those close." The man looked down, he hadnít noticed it before but his blue jeans red T-shirt and long gray overcoat were covered with holes and spotís of ash. "Come in, my husband may have some cloths that will fit you, my name is Yolee, and this is my Digimon partner, Hawkmon." The man was confused.

"Di...Digimon partner?" He asked. his throat was soar and scratchy.

"Havenít you ever seen a Digimon before?"

"Iím afraid not, should I have?"

"Come in, Iíll tell you all about it." Yolee said as she led the man with no name into her house.


The... End... For... Now...

Coming Soon:

"Back From The Beyond."