Written by Brian Terrell.

Based on characters and situations created by Mattel Toys, Hallmark entertainment, marvel comics, twentieth century fox, Saban entertainment, Hasbro industries, paramount pictures, the world wrestling federation (WWF), Brian Terrell and Johnny Proft.

Greetings people of earth, people of this earth. I am known to most as the watcher. I tell the stories of what might have been. The story you are about to hear is filled with danger and mystery, and will differ from most youíve heard in the past. If you feel prepared for shocks and amazement, I urge you to read on, in not than I urge you to turn away, for secrets will not be totally revealed until the very end. such true knowledge must be urged threw patents. we begin our tale after the tragic death of the traveler, and the heart racing tale of the three earthlings and the jaífarís visit to Eternia....

"Who the hell are you?" Janeway shouted.

"Captain, I thought you would treat Adora better than this?" Blade responded.

"Why, hello Janeway." said Orko.

"Iím sorry, you must be the escort Adora sent." Janeway apologized.

Blade walked into the Ready Room of his favorite Starfleet captain. He told Hard Drive to alert his other associates to come to the Bridge. Blade approached Janeway.

"Janeway, we need to talk," Ensign Knight was staring at the new arrival, "Alone."

"All right, Ensign, you may leave, but tell no one what I just told you." Janeway ordered.

Blade walked over to the replicator and ordered a liter of Pepsi from the unit.

"Please restate request!"

"I forgot, the replicators donít have the programming for Pepsi," Blade said under his breath. He whispered to Hard Drive to copy the files to the replicator. Blade asked for Pepsi again. "Pepsi, one liter, with ice."

Blade took the container from the replicator. He took a sip and let out a sigh.

"I thought I would never have Pepsi again." Blade told Janeway.

"What did you want to talk about?" Janeway asked.

"First of all, my name is Blade Stryfe. I am from Earth not of this universe or of Eterniaís, something I will discuss with you and Seven of Nine, at least when it was still a living planet."

"What happened?"

"Skeletor, the Decepticons, and the Sharkticons, Skelator attacked about a few years ago. He gained control of all the Decepticons and even a large army of Sharkticons."

"How did you meet Johnny?"

"About two days ago, a squad of seven Sweeps found the building I was at and attacked. I had already shot down four of them when Johnny showed up. He took a shot and hit a fifth one, and then I blasted the sixth one out of the sky. The last one fled away in terror. I introduced myself to Johnny and the Guyver."

"How did Johnny perish?"

"Adam, Adora, Johnny, and I were captured by Skeletorís forces. Adam, Adora and myself left Johnny hanging on a stone wall because he didnít want to fight anymore. The three of us were walking towards the exit. Johnny caught up to us. He had the Swordís of Power and protection with him. Adam and Adora turned into He-Man and She-Ra. We all split up. He-Man and She-Ra went to stop Skelator, I went back to the ruins of the building I was guarding to retrieve some equipment and rescue my cousins that were still there in the underground shelter, and Johnny said he was going to see a robot about a woman. That was the last time I saw Johnny. After I left the building, my cousins and I raced back to the Eternia. The three of us reached the bridge. Teela was already in the pilotsí chair. My cousins took up tactical positions. I sat down at the communication station. I checked my monitor and saw that the planetary fail-safe system had been activated with the abort codes deleted. We headed for the building were Johnny was in. When we reached the building, the firewall was approaching rapidly; we opened a shuttle bay door and extended the landing ramp. He-man, She-Ra, and Cidney were already on board. From what He-Man and She-Ra told us that after handing his staff over to Cidney, Johnny fell from the ramp to the building below that had already started to burn."

"So what happened to the Guyver?"

"Before we were captured by Skeletorís forces, Darkonda took out The Guyver."

"Where are your cousins now?"

Just as Janeway asked that question, the bell rang at the door.

"Whoís there?" Janeway asked.

Blade responded, "Tuvok, are there two gentlemen standing at the Ready Room door? One of them would be wearing all black with tattoos all over his arms and neck, and another wearing a red and black outfit with one sleeve with a glove on the hand of the bare arm? Oh, is he wearing a red and black facemask as well?"

"There are two people fitting that description standing at the Ready Room door." Tuvok replied.

"That must be them now," He told Janeway.

"Come in." Janeway said aloud.

After Janeway spoke, the doors opened and in walked his cousins, two tall men, approximately seven foot tall each, both a little taller than Blade. The man in black introduced himself first.

"My name is Undertaker."

The man in the red and black leather mask introduced himself next.

"My name is Kane."

"These are your cousins Blade?" Orko asked. "They look like theyíd be working for Bone Face!"

Kane, Undertaker, and Blade looked at Orko and gave him a mean look that sent the Trolan into his hat.

Blade breathed deeply and told Orko. "Did I hear what I think you just said? That my cousins might look like they would work for Skelator! Iím surprised that Johnny ever tolerated you!"

Undertaker turned to Blade and whispered in his ear, "I donít think that he meant that."

Kane whispered something in his other ear, "Calm down, a game of paintball might calm you down."

Undertaker and Kane excused themselves from the Ready Room and stepped back onto the bridge.

"Captain, Kaneís real name is Glenn Calloway, and Undertakerís real name is Mark Calloway. Ever since the Earth burned they want to be called by their alter egos, only you and Orko know their real names, and I would to keep it that way."

"Blade, I was wondering why Kane wears that leather mask." Janeway asked.

"When Mark and Glenn were young, they were wrestling around accidentally and knocked over a burning candle that started a fire that burned the house to the ground killing both parents and disfiguring his face. He was afraid of his own face that I made him a leather mask to hide it. He started using the name Kane after tripping over a cane and things went on from there."

"You know the Doctor could repair the damage to Glennís face if he wanted it?" Kathryn suggested.

"Iím not sure that would be the best for him. Glenn hasnít seen his own face in over twenty years.

Iím just not sure he would be the same afterwards, he is extremely attached to that mask."

"Let the Doctor know if he wants to go through with it."

"Oh, before I go, would you and the senior officers care to join the four of us for a game of paintball on your Holodeck?"

"Iíll ask them and whoever wants to join will be there as soon as they can." Janeway replied.


Blade caught up to Kane and Undertaker just as they bumped into Seven just outside of Cargo Bay 2.

"Identify yourself!" Seven ordered.

"They are with me!" Blade said as he was catching my breath.

"And who are you?" Seven asked Blade.

"Their names are Kane and Undertaker, and my name is Blade. We are escorting Voyager and her crew back to Eternia for a farewell party for Johnny Springs. We were just going to the Holodeck for some paintball. Seven, would you care to join us?" Blade countered.

"My duty shift is over; I will join you, as a learning experience." Seven answered.

"Maybe you can help us setting things up?" Brian asked.

Seven of Nine nodded as she thought to her self "Those two would make even a JemíHadar cower in fear. Good thing theyíre on our side."

Fifteen minutes later, the senior staff shows up at the Holodeck. "I wonder where Seven is?" Kim asks the group. They enter to find themselves in a forest clearing with a few buildings and some benches.

"So where are they?" Paris asked.

"Over here!" Seven, Blade, Undertaker and Kane said at the same time.

The four of them walked out of the forest wearing camouflage and facemask with Seven wearing a blaze orange vest. Undertaker tells Torres, Chakotay, Kim, and Neelix to sit on one set of benches. Kane tells the rest to sit down on the other benches. The crew sits down and the rules are explained.

"Interesting game." Tuvok commented.

"If we are shooting at each other with Ďpaintballsí why am I here?" The Doctor asked.

"Hard Drive, Flat-Liner paintball gun. Computer, Give me a target, make an exact image of Commander Chakotay." Blade said.

"You didnít answer me." The Doctor replied.

Brian takes aim with the paintball gun and fired at the target. The target had a big splat on its uniform. Blade rolled the sleeve up to reveal a huge bruise on its arm.

"Thatís why, Doctor!" Stryfe answered in response.

Orko floats up behind the counter. "I will hand out to each of you a gun, mask, and a hopper with three hundred rounds in addition to the hundred or so already in the gun and an armband to each of you."

"Kane, Janeway, Paris, Tuvok and Myself will be the red team. Undertaker, Chakotay, Torres, Kim, and Neelix, you will be the blue team. Undertaker and Myself will be the captains for our respective teams." Blade told the entire group. "The first game is Ďcapture the flagí."

Everybody walked up to where Orko was floating and He handed out the equipment. About ten minutes into the first game and Blade was talking to Janeway about Johnny in a bunker protecting their flag.

Not one minute later, Brian was hit on the arm and it felt like someone shot him with a real gun.

So Blade put the plug into the barrel of his gun and marched back to base camp so The Doctor could treat his arm.

"Looks like you were shot at from almost point-blank range. Roll up your sleeve and let me use the dermal regenerator on your Arm." The Doc told Blade.

Blade tried moving his arm, but it still hurt a lot.

"Doc, You might want to check this out a bit more in detail in Sickbay, because my arm hurts like hell." Blade said with a painful voice.

"Whatever you say."

"Iíll walk to Sickbay."

"Orko, tell everyone that Blade needed to go to Sickbay."

When Blade reached Sickbay the Doctor had to carry him and put him on the Bio-bed because the pain was too much for him, The Doctor tapped his commbadge.

"Doctor to Janeway."

"Janeway here."

"You better get down here. Blade isnít looking too good." Janeway called off the game and everybody rushed to Bladeís side.

"He got hit with a paintball, that much I do know. But, the thing that puzzles me is this." Doctor said with a concerned look on his face. He showed Janeway, Chakotay, Undertaker, and Kane a monitor.

"What you are seeing here is Bladeís DNA."

"It looks like human DNA."

"Except for a major difference, his DNA is 10 times denser than other life form we have ever encountered, including Species 8472." Doctor said with a grave look on his face.

"So in actuality we are looking at his DNA at a thousand times the normal zoom." Janeway said with a look of pure shock on her face.

"Doctor, is my cousin going to be alright?" Kane asked.

"I donít know the DNA is in molecular flux. The odds of him surviving are astronomical."

Blade found himself at his old house back on Earth. He recognized the place, but something was very wrong. He looked outside and all the colors were inverted. He decided to walk upstairs and watch some television. Just as he sat down in the chair, a cloaked figure sat down in the chair next to him.

"You have been given a gift, the gift of Jenova. You will need the gift when you travel."

"How do I use the gift?"

"You will not know of our conversation when you wake up and you will figure the gift out on your own."

Undertaker was sitting at Bladeís bedside. He was about to go to sleep when he saw Bladeís eyes begin to move.

"Doctor, I think heís finally waking up."

The Doctor was sitting at his desk, as soon as he heard he rushed over to the Biobed.

"Doc, Iíll go tell everyone one on the bridge. You contact everyone else."

Undertaker rushed to the main bridge. He told everyone that Blade was coming out of his coma. The senior staff ran back to Sickbay. Kane and Seven already came. They all stood around his bed when Blade awoke.

"If anyone sees McMahon, His ass is mine." Blade said with a disoriented voice.

The senior staff didnít know what he was talking about so they gave ĎTaker and Kane a suspicious look and the two looked like they didnít know what Blade was talking about.

"How long was I out?" Blade asked after he totally woke up.

"You were unconscious for three days, two hours, four minutes andÖ" Seven answered in her usual tone of voice.

"Borg precision, gotta love it." Blade said with a smile on his face, "Data would enjoy having you around."

After that, Blade stood up and noticed his clothing was ruined. He asked Janeway if he could replicate some new clothing. A moment later, He noticed Hard Drive was missing.

"Before I replicate my clothes, has anyone seen Hard Drive?" Blade asked.

"Here it is." Ensign Kim handed it to him. "Impressive piece of technology, may I ask where you got it."

Blade walked out of Sickbay with a sigh of depression.

Janeway whispered to Kim. "Hard Drive was given to him by Johnny."

"Smooth move, Kim." Torres cracked.

Blade was back on the Eternia, while he was putting on his new clothes, Undertaker walked in.

"We transmitted the data to Voyager on how to open a gate to Eternia." ĎTaker reported.

ĎTaker and Blade walked up to the bridge of the Eternia, Blade started talking.

"Itís just the four of us now. I say itís about time we search for the people on our list."

The two of them reached the bridge and Blade sat in the command chair. Kane asked, "Where we should go now?"

"How about the Power Rangers, maybe?" Orko suggested.

"Good idea!" Blade replied. The Eternia began its preparation for a dimensional jump.

"Inertial dampeners at full power!" Orko sounded.

"Shields up!" Undertaker sounded.

"Coordinates set, Emitters are at full power!" Kane sounded.

"Engage!" Blade ordered.

"Iíve always wanted to say that." He thought to himself.

While the Eternia was crossing dimensions, Blade Stryfe entered the engine room and thought to himself.

"I had better do something so the civilians donít notice a massive spacecraft in the sky."

"Hard Drive, I need a cloaking device."

The computer on Mr. Stryfeís wrist materialized a cloaking device in just the right spot. Just then the computer announced they were two minutes from destination. Blade returned to the Bridge.

"As soon as we enter normal space, engage the cloaking device, Orko," Stryfe ordered.

The Eternia arrived in the Power Rangersí universe. They decided to assume orbit over the poles to use the magnetic field to hide their energy signature. They noticed something was odd.

"The Mega ship is not on the sensors." Orko reported.

"They must not be back yet." Blade Stryfe replied.

"Let us deploy a message buoy to let the Space Rangers know where we are." Kane suggested.

"Make it so." Stryfe ordered. Blade, ĎTaker and Kane made their way to the Angel Grove Youth Center. Before they entered, Blade gave Kane the Quantum Morpher, Undertaker the Titanium Rangerís morpher, and Blade gave himself the morpher of the Silver Ranger. The three of them started using the exercise equipment, after a few minutes Jason, Tommy, and Adam walked up to the counter and asked the bartender who the new guys on the equipment were.

"I donít know who they are." Skull answered.

"Skull!!!" The three said at the same time.

"If youíre wondering what I am doing here. After Terra Venture left for the new world, I decided to change my ways since my best friend left me behind. I decided to work here in a way of growing up."

Jason, Tommy, and Adam decided to spar a little. Blade, ĎTaker and Kane watched as the three of them sparred from their table. Blade whispered to Kane and Undertaker, "The three sparring right now, those three are former Power Rangers, letís talk to them."

Blade stood up and walked over to the former Power Rangers.

"Jason, Tommy, and Adam, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Blade Stryfe. My brothers and I would like to talk to you about your time as Power Rangers." Blade said with a calm voice.

"How do you know that?" Tommy asked.

"Is there anywhere we can go to discuss this?" Blade asked.

"We can go to my house." Jason replied.

"Thank you. ĎTaker, Kane, Letís go."

When they arrived at JasonĎs house, they all went right to the ring he had setup in the backyard.

"Okay, I know that Jason, you used to be the original Red Ranger; Tommy, you used to be the original Green Ranger; Adam, You replaced Zack as the Black Ranger; and that Johnny is dead.

"The Traveler is dead." Tommy said in a shocked voice.

"And as proof of our message." Blade reacted.

Blade Stryfe rolled his sleeve up to reveal Hard Drive.

"And who are your friends?" Jason asked.

"Cousins, actually. When Johnny was back on my planet, the planetary fail-safe device was detonated, and while the three of us escaped, Johnny perished." Blade told the three. "Oh, by the way, I have a gift for the three of you. Hard Drive, I need Shards three, four, and five."

In Bladeís hands appeared Zeo Shard Five; In Undertakerís hands appeared Zeo Shard Three; In Kaneís hands appeared Zeo Shard Four. Tommy, Jason, and Adam were in shock when the saw three shards of the Zeo Crystal.

"The Zeo Crystal shards, where did you get them." Jason asked.

"Hard Drive, of course." Blade countered.

"I was wondering, do you three have Ranger Powers?"

"Lets Rocket!"

"Titanium Power!"

"Time for Time Force!"

Blade, ĎTaker and Kane morphed into their respective Ranger outfits and took their helmets off.

"I am the new Silver Ranger." Blade told Tommy.

"I am the Titanium Ranger." ĎTaker told Adam.

"And I am the Quantum Ranger." Kane told Jason.

"And although evil has vanquished from this universe, it doesnít mean that your world is completely safe." Blade told the new Zeo Rangers.

"Tommy, you are once again Zeo Ranger Five; Jason, you are the new Zeo Ranger Four; Adam, You will assume the power of Zeo Ranger Three."

Just then, Kat walked in to the secluded backyard and saw Tommy, Jason, and Adam with pieces of a familiar crystal. Blade and his relatives quickly hid in the underbrush.

"Tommy, are those what I think they are, pieces of the Zeo Crystal?" Kat asked.

"Only one way to find out." Tommy said with a grin. "ITS MORPHING TIME!!"

Tommy, Jason, Adam morphed into Zeo Rangers once again. Lucky for Blade, Kane, and ĎTaker, they de-morphed and hid before Kat walked in. Kat wondered how they got a hold of Zeo Crystal pieces. They asked for their guests to come out of hiding.

"Hello, Miss Oliver. My name is Blade Stryfe. I gave your husband and his friends the Zeo Shards because I believe that your world may come under attack from a being far more dangerous, far more intelligent, and far more lethal than Dark Specter. He has already been defeated in his home universe and I believe he has chosen this world to conquer and use its energy to become a god." Blade whispered into Hard Drive. "Hard Drive, I need Zeo Crystal One." Kathryn asked whom the Zeo Shard belonged to.

"It is only fitting that Zeo Ranger Fiveís wife become a Ranger herself." Blade responded.


High atop Mt. Ordeals, Kain Highwind was training. While he was resting, He thought he heard a voice come from a small structure. It sounded like it was calling to him. As Kain walked closer to the building, he could hear clearly, "Kain, Kain, Kain." Kain opened up the structure and stepped in. Inside was a room full of mirrors. A voice spoke, "My name is KluYa, if you wish to become a Dragoon Master, you must journey to a new world. A world that will face a threat even more dangerous than that of Zeromus. You leave at once." So Kain grabbed his spear and returned to the room of mirrors. KluYa opened a door in the mirrors.

"Step forward to face your destiny, Kain!" KluYa said.

Kain stepped through the door. When he arrived, he found himself outside an abandoned building.


On the Eternia, Orko was watching the monitors and saw a portal opening in their area. He contacted the Rangers at once.

"You mean Iím a Ranger again?" Kathryn was excited. Not one minute after she became a Ranger again did Orko interrupt.

"Rangers, there is a disturbance downtown. I am downloading the coordinates to your systems now. Be careful, sensors detect extreme fighting skills, so be careful, Rangers."

The Rangers arrive to find a man clad in dragon armor terrorizing the people. The Rangers were prepared to stop him. Kain thought that the Rangers were Fiends of the Elements.

"Stop right there, whoever you are!" Kain shouted. "I will destroy you if I have to."

The Rangers ignored the threat. They fired their blasters at Kain, but all that happened was that the shots were deflected back at the Rangers by Kainís spear. Kain jumped high into the air.

"Holy Spear, Destroy my enemies." Kain shouted.

The energy beam from the spear struck the rangers with such force that all but Blade were knocked into a comatose-like state. Blade had Orko beam everyone up to the Eternia. The Rangers woke up without Blade among them. Orko floated into the Infirmary and informed everyone that Blade was still fighting the enemy, alone.

"We have to help him!" Undertaker told the group.

"I have been monitoring the situation, Blade seems to have upper hand." Orko countered.

"I grow tired of this, I summon the power of the dragon god, Bahamut!"

Kain grew into a humanoid dragon about fifty stories high. Blade immediately contacted the Rangers.

"Rangers, We have a problem, the enemy has grown to city wrecking proportions!!" Blade sounded to the group.

The Rangers turned the view screen on to see the dragon-man destroying the city, The Rangers teleported to a rooftop where Blade was watching in horror.

"I am not going to let another world suffer the fate that my world experienced." Blade said with anger. "Hard Drive, power up the Max Solar Zord and the Pyramidas."

"Kane, summon the Q-Rex." Blade told Kane.

Tommy, Adam, Jason, and Kat morphed into the Zeo Rangers. The Q-Rex came down from the mountains, the Max SolarZord descended from the heavens, and The Zeo MegaZord rose up from beneath the city. The battle ensued for about ten minutes without either side gaining any advantage. Blade tried using Pyramidasís sensors to try to detect any weakness in this new foe. What Blade discovered shocked all of them.

"Sensors show that his body is saturated with Chronogenetic particles. Kane, use your blizzard attacks on him. We will channel our power to your Zord to bring him down to size." Blade commanded.

Kain reverted back to his normal form and the Rangers found him unconscious. They brought him to the Eternia for medical attention. Kain woke up with a massive headache.

"Oh, where and when am I?" Kain spoke with a tired voice.

"On a spacecraft above the Earth. It is the year two thousand." Blade answered sitting on a chair at the foot of Kainís bed.

"I was wondering what your name is and where you are from?" Blade asked Kain.

"My name is Kain Highwind. I was training on Mt. Ordeals, but I am originally from the Kingdom of Baron on an Earth different from this one. I was told by a voice that if I were to become a Master Dragoon, I would have to travel to a world about to face an evil that was defeated on another world."

"Kain, we would like to invite you to join us in defeating this new evil." Undertaker told him.

Blade summoned the last Zeo Shard and entered the Infirmary.

"Kain, I entrust the power of Zeo Ranger two upon you, do you accept this honor?" Blade asked of Kain.

"I accept."

Blade gave the shard of the Zeo Crystal to Kain Highwind. The crystal took the form of a morpher. Kain asked what they were.

"Sir Blade, What are these on my arms?" Kain asked.

"They are your Zeonizers, they grant access to new weapons and new armor."

Tommy showed Kain how to activate his Zeo powers. Blade walks up to Kain.

"I was wondering do you mind if we call you Highwind?" Blade asked.

"No problem, since I noticed that someone else had the name Kane, I decided to use Highwind when I became Zeo Ranger Two. One other thing, may I store my dragoon armor on your ship?"

"Not a problem." ĎTaker reassured Highwind.

The Rangers and the Defenders were teaching Highwind about life in their era. Blade asked Orko into his ready room. Blade knew he had to tell Orko the reason of how Blade knew about the advanced ranger powers.

"You wanted to talk to me, Blade?" Orko asked.


"I need to confess something, there is a reason why I know about everything; from the rangers to you, Orko."


"On my world, everything and everyone except Johnny is or was just a television show or a video game or a movie or something on the Internet."

"Are you saying Iím just someoneís idea for a TV show?"

"I donít have all the answers.

"What do we do? Tell the others?"

"No, we must keep this a secret from everyone, Adam, Adora, the Rangers, Everyone." Blade told Orko.

Blade was asleep when the alarm went off. Undertaker came over the intercom to Bladeís quarters.

"Blade, we have a problem! There is a monster attack on the city. Sensors show extreme Mako energy."

Blade rushed to the bridge to see what was attacking the city. Blade had a shocked look on his face when he realized who the attacker was.

"You know what that monster is, Blade?" Highwind asked.

"Unfortunately, I know what that thing is?" Blade replied.

"What is it?" Kane asked.

"A monster known as Weapon, Ultima Weapon." Blade stated.

The Rangers teleported to a rooftop watching Ultima Weapon destroy the city. They all morphed and summoned their zords. Blade came down wearing the Gold Ranger armor.

Blade was in the cockpit of the Zeo MegaZord when a surge of pain rushed through his body.

"Blade, are you all right?" Highwind asked with a concerned look.

"PainÖ too intenseÖ fading out of consciousnessÖ must return to EterniaÖ" Blade groaned.

"Adam, take him to the Eternia." Jason ordered.

Ultima Weapon was gaining the upper hand on the rangers. Tommy was worried; the rangers had never faced an enemy this powerful, not even King Mondo was this powerful. Back on the Eternia, Blade slipped into a deep sleep. The first dream he had was of everyone around his bed except for The Undertaker. The next dream he had had been of Undertaker ascending into the sky with silver hair and red eyes and laughing a cold and calculating laugh. The third dream was of the Rangers being defeated by Ultima and Omega Weapons. The last dream was a gift box opening and a card saying that a gift was unsealed.

"Are you okay?" Kane asked.

"Okay, Where is ĎTaker?" Blade asked with an urgent sound in his voice.

"I havenít seen him since the Weapon started attacking. Is something wrong?" Kane answered.

"Find him and put him in the Brig. Have Orko establish the safety precautions I am giving you now." Blade told Kane.

"Why?" Kane asked.

"Because my brother, He will betray us. And the spirit of Sephiroth will possess his body." Blade answered with a grave voice.

A message came over the intercom.

"Blade, its Orko, The Space Rangers are within hailing frequency. What should I do?" Orko asked. "Hail them. Tell them to join the attack. Iím going after ĎTaker." Blade Stryfe ordered.

"Hard Drive, Clothing: Movie: The Matrix: Neo."

Blade touched down on the floor of an abandoned warehouse. He heard a hauntingly familiar laugh.


"Yes, It is I, Sephiroth, I will conquer this world and use its energy to become a god."

"If Cloud can stop you, so can I?"

"Cloud hasnít defeated this next monster. Farewell."

"Tommy, Look in the sky. Is that ĎTaker?"

"I think it is." Katherine said.

"What is he doing?" Highwind asked.

"I donít know!" Jason replied.

"That is ĎTaker, He has been possessed by Sephiroth." Blade said over the comm-system.

"Hold off Ultima Weapon, Reinforcements are on the way." Blade said.

"Where are you going?" Adam asked.

"To get reinforcements of my own." Blade replied.

"Hard Drive, I need a corridor to Silver Hills. Location: Silver Guardian headquarters." Blade asked.

Blade arrived in the locker room of the Silver Guardians. He noticed someone with a red beret on his head, and then he realized who it was, it was Wes! Stryfe instantly recognized the face of the red Time Force Ranger. A second individual then followed Wes. It was Eric. Blade listened in on their conversation, although he didnít like eavesdropping on people that werenít his enemies.

"So, Wes, how does it feel to be the leader of the Silver Guardians?" Eric asked with a rare smile. "It feels good." Wes said with a depressed tone.

"Whatís wrong? You miss the others, donít you?" Wes replied.


The two changed into their casual clothes when Blade decided to make his move. Blade stood up from behind the lockers. The top two Silver Guardians were definitely surprised at the visitor.

"Identify yourself!" The two said simultaneously.

"My name is Blade Stryfe. I have come here looking for your help. Angel Grove is under attack!"

"Prove it!" Eric yelled at Blade.

"Alright, I will prove myself."

Blade rolled up the sleeve of his leather trench coat to reveal Hard Drive.

"Hard Drive, Tell them what they need to know." Blade asked Hard Drive.

"I am Hard Drive, a computer capable of recreating almost any item my bearer has ever seen or heard of except energy weapons. I also have the capability to travel through space-time and realities."

"Come with us." Wes ordered the stranger.



After about ten minutes the three entered Mr. Collins office. Blade approached the desk.

"Mr. Collins, My name is Blade Stryfe. I have come from another reality. I need your help. Angel Grove is under attack." Blade told Mr. Collins.

"That city is constantly under attack. So why do you need my help?" Mr. Collins replied.

"This time the monsters came from a dimension not of my own or of yours. I need your help. Well, actually I only need Wesí help."

"Why do you need my help?"

"Do you still have the Red Chrono Morpher?"



"Why me?"

"You want to see Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie again. Donít you?"

"When do we begin?"


"Hard Drive, two Time Force uniforms, one for me and one for Wes."

Blade and Wes left the office and left for the airport. They chartered a flight back to Angel Grove. Blade took the pilotís seat and set Hard Drive on the middle console.

"Hard Drive, Reinforce structural integrity for Time Warp."

"Here we go."

Back in Angel Grove

Sephiroth was toying with the Rangers by sending Diamond Weapon into the fight. The Space Rangers were fighting with Ultima Weapon, while the Zeo Rangers were battling Diamond Weapon.

"Where are those reinforcements?" Andros asked everyone.

"He should be back with the backup very soon." Adam replied.

In the Year 3000

Alex was watching monitors making sure no temporal rips were occurring. Two seconds later, the view screen flashed "UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT APPROACHING" Alex was studying the report. He dispatched the Time Force Rangers to investigate.

"I wonder if theyíre friendly?" Trip asked.

"We must defend our city like we did Silver Hills." Jen told everyone.

A rip in the fabric of time was growing at the end of the Transwarp Runway. The four Time Force Rangers powered-up and had the vortex blaster at the ready. The plane had completely exited the rip when Alex told them over their internal communications system that a Chrono Morpher was on that airplane.

"Are you sure?" Jen asked.


"Then Wes is on that airplane." Jen replied.

"Rangers, there is another life form on that airplane. Use Extreme Caution."

Once the door of the airplane opened, Wes walked down the steps and before he got three feet from the plane Jen ran straight at Wes.

"Iíve missed you so much." Jen said with a tear in her eye.

"Itís only been two weeks Jen." Wes replied.

A voice came from the still open door of the airplane.

"Wes, remember the one thousand year time difference between the two of you." The voice said.

Blade finished reminding him of the time difference as he walked out.

"My name is Blade Stryfe. I need to speak to Alex immediately!" Blade said with a hurry.

"Who or what are you?" Trip asked.

"I am not quite sure, I think I am human." Blade responded.

"Jen, We need to help him. Our Time is under attack and Blade thinks you guys will be able to help." Wes asked the other rangers.

While everyone was paying attention to Wes, Blade was planning something in his head.

"Hard Drive, I need the Quantum Morpher, now." Blade whispered while Wes was talking.

"Quantum Power!" Blade whispered while no one was looking.

Everyone turned around to see Blade as the Quantum Ranger.

"What the hell is going on down there? Iím reading five Chrono Morphers and the Quantum Morpher. Bring the unidentified life form here."

"Excuse me Alex, My name is Blade Stryfe. I would appreciate it if you would call me by name rather than treat me like a biological specimen." Blade said in slightly pissed off voice.

"We have to report to Alex anyway." Lucas said.

The Time Force rangers and Blade arrived at Alexís new office where a Time Stream monitoring system went off as they greeted him.

"Oh Shit" Alex said as glanced at the monitor.

"Whatís wrong?" Jen asked.

"A Temporal Rip." Blade responded.

"Exactly!" Alex said in turn.

"I have a plan on how to repair the Rip." Blade said.

"What do we do?" Trip asks.

"How long before it reaches the present?" Katie asks.

"I think we have a week before it hits." Alex answers.

Blade laid it all down, Johnny, Eternia, Sephiroth, The Ring, Hard Drive, the attack and why Blade needs their help.

"Oh, and another thing, I need a Tri-zirium crystal to power Hard Drive." Blade asked Alex.

"No problem."

"I need to contact the past." Blade asked.

"You can use my office." Alex replied.


Blade turned the transmitter up to full power.

"Blade to Eternia. Blade to Eternia. Come in Eternia!"

"This is the Eternia. This is Lieutenant Kane speaking."

"Its me, Blade, how are the Rangers doing?"

"Things are not going good. Sephiroth has unleashed Ruby and Emerald Weapons, Tyrants, a few Nemesises, and other creatures. The Silver Guardians are taking a pounding. The Lightspeed Rangers have lost the SuperTrain MegaZord. Orko has evacuated everyone away from the area. We tried sending a signal to Mirinoi but we havenít heard from them. The Military has suffered heavy losses. Sephiroth has constructed a fortress in the sky. I donít think we have that much time left, two, maybe three days before Sephiroth succeeds."

"I will be there as soon as possible." Blade assured Kane.

"Thank you!" Kane replied.

Not even a split second later, Kaneís voice went from concerned to shocked.

"Blade, I canít believe it?"


"Half of Angel Grove and all of Stone Canyon have been obliterated."

"Weíre on our way!"

The Time Force Rangers, Alex, and Blade stood around in circle.

"How can we defeat an enemy of this magnitude?" Jen asked.

"They took out one and a half cities with one attack." Katie said with a fretful voice.

"Not even Doomtron or Ransik had that much power." Trip added.

"Even with the Time Flyers, Time Shadow, and Q-Rex working together Iím not sure we can help." Lucas said in a calm demeanor.

"So whatís the plan?" Wes asked.

"Jen, get as many Tri-zirium crystals as you can find. Katie, help Jen collect the crystals. Trip, get Circuit and prep everything for the time jump. Lucas, help Trip. Wes, Youíre with me and Alex." Blade told everyone.

"So what I am to do?" Wes asked.

"I have a crazy idea that just might work." Blade said.

"What is it?" Alex asked.

"The Dragon Zord!" Blade said without any emotion.

"The What?" Wes asked.

"The Dragon Zord," Blade said. "A Zord from a Millennium ago, with a few Tri-zirium crystals and a new master. With those we will have a good shot at defeating Sephiroth."

"New Master?"

"Exactly, Wes go to these coordinates, you will find it there, insert this temporary power supply into the power core and bring the Zord to Lucas for preparations." Ordered Blade.

"Alex, We need to create two new Morphers."

Blade and Alex went to work creating the new Morphers.

"Who will receive the new Morphers?"

"You and I will receive the new Morphers."

"Alex, you will receive the Time Shadow Morpher. I will receive the Time Guardian Morpher."

"Why arenít the other rangers getting new morphers?"

"They already have morphers."

After the programming was finished, they decided to test the new Morphers.

"Time Shadow, power-up!!" Alex said.

Alex morphed into the Time Shadow Ranger who looked similar to the Shadow X Armor. Before Blade morphed, He realized he needed to contact Kane to tell him to convert the Docking Bay for modifying the Dragon Zord. After he told Kane what to do, He proceeded to test the new morpher.

"Time Guardian, power-up!!"

Blade morphed into the Time Guardian Ranger, who looked almost like the original Green Ranger, except for the green was replaced with gold and the gold chest plate was now pure white. They decided to power down as to keep the new morphers a surprise from the others. Blade was thinking while at the console where they made the new morphers. He thought to himself,

"I believe I better make two more morphers, they might be useful in the future."

Alex went back to his office to check up on the other rangers. Blade was busy creating the new armored Rangers.

"I think I will model the first one after the Ultimate X Armor, the second, after the Falcon X Armor."

After he was done programming and powering the new morphers, He took Hard Drive from his wrist and placed on the table between the Armor Morphers.

"Hard Drive, Store these two morphers into your memory and they are only to be activated by the code: Maverick Hunters, Zero and X."

"Armor Morphers encrypted." Hard Drive reported.

"Thank You."

All the Rangers were assembled in a line in the Time Flier Hanger. Blade was preparing them for the fight ahead.

"Rangers, I thank you for agreeing to help me. The order of departure will be the Time Fliers first, Alex in the Time Shadow second, and then I will follow up in the Dragon Zord. I pray that we will succeed." Blade told the assembled rangers.

Blade walked up to Alex and whispered something into his ear.

"I will be docking the Dragon Zord in the Eternia. Donít wait up for me, okay?"

The Time Force Rangers powered-up and boarded their Time Fliers, Alex entered the cockpit of the Time Shadow, and Blade was in the Dragon Zord. When they arrived in the year 2001, The Time Fliers turned into the Red Time Force MegaZord and was helping the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers fight Ruby Weapon.

Alex and the Time Shadow helped the Zeo Rangers battle Diamond Weapon. Blade docked inside the starship Eternia and met Kane in the Hanger Bay.

"Everything is ready for the modifications to the Dragon Zord. Where will you be going?" Kane asked.

"I will be assisting the Silver Guardians fight the Tyrants and the three Nemesis creatures." Blade responded.

Blade teleported down to where the Guardians were fighting five Tyrants and over two hundred different monsters. While He and the Silver Guardians were fighting the horde, Blade noticed something and someone in the distance. Blade zoomed in on the person. Blade shuddered in total horror when he clearly saw who it was.

"What in the world? ÖWesker? No, It canít be!"

"Blade, what is it?" Eric asked.

"Big Trouble."

A massive flash of light filled sky. A transmission came through the head set in Bladeís helmet.

"Blade, This is Alex. The Diamond Weapon has been defeated."

"Thatís great! We could really use some help over here."

"Weíll be there in a moment."

"Hurry, Thereís a Nemesis heading our way!!"

A Nemesis monster was moving towards the Silver Guardians. A foolish guardian tried to sneak up on the monster only to be killed with one blow to his skull.

"This freak is going down. Time Guardian Blasters, activate. Here Eric, I believe you know what this is."


Alex and the Zeo Rangers arrived just in time.

"Zeo Cannon, Fire!"

"That didnít work." Tommy said with a surprised voice.

"Quantum Super Shot!"

"That didnít work either." Eric said with a shocked voice.

"Shadow Flare!"

"That barely did anything!" Alex said.

"Time Guardian Rapid Fire!"

"Now weíre getting somewhere. Everyone, on my mark, unleash hell." Blade told everyone

"Zeo Cannon, Quantum Super Shot, Shadow Flare, Time Guardian Rapid Fire"

The Monstrosity was now lying in a heap on the ground. The Zeo Rangers breathed a well-deserved sigh of relief. Blade decided to take some tissue samples up to the Eternia for some tests. He was shocked when he discovered what viruses were within its body.

"Whatís going on?" Jason asked.

"Have any of you played the Resident Evil video games?" Blade asked.

"I have!" Tommy said.

"Remember the T Virus?"

"Yes, donít tell me that last freak we took down was a Nemesis!" Tommy asked.

"And there was someone at the other side of the horde." Blade said to the Rangers.

"Wesker?" Tommy asked.

"Precisely." Blade said.

"Fortunately, I have obtained a sample of the virus, but thereís a major problem, there is a second virus in his system. We have to destroy the source of these monsters. Iíve had Kane program the sensors to detect the viruses."

"What about the Weapons?" Katherine asked.

"Simple, Zeo Rangers, You will take the Super Zeo MegaZord and assist the Space Rangers. Alex will take the Time Shadow and assist the Time Force Rangers fight Ruby."

"What about Sir Eric?" Highwind asked.

"After modifications are made to the Q-Rex, He will help me fight Emerald Weapon in the Pacific Ocean."

After all of the Rangers split up, Orko arrived on the Eternia. Orko was very tired. Kane walked into his quarters.

"How is everything on Earth?" Kane asked.

"We lost thousands, but I have an idea." Orko told Kane.

"What is it?"

"We bring the survivors up to the Eternia until the battle is over." Orko told him.

Later, the alarm started to blare about twenty minutes after planning began for the mass evacuation.

"What is it, Kane?" Orko asked.

"I have good news and bad news, The Time Shadow has just exploded destroying Ruby Weapon, thatís the good news, and the bad news is that Alex was caught in the explosion and is feared that he is not with us any more." Kane said with a sad voice.

After the evacuation of the surrounding area was complete, The Time Force Rangers reported that Ultima Weapon was obliterated. Kane orders all Rangers to assist Blade and Eric fight Emerald Weapon.

"Eric, this freak is stronger than I thought, I hope everyone else is doing better than we are." Blade told him.

A crackle came over the communications system.

"Blade, Eric, This is Kane, The remaining Rangers are on their way to help."

"What do you mean Ďremainingí Rangers?" Eric asked.

"I will tell you later."

The Super Zeo MegaZord, Astro MegaZord, Time Force MegaZord all arrived to help destroy Emerald Weapon. After a hard and long fought battle against the seemingly invincible Emerald Weapon, The Rangers destroyed the final Weapon Sephiroth sent to conquer the Earth. The Zeo Rangers sent the Super Zeo MegaZord back to the Hanger Bay inside the mountains near Angel Grove. The Q-Rex, Astro Mega Ship, the Time Fliers and the Time Guardian docked inside of the Starship Eternia. The Rangers disembarked from the Zords with their helmets off as a sign of respect to those who died in this attack. Blade had quarters ready for all the rangers. Blade was in his own quarters thinking to himself. "Now that the Zombies and the rest of the B.O.W.s have been eradicated, along with the Weapons, Its about time we attack Sephirothís fortress." Blade then decided to return the Silver Ranger Morpher to its rightful owner, Andros. He walked up to Androsí door with the morpher in a small silver box behind his back in his hand and knocks on the door.

"Come in."

"Thereís something I must do. When Johnny had come to my world, Zhane was killed by a Sharkticon attack. I thought it fitting that Zhaneís best friend receive his power."

Blade hands the box to Andros.

"Thank you."

"Before I leave, be in the War Room at 1650 hours."

Blade left Androsí quartersí and started to make his way to Jenís room when he bumped into Katie.

"Hello, Katie, where are you off to?"

"Actually, I was looking for you."

"You were?"

"Yeah, I was wondering who this ĎJohnnyí is I keep hearing from the other Rangers."

"Thatís a long story, Katie. Lets go to the library and talk."

Blade and Katie entered the Library and sat down at a table in a secluded area. He told Katie all about Johnny and Katie was falling for a man by all rights he knew was dead.

"Katie, I must take my leave. I must talk to Jen. Oh, and be in the War Room at 1700."

Blade hurried back to his quarters and put on his favorite dress outfit: black dress shirt, black dress pants, black socks and black leather boots. He walked to Jenís quarters to talk to her and knocked on her door.

"Who is it?"

"Blade. May I come in?"


The doors opened for Blade to let him enter her quarters. When he entered, Jen was sitting on her bed looking at the ceiling not looking at Blade. Blade pulled a chair up to the side of her bed.

"I wanted to know how you feeling?"

"Alex is gone. My ex-fiancée is gone. I am so sad I could just cry."

"Iíve got good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?"


"The bad news is that Kane was scanning the Time Stream and Time Force has been erased from history which means youíre stuck here in this time."

"And the good news."

"Iíve decided to let you and the rest of the Time Force Rangers stay with me on the Eternia."

"Thank you so much." Jen said as she hugged Blade.

Blade started to walk out of the room when he remembered to tell her something.

"Oh, and by the way Jen, Be in the War Room at 1700."

Blade left her quarters to go to his own quarters to catch a quick nap before heading for the War Room. Blade was already in the War Room when Andros walked in.

"Why did you want me to come early?"

"Simple, The Mega Ship caused a temporal rip that has already endangered the Time Force Rangersí Home. After this next mission Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley must return the Mega Ship to its proper place in time."

Five minutes later, everyone was sitting in his or her chairs looking at Blade.

"Why have you called all of us here?" Cassie asked.

"It is time we attack Sephirothís Fortress. Our Plan: We sneak into the place, plant some explosives, destroy Sephiroth and blow the Fortress when we escape."

"How do we get in that place, It must surely be impenetrable." Katherine Hillard asked.

"Kane and Orko have discovered a weak point in their shield grid."

"Where do we plant the explosives?" Highwind asked.

"There will be two explosives, an EMP bomb near the Computer Core and a pile of C4 right around the Power Core."

"How will we carry out the assault, Blade?" Tommy asks.

"Tommy, You and Katherine will back-up the Time Force Rangers while they plant the EMP bomb. Adam and Jason, You two will provide back up for the Space Rangers. Eric and Highwind will come with me when I fight Sephiroth. Hereís the hard part. When you plant the bombs, wait for my signal, and then arm them for a fifteen-minute countdown. We should all be able to make it back here with plenty of time to spare."

Eric asked one important question. "When do we begin the assault?"

"0900 hours. Orko will give out our specific objectives at 0830." Blade told everyone. "I suggest we all get some sleep."

All of the Rangers got a good nightsí sleep, especially Katie who had a major crush on Johnny. Blade dreamed of once again setting foot on Earth Ė his Earth once again. He was beginning to miss his friendsí back home, but he knew he would have to destroy his own cousin to save this Earth. He had made many friends since leaving his own Earth.

Everyone woke up on time to prepare for the assault. Kane and Orko had stayed up most of the night assembling the EMP bomb and prepared the C4 explosives.

"Alright everyone, are we good to go?" Blade asked.

"EMP bomb is a go."

"C4 charges are a go."

"Alright, Lets take that son of a bitch down." Blade said.

Blade used Hard Drive to make emergency Transport bands to use during the escape to transport back to the Eternia. He transported everyone through the hull where the shield grid was the weakest. When they all arrived there were three paths for them.

"Time Force, my scanning equipment indicates that the Computer Core is down this hallway." Blade said as he pointed to the left corridor.

"Space Rangers, Indications show that the Power Core is down that way." Blade said as pointed to the corridor on the right.

"I guess we go down the middle, right Blade?"

"Oh yeah!" Blade said as he thought to himself "Sephiroth, Youíre ass is mine."

The group split up and left to plant the bombs in their proper places. Things were exactly as planned; the Time Force reached the Computer Core with very little trouble. The Space Rangers on the other hand encountered some very strong mutants and the C4 almost detonated prematurely, But the Rangers arrived at the Power Core and set the C4 in place and waited for Time Force to give them the signal to evacuate. Blade, Eric, and Highwind were walking down a darkened corridor, weapons in hand ready for anything. They were approaching an intersection when he noticed some else there besides the three of them. The Person stood in the middle of the intersection and lit the torches in the hallway.

"So youíve come to destroy Sephiroth, You wonít get past me so easily." The person said with a cloak over him.

The person threw his cloak off and revealed himself.

"Wesker, you slime-sucking son of a snake. I knew something fishy about that horde of B.O.W.s, the fact being is that Sephiroth doesnít even know about the Tyrants, Nemeses and Lickers and the T- Virus." Blade said in disgust.

"Actually, Iím his clone. And while youíre here, one of our drones is on your ship accessing your computers." Wesker told everyone.

Highwind, Eric, and Blade fought Wesker to a stand still before Wesker escaped.

Meanwhile, Back on the Eternia, Kane, caught the robot drone sent over to search the databanks for information. Orko extracted the data processor from the drone.

Back in the Fortress, The Time Force Rangers signaled the Space Rangers that the EMP bomb was in place. Blade and the others arrived in Sephirothís throne room. In the throne sat Sephiroth with a glove on his right hand. With a thunderous voice he congratulated them.

"I congratulate you on defeating the Bio-Hazard horde and for defeating the Weapons, shame what happened to Alex, but you canít make an omelet with out breaking a few eggs."

"You may inhabit my cousinsí body but I will destroy you for causing all the pain and misery in this world. Youíre going down."

"I donít think so, Omega Tyrant, ATTACK!!"

Blade gave Highwind the Golden Power Staff so he could morph into the Gold Ranger.

"Time Guardian Power"

"Quantum Power"

"Gold Ranger Power"

All three Rangers fought the demonic Tyrant for about ten minutes when Blade saw that Sephiroth had escaped. What the Rangers heard next shocked them "Five minutes remaining until detonation!" The Rangers knew they had to stop him now. The Tyrant was weak enough for Blade to go chase down Sephiroth. Blade had caught up to Sephiroth next to an escape pod.

"Hold it Sephiroth, Youíre coming with me."

"Yeah, right. Take this."

Sephiroth threw a poisoned dagger right at Bladeís shoulder. Blade pulled the knife from his shoulder and thought to himself "Iím sorry cousin", then he ran Sephiroth through with his sword. After that, Wesker came up from behind and nailed with a tazer rifle. Wesker grabbed the glove from Sephirothís hand and escaped unnoticed. Sephiroth reverted back into the Undertaker. Before he died, he told Blade that he forgave him for striking him down. And with his last ounce of magic he transported Blade down to the surface. The last thing ĎTaker saw was the fortress blowing up with him in it.

While everyone else was back on the Eternia wondering if Blade had made it back before the Fortress blew up over the Pacific Ocean. Kane asked the computer if he was onboard the ship.

"Everyone, I have bad news, Blade is not on the ship."

Everyone started crying, because they all thought Blade was dead. When Blade woke up, He found himself in a hospital. Blade noticed that his wound was bandaged up. A nurse came up to him to check his vital signs. Blade asked the nurse where he was. She replied, "Hennepin County Medical Center, We took care of that stab wound and removed the poison from your system. Iíll let you be for now."

After the nurse left he noticed the Hard Drive was on the stand next to his bed. He reached over and put Hard Drive back on his wrist. He used it to rewire the telephone so he call the Eternia and let them know where he is. Jen and Wes walked up to his hospital bed and helped Blade back into his clothes. After a nightís sleep in a hotel room they had returned to the Eternia.

"How long have I been away?" Blade asked Wes.

"About a week" Wes answered.

Blade put on the fresh set of clothes that Wes had apparently bought him. He brought all of the Space Rangers into his Ready Room. He told all of them about the Temporal Rip and that it needed to go back to its proper place in time and that T.J. and Andros were invited to come back to Eternia with him. Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley prepped the Astro Mega Ship for launch and said their good-byes. Another pressing issue arose, who would stay behind and help rebuild? He told everyone that he chose Tommy, Adam, Orko,

Kane, Highwind and all of Time Force would return with him to Eternia. Katherine and Tommy were in their quarters.

"You canít go with him."

"Kat, I have to."

"Tommy, thereís something I have to tell you."

Just then Jason came into the room.

"I was getting my stuff together and I wanted to say good-bye."

"Jason, I donít want Tommy to go."

"Why donít you want Tommy to go?"

"Because Iím pregnant."

"Are you sure?" Tommy asked. "Lets go talk to Blade."

Jason led the three of them to Bladeís Ready Room to discuss Katherineís pregnancy.

"How long have you known about this?" Tommy asked Blade.

"About an hour after I gave her the Zeo crystal. With Hard Drive I can monitor the status of anyone given a morpher provided through Hard Drive. It scanned her and detected a second life form. I donít know what effects it will have on the child. I have an idea. Why donít you come to Eternia with us? You would have to be put into a stasis field until we reach Eternia so there are not dangerous side effects of the journey. You would have to be put into stasis as soon as possible. Do you wish to do this?"

"Yes!" Katherine said without hesitation.

Blade and Tommy helped Katherine down to Sickbay. The Stasis Chamber was ready and waiting for its most precious patient ever. Blade had a Biobed ready right next to the chamber so Tommy would be close to Katherine. Blade exited Sickbay without disturbing the moment. Blade decided to go to the Mess Hall for a light snack. He entered the Mess Hall to find Orko and Katie playing a game of chess. Blade sat down in a chair to Orkoís left.

"Katie, I would like to talk to talk to Orko for a moment. Iíll only be a few minutes, okay?"


"Blade, what do want to ask me?"

"When we return to Eternia, I will be asking Adam for citizenship on Eternia."

"I donít think that will be a problem."

Blade finished and let Katie return to her game with Orko. He returned to the Bridge to deliver a ship wide message.

"To the gallant crew of the Starship Eternia, in a few hours we will be leaving this planet and be returning to the planet Eternia. We will be traveling at sub-light speed until we clear the outer edge of the solar system, then I would also like everyone to attend a memorial service for Alex in the Holodeck, after the service we will be charging the Jump Engine to cross dimensions. Thank you."

Blade returned to begin designing the outfits that everyone will wear when they greet the King. He decided that Time Force just wear their uniforms. He finished designing the outfits in an hour. Stryfe proceeded to replicate the clothes for everybody when Kane came over the intercom.

"Sir, we have cleared the Solar System."

"Thank you, Iíll be up there shortly." Blade told Kane as he was wrapping the uniforms in boxes.

Blade walked around and delivered the uniforms. All of the Rangers accepted them with open arms. Highwind asked Blade if he could wear his Dragoon Armor. Blade agreed. Everyone was assembled in the Holodeck for the Memorial service.

"We are gathered here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. Alex gave his life so that many others could live. We will not debate his decision at these proceedings. I will now let Jen say a few words on behalf of Alex."

"What can I say, Alex was the whole world to me. He helped me when I was down; he picked me right back up. I do not blame Blade for bringing him to this time where he met his demise. I promise to Blade and to everyone I will not let this tragedy go unpunished. Alex, I will never forget you."

Blade asked if anyone else had something to say, but nobody stood up.

"Thank you for coming." Blade told everyone. "Everyone to your stations. Weíll make the jump as soon as possible."

Blade sat in the captainís chair; Kane to his right; Andros at the tactical station; Lucas at the helm; Wes was with Tommy in Sickbay watching over Katherine; Trip was at the Engineering station on the bridge; and Highwind and the Ops position.

"Lucas, I want you to aim the emitters at these dimensional, spatial, and temporal coordinates." Blade said as he handed Lucas the pad.

"Coordinates locked. Emitters are functioning. The rift is forming." Lucas reported.


The engines of the mighty starship Eternia flared to life as it and the crew made the journey from the reality of the Power Rangers to the reality of Eternia and of He-man. Blade monitored the progress on the screen at his captainís chair. Everything went according to schedule. The starship successfully made the jump from reality to reality. After they closed the rift and made their way closer to Eternia, Blade decided to radio Eternos for clearance to land.

"Starship Eternia to Eternos. Come in Eternos. We request permission to land."

"Welcome back. Permission granted. Man-At-Arms out."

Tuvok, Paris, and Torres greeted Blade and the group. Tommy helped the Eternian guards bring Katherineís stasis pod to the hospital. Everyone else went to a changing room area to put on his or her dress uniforms.

In the hospital, Katherineís diagnostic was completed and that using the Zeo crystal didnít affect their unborn child.

"Doctor, we were wondering, is it a boy or a girl?" The couple asked.

"You are having fraternal twins, a boy and a girl." The doctor told them.

Tommy passed out after hearing the good news. The doctors woke him up and told him that they should put their dress uniforms on and join Blade and everyone else. They made their way to Bladeís dressing room and told him of good news.

"On behalf of my reality, Congratulations." Blade said joyfully

"Everybody ready?" He said over the intercom.

Everybody resounded that they were ready to meet King Adam. They all followed Blade into the throne room and moved into position. Standing by King Adam was a lot of people he met during his first visit to Eternia. He noticed that Spider-man, A mysterious woman, and a person who looks just like Johnny except that this man was wearing a Starfleet uniform. Blade kneeled in front of the Eternian King. He raised his head to ask one thing.

"King Adam, I request that you give my cousin, the Rangers and I residency; and that you grant Kane and me status as Eternian citizens for the reason are that my home world is no more, and I do not wish to be a man without a home."

"Your wish is granted. Kane and you are now citizens of the planet Eternia." King Adam told them. "I have something to tell you all. The Traveler is alive. Yes, Johnny is alive once again."


"We donít know, he just showed up somewhere on an alien planet."

"What should I do?" Blade asked.

"I would ask that you go and see if he is all right." Adam asked.

"Who shall I take?" Blade asked.

"Spider-man, Age, Cidney, Chance, Adora, Orko, Stratos, Katie, Jen, and I will be joining you." King Adam asked of Blade.

"When do we leave?"

"As soon as possible. We will be using the Delta Flyer, on loan from Captain Janeway."

"Thank you." Blade told both Adam and Janeway.

Blade went with Duncan and Adam to Duncanís workshop. They showed him the planetary scanner that detected the Traveler on the Digimon Realityís Earth. They downloaded the coordinates to an isolinear optical chip. They all boarded the Delta Flyer. Blade outfitted the Flyer with a Jump engine and a cloaking program for their shields.

"Ensign Knight, take us out of orbit, after we reach a safe distance from Eternia. I want you to charge the emitters and then access this chip." Blade tells him as he inserts the chip into the main console.

Blade sits down next Cidney and tells her that he will not let anything happen to her or the child. After a few minutes the chip was accessed and it directed the discharge to open a rift to the Alien Reality. Blade sat next to Chance and helped pilot the Flyer over the Northern Magnetic Pole.

"Jen, Check the sensors, I need to know what day it is." Blade asked Jen.

"It is 7/29."

"Good. I calculated correctly. Chance, Locate an empty factory for us to use."

"Found one. I accessed the Databases and it used to belong to a software company called SEGA of Japan."

"Excellent. Take us in."

Everybody exited the Flyer. Blade and Adam found a phone book in the office. Blade used Hard Drive to translate the Japanese writing into English. When Blade saw the name ĎKamiyaí and the first name was ĎTaií, he immediately had Hard Drive display a map to his residence. Since neither knew Japanese, Blade had used Hard Drive to produce a set of universal translators for the two of them. Blade knocked on the door. A three-foot tall orange T-Rex answered the door.

"Hello. Is this the ĎKamiyaí Residence?" Blade asked.

"Yeah, what might youíre names be?" the T-Rex asked.

"My name is Blade and this is my friend Adam." Blade answered.

"Could you wait here for a moment?" The creature asked.

The orange t-Rex rushed upstairs to where there was a party. The T-Rex told a man with short brown hair who was at the door. The man excused himself from the party and came to the door. He opens the door to see Adam and Blade standing there.

"Adam, is that you?" the man asked.

"You must be Tai." Blade asked.

"Adam, who might this be?" Tai asked Adam.

"This is Blade. May we come in?" Adam asked.

"Of course, everybody will be excited to see you again." Tai said.

Blade introduced himself to the group. Sora called to another room.

"Reptilemon, could you come here please?" Sora said over the intercom.

A short, green and scaly version of the T-Rex he had already met walked into the room. It stood right before Blade and asked him something unusual.

"Did you program me?" Reptilemon asked.

Blade was trying to recall if this could be the Digimon he programmed before the attack. Blade was about to confirm it, when a light glowed from the pocket of his coat. He took out what looked like a digivice, but didnít look like all the others he had seen. It had what seemed to be a card reading slot on the right side. He put the digivice down on the table when a pack of cards appeared in Bladeís hand. Reptilemon mouth widened with a grin that made everybody happy. Blade examined the cards and one said ĎDigivolveí, another card was blue with a silver stripe down one side.

"Adam, Why have you come to our reality?" Mimi asks.

"Weíre here with a group of ours to find someone." Blade responded.

"Who are you looking for?" Izzy asked.

Blade typed a few commands into Hard Drive and showed them a holographic image of a man who helped them when they were young. Mimi and Sora collapsed when they saw Johnnyís image.

"Are you certain?" Agumon asked.

"Very certain, we have no idea how it happened, but Johnnyís life signs have been detected in this reality. We have come to bring him home." Blade answered.

"I would like to meet the rest of your group." T.K. asked.

"Sure, Iíll tell them right away." Blade responded.

Blade called the factory where everyone else was. Jen answered the phone and told them they would be over shortly.


But will they find Johnny in time? How did he come to be on the digi- earth? How is Johnny even alive at all, and what new mysteryís surround Johnnyís visit to the digiworld, this April donít miss part one of the three part epic adventure Ö