Death and Resurrections:

Part 1

Back From Beyond

Written by Johnny Proft.

Based on characters and situations owned and/or created by Mattel Toys, Hallmark Entertainment, Saban Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Comics, Paramount Pictures, Gene Rodenberry, Brian Terrell and Johnny Proft

For Angela

Welcome back, those who hunger for knowledge and truth. When we last left our heroís, one was traveling great distances in the blink of an eye, one was struggling to be as good a king to his people as his father was, while still helping new and old friends from other worlds, and one had supposedly died. How things are not always what they seem. We begin this installment of our, the watchers, greatest tale in the mist of confusion. Keep an eye out for the occasional friend from Johnnyís supposedly forgotten past, for if the watchers feel the need, we will tell these stories of the past as well, but we have drifted off the topic at hand, let us start our tale...


The boy who had no name found himself in a cavern, cold and dark. He couldnít remember the last time he was so scared, of course he couldnít remember a thing farther than three days ago. he ground as he stood up and started down the cave. He suddenly noticed a breeze. he looked down... his shirt and pants were missing, he now only wore a pair of shorts. he finally reached the end of the tunnel to find himself in a snowbound wasteland. The boy gave a shiver and continued threw the four foot high snow towards some unknown destination. He was close, somehow he could feel it.

"Help me....." A voice called out from nowhere. The boy looked around trying to find the source. suddenly the ground ahead of him gave way, revealing a gaping hole ahead of him. The boy turned and found the ground behind him had already fallen. The boy noticed now that the he stood on the only stable piece of ground in view, all there was lava beyond. Then from out of the lava stood a massive creature, tall, like a dragon, with massive leathering wings, horns on itís head like tree trunks, skin like bone, red bloodshot eyes and teeth stained with blood.

"You have failed boy." The monster said in a heartless tone.

"We had a deal!" The boy said without knowing why.

"She is gone, and now you will never see her again!" then without warning, the creature reached down, grabbed the boy in his scaly hand and flung him down his throat.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" The boy screamed as he sat up from bed. He was in a small room somewhere near Tokyo Japan. He stood up and shook his head and started out of the room towards the bathroom. He washed his face and peered into the mirror.

"Who are you?" The boy asked his reflection as he wiped the sweat from his face.

"Whatís wrong, Peter?" A voice said. The boy turned to see a young girl and a foot tall worm like creature at the bathroom door. Peter wasnít his real name, it was just the first name that came to mind when the girlís parentís first met him. the boy had lost his memory and found he wondering the town.

"Sorry guys, I couldnít sleep." Peter replied.

"You had the dream again didnít you?" The worm asked.

"Um, yeah. But it should pass, now you kids go back to bed, You have school in the morning, Andrea. And Wormon, you have work in the morning." The two knotted.

"Now I hope we can keep this little problem between the three of us, we donít want to spook your parentís and siblings." Peter said as he headed for bed. "Goodnight."


Later the next day, As Andrea, her siblings, and their digimon partners all attended school, Ken and Wormon took Peter to their detective agency, partially to learn who he was, and partly to help him find his own form of income. Ken was beside himself with irritation as he searched the computer records.

"This is so frustrating, Iíve searched every system I can hack into and all I can find is a John Knight who runís a porn site somewhere in the Midwestern us. Ken said as Wormon crawled into the room.

"Hey Ken, weíll have to leave now if we want to bust that smuggling meeting." Ken knotted.

"Okay Peter, when youíre done lock up and head back to the house okay?" Peter knotted wearily and watched as Ken and Wormon walk off. Peter then looked down at the print out of information printed out about the pornographer, showed the thought that was forming away as he walked out of the office, locking the door behind him. Minuteís later he found himself wandering the streetís of Highton View Terrace, a small city in Japan, when he noticed a small comic shop in at a street corner. Peter somehow felt drawn to the place and walked inside. He gazed at the row upon row of comics, and picked up one that caught his eye. The cover was in Japanese, and although he knew he shouldnít have been able to read it he could. It read: The cyber barbarians. It somehow seemed familiar so he paid for it and left with it. As he rounded the corner he felt the pavement under him tremble. Peter looked behind him and at first thought he had seen an evil digimon. But when the creature simply picked him up and held him a full five feet off the ground, the man...yes it was a man...seemed familiar.

"Itís been over three years boy, Iíd think youíd miss me by now." the man who dressed like a tank said with an evil laugh.

"Who are you?" Peter asked.

"Come on. You remember the mighty Juggernaut" The mountain high man said sinisterly.

"Doesnít ring a bell." Peter replied quickly.

"Maybe this will ring a bell." Juggernaut said as he prepared to punch Peter with his massive fist. suddenly the street underneath Juggernaut gave way and he fell into the hole in the street. Peter turned around to see what could be described as a massive T-Rex with a brown bone like helmet atop its head. a massive hawk with two curved horns on its head stood next to him.

"NOVA BLAST!" The T-Rex yelled as a ball of flame shot from its mouth.

"GRAND HORN!" The falcon yelled at the same time as a ring of red light shot from itís hornís. The two pointsí of energy hit the Juggernaut and sent him hurtling into the sea.

"Johnny!" A man said as he and Yolee raced up to Peter from next to the two massive creatures. The man hugged Peter fondly.

"I know you!" Peter said, not as a question but as a small revelation, already memoryís forming in his head.

"I met him a week ago when he and his wife moved into the house next door." Peter looked up at the man.

"Your Jeremy, I met you years ago...Your girlfriendís name was...Karen...Kathy...No Katie!" Jeremy smiled.

"Right. We got married two years after we split from you."

"Right, I met you...because we needed a pilot, to help rescue Batman." Just then the two giant monsters started to shrink. The T-Rex was now a two foot tall orange T-Rex, and the falcon shrank to a two-foot tall chicken like creature with a bandanna around its head.

"And you...youíre Greymon." The orange T-Rex shook his head.

"I was when I was bigger, now Iím Agumon."

"Iím remembering," Peter said as he started to think.

"Peter, we should get out of here before the copís get here." Yolee Peter knotted.

"Okay, Just one thing, My name is Johnny."


"I was a traveler, I...I have friends images in my head, Names, places, ...Adam, Teela, Cidney. But itís still all a blur."

"Maybe your digimon partner could tell you." Cody, a friend of Ken and Yoleeís family said as he and Armadillomon sat in the corner, drinking a cup of tea.

"I may have a digimon partner?" Johnny asked.

"Sure, Me and Jeremy both had one and we werenít from this reality Either and we both had digimon partners." Katie replied as she took a sip of her soda. Johnny knotted.

"Okay, When can we go?" Johnny asked.

"Letís go now!" Davis said, he and his partner, Veemon were also friends of the family. He pulled out his blue D-3 Digivice and walked over to the nearby computer.

"Digiport OPEN!" He yelled as a flash of light poured out of computer, enveloping the thirteen friends into the computer.


Johnny and his friends were still walking threw the massive shrubbery four hours after they had arrived, but Johnny found his friends straggling behind.

"Look guyís why donít you rest for awhile, Iím going to check out this cave and Iíll be back in a few." Johnny said as he wandered into the cavern. Johnny was still going strong physically, but his emotions were shot. His memories were slowly coming back, but they couldnít make sense, all that was in his head were jumbled. Men of great power, monsters, magic and demons, but there was the face of a woman that seemed to break threw everything else. But it still was overwhelming. Johnny sat down on a boulder and started to cry. "Oh please, I canít do this on my own, I feel so weak, so worn out. I canít do this all on my own."

"My dear boy, no one said it would be easy." A voice said behind Johnny. He turned to see a middle aged man, dressed in a falconís headdress and cloak of feathers.

"I know you donít I?" Johnny asked.

"In a way. Whatís on your mind my boy?"

"What do I do, I feel like Iím supposed to be somewhere else, but I also feel like thereís something big coming, something bad."

"Iím afraid your intuition doesnít betray you, but you will be ready, I can sense it, but you will need your digimon partner, and many other friends, all the old friends you can assemble will be needed, and when itís over, your trials will be over." Johnny sighed, wiping the dirt from his eyes.

"I guess that helpís a little, Hey who are you to me anyway?" Johnny asked as he looked up to the man, but he was gone.

"Youíll find out." A voice echoed from another hallway Johnny didnít remember seeing before.

"Hey wait." Johnny yelled as he raced off after the man. After a few yards he tripped on something on the ground and fell into the graveled floor. As Johnny stood up and dusted himself off, he noticed what looked like an egg of metal half imbedded into the dirt. Johnny was puzzled, the egg was cold to the touch, with the shape of a sword engraved on the edge. Johnny bent down and reached for the egg and expected the egg to be heavier than a building without knowing why, but it was lighter than paper. But when Johnny noticed a small two-foot hole, which was under the egg. a blinding yellow flash shot from the hole and engulfed Johnny. when the light faded, Johnny noticed the small device, which had appeared on his belt, a white and gold machine, which he recognized as a Digivice.

"Hi!" A voice said from underneath him. Johnny looked down to see a small creature, no taller than his kneecapís, itís skin a bright dandelion yellow, with a belt holding up a pair of pantís and a furry main around his puppy like features.

"What...Who are you?" Johnny asked.

"Iím your digimon, My nameís Lymon." Johnny smiled, overjoyed to have such a lighthearted creature for a digimon.

"Good to finally meet you buddy." Suddenly there was a rumbling from outside. Johnny and Lymon looked at each other and shared a shocked look, then raced of towards the exit.


Regaining portions of his memory was one thing, but seeing one of the more lethal memoryís ten feet away, ordering solders against human and digimon alike.

"Lymon, time you digivolve!" Johnny ordered as he pointed his new Digivice at his newest friend.

"LYMON DIGIVOLVE TO..." A massive glow surrounded the small creature, within the light, the creature grew to twelve feet, a long lethal sword strapped to the belt he now wore, a massive mane around his fearsome face. "LEOMON!" The new digimon finished as the light faded.

"Oh my goodness gracious?!" Johnny said in surprise as Leomon attacked the first wave of solders. Johnny himself entered the battle and swung his fist hard into one of the red armored troops. He immediately recoiled his fist as the solder went down.

"Oh, these guys hurt." Johnny said as he picked up the unconscious solders weapon, a wide golden sword. Johnny then noticed the old lethal memory walking away, blood colored tentacles carried three people with him as a fourth was struggling in his arms. Johnny used his new weapon to cut threw the wall of red armored solders and leap infant of the old foe.

"Been awhile Carnage!" Johnny said, pretending to totally remember him.

"J...Johnny itís true, your alive." The woman in Carnageís arms said as she stopped struggling for a moment.

"Sorry kid, this loverís spate is over once King Hissís plan is over." Johnny eyeís widened just before a tentacle flung itself into his face.


"Heís coming around." A familiar voice said as Johnnyís eyeís adjusted to the light of day.

"Cidney, I...Iím...Augh, itís still all a blur." Johnny ground as he stood up and looked around. Carnage and his solders were gone. as were most of Johnnyís friends all that remained was all the digimon, Cody, Jeremy and a few people who he remembered but couldnít place. A small floating creature flew up to meet Johnnyís face.

"Who are you?"

"You donít remember your old friend Orko?" The creature asked.

"Iím sorry friend, but Iíve lost my memory, can you help me, I canít go after my friends without all my marbles."

"Maybe, He-Man had this problem once. what had the sorceress said before, talk of home, Of course! Where would you fell more at home than at Castle Greyskull!" Johnny stood for a moment, a switch suddenly flipping on within his head. His eyes widened with a blast of new knowledge from his past.

"ORKO! I remember now." Johnny said as he leaped on top of a nearby stump. "Friends we have little time, we have to save our friends. we have to go now, they have the woman I love. I donít know about you guys but Iím going to kick some ass, whoís with me!" The small group that had gathered around Johnny cheered. Johnny hopped off the stump and led the march towards the trail of footprints in the dirt.


" So tell me my dear, are you wishing for death yet?" Carnage asked the helpless woman who found herself chained down to an old bed.

"Go Fuck a Quintison!" She said in total anger.

"Maybe I will, After I do it to you!" Carnage said with a horrid cackle.

"Carnage, Leave now." Carnage turned to see King Hiss at the door to the rather well paid for room.

"What makes you think you can stop me?" Carnage asked.

"This dose." His said as he held up a long, thin staff, with the Orion at its tip. Carnage grunted in disagreement, then walked out threw an unseen back door. "Iím sorry my child, he will not bother you again. I must say you led my people on quite a merry chase, but between the heroís youíve collected and Johnathan finally discovering his digimon partner, things will become hectic fairly soon." Hiss said as he stroked Cidney's long red hair. Cidney tried to resist but the restraints were holding her to close to move.

"What do plan to do, free Thanos or something?" Hiss laughed.

"Free him? Who do you think ordered Darkonda to help you escape, or pour acid on your loved oneís chains so he could break out of them with such ease? No my dear, this is to help me fulfill the plan my former master was unable to do, rule the multiverse." Cidney laughed hysterically.

"So your just like Thanos."

"Thanos was a fool, a lunatic. He didnít want to rule, he wanted to destroy the multiverse, and I plan to bring order to it, one universe at a time, one planet at a time if I must. But do not worry, you, your love and your child will not be harmed, my plan only calls for He-Manís death." Cidney suddenly felt cold. He knew, some how he knew, she was pregnant, months had gone by between Johnnyís supposed death, and the time she had returned to learn he was alive, some how she was still able to hide it from most but Teela, He-Man and Duncan had found out. If Hiss knew without watching her all this time, lord only knew what else he knew.


"Tell me old friend, how dose it feel to be this close to death?" Carnage asked the chained Spider-Man, the monsterís breath forcing Spider-Man to hold back bile.

"Your sick Kasidy, this is wrong even for you, you think Hiss is really going to let you run lose if he gets his way?" Spider-Man asked.

"Iím afraid thatís no concern of Carnageís." Hiss said from behind Carnage as his serpent hand bit threw the alien symbiot, piercing Kasidyís flesh and making his alien skin trickle down off his body like a painting that had just taken a bucket of turpentine to itís canvas. Leaving Kasidyís thin, now ghostly white naked body laying at Spider-Manís feet, the life, the chaos, all of it gone from Kasidyís eyeís forever. Spider-Man noticed that the red and black liquid that was once alive struggled and cried out in one last effort to be heard, then moved slower, growing stiff, until it froze in place, and crumbled to dust. Spider-Man starred at the lifeless shell of Cletus Kasidy in shock and disbelief.

"Oh come now Mr. Parker, deep down this is what you wanted isnít it, with him gone, there will be a much larger population count in new York from now on." Hiss said with sarcasm as he stepped out of the overcrowded cell.


"So Johnny, where have you been all this time?" He-Man asked, as they lead the small group threw the digital world.

"I honestly canít say, All I remember is falling from the Eternia, feeling the burning planet on my back as I looked up at Cidney, and then the flames get hotter and hotter, than itís a blank, the next thing I know Iím walking threw down town Tokyo." Johnny said as their friends talked with one another.

"So who was that guy in the red tar?" Jeremy asked Spider-Man.

"Carnage, heís the sickest puppy Iíve ever met, weíll have a hell of a time taking him out, but those red troopers, Iíve never seen them before." The Scarlet Spider replied.

"I have. A few years ago, I nearly got lost in a time warp. I found myself in the Himalayas in the year 700 BC In a weird place called Cobra La, I never found out what world it turned out to be but I do know that this Cobra La is King Hissís home town." He-Man was shocked. "Thatís right brother, and believe me, I know itís more likely to believe that Hollywood Hogan teaming with The Rock but itís true." The Scarlet Spider chuckled.

"Um, actually Johnny..." Scarlet was interrupted with a massive earthquake.

"What the hell!?" Johnny said as he struggled to stay on his feet.

"No boy not hell yet, but youíll be there soon." An all too familiar voice replied.

"JUGGERNAUT!" Johnny said in shock.

"Oh, now he remembers my name." He-Man snickered.

"So this is the mighty Juggernaut. Whatís the matter tin head, not enough iron in your diet?" He-Man asked with a smile. Juggernaut responded with a punch to He-Manís ribs. He-Man fell forward for a moment, then shook off the pain and stood to face the metal behemoth. "My turn." He-Man said as he flung his fist into Juggernautís face, sending him to the ground. when Juggernaut stood up, his helmet was dented and blood slowly poured from his nose, and smoke seemed to steam out from his furious red eyes.

"I hoped to never see this fight." Johnny said as he and his friends backed off.

"Who do you think will win?" Cody asked.

"Iím putting my money on Juggy." Blade replied.


Is this truly the end of the strongest man in the universe, who will be the last man standing, will Johnny and his friends be able to save Cidney and the others before itís to late? and what other trials must our heroís face between now and when they find their friends? Find out in part two....

"Clash of the Monsters"

Coming soon.