Blade's Revenge.
by Matt Chezem.

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A transport ship flies steadily through space, like such a ship normally would. But this ship is not carrying your normal travelers. The crew of this ship is transporting their passengers to a distant prison planet.
Alone on a bench Blade sits, his leg chained to the wall behind him. Deep in his mind he wonders, "Is this the end? What do I do now?". It has only been an hour since he was forced on the ship. Blade began to think to himself, "If only I didn't receive that note." The note. He suddenly remembered that the warden had left the note in Blade's pocket when he was being searched.
Blade dug feverishly into his pocket, and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He unfolded the paper and read it like the hundreds of times in which he had read before. He looked at the note stating:

"Your services are no longer required.

Blade then folded the paper back up and placed it back in his pocket.
Blade looked up and saw a warden starring at him. After a quick nod, the warden left Blade and went on to the other criminals. Blade continued to think to himself. "Why?", he thought, "Why me? What caused him to dispose of me like a piece of trash? Weren't my skills good enough for him?". He then remembered his eye. The eye he lost fighting He-Man for Skeletor. Then he wondered, "Was it really worth it?". Then Blade's thinking was halted by the ship's alarm.
"Ah, shit! It's those damned space pirates!", yelled a warden from down the corridor. Blade looked around. "Pirates? Attacking a prison ship?", Blade thought, "They must be going for some new recruits." Then the ship stopped, as the pirates were boarding the prison ship.
Soon there was fighting and screams of death from down the corridor. Blade continued to sit on his bench, awaiting his fate. Then Blade heard a voice that was all too familiar to him.
"Blade!", said the voice. Blade turned around to see Trap-Jaw behind him with a bunch of other space pirates. "What do you want?", Blade asked, not looking too pleased in seeing his former comrade. "Skeletor told you that you were fired", said Trap-Jaw, "but he ordered me to kill you!"
Blade looked around. He noticed that some of the pirates were carrying swords, whereas others were carrying laser guns. "I'd like to see you try it.", Blade said, and with that he knocked over the bench onto some pirates. Blade then grabbed a sword from one of the pirates, and cut himself free of the chain.
"What are you waiting for?", said Trap-Jaw to his men, "Get him!". Soon pirates were dashing at Blade. Blade then fought back, slicing off heads, arms, and torso's of those foolish enough to attack him. Then only Blade and Trap-Jaw remained.
The fresh smell of blood swept across the cell as Blade stared at Trap-Jaw. Trap-Jaw raised his robotic arm at Blade, only to have part of it chopped away by Blade's sword. Trap-Jaw looked over at Blade. "Go on!", he yelled, "Finish it!". Blade put the edge of his sword across Trap-Jaw's neck. "I want you to give Skeletor a message.", Blade said, "Tell him, that his services are no longer required". With that Blade left and closed the door to his old cell.

"Another beer, warrior?", asked the bartender. Blade nodded yes, as the bartender poured him another drink. It was only a matter of days that it took Blade to pilot his way back to Eternia. After leaving Trap-Jaw alone on the prison ship, Blade managed to return the pirate ship back to an Eternian port, where he then was able to sell the ship to a merchant for a worthy sum of gold.
Blade looked around the small Eternian tavern. He slowly sipped his beer as he realized that these were some of the people that He-man was defending against Skeletor. "Skeletor", Blade thought, "that arrogant bastard". Blade continued to drink. "If only there was a way to make him suffer.", thought Blade. He then finished his drink, and sat his mug down on the table.
Blade then looked down at his money pouch. He still had a considerable amount of gold left. It was only a few days ago that Blade stopped by a blacksmith's shop to get some new weapons. Besides a new sword, Blade bought several knives, a couple of daggers, a new set of gauntlets with some darts to shoot out of them, and a grappling hook.
Blade then looked out of the tavern window. Night time was upon them. "Hey, Bar-keep.", hollered Blade, "How much is a room for the night?". The bartender replied, "There is an inn down the road a bit, a day's fare is usually 5 or 6 pieces of gold." Blade then got up from his chair, tossed the bartender a gold coin, and left the tavern.

At the inn, Blade slowly walked into his room. He then removed his weapons and placed them on his bed. He then walked over to the bathroom. After doing his business, Blade waled over to the mirror. He looked in the mirror, only to see the reflection of himself. Blade then went and took off his eye-patch covering his left eye. The eye in which he gave up for Skeletor, and in turn meant nothing. Blade grazed his fingers over his scar, and across his eye socket, forever empty of its eye. Suddenly, a woman's scream, the first scream in Blade's lifetime that actually bothered him, came from outside the inn.
Blade darted over to the window, leaving his eye-patch on the bathroom sink. Blade looked out the window. He saw a small squadron of men attacking the small Eternian village. As Blade realized that these were Skeletor's men, he looked over and saw their squad leader, Tri-Clops. Next to Tri-Clops was a guard, who was holding a lady captive. "Shit!", said Blade to himself, as he went over to his bed to retrieve his sword. As Blade picked up his sword, only one thought ran through his mind, "Skeletor".
With a bone chilling yell, Blade jumped out of the window, and landed on the ground below. Blade then looked up, and saw Tri-Clops point to him and yell, "Get him!". Skeletor's soldiers then seized their weapons as they charged at the warrior. Blade then swung into a frenzy, slaughtering any and all of the soldiers who get in his way. Tri-Clops, observing the fight at a safe distance, tapped the guard holding the lady, and pointed towards Blade. The guard then nodded and took up his sword. Blade, having killed a portion of the squadron, stepped over the dead bodies and met the guard in the middle of the road.
"I'm going to tear you apart!", said the guard, as he looked at Blade. "I don't fucking think so!", said Blade, as he swung his sword at the guard. The two swords collided, and then collided several times again. Blade and the guard battled for what seemed a matter of hours, with each other punching, kicking, and trying to cut each other to bits. Then Blade managed to swirl around and slice away part of the guard's abdomen. As the guard started to fall to his knees, he withdrew a dagger, and was able to stab Blade in the left shoulder. Both men dropped to the ground, Blade in pain, and the guard with his last breath.
"Attack!", Blade heard as he saw laser fire go over his head. Blade then looked over towards Tri- Clops. "Retreat!", Tri-Clops yelled to his last few remaining men. Tri-Clops looked over at Blade, and pointed at him. "We're not through yet!", Tri-Clops yelled, as he then turned and fled. Blade, seeing Tri-Clops running away, sighed in relief. Blade, tired from both exhaustion and from the lack of blood, then collapsed on the ground. Soon, there was several men standing around Blade, who was unconscious. "Hold your fire, men.", said the one that earlier cried attack, "This one is an ally.".

Blade woke up the next morning. As Blade looked around, it was apparent to him that he was in a hospital. Blade then sat up in his hospital bed. Blade then realized that he had been stripped of his clothes and armor, and was now wearing a hospital gown. "What the fuck?", cried Blade, "Where in the Hell are my damn pants?". Blade looked around the room. "For that matter," Blade thought, "where in the Hell is the rest of my stuff?". Soon, there was a knock on the door. Blade then looked over at the door, to see a young nurse come in. "Oh", said the nurse, "I'm glade to see that you're up and about this morning". "What is it that you want?", asked Blade.
"Gee, aren't you a bit snippy.", said the nurse, still being a bit perky, almost to the point of annoyance. "I just need to change your bandages.", she said. Blade looked at his left shoulder. Indeed his wound was dressed on both sides of his shoulder blade. Blade sighed in disgust as he let the nurse change his bandages. The nurse then unbutton part of Blade's hospital gown and started working on his bandages.
"The dagger", Blade asked, "went through both sides of my shoulder?". "That's what it appears.", replied the nurse. Blade then made a small grunt as the nurse removed one of the two bandages. "The stitches", asked Blade, "How many did they give me?". The nurse placed a fresh bandage on the spot where she had removed the old bandage. "47 in the front.", replied the nurse, "53 in the back". Blade then gave a brief laugh, and said, "Sounds like a good dagger". Blade then made another small grunt as the nurse removed the last bandage, and replaced it with a new one. "There.", said the nurse, "All done." Blade managed then to fasten his gown, as the nurse threw away the old bandages.
"So, is there anything else that I can do for you?", asked the nurse. Blade paused for a moment, then replied, "I'm missing my eye-patch. Can you go get me one." The nurse smiled and simply stated, "Sure. I'll see what I can do." The nurse started off towards the door, then she stopped and turn back towards Blade. "By the way," she said, "my name is Kaira. If you ever need me, just give me a holler". With that, Kaira left towards the door. "Hey, Kaira.", Blade called. Kaira turned to face Blade. "Just who brought me here anyway?", Blade asked. Kaira just simply replied, "Why, the Eternian Royal guards did". With that, Kaira closed the door and left Blade in peace.
"The Royal Guards?", Blade thought, "What in the hell is going on here?" Blade then managed to get out of his hospital bed, and walk to a nearby window. Blade then gazed out of the window to see the Royal Palace. "Eternia City", Blade said to himself, "Looks bigger from the outside". Blade continued to look out of the window, looking at the places he always heard about, but never freely able to see. He also saw children playing in the streets, something he was never able to do as a child. He saw the women gather at the market place to get fresh food for their families. Blade then remembered his childhood and his family. His father, who left his family when Blade was young. His mother, who died when Blade was only 6 years old. And his brother, his younger brother, the only brother that he had ever had, who died on the battlefield fighting alongside with Blade. Then there was a knock at the door.
"Hello?", cried a voice. "Who is it?", Blade asked, wondering if it is another one of Skeletor's henchmen sent to kill him. "It's me, Kaira.", she said as she opened the door. Blade walked over and sat on his bed, as Kaira walked through the door. "I was able to get you an eye-patch, liked you asked for.", Kaira said, as she showed Blade the eye-patch. "It'll do.", Blade replied as he looked at the eye- patch. "Here.", Kaira said, "Let me help you put it in". The nurse helped Blade put on the eye-patch, then took a step back to look at Blade. "How's that?", she asked. "Good enough.", he replied. Kaira then looked around, and found a stool. She then brought it over to Blade, and sat down next to him. "So,", she asked, "you wouldn't want to tell me about how you lost your eye now, would you?"

Blade looked over to the girl next to him. Kaira was sitting there, in her usual perkiness, waiting for Blade to reply. "I would rather not talk about it.", Blade responded. "And why's that?", Kaira asked. Blade then realized that Kaira wasn't going to leave until he told her how he had lost his eye. "Alright.", Blade sighed, "If I tell you, do you promise not to tell anyone else?". Kaira nodded her head yes. "I lost it in a battle with another warrior," Blade said, "while serving my former master." Kaira's face remained as it was. "Unfortunately", Blade added, "my former master wants me dead." Kaira's face then showed a bit of enthusiasm, as she replied, "And just who was your former master?". Blade looked over at Kaira and said, "Skeletor."
Kaira's face then showed that she was amazed at what she had heard. Then Kaira stuttered, "You, you, you mean that, that Skeletor was?" "My former master.", Blade finished. "And, and, and he wants you, you dead?", Kaira stammered. "That's what he wants.", Blade said. "So, this warrior who took your eye", Kaira asked, "wouldn't happen to be He-Man, wouldn't it?" "I told you I lost it to another warrior, didn't I?", Blade said. "He-Man is perhaps the only warrior who is better at the sword than I am," Blade continued, "and I have the scar and missing eye to prove that statement as well." Kaira stood up from her stool. "I guess you've seen lots of action in the field then, huh?", Kaira said. "That ain't no lie," said Blade.
"So, how is it that Skeletor wants you dead?", Kaira asked, as she sat down on the foot of the bed, next to Blade. Blade looked over at Kaira with an annoyed look. "You do know that he can destroy you with the wave of his hand", said Kaira, after Blade did not answer her question. "That I know all too well.", Blade said. Blade looked over at Kaira, and Kaira looked back at Blade. Finally, Kaira said, "Well, I need to get back to my duties. I'd better let you get your rest".
Blade nodded his head in agreement, as Kaira turned to leave the room. "Just holler if you need me.", Kaira said, as she left the room. As the door shut, Blade turned in his hospital bed, and laid down. It was not long before Blade dozed off.

Blade then woke up in a hurry, due to some loud noises in the hallway. "What in the hell is going on now?", Blade thought. He then got out of his bed, and went over to the door. As Blade peeked out the hallway, he saw some of Skeletor's men searching the rooms down the corridor. Those in the hospital who tried to resist found that their attempts were useless, as the soldiers dominated them. Blade closed the door to his room. "How in the Hell were they able to find me at this hospital?", Blade asked himself. Soon a soldier was at his door.
Blade looked around his hospital room frantically. He then grabbed his bed pan out from under his bed. With it, he crept over to the door. As the soldier opened the door, Blade swung at his head with the bed pan. The soldier fell to the ground, as Blade tossed the dented bed pan on his bed. Blade then dragged the unconscious soldier into the room and closed the door.
After exchanging the soldier's armor for the hospital gown, Blade then placed the laser gun in the holster. Blade then took the sheets to his hospital bed, and by tearing them into strips, was then able to gag and tie the unconscious soldier to the bed. To insult the soldier, Blade decided not to wear the helmet, but to place it over the soldier's head for him to wear. With that, Blade stepped out into the hall.
Blade was then able to walk down the hall a bit. Suddenly, two guards saw Blade. "There he is!", said one, "Let's get him". Blade was then able to jump behind a reception desk, as the two guards opened fired on him with their laser guns. Blade reached for his gun to return fire. After firing a few shots, Blade manage to shoot the first guard in the neck, killing him instantly. Blade looked up to see the other guard running away, trying to find some back up troops. The guard was able to reach the stair steps, as Blade aimed and fired at the back of the guard's head. The part of guard's head then exploded with blood, as the guard fell lifelessly down the stairs.
Blade then realized that the guard did not die in vein, as he heard the footsteps of several more troops running towards him. Blade then ran to the stairs, and hit the button for the elevator. The footsteps grew louder, as some troops entered the hallway. "Attack!", yelled one of the troops. The elevator door then opened, as the guards opened fire upon Blade. Blade dove into the elevator, and pushed the button to close the door.
In the elevator, Blade discovered that he was on the second floor. After hearing the guards outside trying to get into the elevator, Blade pushed the button to send the elevator down to the ground floor. As the elevator started to head down, Blade took his laser gun and aimed at the ceiling of the elevator. After firing a few shots, Blade was able to create a hole. Blade then climbed through the hole. Blade then climbed through the hole, and was then on top of the elevator. As the elevator was going down the shaft, there was another cable going up the shaft. Blade then grabbed a hold of this cable and was lifted upwards, as the elevator continued down to the ground floor.
Once Blade had reached the top of the shaft, he took his laser gun, and fired at a set of elevator doors. After working with the door for a few minutes, he was able to open it. Blade then proceeded to leave the shaft, and was on the top floor.
Blade looked around the hospital. Down the hallway, he saw four guards enter a room. Then from the room, a woman's scream rang throughout the hallway. Blade ran down the hallway to give aid to the distressed maiden. As Blade reached the room. He retrieved his gun. Blade then discovered that he was running low on the ammunition charge for the laser gun. Blade then busted into the room and shot two of the guards with the last few remaining shots that he had left. Blade then threw the laser gun at one of the guards, as he swung around and grabbed the guns from the two dead guards.
With a gun in each hand, Blade then opened fire on the last two guards. The guards then fell to their deaths, as the room was filled with the fresh scent of blood. "Thank you, warrior.", said the woman from behind Blade. Blade then turned around to see Kaira starring back at him.

"Kaira?", Blade asked. Kaira stood up, and whipped some of the splattered blood from herself. "I'm OK, if that's what you're asking", replied Kaira. Blade then put his guns into his holsters. "So, any ideas why Skeletor's guards are here?", asked Kaira. Blade peered out into the hallway to look for any more guards, then responded to Kaira's question. "You can probably tell that Skeletor wants me dead.", Blade said. "I kind of figured that out for myself", responded Kaira, "but how in the world did they get into the city?". "Never mind that.", Blade said, "We need to find a way to get you to safety."
"Shouldn't the Royal Guard be here by now?", Kaira asked, "If we were able to find them, we could be safe then." "Not necessarily", Blade said, "Skeletor probably sent a small force to search the hospital, so as not to attract to much attention to the guards." "Are you sure of that?", Kaira asked. Blade looked down at the blood on the floor, then back up at Kaira. "That's what I would have done.", Blade replied.
"So, what now?", asked Kaira. Blade looked around the hallway a bit, then responded to Kaira's question. "That's easy", Blade said, "we find a way to get a hold of the Royal Guards." "However," Blade continued, "we need to find a way as not to lead them into a trap." "and what did you have in mind?", asked Kaira. Blade then pointed to a fire hose and an alarm in the hallway. "Good idea", said Kaira, "we just set the alarm, which will bring the Guards." Kaira then ran over to the alarm, but was stopped by Blade. "No!", Blade cried, as he placed his hand over the alarm. "If you would have pulled the alarm," Blade said, "it would have given away our location".
"So, how do we call the guards?", asked Kaira. Blade tossed Kaira one of his guns, and hollered, "Stand back." With that, Blade took his other gun and fired at the casing to the fire hose. Blade then remove the last few remaining fragments to the casing, as he grabbed the fire hose. Blade then carried the hose to the window of the room in which he came from. Curious, Kaira walked into the room to see what it was that Blade was doing. Blade then looked up at Kaira, and said, "If I'm not back in five minutes, turn the water on full blast." Kaira still looked curious, as she replied, "O.K., why?". But before she could get an answer, Blade took the nozzle end of the hose and dove out of the window. Blade then swung around and smashed through the window of the floor below.
"Get him!", Blade heard, as he landed on the floor. Blade looked up in time to see the huge Beastman run towards him. Blade went to pull out his gun, as Beastman dove and tackled him. Blade then dropped his gun, as Beastman picked him up and threw him into a wall. Blade tried to get to his feet, as Beastman tossed him into another wall. Beastman then walked over to Blade, and proceeded to pick him up by the throat. He then continued to punch Blade's face with his massive paw, the other still holding Blade by the throat.
The flow of running water then bellowed out from out of the hose, spraying violently at anyone as it swept across the floor. Beastman let go of Blade, only to slip on the floor, like most of the other soldiers that were present. Blade then collapsed to the floor, as the spraying water washed some of his blood off of his face. Suddenly, an ear shattering sound erupted as Blade realized that someone had set the fire alarm. Beastman then grabbed his ears, and howled in pain. During this time of mass confusion, Blade then slid across the floor, grabbed his gun, and crawled out of the room.
As Blade left the room, he was then confronted with a series of guards. "Put the gun down, Blade.", said a seductive, yet sinister voice. Blade looked over to see Evil Lyn standing alongside with Karg, who was holding Kaira captive. "Put it down, Blade.", Evil Lyn said again. Blade looked around to see the dozens of guards aiming their laser guns at him. "I said, Put the gun down.", Evil Lyn repeated. Blade looked over at Evil Lyn and Karg. He also looked over at Kaira, who was struggling in her bondages. "Kill the girl.", said Evil Lyn.
At the same moment, Blade remembered the death of his mother. He also remembered the bone chilling scream from the lady at the inn. Blade looked over to see Karg place a gun to Kaira's head. Blade then gripped his gun firmly, and tossed it towards Evil Lyn's feet. "Seize him.", Evil Lyn said, as the series of guards took Blade hostage.

"Let them go, Evil Lyn.", Man-At-Arms said. Evil Lyn turned around and sent a fireball traveling towards the Royal Guards. Man-At-Arms, along with the other guards, dodged the fireball, and was then greeted with the laser fire of Skeletor's troops. "Fire!", Man-At-Arms hollered, as the Royal Guards fought back. Being caught in the cross-fire, Blade was able to break free. "Kaira, get down!", Blade yelled as he dove towards the young nurse. Karg, who was retreating from the front line, yelled out, "Fall back!". The troops traveled backwards in the hallway of the hospital. Karg then went over towards Evil Lyn. "Evil Lyn", Karg said, "we've experienced too many casualties. We have no choice but to retreat". "Skeletor will not be pleased.", Evil Lyn replied. Karg sighed, and then pointed at Beastman. "Beastman.", Karg yelled, "Protect Evil Lyn as she gets us out of here".
The Royal Guards, who were fight behind a barricade of dead bodies a fallen hospital doors, continued to fire upon the evil army. Suddenly, there was an enormous amount of wind and light, as Man-At-Arms looked up to see Skeltor's troopers run through a portal. "Hold you fire!", Man-At-Arms yelled out to his men. Man-At-Arms stood up to see only the bodies of Skeletor's dead troops on the floor. He then stepped over the barricade, and walked over to a frightened Kaira and a weary Blade.
"Come on. It's O.K.", said Man-At-Arms, as he helped Kaira get to her feet. Man-At-Arms then helped Blade to his feet. "He's hurt bad," Kaira said, "We need to get him into one of the rooms". "After you.", Man-At-Arms said, as Kaira led them into a room. Man-At-Arms then placed Blade on one of the hospital beds. "Let's get some light on him.", Kaira said, as she began to examine Blade. "Hmm, Let's see. His left shoulder has been dislocated, and needs new stitches.", Kaira said, "He also has several facial wounds". "Let's try to remove some of his armor.", said Man-At-Arms. "O.K., but first we need to give him a sedative to calm him down.", said Kaira.
Blade fell unconscious as the sedative entered his bloodstream. "O.K., you hold his arms, as I remove the chest plate.", Man-At-Arms said. When the chest plate was removed, Kaira examined Blade's rib cage. "He has a few broken ribs.", said Kaira, "and several laser burns as well". "Anything else?", Man-At-Arms asked. "Well, other than the severe loss of blood, he seems to be...", Kaira stopped. She was examining Blade's neck as she continued, "Wait a minute. I'm not a chiropractor, but I don't think that this bump should be there". "Let me take a look.", said Man-At-Arms. Man-At-Arms looked to see a small bump on the back of Blade's neck. "Crud.", Man-At-Arms replied, "How long until we're able to get an x-ray on him?". "We will have to wait until his blood levels have stabilized," Kaira said, "Why?". "Because, I think I know how Skeletor's troops were able to find him.", Man-At-Arms said.

The sound of birds chirping awoke Blade the following morning. Blade tried to look around the room that he was in, only to realize the he was wearing a neck brace. Out of the corner of his eye, Blade saw an I.V. machine hooked up to his left arm. "Ah, crap.", Blade thought, "What the fuck happened?". Blade then laid on his bead, trying to piece together his thoughts. Soon there was a knock at the door.
The door opened as Kaira walked in. Blade looked over at Kaira, as Man-At-Arms appeared in the doorway. "What in the hell do you want?", said Blade, who was still drowsy from the sedatives. "That's not a very polite talk for someone who's saved your life on more than one occasion.", said Man-At-Arms. Blade was about to reply, as Kaira interrupted. "That's enough, you two.", she said. "And you," Kaira continued, as she pointed at Blade, "you're going to need your rest". Man-At-Arms ginned. Blade then looked at Kaira, and asked, "What all exactly did you guys do to me, anyway?".
Kaira looked back at Blade, and replied, "We fixed up your old injuries, and treated you new ones". "We also removed this.", said Man-At-Arms, as he held up a small, computerized device. "It's a neural tracer.", said Man-At-Arms, "This was how Skeletor's troops were able to find you." Blade looked over at Kaira as she sighed. "However," Man-At-Arms continued, "this still leaves me with one question. Tell me, Blade, exactly why are Skeletor's men after you?".
Blade then managed to sit up in the hospital bed. "Well," Blade said, "Since I am in no condition to argue, I guess I should explain it to you". "You see, at first I was just one of his mercenaries, a hired sword.", said Blade. "I was doing well, staying out of prisons, testing my skills as a warrior, but then came the ultimate challenge. He-Man.", Blade continued. "The battle was truly a great one. Both of us, engaged in combat, swords clashing, each of us eager to be the victor." Blade then shook his head. "Then as I finally was able to slice him mildly in the abdomen, the son of a bitch took my eye." Kaira then put her hand on Blade and told him to calm down. Blade then continued, "It became an obsession. Every chance Skeletor gave me against He-man I took with a smile. There was nothing more that I wanted then the sweet revenge against He-Man."
"Then one day, I heard Evil-Lyn say something about me. It was something about 'Blade's destiny lies within Skeletor's hands'. Now, my father was never around much when I was a child, but he did teach me to never let somebody take advantage of you. And to me, this was something Skeletor was trying to do.", Blade said. Kaira then sat down on the bed next to Blade, as he continued. "So, with that thought in mind, whenever Skeletor sent me out on different missions, I started to let some of the 'un-important' captives go off easy." Blade then looked down at him self. "Now that I know about the neural tracer", Blade said, "it all makes sense now." "And what would that be?", asked Kaira. Blade looked up at her, then at Man-At-Arms. "Skeletor must of found out about the slack of captives," Blade said, "Killing me would have been too easy." "Wait a minute," said Man-At-Arms, "I think I know why he got rid of you." Blade just glared at Man-At-Arms. "Skeletor must have placed the neural tracer in your neck before he fired you.", Man-At-Arms replied. "This is the type of tracer that sends back coordinates of where the carrier has been to.", Man-At-Arms said, as he looked at the tracer once again. "So, Blade, what do you think Skeletor is up too?", Man-At-Arms said, as he glared back at Blade. Blade then replied, "That I do not know."

The day soon turned into night, as the Eternian sun set. Man-At-Arms and Kaira left Blade in the hospital room, as two Eternian guards guarded the doorway to his room. Blade sat alone in his room. For once, he had the taste of freedom, something that he was denied of for so long. But now as he regained it, he lost it again, to only be placed in confinement of a solitary room. Blade then walked over to the room's window. As he looked out of the window, he saw more guards patrolling the courtyard below. Blade then looked up at the night's sky. "Etheria.", Blade thought, "I should have went there. Maybe Hordak would have accepted me into the Horde." Blade then walked around his room for a little while, and then returned to the window. "Etheria.", Blade pondered, "What in the Hell was I thinking? There's no challenge there. Just a small rebellion of farmers and women." Blade then walked over to the bed, and lied down. "For that matter", Blade thought again, "What in the Hell was I thinking about when I decided to get even with Skeletor." His body still ached with pain, but yet he was far too use to the feeling. But there was more to his thoughts than what he could figure out. Something that still bothered him.
Blade then got up out of his bed again, and returned to the window once more. As he looked out at the courtyard, he saw a couple guards relieving some other guards of their duty. He also saw some movement in the distance. Blade tried to look as closely at what was causing it, but it was something he couldn't quite determine. Suddenly there was a knock at his door. "Lights out, Blade.", said one of the Eternian guards. The door opened and one guard walked into the room. The other guard stayed in the doorway, holding his gun. "Come on.", said the first guard, "Away from the window now." Blade then walked over to his bed and sat down. The first guard then went over and closed the window. After locking it, the two guards left the room, and locked the door behind them. Blade looked around his room once again. He was wearing a new hospital gown now, but at least he still had the pants on from the guard he took them from earlier that day. Blade looked at the closed window, and then thought to himself, "I got to get out of here." At least this was one thought that he didn't have to think about.
Soon, there was a tap at Blade's window. Blade looked at the window only to hear a growling voice. "Grrlll, gr-open the window!", said the voice. Blade got out of his bed, and walked over to the window. Blade then stood at the side of the window, as spoke, "Who the hell are you?". "An old friend, grr, now open the damn window, Blade!", replied the voice. Curious as to whom this was, Blade looked around his room for a bit. "Hurry up! Grr.", the voice said again. Blade then looked at the I.V. machine in which he was dragging around with him. He pulled the tubes out of his left arm, and removed the machine from its stand. Blade then picked the stand up with one hand, and proceeded to open the window up with the other. As he opened the window, the brush of air entered, but Blade saw no form to go with it. Blade then hurried up and closed the window again, as to not attract the Royal Guards, and then looked around his room. "Thanks", said the voice, and as Blade looked over at the corner of the room from which it came from, he saw the old friend of his. An old friend, back from the dead.
From out of nothing, his old friend appeared. "Saurod?", Blade spoke. "Grrr, It's been awhile, hasn't it?", Saurod said. "I thought that Skeletor killed you!", Blade replied. "Yeah, he tried, but let's save the small talk for later.", said Saurod, "Now, we have to get you out of here." "Any ideas?", said Blade. Saurod looked at Blade, then tossed him a gun. "You still know how to use one of these?", he asked. "Let's go!", Blade replied, as he removed his neck brace, and looked back at Saurod. "Just get to the main entrance on the ground floor," Saurod said, "I have some allies down there waiting for you." Blade looked at the door, then back at Saurod. "Don't worry!", said Saurod, "I will be right behind you." Blade smiled and said, "Just like the old times.". And with that, the two warriors walked to the door.

There was a knock at the door, as the two Eternian Guards looked at each other. They both aimed their guns at the door as the first one proceeded to open it. "Hey, could you have a nurse come here for a minute.", Blade hollered, as he tried to lure one of the guards towards him. The first guard entered the room, as the second stayed in the doorway. Saurod, from behind the door, spit an electric shock at the first guard. Blade then grabbed the gun of the second guard, and pulled him into the room. Saurod grabbed the second guard from Blade, and gave the second guard an electric shock as well. Blade then looked down at the two now unconscious guards, and replied, "We're not going to have a lot of time." "Then get busy!", said Saurod. Blade nodded in agreement, as Saurod picked up one of the guards. As Blade exchanged outfits with the other guard, Saurod leaned his guard up against the doorway. "Come on, hurry up!", Saurod growled. "All set!", Blade said, as he put the facial shield of the Eternian Guard over his face. Saurod then went over and helped Blade put the guard on the bed. "Now remember," Saurod said, "The main entrance on the ground floor. Get there as quick as you can." Blade nodded, and the two left the room. They then started down the hallway, leave the two guards as they left them. "Don't worry about me," Saurod said again, "I'll be right behind you." Blade looked back at Saurod, only to see no one there.
"Yeah, sure.", Blade said in disbelief. As Blade reached the end of the hallway, the elevator was still out of order from the previous battle. "It's out of order, try the stairs.", said a voice from behind him. Blade looked around to see another Eternian Guard behind him. "Hey, wait a minute.", said the guard, "Why aren't you at your post?" "Uh,", Blade said, "My gun started to malfunction. I wanted to get it checked out.". "Let me see your gun, soldier.", replied the guard. Blade then proceeded to hand the gun over to the guard. As he did so, he turned the gun and shot the guard in the chest. "Gee," Blade said, "It works fine now!"
Blade then proceeded towards the stairs, as he heard another guard from down the hallway. "Hey! You! Stop right there!", cried the other guard. "Ah! Shit!", Blade said, as he started running towards the stairway. The guard then proceeded to shoot his gun at Blade a few times. Blade was about to fire back, when he heard the guard scream out in agony. "Go! Run!", he heard Saurod cry out. Blade then turned and started down the stairs, knowing that his friend could easily take care of himself. Blade then ran down the first flight of stairs, only to be meet by a small squadron of Eternian Guards. "Stop him!", yelled out the commanding guard. "Fuck! Not good!", Blade said, as the guards ran towards him. Just then, Blade heard a monstrous growl, as Saurod ran past him. Saurod then charged at the guard closest to him, and sliced the guard's throat with his sharp claws. Then holding the freshly killed guard in front of him, Saurod took the gun and started shooting the Eternian Guards. Blade, following Saurod's lead, took his gun and shot a guard in the head. Blade, doing likewise, used the dead guard's body as a human shield. The remaining troops, then retreated back into the hallways. Saurod then threw down his dead guard and shot at a near by window. Blade, moving with his human shield, made his way over to Saurod. "Change of plans.", Saurod said, as he pointed at the window. "Fine with me,", said Blade, "as long as we get out of here.". "It's a one story drop.", said Saurod, "Do you think you can make it?" "There's only one way to find out!", Blade replied, "After you!". Saurod nodded, and jumped out the window, and landed on the ground below. Blade looked up, shot at a few more guards, and then turned and jumped out the window himself.
As Blade jumped out of the window, he was then seized by a large reptilian arm. "Don't worry! I got you!", said the Snake-man. Once Blade was on the ground, he saw Saurod. "Good!", said Saurod, "I see that you've meet Squeeeze.". "Yeah," Blade said, "Now, let's just go!". "This way!", yelled Squeeeze, as he motioned for Blade and Saurod to follow. The three of them ran down the street, into the Eternian city.

Part 11