Death and Resurrections:

Part 2

Clash of the Monsters

By Johnny Proft

Based on characters and situations owned and/or created by Mattel Toys, Marvel Comics, 4 Kids Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Saban Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sunbow Entertainment, Gene Rodenberry, Brian Terrell and Johnny Proft.

Things look grim for our heroís, Blade Stryfe has been captured and added to King Hissed list of prisoners, Johnnyís best friend, He-Man is in the battle of his life, and all Johnny can do is watch, and what new dangers await our heroís? And there is another danger waiting to rear itself, one of Johnnyís captured friends is working for the wrong side, but that mystery will reveal itself at a later time. Let us join our friends as their greatest challenge continues to get more and more difficult....

"So this is the mighty Juggernaut. Whatís the matter tin head, not enough iron in your diet?"

He-Man asked with a smile. Juggernaut responded with a punch to He-Manís ribs. He-Man fell forward for a moment, then shook off the pain and stood to face the metal behemoth.

"My turn." He-Man said as he flung his fist into Juggernautís face, sending him to the ground. When Juggernaut stood up, his helmet was dented and blood slowly poured from his nose, and smoke seemed to steam out from his furious red eyes.

"I hoped to never see this fight." Johnny said as he and his friends backed off.

"Who do you think will win?" Cody asked.

"Iím putting my money on Juggy." Blade replied.

He-Man flew three yards back from Juggernauts punch to the face. He-Man sat there for a moment, then stood up and charged the metallic man. He-Man's shoulder thundered into Juggernauts ribs, sending him flying. Blood dripped from He-Mans shoulder as he watched Juggernaut sail.

"That wasn't so hard." He-Man said as he turned to the group. Suddenly there was a trembling in the ground. He-Man slowly turned to see Juggernaut stampeding towards He-Man with an unmistakable rage in his eyes. When he neared He-Man, He-Man dodged sideways, and extended his leg in an attempt to trip him. Juggernaut jumped just in time and sent He-Man to the ground with a tremendous sidekick. He-Man found himself half buried in the ground, looking up at Juggernaut. Juggernaut was winding up for the final blow, which would literally send him to China if they werenít on Digiworld. Suddenly he remembered what was on his back and unstrapped the item from his back. Juggernaut swung and it connected. There was a metal clang sound as Juggernaut withdrew his hand. Before he could realize what had happened, He-Man had swung his shield into Juggernauts face, sending him to the ground. When Juggernaut came too a millisecond later, he found that he was high over He-Mans head. He-Man had picked up Juggernaut and had started twirling him over his head. Juggernaut was about to reach down and grab He-Manís arms, but then He-Man tossed Juggernaut literally farther than the eye could see. He-Man breathed a sigh of relief as he turned to face the others.

"So, what do we do now?" He-Man asked.

"Traveler, we must speak." Zodak said from behind them.

"What do you want, Zodak?" Johnny asked without looking behind.

"You must go to Earth 571. A new challenge awaits you there."

"The hell I will, the woman I love is a prisoner of my greatest enemy and you want me to go play with the local pansy on some backwater world?"

"If I give you vital information that will be instrumental in the saving of your friends, will you go, now?" Johnny didn't like it, but had little choice.


"King Hiss is no longer on Digiworld." Johnny punched a nearby tree, then turned to Blade.

"Blade, give me Hard Drive." Blade knotted and unstrapped the watch. "Hard Drive, dimensional generator, now." as if by magic, another small watch appeared in his hand. " I'm trusting you to find the others and no matter what happens, keep them away from Grayskullís inner chambers." Blade and Johnny shook hands and then turned to He-Man. "you up for this one?" Johnny asked.

"You bet." He-Man replied.

"What about you, Lymon?"

"You know it." the lion-like digimon replied.

"I know of one who can assist you." Zodak said as he waved his hand. Suddenly Cringer appeared, sleeping on the green grass.

"Time to get up cat." He-Man said as he drew his sword.

"What is it? Is it lunch time already?" Cringer said just before he saw He-Man's sword. "Oh no."


Ash, Brock and Misty were traveling through a forest. They had seemed to be lost again on one of the "shortcuts" that they frequently took. They were wading through mid calf-high grass.

"Brock, are you sure you know where we are going?" Misty asked as she was walking with Pikachu and Togepi in her arms. "We don't seem to be getting to any town soon."

"Relax," Brock said as he looked at his map. "We're right..." He paused as he carefully looked at the map. He turned the map from different directions.

"We're where?" Ash asked. "Don't tell me we're lost again!" Brock sighed as he lowered the map.

"Okay, I won't tell you."

"Again?" Misty shouted. "I hate sleeping on the ground so much. I don't know when the last time I had a good bed to sleep in."

"It's not so bad," Ash said.

"Not so bad?" Misty replied. "It's horrible! My body will be twisted and ugly if I keep sleeping on the ground."

"As if it wasn't already?" Ash said with a grin. Misty growled at him. She was going to jump on him, but then realized that Pikachu and Togepi were still in her arms. That, and there was a reason why she didn't pummel him immediately after Ash made such comments. She didn't want to say it out loud, of course.


"Like you're a lady!" Ash replied.

"Well, I know I'm not a big mouth like you!" Brock stepped between the two of them.

"Hey, you two! We should worry about more important matters, like finding the road again."

"Don't worry," Ash said. "We'll find the road." The three of them camped out by a lake later that night. Brock had cooked some stew for them. Pikachu, Togepi, Ash, and Misty were on a hill looking at the night sky. It was clear, and the

stars were shining.

"It's so beautiful, isn't it?" Misty commented.

"Chuuu," Pikachu replied.

"Tupreee," Togepi added.

"Almost makes we wonder if there's anything else that beautiful in the world," Ash said as he turned to look at Misty. From the light coming from the distant campfire, she seemed... different. Not so irritating, but kind of... No, Ash thought. She couldn't be that attractive.

"What do you mean?" Misty said as she turned to Ash. The two of their eyes locked for a moment. Each could see qualities in the other that they had never seen in their journey. Misty's auburn hair and Ash's dark black hair, their facial features... Why did they start noticing these things that they saw just now? Pikachu looked at both of them.

"Pika?" he said softly. These two were always at each other's throats. Now they seemed to act so different. Pikachu smiled and whispered,

"Pikachuuu..." Their gaze was broken by Brock's voice.

"Hey, you two. Dinner's ready!"

"We'll be right there, Brock!" Misty yelled. Ash, Misty, Togepi and Pikachu walked back to the camp, realizing that they should keep what just happened, a secret... at least for now.


Meanwhile, on a small island off the coast of a small town called viridian city, a storm was growing. The creature known as Mewtwo waived his hand in a clockwise motion that seemed to make the storm grow. A nearby monitor showed three humans and two strange creatures at their side.

"These ones, these are the humans you must use to complete you collection of super pokemon." A voice said from behind the mystical creature.

"Very well, but remember our deal, you get the boy, I get the DNA. Samples, my way."

"You have nothing to fear. When the Traveler is mine, the pokemon world will be yours." the shadowed voice said with a chuckle.

"And how do you know the Traveler will show up here? " a voice asked from the mind of Mewtwo.

"That is none of your concern, do as I say and you will be rewarded as I promised."


Johnny had been surprised when he, Lymon, He-Man and Battle Cat found their dimensional gate opened up over the middle of the ocean. With no way to stop their momentum, they were forced to fall into the water below. When Johnny came to his senses and rose to the surface for air, he realized that Lymon was gone. Johnny took a deep breath and dove back into the choppy water. After a few moments Johnny found Lymon struggling to swim but all he was accomplishing was a faster fall. Johnny quickly grabbed him and pulled him to the surface. Lymon gave a cough as he climbed onto Johnnyís back.

"Okay, Iím ready to go home now." he said as He-Man and Battle Cat broke threw the surface.

"Can you swim okay in this, Battle Cat?" Johnny asked.

"Not for much longer." Battle Cat replied.

"Hard Drive, teleport Autobot sea expert, Sea-Spray." as if by magic, a small blue speed boat appeared on the ocean's wavy surface.

"What's going on? How'd I get here?" the boat asked in a voice that always reminded Johnny of Mer-man.

"No time to explain old buddy, I need you ready to take on passengers." Johnny said as Lymon sat down on Johnnyís shoulders.

"O.K." the boat replied as a ramp came to rest a few feet under the surface of the water. As the four wet travelers climbed up the ramp and onto the speedboat, Johnny noticed a castle sitting at the top of a small island in the eye of the storm that raged above them. "where to friends?"

"To the island just north." Johnny said as he and Lymon took a seat within the small Autobot. He-Man sat next to them with a confused look on his face.



Ash Kechum felt uncomfortable enough from the days events, the anatomize invitation to visit new island, the Viking boat ride with team rocket, his questionable feelings about Misty, without the five odd travelers walking into the massive dining room. Three of them had to be pokemon however, especially the 13foot tall robot that looked like he was made from a boat. He was surprised when the man who wore a metal harness around his chest walked up to him.

"Hi, we were late arrivals and we were wondering, are these seats taken?" he asked. Ash shook his head as the muscular man sat down next to him. Ash watched as the second man started walking towards Brock and Misty, probably to great them, when he tripped on a small object on the floor. As the lion creature and the panther came to his aid, the young man picked up a small item from the floor, no larger than a penny.

"What's that, Johnny?" the lion asked.

"I, I don't know, it looks similar to something Tai showed me once, he called it a crest." the item that was now in Johnnyís hand appeared to be made of glass, with the same symbol on He-Manís harness imbedded in the center of the glass. "I wonder what it's for?" Johnny said as the 12-foot robot slowly walked up to his three friends. Ash noticed Misty and Togepi walked up to Johnny who was now sitting on the floor nursing the third bruise on his forehead.

"Are you all right?" Misty asked. Johnny at first didn't notice Misty, instead he smiled as he patted Togepiís head and it gave a light cheer of childish joy.

"Oh, I'm sorry, yeah, Iím fine, thanks. I'm Johnny, this is Lymon, Battle Cat, and Sea-Spray." Johnny said as he picked himself up and slipped the crest in his pocket. Misty gave a bashful grin as she picked up Togepi and walked back to the table as a woman in an 18th century dress and a large hat stepped into the massive room.

"The time has come to meet the worlds greatest pokemon trainer." she said as a bright light shined from the center ceiling of a spiral staircase. Suddenly something started to float towards the floor. As it neared the floor Johnny noticed that the person wasn't a person but o creature he didn't recognize.

"I intended to toy with you but I have little interest in games at the moment." the creature said as hundreds of small black orbs appeared and swarmed over the collection of creatures that occupied the room.

"Du-gong!" one creature yelled as one of the black orbs impacted with its skin. In an instant the seal like creature disappeared into the ball. Johnny felt helpless as he watched the people fight to keep their animal companions safe.

"Lymon, time to digivolve." Johnny ordered as the battle broke out to an odd field outside the castle. "Lymon digivolve to...Leomon." as the small creature transformed into a fierce half man-half lion, he smashed its sword into eight of the passing orbs. As Johnny watched these events transpire, he noticed something, most of the orbs were now falling into one of two holes in the ground. Johnny then saw the boy he heard called Ash race into the hole and allowed himself to follow the army of orbs. Johnny raced over to follow but the holes sealed themselves moments before he could reach them.

"The boy is gone, except it." a voice said from behind him. Johnny knew the voice before he turned to face him.

"Fin Fang Foom, I thought you had your fill of me when the scarlet spider beat your ass down." Johnny said with a smile.

"I have no interest in fighting you myself, I have others who are much more interested in battling for me, meet my pokemon, Entai." the alien dragon said as a massive creature which looked like a mix between a lion and a bear galloped into view. Suddenly Battle Cat raced over and tackled the ferocious beast just as Leomon walked up beside Johnny.

"You were saying." Johnny asked the old dragon.

"I was saying that I am not the one who will fight you." Fin Fang Foom replied as a man stepped out from behind the dragon, armed with two swords and one eye.

"Blade." Johnny said evenly. "what are you doing here?"

"When Skeletor failed to take all of Eternia, I was forced to release my resume." Blade replied as he charged at Johnny, swords raised. Acting solely on instinct, drew the sword his mother had given him so long ago to block the blow. Johnny just stood there for a moment, remembering how Blade had been killed years ago. Leomon's sword saved Johnny from a fatal mistake. Blade had swung bit Leomon had blocked the attack in time. Johnny was able to wake himself when he realized that this Blade had to be from a different reality than the one he had seen die before hand. Johnnyís thoughts were then broken by the site of Battle Cat being flung into the wall a few feet away.

"It's over boy, except it, you've lost." Blade said as Entai walked up to stand next to Blade. Johnny just glared at the one-eyed warrior.

"I will never except that. You monsters keep pushing and pushing and just hope that one day I might crack. And maybe Skeletor came close, but guess what, all you've done is strengthen my hate for evil, so if you want some come and get some." suddenly the crest in Johnnyís pocket began to glow so bright that the light could be seen threw the cloth.

"What is that?" Misty asked from across the room.

" crest, the Crest of Determination, Leomon, let's hit the next level!" Johnny said as he held out his digivice in one hand, and his crest in the other. "Digivolving time!" Johnny said, as a blinding white light engulfed Leomon.

"Leomon, digivolve to..." light engulfed the digimon in it's brilliant rays, when the light dissipated, Leomon was gone, in his place was a massive lions two long braids dangled past the lions enormous mane, and two three foot sabers hung out from it's upper jaw. "...Saberleomon!" The lion said as he gave a tremendous growl. the lion stood at an equal height to Entai and Battle Cat, but Battle Cat was at his side and Entai was in their way.

"Let's eat this kitty." Saberleomon said to Battle Cat as the three cat's charged into battle.

"Battle me now Traveler!" Blade ordered. Johnny shook his head.

"I won't fight you Blade, take a long look at your life, Skeletor fires you so you simply work for another monster, where's the honor in that, with your talents, you could go far in other ventures." Blade held his sword still, but the glimmer (No pun intended) of hope was now in his eyes.

"What else could I do, fight against the evil, I am not so foolhardy." Johnny groaned, not really thinking he's had to think about it.

"I don't know, but this isn't the way to the future, why don't... You could be a teacher."

"What?" Blade asked, partly intrigued.

"A teacher, you could be my teacher. I've never been the best fighter, not with creatures like Fin Fang Foom anyway. Teach me to fight with honor, and don't go easy on me, If you promise to end your evil ways, I can offer you asylum in the royal palace." Blade stood there for a moment, then rested his sword on the concert floor.

"I will need my own gym." Johnny smiled.

"Not a problem." Johnny hadn't noticed the events that had happened since he first saw Fin Fang Foom. Every pokemon he had seen before now had a double and each pokemon was fighting its twin, except for Entai who was fighting Battle Cat and Saberleomon. Johnny and Blade raced up to join Ash and the others.

"What's going on, where's Mewtwo?" Johnny asked. Just then Mewtwo and another creature fell to the ground, each in some kind of physic bubble, tearing up the ground around them.

"Somebody's got to end this, someone's got to say no and refuse to fight, like Pikachu." Ash said as everyone turned to look at the little yellow mouse like creature, who's double was slapping it left and right, and in a rage during the hole event.

"You've got to stop right now!" Ash said as he started to ruin off, right into the blast that Mewtwo and the other creature had produced, when the two beams were about to touch, Ash hit the center, and both beams hit him, creating a tremendous explosion, filling the arena with a cloud of dust. When the dust settled, all eyes were on Ash as he slowly fell to the ground. after a minute the boy turned to stone. At first Johnny didn't understand, then when Pikachu raced over to Ash and used every breath he had to create electric jolt's in an attempt to revive him....from death.

"Please, No." Johnny heard Misty say as Pikachu slowly ran out of breath.

"Pikapi" Pikachu muttered as tears freely fell from Pikachu's face. tears fell from a second pokemon, then a third, until tears fell from every pokemon in the arena. The tears seemed to form a light bright mist, which started to around Ash, until a tinted shield of energy appeared around Ashes dead body. Johnny turned to see Fin Fang Foom, holding his hand out as some kind of physic action.

"What the hell are you doing?" Johnny asked.

"The boy will not live this day." The dragon responded.

"Are you saying that those tears would have saved him?" Johnny asked as he gritted his teeth.

"Of course you fool, but they will not save him now." Johnny screamed as he drew his sword and severed the alien dragon's hand, forcing the creature to scream in pain and the shield faded away. But the damage had been done, the fog had lifted and once the fog had faded, and once the process was over, there was no way to bring it back. Johnny continued to scream as he severed limb after limb of the alien dragon, until the head was all that remained.

"You will fail Traveler, just as you did here." Johnny screamed in an uncontrolled fury as he used his sword and plunged his sword into the dragons head, ending the dragons pitiful existence. Johnny then walked up to Misty, who was crying uncontrollably over Ashes stone body.

"I'm sorry for your loss, but I have to go and make sure the same thing doesnít happen to several others, I ask you to help me." Misty slowly wiped the tears from her eyes and took Johnnyís hand. suddenly the building began to tremble and shake. "Sea-Spray, it's time to leave." Johnny ordered as Sea-Spray transformed into his boat form and landed in the sea outside the stadium. One by one Johnny and his friends, including Blade, raced into Sea-Spray and sped off away from the island as the island started to sink into the sea. once everyone had left the island, a man had slowly and leisurely walked to the center of the room, and stood over Ash's stone corpse. the man was dressed in blue with a shredded cape, a red diamond design on his chest and his skin was ghostly white.

"You will have your revenge boy, and it is a day to long in coming." the man said with a laugh as he picked up the statue and walked off.


The Evergreen Forest was alive with evil as King Hiss and his soldiers walked the small trail towards castle Grayskull, Blade Stryfe, Spider-Man and the other prisoners forced to follow. Tri-clops led the soldiers to the edge of the stone bridge staring at the foreboding castle. Webstor walked up beside Tri-clops and hurled his hook at the closed jaw-bridge door, catching the mounted shield. One by one, hisses men stepped up behind Webstor and began to pull on the wire connected to the hook.

"Without He-Man or the Traveler to defend it, I can use Grayskull to free the serpent race and retake the planet." hiss said in triumph.

"Not likely, Johnny is still out there." Blade Stryfe replied.

"Odd, I don't see your savor any where." his said as the jaw-bride finally fell open. Hiss was about to enter the castle, when the warriors ahead of him were frozen in fear. Hiss was about to order them aside when he saw the reason for their fear. From inside the castle was a soft blue glow, and bathing within the light was an enormous lion with a massive golden main and two long sabers. Atop the lion was a man King Hiss knew all to well.

"Who should pray for whoís savor?" Stryfe asked cocky tone as hiss gritted his teeth in anger.


"Next time you might try knocking first." Johnny said he road Saberleomon into the coming battle.


Meanwhile, deep in the Sands of Time, a meeting of secrets is taking place.

"Are you sure you want to do this sir." Man-At-Arms asked.

"My son is a mighty ruler, but is much happier as a hero. I need to ask for aid if he is to remain that hero.", the man who stood next to him replied. From within the hood as Princess Laílandra and her bodyguard, Gladiator walked up to the two men.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", Princess Laílandra asked.

"Do we have much of a choice.", replied the man.

The four of them looked up to see an older gray hair Randor walking towards them.

"Iím glad you could make it. Does anyone else know that you are here?", said Randor.

"No one, just as you specified.", said the hooded man.

"Good.", said Randor, "Follow me, and listen well. The very fate of the multiverse is at stake."

With that, Randor turned and walked towards a building in the horizon.

"After you, your majesty", said Man-At-Arms.

"Thank you, Duncan.", said the hooded man, as he, and the others, followed the old Randor.




So Skeletorís former swordsman has joined Johnnyís forces, but who is this man at Duncanís side? And how will the battle of Grayskull end, and who is the black sheep among Johnnyís friends? will Saberleomon, Lymon's ultimate level, be enough to finally beat King Hiss? All these questioned will finally be answered in the final installment of

Death and Resurrections

Coming this Christmas...

All roads lead to Grayskull