Universal Chronicles

Chapter 2:

The Dragon of Darksmoke

By John Proft

Based on characters and situations created by Bandi entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Mattel toys, Hallmark entertainment, Alexandra Spears, USA entertainment, and John Proft

At the coldest point on the planet Eternia stood an evil structure called snake mountain, and within this evil structure sitting atop a thrown of rotting flesh and bones sat the evil leader, Hordak, Slumbering and dreaming of Blood filled conquests. When a lone figure stalked across the shadow filled thrown room.

"Ah...at last I return to my old thrown room." The manís voice was scratchy but quiet, but loud enough to disturb Hordakís slumber. Hordak stood and his arm transformed into a long canon aimed at the shadowed figure.

"Who are you to dare invade my thrown room?" Hordak asked savagely.

"Hordak, you will show more respect to your master." The shadowed man said as he stepped out of the shadows. His body was covered in a green, Scaly armor except for his boots, gloves and face. Hordakís face went pail.

"KKK...King Hiss!?" Hordak whimpered as he fell to his knees and bowed.

"Your actions are valid, you have reacted in my absence exactly as I have taught you. But now like what you did for Skeletor I will do to you, I HAVE RETURNED TO LEAD THE HORDE AND THE SNAKE MEN TO VICTORY!" King hiss said with a sinister laugh.


Johnny was depressed. First Alena and now Gabrielle were both dead because of him. It was February on his earth, February thirteenth to be more precise, love was in the air all around him and he hadnít smelled a whiff of it. All these thoughts raced threw his head as he struggled to fix the piping underneath the small green two-wheeled cycle. As he tightened the bolt, connecting two pipes, it snapped off, spewing a black chemical all over his face.

"Blasted cheap Photaneum!" Johnny groaned as he quickly sealed up the pipe and wheeled himself out from under the cycle and whipped the grease form his face.

"Itís my understanding that Photaneum is a fairly strong metal." A voice said from above him. Johnny looked up to see Duncan, holding his hand out to help Johnny up. Johnny griped the hand and pulled himself up.

"So what brings you to the royal garage Duncan?" Johnny asked as he wiped his hands.

"Teela asked me to talk to you."

"Bout what?" Johnny asked as they started to walk towards the entrance to the castle.

"About how your always moping around, now Adora and Sea Hawkís daughter Annabelle is about seven years old now and sheíll need a teacher, someone other than her parents. Now the king himself has requested that you become the new royal instructor." Johnny was shocked.

"But Duncan, Iím no teacher, I wouldnít know where to begin, I donít even have any experience. and what about you, Iíll be putting you out of a job." Duncan laughed.

"I have plenty of jobís for the royal court. And everyone agrees that youíre the right man for the job. Most of all, as your predecessor, My final wish as royal instructor is for you to take my place." Johnny groaned, then smiled, and rested his hand on Duncanís shoulder.

"Only if you show me the ropeís." Johnny said as the two friends walked off.


An hour had past, and Johnny found himself wandering the halls of the royal palace. He noticed Andros and Ashley walking down in the opposite direction.

"Morning kids." Johnny said. The two continued walking, starring into each otherís eyeís. Johnny just smiled and let them walk on. Johnny sighed. "Dam valentineís day." He said to himself as he continued to walk into the dining room where the other four rangers, Teela, Adam, Adora and sea Hawk all sat eating the breakfast of the day, crapes covered in wiped cream and strawberries. Johnny looked at the waiting plate and smiled.

"I can never get used to the fact that this is an alien world but they serve earth food every other day." Teela smiled.

"Remember this isnít such an alien world." She said.

"How could I forget." Johnny said he took a bite out of the pancake like substance. "So I hear That you guyís want me to be a school teacher?"

"Thatís right," Sea Hawk said happily.

"And what brought on this decision?"

"Two things actually, One, weíre pregnant again." Adora said as she felt her stomach. Johnnyís eyeís lit up.

"Thatís...thatís great." Johnny said in a Surprised tone.

"Second, Andros and Ashley just told us theyíre engaged." Zhane added. Just then a royal guard stepped in.

"What is it soldier?" Teela asked.

"King Randor had called an assembly for the following, The prince and princess, Sea Hawk, Captain Teela, The red, yellow, black, pink, white, blue rangers and Mr. springs. " The soldier bowed and walked off. Everyone stood up and began to head towards the main hall, except for Karowin. Zhane noticed this and stopped.

"Whatís wrong, Karowin?" He asked.

"Why wasnít I called into that meeting?" She asked as she looked up to Zhane.

"I...I donít know, But Iíll stay here with you." He said as he sat down in his chair and held her in his arms.


"Teela, I want you to Guard Adam as he goes to the peace conference tomorrow. When you return, we are holding a massive celebration to celebrate Jonathanís first visit here, and for bringing our children together so long ago. " Randor said. Teela was about to bow when Adam interrupted her.

"Father, I request for Teela to join me, but not as my bodyguard." Johnny never saw that coming, but he didnít need to look at his sister to see the fire fly from her ears.

"Iím afraid that your request is denied, now is there any other old..." Randor was interrupted by Zhane and Karowin.

"Weíve got a problem." Zhane yelled. "Thereís something bothering the trolls in the Ice Mountains, theyíre blaming us." King Randor didnít like it.

"Adam, you Teela and man-at-arms are to continue to go to the peace conferences, Johnny, Can I ask you and your power ranger friends to look in on this?" Randor asked.

"Aye sir." Johnny said as he saluted and they all raced out of the room.


"So how much info did you get from the computer before we headed out?" Andros asked Johnny as they rode threw the skies; Andros on his galaxy glider, Johnny in his wind raider.

"Not much Iím afraid, just that it was laser fire being shot from within a nearby canyon." Johnny said as he peered down at the cold mountains below. Orko, who sat beside him gave a chilling burr. "I told you to bring a warmer scarf." Johnny said with a snicker. Orko snarled.

"Very funny, I should have gone on those peace conferences."

"Oh come on, now whereís the adventure in that?" Johnny asked. But he knew what would happen, because he read it the last time he got his hands on a computer, and read it at, of all places, a fan fiction board. He wanted to be sure but he knew the re-precautions, and a thought sprung to his mind.

"Guys, can you handle this little crisis on your own?" Johnny asked.

"Iím sure we can, where are you going?" Cassie asked.

"I have to go on a little side trip, contact the palace and have them send the scarlet spider to castle Greyskull, Heíll find out whatís going on when he gets there." Johnny said as he turned the raider around and started to take it downward.

"Whatís going on?" Orko asked.

"Iíll tell you but you have to swear that you wonít tell anyone, and if you do tell anyone Iíll tell your Uncle Montork that you havenít been behaving yourself." Orko shuttered.

"All right."

"I...was able to read the future recently, and I need to find someone who is the best in surgery, and there are only two I know of whoís good at that kind of thing."

"Whoís that?"

"Reed Richardís and Dr. Steven strange."

"But why do you need a Surgeon?"

"In the near future, Skela...King Hissís henchman will take a shot at Prince Adam during the conferences, and well, Teela will take the blast." Orko looked shocked.

"We have to contact them." Orko said as he reached for the communicator.

"No." Johnny said, grabbing his arm and pulling it back to its owner. "We canít do anything to change that, It may have already happened, but Adam and Teela have been having a...closer relationship lately, and well, Teelaís two children will die if we donít find a surgeon.

"But she doesnít have any kids." Orko said. Johnny gave a weak smirk.

"Not yet anyway."

"Then why arenít we going to Greyskull?"

"To far, weíd never make it in time, thereís only one other creature who has the power to send me to earth." Orkoís glowing eyeís lit up.


"Letís take down these troubleshooters." T.J. said as the seven power rangers sped towards the shadowed man firing a laser pistol at them. Karowin whizzed her glider strait at the man, passing him at the speed of light and knocking him down. In one quick motion, she whirled around, pulled her blaster and aimed at the shooter. She held it there and just looked in shock when she saw who it was.



Johnny looked around the warm confines of the dragonís fire pit, and could only feel that it felt somewhat familiar.

"Wow!" Orko said as he looked around, admiring all the gold and treasures against the one wall which encircled the room.

"Donít touch it, I donít want to make this dragon angry." Johnny said as he took a deep breath. "GRANAMERE!" He yelled. Suddenly the room began to rumble, and from the gigantic pit in the middle of the room, arose an enormous dragon, colored in red with a very old Vikings helmet atop his head.

"Who are you to shout out my name with such insolence?" The dragon asked.

"My name is Johnny springs, and I have come..."

"Silence, I know why you have come, you wish to save the lives that are not yet in danger." Johnny knotted.

"Can you help us?" Orko asked.

"And who is this, who assumes to speak out of turn?" Granamere asked.

"He is my friend Orko, and he asked you a question." Granamere stood there for a moment. "Look, If you want something in return tell us and itís yours."

"There is something, In the world you seek there lives a man made monster who goes by the name of Morbious, bring him to me, I will disassemble his molecules and watch his remains burn in my fire pit." Johnny didnít like handing over a life over another, but Morbious was a monster, a vampire, plain and simple.



"Why are you shooting at us Ecliptor?" Karowin asked as the other rangers landed, all pointing lasers at him.

"I was resurrected by a sorcerer far more powerful than Dark Spector, to keep you busy and allowing the traveler to leave." Ecliptor said, not raising his sword. Zhane, still pointing his gun at Ecliptor, walked over to Karolin.

"Iím sorry Karowin, but weíll have to put him under arrest." Karowin knotted and began to weep behind her helmet.


"So lord Vader, when do you expect this death star to be completed?" Thanos asked as they walked down the hallway of the imperial castle on the planet Coruscant.

"As soon as Grand Moff Tarken agrees to the shipping arraignment on the weapons power supply. And now tell me, Thanos, Why have been to see our emperor?"

"Know your allele AE, very well, Iím sure youíve heard of the traveler."

"It is hard not to, he has been known as a powerful being in your dimension."

"Which brings me to my point. I have set in motion a plan that has been active for five years now. I have grown tired of trying to destroy the universe, but to enter his I need his rotting carcass at my feet. But these things must be done patently and in a form of art, part of that tapestry is to eventually meet him during his travel to the death star."

"We must prepare for his arrival."

"No, make no preparations, everything will work out as planed I promise. Just be sure to lock him in with the princess Leia Organa when you capture her. She has the plans of the death star. Take your star destroyer, the Devistator, and follow her ship the Tantave 4, it will lead you to her, as for now, I have more pressing engagements which require my immediate attention, but you will see me again, your emperor has ,Heh heh heh, Foreseen it." Thanos said as he disappeared in a flash of blinding light.


If you happened to set foot in New Yorkís bleaker street, you would see a man walking down it in an old gray trench coat, with a small red clothe poking out of his pocket. He quickly stuffed the article of clothing back into the pocket and walked into the building on the corner.

"Hello...Dr. Strange, Dr. Steven strange, are you in?" The man asked.

"May I help you?" An old Chinese man asked as he stepped into the room.

"Um, yeah, Iím looking for dr. strange, a friends transferred me."

"Iím sorry, the doctor is unattainable at the moment, perhaps another time."

"Show him in Wong." A voice said from within the nabbing room.

"This way sir." Wong said as Johnny followed him into the room. As Johnny turned he saw a man in old 18th century clothes, cape in all, siting at a two-seat table.

"Tell me boy, why have you come to see me?" He asked.

"I need your help, my sister is going to be shot in the near future and she will loose her two twins, Iíve heard you were a great Surgeon, and Iím guessing that youíve gotten that delicate touch you lost so long ago, so Iím asking you for your aid. Just then Orko hopped out of his pocket.

"PLEASE HELP US." Orko begged.

"By the seven samurai, what is that?" Wong asked.

"Incredible, it is a Trollin, from a planet I know all to well."

"Youíve been to Trolla?" Orko asked.

"No, but Iíve read much about it in my library." Johnny groaned at the thought that had just popped into his head.

"Thereís another problem, The dragon who sent us here, Granamere, youíve probably read about him to, well his price for sending us here to get you and Dr. Richards, was Morbious."

"He wantís to kill the living vampire?"

"His exact words were that he wanted to "Disassemble his DNA and watch his remains burn in his fire pit." Strange grew surprised and fearful.

"Very well, You must go to Richardís, Wong and I will handle the vampire." The words were just out of his mouth when the next wall burst into ruble, a massive chunk flew strait into Johnnyís head, knocking him out. When the dust settled, three men stood in the hole in the wall, reveling the night sky.

"Iím afraid the vampire has gotten you." The man in the eight tenth century clothing said as he pointed to Johnny. The two men, one in a rhino costume, the other dressed like your typical gangster, walked over to Johnny. Wong, who was the only one able to put his thoughts together at the time, drew his samurai sword and raced at the man. He stopped the second he looked into his eyes. There he stood, frozen in place as the two other men carried out the unconscious hero. Orko rose off the ground.

"That was Morbious we have to go after him." Orko said as he was about to fly off. Strange caught the little creatureís arm.

"That was not Morbious." Strange said between breaths. "That was the king of the vampireís, Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula."


Johnny awoke to find himself strapped to an examining table. A bright spotlight shined in his face, and darkness surrounded that light. He could hear breathing from within the darkness.

"Whoís there?" Johnny asked angry. "Show yourself!" Out from the darkness stepped the fattest man Johnny had ever seen, a man literally half-normal, half lizard like stood at his side.

"Kingpin and Landon." Johnny said almost not surprised.

"Ah, the traveler, so good of you to join us." The kingpin said in his more illustrious voice.

"Why have you captured me?" Johnny asked.

"Why simply to reap the rewards of your trade to king hiss." Johnny groaned.

"You really think that heíll give you what you want?" Johnny asked.

"Of course, when he knows I have you alive when he wantís you delivered in the best of health." Johnny was confused.

"He doesnít want me dead?"

"Why no, my dear boy, he wantís you for some hidden agenda." Landon added.

"So tell me, who did you sent to get me this time huh? Tombstone, Or was it some super baffoon like the scorpion?"

"Now, the man I sent for you is one the world knows all to well." Kingpin said as he made a gesture for a third man in the shadowís to step forward. Johnny recognized him instantly. "Vlad the Impaler?!"

"I prefer Count Dracula." Johnnyís little hope of surviving was circling the drain at this moment. Suddenly, the faint moonlight pored into he room as a wall burst open and a pail white man in a black trench coat flew into the room.

"Where is the Impaler?" The man asked in rage.

"M...Morbious?" The flying man looked down and quickly ripped the straps off the table, setting Johnny free.

"I owe you one." Johnny said as he pulled his blaster from the secret holster behind his jacket and fired at Landon, whizzing past his shoulder and sending him to the floor, out cold instantly. Johnny smiled at the living vampire.

"Knock out lasers, a little thing Iíve been toying with." Johnny said as he aimed his blaster at Dracula and fired, hitting him in his chest and sending him down.

"Letís get out of here." Johnny said as he raced for the hole in the wall.

"No I must Finnish this monster." Morbious said as he griped the unconscious vampireís throat.

"You know where he is, now letís go." Johnny said as he tugged at Morbious's coat. Morbious gave one more enraged look at the vampire king, then raced after Johnny threw the hole in the wall.


Meanwhile, Adam and Teela werenít having the best of times themselves. Teela was fighting morning sickness, and had just found Adam in bed with another woman, and it wasnít some kind of trick or illusion, prince Adam was in bed with another woman and Teela was furious. After spending the evening in her fatherís bedroom crying, she had to be held down by her father so she wouldnít have gone after the princess Adam had just had an affair with. Adam was feeling worse than ever, never meaning to hurt Teela, Adam only meant to make his father proud, having failing both his father and the woman he loved, he felt there was nothing more he could do. He walked to the balcony and stared out into the sky. Whenever he looked at the starís, on any planet, they made him feel better, no matter what ailed him, but it didnít work this time, and he felt more alone than ever. As he walked back to his bed, he tripped and fell to the floor, he looked behind him to see the small notebook that had fallen on the floor. Adam picked it up and looked inside.

"This must be Johnnyís." He said to himself as he started to read passages in the notebook.

"This is the last will in testament of Jonathan William Springs. First off, I wish to tell those who love me that if this notebook was found in my belongings and no where else, than that means that I have had to do the one thing. I can tell no one about, about the future, Iíve seen the he future and it isnít pretty. Skeletor will return to destroy the planet, with his master King Hiss, and an army of the most powerful villains in the multiverse. I and I alone can stop this terrible disaster. And if this disaster has accrued, that let it be known that I have used my last dying breath to stop it. I wish my family to know that I wonít let the evilís of this universe destroy them. If that sounds too corny than so be it. My one saddest regret, knowing what the future will hold, is that when Teela was beginning her pregnancy on a peace trade mission, that her stomach was shot in a blast meant for Adam. And that I wonít be there to take the blast for her. If this is being read before this action has transpired, please take every precaution to prevent this terrible disaster. If her children have survived, than it saddens me deeply to not be able to see them grow up." The letter was ended with a quote. "Great warrior...War not make one great."

"Touching isnít it?" A voice said behind Adam. He jumped and saw a man in a Starfleet uniform. "Kind of gets you right here doesnít it?" The man said as he rose his fist to his heart."

"You...Your Q arenít you?" Adam asked.

"You remembered oh glorious prince." Q said ad he bowed.

"Why are you here?" Adam asked.

"I have a gift for you," Q said handing Adam a small ring, "for saving the universe on so many occasions. I give you the gift to slow down time, you donít be able to save the woman you love, but if you use it, it will slow the rate of dicey on you belovedís children." Adam sighed.

"How do I fix these things?" Adam asked.

"My foolish prince, you canít simply "Fix" Things, you have to suffer them, their what make you grow as a role model, what good is a father without experience in moral dilemmaís?" Q asked as he disappeared, leaving Adam alone once more.


"Are you sure this is our best course of action?" Morbious said as he lay down in the ragged old bed that lay in the center of the abandoned building.

"I need Richardís to help in the surgery to save my sister two unborn children, now go to sleep, if you donít hit R.E.M. sleep you wont transform into human during the day." Morbious knotted then lay down. Johnny left him and headed strait for the tall building in the center of Manhattan. "Four freedoms plaza, now that is a work of art." Johnny said as he raved up to the front door. There at the locked glass door was a small speaker.

"Please insert access code." A voice said from within.

"Beefcake." Johnny said into the speaker with a smile. The glass door opened and Johnny raced threw. He raced strait to the Fantastic Fourís exclusive elevator, pulled out a sleek cylinder from his pocket and stuck it into the small hole next to the elevator. The doors opened and he jumped in. He rode the enormous elevator for twenty seconds and raced out at the top floor.

"Reed!" Johnny yelled as he raced into the fantastic fourís living room. The three men looked up from their various tasks to see a sweating weak Johnny panting at the living room entrance. Reed and Ben walked up to the tired hero.

"Whatís wrong, son?" Reed asked.

"I need your help, my sister is going to be shot in the he stomach in the near future, she... sheís pregnant reed, the first month, please help us." Reed was shocked to hear about such problems.

"Of course Iíll help you, and just to be safe, Iíll get sue and youíll have the hole fan four backing you up." Read said as he raced into t he next room. Johnny took this moment to sit down and rest.

"Hay buddy, one Johnny to another, you need to take a vacation." Johnny smiled.

"Thanks buddy Iíll remember that when dr. doom makes an unscheduled appearance."


Duncan had finally convinced Teela to get some sleep and decided to take a short walk. At first he was furious at Adam, but after remembering what it was like to watch him grow up, he knew he had a remotely good reason for doing what he had done. All these thoughts sped threw his head as he looked up at the night sky.

"Tell me old friend, how have you been?" A voice asked behind him. Duncan turned to see Q.

"What the hell are you doing here now?" Duncan asked angrily.

"Why to help you in your hour of need." Q said as he hopped down from the low balcony he lay across.

"You . Help. Now."

"Is it so strange? To help one who has taught me so much." Duncan ground. "All right, so your problemís coincide with mine, I need to help you in the near future, or my problems will become much worse." Duncan smiled.

"Youíre in trouble with the continuum again arenít you?"

"Letís just say that my last amend was not done as theyíd have liked."

"What do you want of me?"

"Take this," Q said handing him a replica of Teelaís teara," switch it with the one your daughter wears and it will keep you safe." Duncan looked down at the plain looking teara.

"But how will." But when he looked up, Q was gone.


"So where do we meet your friends?" Reed asked as Johnny sat next to him in the fantastic-car.

"Bleaker Street, an old friend of yours should be the other person I need to bring back."

"Doc Strange?" The torch asked as he flew beside them.

"The same." Johnny said as the sun started to fall. "And we should be expecting a visit from another friend any minute now." Johnny said as they landed the ship on the corner building roof and were joined by Dr. Strange, Wong, and Orko. Orko raced over and hugged Orko.

"I thought youíd be dead by now." He said.

"Well the kingpin had the same thoughts, I just want to know why hiss asked him for help and not someone else. I donít like it."

"And you wonít like this either." Dracula said from behind them, shocker and chameleon stood behind him, weapons raised. Johnny groaned and raised his hands. Then he cracked a smile.

"Hay Drack, do you believe in science?" Johnny asked.

"I do not?!" Dracula replied in confusion.

"To bad, cause I do." Johnny said as he dove away from the villains to avoid Morbiousís aerial tackle. "Letís blow this planet, GRANAMERE!" Johnny called. Suddenly a golden gateway appeared from nowhere.

"Coming guys?" Johnny asked as he dove threw. He was followed by the tumbling two vampires." Orko, Dr. strange and the fantastic four all looked at each other, than dove off after him.


When Orko, being the last one to enter the gate he found everyone held just off the ground, each tied up in three glowing bands. He then found one band wrap around him.

"Now to business, have you brought me Morbious?" The dragon asked.

"Yes, but you canít have him, Iíve brought him in the hopes that we can find some magic or science to cure him."

"Do you dare go back on your word." Johnny felt his three bands grow tighter.

"No, But I canít let you have Morbious, Either let them go to save my sister and send me to your realm of demons, or destroy us now!" Johnny screamed between breaths.

"Enough." Granamere said with a wave of his hand. All the bands disappeared except for the three around Dracula. "You have shown great courage, something I have found in very few of your race, you may go, save your loved one, what should be done with this one?" Granamere asked, referring to Dracula.

"Send him to the Eternian prison maximum security. And thank you."

"You can thank me best by letting me sleep, and never bothering me again." As everyone left, Granamereís usual growling frown changed into a small smile. "Farewell, me godson."


As Johnny sat in Mr. Fantasticís extended back along with sue storm, the thing, Orko and Dr. strange, he saw something, just a few feet from Greyskullís entrance.

"Touch down there." Johnny said. When they hit the ground he raced right up to Q.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Johnny asked.

"Why simply to give you this" Q said handing Johnny a long, flash light like cylinder, "It is to be used an old space ranger villain, enjoy, oh and your friends are inside." As Q disappeared, Johnnyís eyeís widened in fear.

"TEELA!?" Johnny said as he raced up to the castle door. "As the child of Greyskull, I demand the jaw-bridge OPEN!" The jaw-bridge crackled open, and Johnny raced in, his heart pounding. His friends exchanged glances and followed him into the cold dark castle.


Teela lay on the cold slab concrete table, a gigantic gash in her stomach, as Johnny and his allies raced in. Johnny expected this, but never expected the pain to be so great.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!" Johnny screamed as he raced over to his lifeless sister and cradled her in his arms. "Please donít...Donít you dare die on me!" Johnny ordered the hallucinating girl.

"Please father no, let me keep them..." She said. As two setís of arms pulled Johnny away.

"Thereís nothing you can do Johnny." Cassie said.

"Hay Bengi, want to help out?" The Scarlet Spider asked. The thing walked up and picked up Johnny.

"This isnít the time pal, Strecho, youíd better get to work." Thing said as he carried Johnny off, Cassie stayed behind.

"Is there anything I can do?" She asked.

"We could use a nurse." Dr. strange said as he dug into the stone-like cabinet and pulled out some surgical tools from the shelf.


Johnny found himself passing in the main hall, waiting for the verdict.

"Theyíve been in there for four hours." Johnny said, now frantic with worry.

"Johnny maybe you should take a walk." The flawless torch suggested.

"How can I go on a walk when my sister, my one flesh in blood, a sister Iíve known for only a year is on the brink of loosing her first two children, how could you possibly know what Iím feeling." Ben Reilly rubbed his chin.

"Something tells me thereís something youíre not telling us." Ben said.

"All right...In another reality, I...I had two children, but I was forced to evict them from existence... I was forced to choose between my two children and the god dammed universe, I wonít let that happen again, Iíve seen the future and I wonít let it happen to me or Teela or anyone else." Johnny said as he watched Adam race into the room. Johnny immediately tackled him.

"I know you were their, how could you let this happen, how could you let her loose her... your children.?" Adam broke his grip.

"You knew this would happen, why werenít you there!?" Adam shot back. Thatís when Dr. strange walked into the room.

"There...was nothing we could do, there just wasnít enough time." Adam groaned in sadness, then remembered the ring.

"What If I could make the time?"


Time passes as it always does, somehow Dracula had escaped from the Eternian prison mines, and Teela and her live and developing children grew within her. Morbious was beginning treatment for a cure for his vampire blood lust, and strange and the fantastic four were returned to their proper places in the universe. Johnny, after a well-deserved sleep, was walking down the hall when he caught the tail end of the conversation between Adam and his father.

"Iíd marry Teela tomorrow if sheíd let me, but sheíll never forgive me for what Iíve done." Adam said furiously. Randor had responded in mentioning how proud he was of him. and the two parted. Johnny raced up to Adam just before Adam walked into Teelaís room.

"Adam." Johnny called as he raced up to him. "I just want to apologize for what I said to you, I guess I didnít expect her injuryís to be so sever." Johnny said. Adam gave a weary smile.

"Itís forgotten." Johnny gave a sigh of relief.

"Look, Let me talk to her first, See if sheís calmed down yet." Adam knotted and Johnny slowly walked into his sisterís room.

"How you feeling?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, I guess." Teela said as she sat up. "Johnny, I...I saw my...I saw our father." Johnny gave a pail look. "Whatís wrong?"

"Nothing, I guess I just hoped he was still alive somewhere. Look, I suppose if you are the Teela I know you probably heard Adamís conversation with Randor." Teela knotted. "Do you know what youíre going to say to him?" Teela knotted.

"Well, I may be your big brother, but youíre a big girl and Iíll let you settle things yourself."

"Did you decide if youíre going to be the new royal teacher?" Teela asked.

"Only if your father shows me the ropes."

"Great, then I can trust my childrenís teacher."

"Speaking of which, have you thought of the nameís of your children?"

"Sure have, after the two people who helped most, There names will be Johnny and Cassie." Johnny was surprised.

"I...Iím flattered but, Cassie?"

"You werenít told, she asked to help with he surgery."

"Well Iíll be sure to thank her some time. And I think I know of one way."

"Tell Adam I give him my best."


Ecliptor sat on the bench in his cell in the Eternian prison when he heard footsteps walk towards him.

"Whoís there?" He asked. Johnny walked up to the front of the cell.

"You, I was sent for you." Johnny gave a smug smile.

"I thought as much, but I have come to tell you that I will destroy you, my enemy."

"How? you out there and Iím in here."

"Simple." Johnny said, as he aimed the cylinder at Ecliptor. It seemed to transform his insides, changing his thoughts his evil desires. "By making you a friend. Randor has given me the right to grant you a full pardon, provided that you donít show any actís of violence." Johnny said as he opened the cell and handed him his sword. Ecliptor handed it back.

"I no longer desire to fight you, only to help you in this society." Johnny smiled.

"Than you owe me, help Teela with her pregnancy, ask Karowin to help you, and never return to your evil ways." Ecliptor nodded.

"Great, than thereís one last thing I need to do."


The royal ballroom was alive with people of every shape size and description, the ceiling was even raised ten feet to be able to fit some of the Autobot solders into the room. All of Johnnyís friends, both old and new all were in one massive room.

The Nina turtle, Raphiel, and the Batman were sharing old storyís involving the Traveler, Ben Reilly and Peter Parker were reminiscing on past events, Karowin slow danced with her old friends, the monster who protected her as a child, the room was never more alive, but Johnnyís thoughts were elsewhere. Thor saw Johnny's sad look and walked over to him.

"Tell thee friend, what troubles thou?" He asked.

"Oh, I donít know Thor, I guess I just feel like somethingís missing in my life."

"Thor realizes thy sentiment." Thor said as they both noticed Cassie, in a long pink beautiful dress.

"T'would that be what thy is missing?" Thor asked.

"Possibly old buddy." Johnny said as he walked over to her. "May I have this dance?" Johnny asked. Cassie knotted and the two slow danced the night away.

"So whatís next in your adventureís?" Cassie asked.

"Actually Iím a little tired of adventure, I was actually thinking of settling down, you wouldnít happen to know any power rangers who helped in a recent surgery that would mind a to go get a burger sometime?" Johnny asked.

"I might." Cassie said as she started to blush.

"May I have you attention, ladies and gentlemen," Randor called out from his thrown. "My son Adam has finally chosen a queen, and so, as soon as sheís up to it, Teela and Prince Adam are to be wed." Everyone clapped as a small spotlight beamed at Adam and his wheelchair bound love, Teela. Johnny smiled.

"I couldnít have thought up a happier ending."


King hiss watched the crystal ball on Skeletorís old stone table, now owned by king hiss.

"What is your next plan, master?" A man from the shadows asked.

"Find Hordak, have him enlist this Dracula into our army. Then prepare for the coming war, for now let the son of Greyskull have his fun, he deserved this night, especially after what we have in store with him, go now, and have our normal solders continue their random acts of violence, just in case someone gets suspicious. and one more thing, do not allow yourself to be seen by any Eternians, or I will be very disappointed." The shadowed man bowed and walked away. Hiss began to cackle, the hideous laughter echoed thrower the mountains cold walls.