Planetary Statistics Of Eternia.

Sidereal Day-
24 hours, 29 minutes, 14 seconds.

Sidereal Period-
1.0231 years.

Orbital Velocity-
29,0891 km/s.

Planetary Mass-
0.9766 units.

Equatorial Radius-
6228.9 km.

Equatorial Diameter-
12457.8 km.

Mean Density-
5.39 g/cm3.

Period Of Rotation-
1.021 days.

Inclination Of The Equator To The Orbit-


Mean Distance From Sun-
1.0232 AU.

Distance From Sun-
153.1 x 106 km.

9.6 m/s2.

Days In Year-
373.69 days.

Atmospheric Pressure-
14.7 lbs/in2 (at sea level).

Weight Of Air-
13.5 ft3. = 1 lb.

Atmospheric Contents-
N2 = 77.8%, O2 = 21.3%, other gasses = 0.9%.

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Feel free to look at some maps of Eternia.

Definitions of Terms

For those of you that are scientifically declined, I have decided to give you a list of definitions for the terms above.

Sidereal Period-
The time it takes for a planet to make one revolution around its sun.

Orbital Velocity-
How fast a planet moves in its orbit around its sun.

Planetary Mass-
The size of a planet compared to that of the Earth.

Equatorial Radius-
The radius of the planet's equator.

Equatorial Diameter-
The diameter of the planet's equator.

Mean Density-
The average of the mass per volume of the planet.

Period Of Rotation-
The time it takes for a planet to make one complete spin.

Inclination of the Equator to the Orbit-
The planetary tilt, which causes the change in the seasons.

The fraction of incident light or electromagnetic radiation that is reflected by a planet or moon.

Mean Distance (AU)-
The average distance in Astronomical units from the planet to its sun as compared to the Earth.

The distance by linear measurement from the planet to its sun.

The force of attraction that a planet has. (The force that keeps us on the ground).

Sidereal Day-
The length of the day on the planet.

Days in the year-
How many days are in the planet's year.

Atmospheric Pressure-
The pressure of the atmosphere at sea level.

Weight of the Air-
How much the air weighs.

Atmoshperic Contents-
What the atmosphere contains, (N2 is Nitrogen gas, O2 is Oxygen gas, and the other gasses are simply the other gasses in the atmosphere).

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