Here are some common questions that have been e-mailed to me. I hope that this can help you out some.

Q: Where can I find some He-Man or She-Ra episodes or toys to buy on the internet?
A: He-Man and She-Ra episodes and toys can be found on such sites that sell them, (see the Links page or even the the Webrings page to find them), or can be bought at (Please note that this site is not responsible for your success or failure on eBay. Please see the Legal information page for more details.)

Q: Where can I download episodes of He-Man or She-Ra?
A: Unfortunately, Mattel’s and Filmation’s copyrights prevent us webmasters to include downloads of episodes on the internet.

Q: How come you don’t have much pictures on your website?
A: “Blade’s He-Man & She-Ra Webpage” is primarily an informative site, based mostly on the story lines of the “Masters of the Universe” and “She-Ra: Princess of Power” cartoons. I do not have the proper equipment available to me to actually make elaborate images. Sorry.

Q: I’ve never heard of “The New Adventures of He-Man”. What was it about?
A: “The New Adventures of He-Man” was the 1990’s remake of the 1980’s “Masters of the Universe. In the adventures, it was based solely on He-Man’s battles against Skeletor on a more futuristic world.

Q: Are they going to re-release the “Masters of the Universe” series, and if so, when?
A: From what I have heard, I believe that Mattel is on the works as to bringing the show back. (For better information on this news, try

Q: Why did you copyright your webpage?
A: I had to copyright my webpage due to some individuals who choose to plagiarize my site. Granted that I do not own the “Masters of the Universe”, “She-Ra: Princess of Power”, or “The New Adventures of He-Man” story and toy lines, my ideas put into this site are solely mine. (See the Legal page for more information.) I spent a lot of time creating this site, and if you would like to use any information on this site, e-mail me and ask for my permission. Thanks.

Q: Why did you add a legal page for?
A: Simple, So I don’t get sued for anything!

Q: Was He-Man gay?
A: No, but “Bow” from the She-Ra series is undoubtedly questionable.

Q: Is She-Ra a lesbian?
A: First of all, let me ask a question. “What’s with you people and the sexual preferences of a cartoon character?!” They’re cartoons for crying out-loud! Anyway, She-Ra is not a lesbian, but “Huntarra” is possibly questionable.

Q: I don’t hear any music from your site. What happened?
A: The music files are there. Granted that I don’t make my own midi files, but rather have a small collection of them, the midi files are there to enhance your enjoyment of this site. If they do not play on your computer, then please make sure that you have the right components to listen to such files on your computer installed properly. It might also help to check to see if your speakers are on, and working, as well as the volume is up to your perfection. If that still doesn’t work, you might also want to try to click on the “play” button where the midi is located.

Q: Why did you wait so long to update your webpage?
A: It’s kind of hard to update this page when Tripod didn’t allow me in.

Q: Is there any animosity between you and
A: Yes and No. Yes, because they deleted some of my images, and their merger with Lycos prevented me from accessing my site for a while. And No, because they are the host of this site; I agreed to their terms of condition when applying for their services; and I’m now able to access this site.

Q: Where did you get your planetary statistics for Eternia and Etheria?
A: The planetary statistics of these two planets I created from analyzing the cartoon images, and comparing them to that of Earth. (Remember, this is some of the stuff that I created, and to please ask me before adding them to your site!)

Q: What are "fan fic's"?
A: "Fan Fics" are short for "Fan Fiction". They are stories created by He-Man and She-Ra fans that are listed for other's reading pleasure.

Q: I sent you a fan fic, but you haven't listed it yet. Why not?
A: If you plan on sending me a fan fic, please send it as an attachment. (Please see your e-mail server for information regarding sending attachments.) If I don't recieve the attachment, or I'm unable to open it, I won't be able to list it. Please send your stories in either Microsoft Word or Works format. If all else fails, try a plain text (*.txt) file. If you have sent me a fan fic, and I have recieved it, please wait until I edit it, (spellcheck, grammar check, and html formating), before I can list it.

Q: When are you going to finish your fan fic, "Blade's Revenge"?
A: Whenever I can get to it. It may sound like a rude answer, but try maintaining a webpage, write a story, work a 40 hour a week job, and have a life. I'm only human.

Q: When are you going to finish "The History of Castle Grayskull"?
A: It is up now. Feel free to go take a look at it.

Q: What other projects are you working on?
A: I'm currently trying to finish up my fan-fic, "Blade's Revenge", as well as finishing up another fan-fic based on John Proft's Traveler series. I'm also thinking about doing a few reviews of the new toyline scheduled to come out later this year.

Q: I like your forums page, but why did you add it, and how do I join?
A: The forums page I added because I had a few requests to add one. To join it, all you have to do is to register yourself, (there's no special passwords or anything), and start participating.

Q: I don't like your site! It sucks! I can make a better site than yours! So what are you going to do about it?!?
A: First of all, if you don't like my site, don't view it! Second, don't e-mail me with some utter bullshit about your hatred of my site. It waists both of our times. And third, if you can make a better site, good for you! If you do, just don't plagerize my site. And if your site is good enough, I'll even consider posting a link to it!

Q: I'm doing a report on He-Man, and I would like to use your site as reference, but my professor says that it's a non-credible site. What can I do? Is there anyway you can help?
A: First off, your professor can kiss my ass for calling my site a "non-credible site". It's like me calling their Masters or Doctorate degrees as toilet paper! The only "credible" site that does not originate from a fan basis is Mattel's He-Man site. (Yes, even was once a fan site!). Second, go ahead and use my site for your report. There is no difference from using my site as reference then there is from using a Dungeons & Dragons book for research. I would ask that you use the alternate address for this site, to make things more professional. It is at Thanks, and good luck on your report.

Q: Why did you add another forums section to your site?
A: To be honest, someone e-mailed me saying that the ezboard forum was a bit slow, and suggested the one from rapidforums. I just simply took their advice, and have both of them there for people to use.


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