By John Proft.

Based on characters and situations created by Alexandra Spears, John Proft, marvel comics, Bandai entertainment, renaissance pictures, paramount television, and Mattel toys.

As Johnny dove into the water his thoughts were a jumble. Just five minuets ago he was watching the clouds pass threw the sky back on Eternia and now he was swimming threw the lakes of Etheria searching for the mermaid, Mermista. As Johnny started running out of air he shot back up to the surface.

"Hard Drive." he gasped, lifting his wrist watch over the water.

"Yes Sir?" A voice from the wristwatch replied.

"I need three things, a pair of goggles." A set of rubber glasses appeared already wrapped around his head. "An air tank." A tank filled with air materialized, strapped to his back, "And some music, something... uplifting." The song called "The Touch" from the transformers soundtrack seemed to play out of nowhere. "Hard Drive, I love you." Johnny said comically.

"I'm afraid I can't return the feeling," the voice said back rather seriously. Johnny smiled as he stuffed the air hose into his mouth, adjusted his goggles and dove back into the water.


Mer man was overjoyed. He-man had stopped him from sacrificing Teela to the Bacoul monster 7 years ago and he had failed to get revenge on he-man when he and Teela were married. Now that he picked the mermaid woman as his next sacrifice, which lived on a different planet, even if he-man knew what he was going to do, he wouldn't be able to save her in time. Mer man's eyes widened as he saw his prey ahead of him.

"So, you thought you could escape did you." he said in his watery voice. Some how the people on Eternia and Etheria could talk under water, it had something to do with the way the water on they're two worlds was different to any other in the cosmos.

"Please, I've done nothing to you." Mermista said in terror.

"What's your point?" Merman asked sinisterly as he began to reach for her.

"She said please," a voice said as merman felt himself being flung into a wall of choral. He turned to see Johnny and gritted his teeth.

"Is there no place where I can be rid of you?" Mer man asked as he lunged at Johnny. Johnny swam over merman and he went sailing into another choral wall.

"Come on fish man, don't make me say it, I missed you." Johnny said as he swam for the top of the water. Mer man shook his head and swam after him at top speed, fire in his eyes. Mermista used this chance to swim off and hide behind yet another choral wall. Johnny hoped out of the water and started running across the countryside, merman in rapid pursuit. Johnny raised his arm and spoke. "Hard Drive, I need this scuba gear off me and a weapon in my hands." Johnny yelled between breaths.

"At once sir." the little wristwatch said as the scuba gear dissolved and a sword appeared in his hands. Johnny stopped running and turned to face merman. The fish man smiled.

"HA, I'm one of the seven best swordsmen in all of Eternia." Merman said as he pulled his skald sword out from its holster on his back and the two men swung they're weapons.

"Well I've got two pieces of bad news for you," Johnny yelled between slashes. "First, I'm not from Eternia, And second, There's about to be 8 best swordsmen and your going to the end of the list." Johnny finished as he plowed his sword into his opponents, sending it to the ground. Merman in fear ran off towards the forest. Johnny flung the sword to the ground and sat down to rest, he'd never had to do so much excitement in so little time, but right now all he wanted to do was watch the clouds go by, he didn't care what planet they belonged to. Just then Mermista popped out of the water and lay her stomach on the water bank.

"Thank you my friends." She said with a smile.

"My pleasure, Owe, I still owe you one for saving my life back at the cliff." Mermista waved her hand, brushing the thought away with a smile.

"You owe me nothing, if anything I owe you for saving me from that monster." She said referring to merman. Johnny gave a sigh.

"Well, I think I'll be going now." Johnny said standing up. He was about to pick up the sword but it disappeared. Johnny gave a smile as if to say STUPID. "Thank you hard drive."

"My Pleasure sir." The computer replied.

"Thanks again for pulling me out of the lake three days ago." Johnny said as he started walking off.

"And thank you, Traveler." Mermista replied as she dove back into the sea. As Johnny walked he realized how much he wanted to return to earth, not forever mind you. But, he just wanted to settle his issues back at his old place before he started living in a new place.


Meanwhile an another world, in another dimension, two friends walked down the dirt road, one was big, brood shoulders, long brown hair, rippling muscles, very similar to he-man. His friend however was much smaller, about five foot six, curly blond hair and a sword on his back.

"Come on Herc, what could be wrong with going to Athens?" The smaller one asked.

"I told you Ieolus, I heard of Aries causing trouble in the town down the road." The taller man said. Ieolus just shrugged and followed his friend as they continued they're journey. They stopped short as they saw two women coming up the road, One atop a horse, Long black hair running down her back, dressed in a full battle armor, the other, long golden hair, with a staff at her side.

"Hello Hercules." the woman on the horse said with a small smile.

"Hello Xena." Hercules replied with a considerably wider smile.

"Hi, Ieolus." The younger woman said cheerfully.

"Hello Gabrielle." Ieolus said with a foolish grin on his face.

"So, Where are you headed?" Xena asked.

"The town down the road, I heard that Aries has been causing some trouble, turning the animals against they're masters." Hercules replied.

"We just came from there, Xena and I took care of it." Ieolus shrugged.

"You mean we came all this way for nothing?" Ieolus said angrily, which was directed at his big friend.

"Well not totally nothing, "Gabrielle said with a school girl smile. "We're heading for Athens, Would you two like to join us?" Ieolus gave a cold stair at Hercules when he turned to him. Hercules smile faded and he turned to the two women.

"Sure." he said as the four friends started they're trek down the road.


Needless to say Aries was mad. The throne room of his temple was a mess and Aries was making it worse.

"Come on unk, so Xena beat you again, it's nothing new." Aries' nephew, Strife, said just before ducking a lighting bolt, which shot out of Arises hand.

"That's the Idea, boy, I'm tired of losing to that poor excuse of a solder and that do-gooder half brother of mine." Aries said as he shot another lightning bolt at his throne, shattering it to bits.

"Well at the very least that traveler goody two shoes isn't here to also ruin your fun." Aries was about to fire another bolt when he stopped short. "What's wrong unk?" Strife asked.

"Shut up you cretin, I'm getting a physic signal." Aries replied as he listened to the cold air. Then he grinned. "Strife, let's go to another world." Aries said as a golden gate appeared out of thin air. Strife looked at his uncle oddly then walked threw the portal. Aries laughed as he followed his nephew threw the gate and it disappeared behind them.


Lord Zedd sat in his throne on the bridge of Serpintarus, his planet-killing machine, resting his head on his hand, which was parched atop the arm of his chair. He use to be so evil, he thought, so powerful, but when he married Rita Repulsa, he felt that his evilness had been severely compromised. Goldar, his second in command, was running the controls of the titanic robot space dragon as it flew threw space with no where to go. Zedd gave a grown and remembered back to when he had the power to defeat the power rangers. Now that the Space rangers were around he knew his leader, Dark Specter, would always send that slut Astronima to try to defeat them, and he himself so enjoyed tormenting the leader of good, Zordon. Now he was just another space monster leading a pitiful band of space monsters threw deep space. As they flew threw the cosmos, something on the view screen caught his eye.

"Goldar, what was that?" Zedd asked as Goldar punched the buttons on the keyboard.

"My instruments show that it's the silver surfer." The Surfer, Zedd thought, he was the most powerful being in the galaxy. If he could capture the surfer, then maybe Dark specter would let him go after the power rangers.

"Set course to intercept." Zedd ordered. Goldar punched in the orders and the ship started to fly off towards the man of silver. Suddenly a creature of rock and lava burst onto the screen.

"Zedd, leave the surfer, he is important to my plans, I have another mission for you on Eternia." If Zedd's armor face could move he would have given off a great smile.

"Of course Dark Specter, Of course..."


As the silver surfer stopped and peered back at the steel dragon turning around he wondered "Why was lord Zedd after me in the first place. Perhaps I should follow him," he said to himself as he glided off in stealth.


Johnny sat in the memory projection room, watching a woman from his past in the screen of remberance. To him this woman was everything to him. He always felt that he had married Alena on the rebound and he hated himself for that. His thoughts then shifted to Alena. He realized how much she loved him and he intern loved her. He sat there for a moment, remembering both women, one with the basic Eternian fittings and long blond hair, the other in the style's of Greek myth, also with ling blond hair but a shade darker, with a staff at her side. Suddenly Johnny heard what sounded like a cloth floating in the braes. Johnny quickly pulled off the ring that rested around his head and turned to face Orko.

"Hay Orko, what's up?" Johnny asked nervously.

"Not much, who's the girl?" Orko asked. DAM, Johnny thought, he saw the memory.

"Oh, just someone I know." Johnny replied.

"Well, Your son, Adam o. is in the infirmary, he fell and hurt his leg." Orko said grimly.

"WHAT?!" Johnny said, running towards the sickbay.

"Johnny." Orko began, stopping him." I have to ask, What did the O stand for in little Adam's name?" Johnny smiled.

"Orko, it stands for Orko." he said as he ran off.


The doctor was wrapping the last of the bandages around little Adam's leg when Johnny rushed into the room.

"Doctor?" Johnny said fearfully. The doctor smiled.

"Your son's going to be fine, he just fell off a battle ram and broke a bone, no real harm done. You can take him home in a few hours, after the bone settles into the cast." the doctor said as he walked away, feeling that little Adam and his father would have to have a discussion.

"Thanks doc." Johnny said as he gave his son a cold stair." What were you doing on a battle ram?" Johnny asked angrily. Little Adam wore a scared frown on his face.

"Trying to be like you." Little Adam whimpered. Johnny couldn't help but grin and gave his son a hug, being careful not to hurt his son's leg.

"Look, you've learned your lesson, I'll go find your aunt Adora and see if she wouldn't mind healing your arm." Johnny said with a wave as he stepped out of the room.


Johnny was exhausted, he gave a yawn as he fell into bed, it was long after nightfall and all Johnny wanted to do was sleep. He lay down, pulled the covers over himself, and started to dream. He was standing in a field, on a sunny day. he wore a gold bathrobe. he looked around, wondering where he was when he saw a ball of light appear out of thin air. The ball suddenly burst into a blinding white light, and a woman stepped out, with long golden hair, wearing a white nightgown.

"Johnny, My love." She said wearily.

"How is this possible, I.." he was cut off.

"This is a communication, I'm dead but you can still visit me." she said.

"How, where are you?"

"In the Elision Fields, come see me." Johnny suddenly sat up, he was back in his room in the royal palace.

"Hades, It's time we had a little talk." Johnny said as he pulled the bedsheets off and pulled on a T-shirt.


"Are you sure you don't want to take a wind raider?" Teela asked as Johnny and his two kids prepared for a trip to another reality.

"The Earth we're heading for would ask to many questions about a wind raider." Johnny said as he ordered Hard Drive to open the portal to the Greek world. "If you need me, have the sorceress call me." He said as he and his two children stepped threw the portal. As the portal closed Adam gave a deep breathe.

"It always seemed to be more fun around here when he's here." Adam said sadly. Suddenly an Enormous robot dragon flew down casting a dark shadow over the palace. Then a beam of light shot down and two men appeared within it. As the beam faded the group saw the two me, one in black leather with a black beard and hair. But the other's brain was visible, his face was covered by what looked like a steel faceplate with a big Z looming out of the top.

"I am Lord Zedd and this is Aries, The god of war, and you are our prisoners." Adam and Adora would have pulled out they're power swords but that would endanger everyone there, besides they had heard of both of these characters before, from stories told about Johnny's travels.


Johnny took a deep breath as he and his two kids walked threw the portal and it closed off behind them. He felt his sister was a little over protective, but he could understand her motives, She had just learned a couple of days ago that he was the little brother she never had and she didn't want to lose him, and he felt the same way about her. Little Adora T. tugged at Johnny's pant leg.

"Are we there yet?" She asked. Johnny giggled.

"Yes, hon. I like to call this place Greek world." he said as the three of them started walking down the trail towards the city of Athens. As they walked they spotted a man down the road, a middle-aged man, a tad overweight, rapped in a toga.
"Salmonious?" Johnny asked.

"Johnny, how are you? Say would you like to buy some sundials?" Salmonious asked revealing a set of sun idle watches, hanging from inside his toga.

"No thanks, I was wondering , I just got back in Greece and wanted to know if you knew where Hercules was lately." Salmonious smiled.

"He and Ieolus are in Athens, along with Xena and Gabrielle." Johnny smiled, Knowing Gabrielle would be there. He had sort of a crush on her ever since he met her three years ago, after Alena had died. He never pursued the relationship because he felt he would dishonor her memory.

"Well then we're heading that way, care to join us?" Johnny asked.

"Sure, I'm so tired from walking from town to town I would kill for a bed to sleep in." Salmonious said as he joined Johnny and the two children down the road to Athens.


As the four travelers entered Athens they stepped into a tavern to get some food for him, Salmonious and the kids. He didn't like bringing his kids into such a filthy place but he needed food. Salmonious and the kids got a table while Johnny stepped up to the bar.

"Give me a jug of goats milk and a loaf of bread please." Johnny said to the bartender. A rather mean looking satyr walked up to Johnny.

"A real man would drink a mans drink." He said slamming an ail in front of him. Johnny didn't even turn his head.

"We'll then I guess I'm not a real man." Johnny said back. The satire growled angrily.

"Maybe you'd like to fight for who the real man is?"

"Or maybe I'd like to just get some food and leave." The satire angrily threw his fist towards Johnny, but Johnny just caught his fist in mid-air. "I don't want to have to hurt you so please just leave." Johnny asked in a quiet tone. The satire just flung his other fist at Johnny but Johnny just used the satires forward momentum and flung him over his head. At this point the bartender brought a tray of bread and a pitcher of milk over to Johnny. "That satire on the floor over there will pay for it, when he comes two." Johnny said to the bartender as he took the tray and walked over to the table. When he got there he saw that Hercules, Ieolus, Xena, and Gabrielle were sitting at the table with Salmonious and the children. "If I knew you guys where going to show up I'd have ordered more food." Johnny joked as he set the food down and shook hands with Hercules and Ieolus, Then with Xena, and hugged Gabrielle. "It's great to see all of you again." Johnny said happily.

"It's good to see you to traveler." Xena said with a smile.

"Yeah, It's been along time." Ieolus continued.

"To long, "Gabrielle said quietly to herself.

"So, what brings you to Greece?" Hercules asked. Johnny sighed as he took a sad look at his children.

" I wanted to take my two kids to meet they're mother just once." Gabrielle seemed to frown.

"Why just once?" Hercules asked. Johnny pulled Hercules aside.

" She's dead, That's why I was looking for you, I need you to talk to your uncle Hades and let us see her just once. Then when they're older they'll be able to except the truth." Hercules understood and the two of them returned to the group.

"I'll explain later." Hercules said to the rest of the group.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the cosmos of universes, on a gigantic space ship, a large portal of swirling blue appeared out of nowhere. One by one three men and a woman seemed to be flung out threw the swirling vortex, just seconds before it shrunk into nothingness. the group pulled themselves to their feet. The woman shook her head.

"Well, Quinn, how long are we on this earth?" she asked.

"Well, Maggie, I'd like to tell you but the timer has been on the fritz ever since I landed on it when we got here." Quinn replied. The second man looked conserved.

"Well, Que ball, I don't think this is even a earth. "he said staring at a sine along the steel wall. The third man stared at the gold plaited sign.

"What's an Astro Mega Ship?" He asked whirling around to his friends.

"I don't know Colin but I think Remmy is right, this isn't any earth." Maggie was confused.

"But how is that possible? I thought you said that the timer only took us to other earth's."

"Well it must have been damaged on the last world, I would tell you how it exactly this happened but I'd rather not lie to you." Quinn replied. Suddenly a young man and woman stepped down the hallway. They stopped short, surprised to see other people on they're ship.

"Who are you, what are you doing on our ship?" The woman asked. Quinn walked up to the two startled crewmembers slowly.

"I'm Quinn, these are my friends, Maggie, Colin and Rembrant. as for getting here that's kind of hard to explain." Suddenly an alarm started blasting. The girl shrugged.

"Well, I'm Cassie and this is Carlos, come with us we have to see what's going on." She said as she and Carlos ran off. Quinn shrugged.

"Let's go." he said as they all started running after they're two new friends.


"So, how long were you married?" Gabrielle asked as they headed towards a lake just outside of Athens.

"We got married five years ago but she...left a year after." Johnny said carefully, making sure he didn't worry his kids.

"I bet you two are excited to see your mother again." Ieolus said to Adam and Adora.

"I can't wait " Adora replied happily.

"I can." Adam said angrily. Johnny whirled around, hearing his son's tone.

"What's wrong son?" Johnny asked.

"How can you still want to see mom after she left us?" Johnny sighed and turned to Ieolus and Gabrielle.

"Will you two please take Adora and continue with Herc, Salmonious, and Xena, we'll catch up." The two friends knotted and took Adora down the trail. Johnny turned and kneeled down so he was at eye level with little Adam.

"Adam, I have some thing to tell you."


The sentinel of the spaceways, the silver surfer, watched in fear as Aries, the god of war, and lord Zedd enslaved the now helpless people of Eternia and the surfer knew that these solders of evil would not stop there. Once done here they would enslave the helpless populous of Etheria after destroying Hordak, if he wasn't already the leader of these evil beings.

"As powerful as I am," he thought, "I could never defeat all those evil creatures, I must find help, I must find the hero's of earth, and hero I can find and ask for they're help."

"I'm afraid you'll be two busy with they're own problems." said a voice behind him. The Surfer whirled around to see his former master, Galactus, literally towering over him.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was promised this world after the man in the cape is done with it." Galactus replied as he pointed to a bald man, wearing a purple cape and holding a staff with a razor sharp ax at the tip. As the man whirled around to face them the surfer realized that the man wasn't bald but didn't have any face at all. his head was a glowing skull. As the surfer continued to stair, he felt himself feel an uncontrollable fear flow over him. He curled into a ball and shivered as the living skeleton stepped over.

"W .Who are y you?" The surfer asked with a whimper.

"I am the ghost of Skeletor, I am Scare Glow, and I know of a man who will serve me if he had your power." The dead man said as an evil plan formed in his demented, rotting mind.


As the six people ran threw the sliding space-age door, the four new comers were stopped in they're tracks when they saw the bridge of the Astro Megaship.

"What's going on Andros?" Cassie asked. As she saw him plot a course to another world.
"Why are we going to the beta quadrant?"

"I've just got a psychic signal from an old friend and we need to help her and her planet." Maggie peered out at the large view screen.

"At least we didn't land out there." she said with a smile.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Rembrant asked Andros.

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride." Andros replied as the ship blasted off towards deep space.


Johnny looked into the deep river and said," You've got to be kidding me."

"This is the only way a mortal can enter the underworld." Hercules replied. Johnny took a deep breathe and rubbed his chin .

"Hard Drive." Johnny said to his wristwatch.

"Yes sir." the watch replied.

"I need three sets of scuba gear, one for me and two for my children." before anyone could blink, an air tank, goggles, and a set of foot flippers just materialized on each of the kids and Johnny. "I never get tired of that. Johnny said as he adjusted his goggles. Little Adam and Adora giggled at each other as they ran into the water and stated splashing each other. "Alright kids, time to go, lets see who can hit the bottom the first." Johnny said as he dove into the lake, his children close behind. when Johnny and his two children hit the lake floor, they disappeared. they reappeared somewhere in a glowing bright field, happy husbands, wives, and children playing and enjoying the sunlight left and right. Johnny wondered how Hades, the lord of the underworld could get the sun down in the underworld. "Hard Drive, we're done with the scuba gear for now." Johnny said to the air. The scuba gear immediately dissolved. Adam and Adora's eyes widened with joy as they ran up to their mother and embraced her.

"Oh, mommy, mommy we missed you so much." Adora said.

"I missed you two." Alena said with tears in her eyes. Johnny strolled up to the huddled mass, with a smile on his face. Alena let her children go and looked up at her living husband.

"Nice to see you again stranger." she said as she started walking towards him.

"Hay you know how us hero persons are, no time for ourselves." Alena shrugged.

"Owe just shut up and kiss me." she said as they locked. little Adam and Adora looked at each other.

"Yuck," they said together. Johnny and Alena laughed happily.


Peter Parker sat at the foot of the hospital bed where his dying wife lay, plugged into a life monitoring machine as if it were her only outlet to the outside world. Peter blamed himself, if only he could do something. But he felt powerless, all his power, all his abilities and he couldn't help her. Suddenly he felt something, like a voice calling his man.

"Spider-man, "called the voice. Peter stood up. "Spider-man," said the voice again. Suddenly an image of the sorceress appeared floating in the wind.

"Sorceress, what's going on?" Peter asked.

"Spider-man, the people of Eternia need your help once again." Peter shook his head.

"I can't help you, my wife is dying, I can't just leave her." Suddenly a light bulb went off in Peter's head. "I can't help you but I know someone who can."


Victor Von doom was awoken by the sound of someone banging at his door. Before he would have had the visitor killed but he was striving to become a fighter for good, and justify the evil deeds he committed in his past. So he sat up on the side of his bed and picked up his steel mask and put it on. One of Doom's robot servants walked in as doom removed his sleepwear and slipped on his armor.

"Master, there is someone at the," The robot was interrupted.

"Yes, yes, see the visitor to the dining room and prepare the usual breakfast meal at two seats at the dining table for when he arrives." doom ordered as he walked off towards the dining hall. Later doom was so surprised to see a living skeleton walk in he almost spat the food out of the mouth peace he ate out of. "So, Scare glow is it, I thought you to be a myth whispered threw out the Etherian court. What do you want?" Doom asked. Scare glow found doom amusing at best.

"If I could help you to take the power of the silver surfer, would you help me take over Eternia?" Doom showed a shocked look, even though his mask couldn't move.

"I have already failed in that task at least twice, what makes you think this time would be any different?" Scare Glow gave a sinister smirk.

"Because both times you failed thanks to Galactus and this time he will bestow the power to you." Doom again looked shocked then he remembered his promise.

"I can not, The hole reason I came to Etheria was to fight evil like the Horde and you."

"Come now Doctor, what makes you think that a few measly acts of good would save you from hell, and besides, once you have the power, you can live forever, plus you can save your mothers spirit from Miphisto."

"How do you know,"

"Enough, ether you help me defeat the traveler and his allies or I'll send you back to earth in a very small box." Doom thought for a second. He felt he had nothing to fear from Scare glow, but he would kill a planet if that were what it took to save his mother.

"Very well, I will join you."


Wolverine growled as he heard the phone ring. He was the only X-man left in the mansion and he was hoping to get a day off but he knew that duty called as he picked up the phone.

"Yeah." he said angrily.

"Wolverine, it's spider-man, We need to talk." Wolverine never expected spider-man to call on the phone for help, he always expected Spidey to just show up.

"What's up?" Wolverine asked sitting up out of bed.

"The traveler needs some help and I won't be able to help, I was hoping that you would take my place." wolverine thought for a time.

"Alright, where do we meet?"

"At Mercy hospital, I'll give you the info there." Spidey said as he hung up.

"Man, Storm has to stop giving out our number to every hero that comes along." wolverine said as he sat up and pulled on his costume.


As the Astro Mega Ship blasted off at top speed, Andros, the red ranger of space, sat on a mat in his room, his legs crossed and eyes closed tight as he tried to communicate with his Eternian friend.

"Please respond, I need to know the hole situation." He said to his friend . Andros was becoming discouraged.. "Please, respond."

"Andros, Please hurry, my planet is in danger." his friend replied in his mind.

"We are approaching as we speak but I need more information." Andros said hoping he could help.

"Soon the traveler will be on your ship the same way your new friends have, but he must go back in time and retrieve the power coins and then seek out the original power rangers of Earth. They are the only ones who can help us from lord Zedd, he will be accompanied by his friends Hercules and Xena, you must tell him of our situation, he is the only one who can free us." then her presence faded and disappeared.

"Wait, who's the traveler?"


Andros wiped a bead of sweat off his brow as he walked onto the bridge. Colin, Quinn, and T.J.. were huddled over a computer console, Maggie, Cassie and Carols were sharing stories of they're past adventures and Rembrant sat watching the stars. Andros walked up beside him.

"Credit for your thoughts?" Andros said .

"That's penny my friend, penny for your thoughts," Remmy replied.

"Oh, sorry, penny for your thoughts."

"Oh, I'm just remembering how my life was like before we started Sliding, I was a musician, Quinn a collage student and..." Rembrant's words fell.

"And what?"

"Well, the two we're traveling with now weren't the two we were originally travelling with. First the professor was shot about two years ago, that's when Maggie joined us. Then about three months ago, Wade was captured by a race of pre-evolved humans called Cromages, and taken to a "Breading camp". We haven't seen her since, then about a week ago, we found Colin on an Amish world and we realized that he was Quinn's brother, but it seems so different. Sure we get into trouble as much as ever but I still miss wade and the Professor." Rembrant sighed as he continued to gaze out at the stars. Andros rested a comforting hand on Remmy's shoulder.

"At least you didn't lose a sister when you were five." Andros said sadly. Remmy looked up and smiled.



Adam tried to pull the cell bars apart but it was no use. without his sword or his powers as He-man, he and his family were helpless. They were in the palace dungeon, a rather cold and dark place, with the stench of rotting mildew in the cold air, and the space was growing shorted as more and more people were thrown into it. Adora stood up and walked over to her brother.

"It's no use, we'll never get out of here." she said. Adam hung his head low while holding the steel bars.

"If there were only some way we could contact Johnny or Spider-man, or Granamyre." meanwhile Orko was passing back and forth, trying to think of some plan. Teela walked up to him.

"I wish we could get a hold of my brother some how, or the Sorceress." Orko sighed.

"I don't know of any spells on telepathy." he said rubbing his chin, deep in thought. Just then two black birdmen called Tengus pushed in Fisto and Strados. The King and Man-at-arms helped them to they're feet.

"Any news?" Teela asked. Fisto and Strados' faces went pail.

"There was no sigh of your brother." Stratos said. "But we did find out of some new players in this game. That Zedd person was working under the orders of some Lava man named Dark specter." Orko looked up in fear.

"Oh no." he said.

"You know who he is?" King Randor asked.

" He's a leader of a kingdom of evil monsters bent on ruling the universe."

"If he's so bad why haven't we heard of him before?" Adora asked.

"Well, he was always defeated by the Power rangers of space, but if Zedd is here than Dark Spector won't be far behind." Suddenly Adam fell to his knees. Adora tried to help him up but Adam shooed her aside.

"I'm getting a message from the sorceress." he said. After a few seconds he stood up. "Orko, we need to find Johnny." Adam said. "If some one is bringing all these villains together than we need to hit them with some of they're own medicine.


Johnny and Alena held each other in the elision fields, watching they're two children playing in the tall green grass. Suddenly Alena looked pail.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Alena started to tear up.

"You have to go back." Johnny was shocked.

"But I've only been here a day."

"But you have to go, you don't belong here." Johnny gave a pail frown and walked over to his kids.

"Kids, give your mom a hug goodbye." he said sadly. The children didn't sense his sadness and gave they're mother a great big hug. " Okay kids now follow that path back to the lake and I'll be right behind you." He said with a tear pointing to a nearby trail. The kids happily ran up the trail and disappeared., Johnny held Alena tight , Kissed her passionately, then let go and headed for the path.

"Johnathan," She called back. Johnny whirled around. "Find a woman you love to help raise our children." Johnny was confused. "I want you to be happy and I want them to have a mother and a father, not one or the other."

"But I could never replace you?" he said back.

"I'm not asking for that, Just remember that our marriage said that until death do us part, well we've parted so remember me and start over." Tears in his eyes Johnny turned and disappeared. "Good luck my Traveler." she said, "We'll be together again some day."


Captain Katherine Janeway sat in her armchair in her ready room, sipping on her coffee, and remembering a time about two years ago, when she and her crew encountered Q, a powerless Q and a woman who was staying with him at the time. A woman named Adora. She was told that Adora would forget her experience with her crew but, It didn't seem fair to erase anyone's mind no matter the reason, in her mind anyway. She wondered what Adora's life must have been like, living as a slave and not even knowing it.. A futuristic chime broke her concentration.

"Come in." she said. The double door slid open and a tall woman stepped in. Wearing a dark Purple body suit, a short blond haircut, and some steel implants over her left eye and right hand. "Yes seven, what can I do for you?" the captain asked.

"There is an unknown phenomenon within reach of our long rang censors.". Seven of Nine replied. Janeway sighed, stood up and walked threw the double doors, which slid open as if they knew she was coming. She and Seven entered the bridge. Janeway walked over to her captain's chair. Chicotae stood up, saluting her.

"What is it?" Janeway asked as she sat down.

"Unknown, it's un-definable." Tuvoc said as he peered down at his control pad.

"It's like nothing I've seen before." LT. Tom Paris said looking half at his station, half at the veiw-screen, which was showing the features of a swirling sparkling orange sphere dancing in space.

"Well, I don't want to get to close to it, Tom, take us back about ...." before she could finish the ship was rocked left and right, Seven of nine and captain Janeway were throne to the floor. "Report." Janeway ordered again.

"Warp drive is down to twenty percent, weapons are off line." Tuvoc stated. Tom whirled around.

"All that from one tumble?" Tuvoc ignored the "Emotion" in tom's voice.

"Mr. Paris, we were not just tumbled, we were shot at by what I can only describe as "lightning."." Janeway looked at the Vulcan.

"Lightning?" she asked.

"At best description." the ship quaked again . "Warp power is gone, life support is at seventy percent.." Tom interrupted Janeway's thoughts.

"Captain, it's pulling us in." he said. Janeway just sat there starring at the phenomenon as it got closer and closer.

"Your orders captain?" Chicotae asked.

"Let it come." she said. "We've done all we can, let it come."


When Johnny rematirialized, he was in the lake, he suddenly felt stupid because he forgot to put on his diving equipment. He swam furiously towards the surface. when he broke the lakes stillness he gasped for breathe. the sudden change in the quiet lake startled his friends on the beach.

"How'd it go?" Ieolus asked as Johnny swam to the shore.

"It was ... difficult." Johnny said as he knotted his two children playing with Hercules, Salmonious, and Gabrielle. Johnny's thoughts were not on his children, but on Alena, and how ashamed he felt when he felt what he felt about Gabrielle. Xena placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She still cares about you." she said. Johnny sighed.

"It's not right, I just spoke with my ex-wife and I think I'm falling back in love with Gabriele, I fell like I'm betraying Alena." Ieolus walked over to Johnny.

"You lost your wife five years ago, but Hercules' wife died four years ago and he still remarried, but she died too."

"That's another point, I don't want anything to happen to her."

"Only you can make that decision." Xena said. Johnny knotted, took a few steps towards his children, then fell to the ground. Ieolus and Xena ran up to him.

"Stay away, I'm getting a message from the sorceress." Johnny held his head in his hands as Salmonious, heckles, Gabrielle, and the children walked up to him.

"What's happening?" Hercules asked. Johnny stood up.

"How would you guys like to go on a little trip?" he asked with a wide smile.

Victor Von doom was still hesitant when he walked into the palace courtyard. He had sworn to himself and the traveler that he had changed but if he took the silver surfers powers as Scare glow suggested, he would be no better than the evil he had sworn to fight. Doom was startled by a hand resting on his shoulder.

"Your not having second thoughts are you?" Scare Glow asked in his rather demonic voice.

"N...No, I am ready." Doom stuttered.

"Good, then let the power cosmic pass threw you." Scare Glow rose his hands into the air and the shadow of galactic passed over them. He held a chain in his hand, which led to the neck of the now crippled Silver Surfer.

"Victor Von Doom," Galactic started, holding the good doctor in his hand. " I now relinquish the power cosmic from Norin Radd to thee, but I leave him the space board and his power to travel threw space. You Von Doom, you now posses the power cosmic, to use at Scare Glow's will." At Scare Glow's will, Doom thought, Doom finally realized what he had gotten into but he also knew that it was to late to do anything about it. Scare Glow cackled as the power cosmic rippled threw Doom's body. His plan was working just as he planed.


The middle aged man stood atop the tall building, smoking a cigar and wearing an old cowboy hat, waiting.

"It's been awhile, Logan." a voice said behind him. Logan turned to see spider-man standing in front of the doorway leading into the building.

"It has, so what's the traveler up to this time?" Logan asked after taking a puff out of his cigar.

"He's in another reality and in a bit of a jam." Logan shook his head.

"Forget it. I've done enough space travel for one lifetime." Spider-man sighed.

"Doom's there." Logan was so shocked he dropped his cigar. the man with his pointed hair looked up at the clouds.

"Alright, I'm in. when do I leave?"

Orko was nervous, he didn't want to go when his friends were in such danger but he was the only one able to save his home. Adam and Adora had convinced him to slip threw the bars, sneak up to Greyskull and find the traveler. He was shaking while Adam peered threw the bars.

"Okay Orko, coast is clear." Adam said. Orko took a deep breathe, squeezed threw the bars, and flew up to the sealing. now all he had to do was quietly float past the tengu patrollers surrounding the halls. after floating a yard towards the exit he spotted a window ahead, the only problem was that it was just across the hall from a tengu. Orko swallowed, wiggled his fingers and whispered a spell.

"Darkness cold and darkness deep, make that monster fall asleep." Orko held his breathe waiting for it to work. He watched as the tengu yawned, stretched it's feathered arms and leaned against the stone wall, fast asleep. "Whew." he said as he floated down and slipped threw the window. But as he reached the ledge of the window the tengu snorted and opened it's eyes wide. "Uh-oh." Orko said as he sped off threw the window. He didn't expect the tengu to fly after him. but sure enough when Orko looked over his shoulder he saw the man-crow chase after him at top speed.. Orko continued his crazy course threw the Eternian sky towards the Evergreen forest. Once he entered the deep forest he floated threw it so fast that the tengu lost control and smashed head long into a tree. Orko giggled over his shoulder as he continued his trip towards castle Greyskull.


Quinn was astonished at the Advent's technology he was surrounded in, the Astro mega ship was overwhelming. He couldn't help but feel insignificant as he stood looking up at the enormous engine. He just had to get a closer look, but as he stepped towards the colossal machine he knotted a small console in the corner of the huge room. He immediately lost interest in the engine in front of him and turned in the direction of the pad. As hard as he tried he couldn't overcome his curiosity, he rested his fingers on the small keypad and the wall next to him slid open, a secret door. Quinn slowly strolled inside and walked over into the room. In the far corner of the room sat a large pod.. Quinn stepped over and took a closer look. He was shocked to see a man dressed in what looked like silver spandex and a matching helmet laying in the Icy tube, a life monitor mounted to the wall on his side.

"My God." he said aloud to no one in particular.

"His name is Zain." Said a voice behind him. Quinn whirled around to see Andros standing in the doorway. "He was my best friend and partner back on K L 35 while the planet was being deserted we fought the attacking monster while the inhabitance tried to get away, he took the fatal blow that was meant for me and I've kept him here ever since. This pod will eventually restore him but I have no Idea how long it would take." Andros held and pulled on Quinn's arm. "It's time we leave, not even the other rangers know about him." As Quinn and Andros left the secret room and closed the door, Cassie and Rembrant stepped into the engine room.

"Hi guy's what's up?" Rembrant asked. Andros took a look at Quinn, which seemed to say, "Don't tell." Quinn gave a great big smile.

"Owe Andros here is just showing me around the engine room." Cassie tugged at Andros' arm and pulled him to a privet spot.

"Are you sure we can trust them." Andros looked over his shoulder at Quinn and smiled at Cassie.

"I think we can trust them." he said.


It was two hours after the starship voyager was pulled threw the unexplainable phenomenon. and Janeway was growing restless.

"Status Mr. Kim?" She asked.

"All power is back on line but we've been forced to shut down the astrometrics lab." Janeway took in a deep breathe.

"Alright If anyone needs me I'll be in my ready room." She said as she proudly stood up and walked into the tiny room on the left side of the bridge. When she walked into the room she was surprised to see someone else in her captains chair. When the man in the chair whirled around she wasn't so surprised. "Hello Q." She said in a cold even tone.

"Ah Captain Janeway, may I be the first to welcome you to the 20TH century." Janeway's eye's narrowed.

"Your behind that phenomenon.?" She half asked half-growled.

"Not exactly, a fellow q is, you see this friend of mine asked my to meet you here to fill you in on some details,"

"What kind of details?"

"Well, you remember our friend Adora." Janeway's eyes widened with surprise. "Sure you do. anyway, he asked me to ask for your help in saving their planet again. Only this time you will have lot's of help and believe me your going to need it." they're conversation was interrupted by a computerized clicking sound. In response Janeway taped her pin on her chest.


"Captain they're is an unidentified ship approaching on long rang sensors." Tuvok replied.

"Ah, there's your first set of allies now." he said as he disappeared in a flash of blinding white light. Janeway just turned and left her ready room and entered the bridge.

"Report," She ordered. She sat down and Chicotae followed.

"Well, we're just waiting for them to catch up to us, they seem to be heading in our direction." Janeway acted fast, She knew that she was in the past but knowing Q this was just some joke of his and if in some case it was for real she knew that he would fix whatever they had done to change the timeline.

"Open hailing frequencies." she ordered. "This is Captain Catherine Janeway of the federation starship Voyager, Please Identify yourselves." The large view screen in front of her, which showed the seen of a blue circular space ship suddenly disappeared, and a young man's features replaces it.

"I am Andros of the Astro mega ship, we mean you no harm, we're only looking for a planet in a star system near here, a planet called Eternia.." Chicotae and Janeway looked at each other , then back at the screen.

"Do you know the whereabouts of this planet?" she asked. There was a long pause, and Quinn's face, along with the rest of him, were seen.

"Um, captain, were in a bit of a rush, If you could just allow us to pass, we won't be giving you anymore trouble." Quinn said. Janeway thought for a moment and then said,

"Give me one moment." She said as the screen once again showed the vastness of space. "Questions, comments?"

"They did know about Eternia." Chicotae said.

"Yes, but that ship of they're is very high in weapons detail." Ensign Kim continued.

"Especially for something of this century." Janeway commented.

"I do not understand captain?" Seven asked.

"I've had a visit with Q, he said that this group was the first of many allies we're to meet to save Eternia. I think this time he may be serious." Janeway said as she gestured for the screen to resume they're conversation. "Would you mind some company?" she asked the crew of the Astro mega ship.


"Are you sure you think I should watch the children, I'm terrible with kids." Salmonious said as the children played at his feet.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. You've done well before in this profession." Johnny replied. Salmonious had what looked like an inspiration. " If your getting any Idea's, save them for later, you kids listen to your uncle Sal." Johnny said as he hugged his two children, and then with Hercules, Xena Ieolus and Gabrielle, he walked down a path in the opposite direction. Once they were all out of site he pulled his watch into his view.

"Hard Drive, open a portal to castle Greyskull." Johnny said.

"Yes sir." Hard Drive replied. His four companions were amazed to see what the watch could do, talking and the golden spear doorway growing nine feet tall. Johnny was about to walk threw when Orko whizzed threw and plowed right into Johnny.

"Orko, what are you doing in Greece?" Johnny asked as he and Orko rose to their feet and air. Orko was scared and excited at the same time.

"Johnnyadamandadoraandtheroyalcourtareallinprisondpysomeguynamedlordzedd." Orko screamed.

"Slow down Orko, say again." Johnny said trying to calm Orko down.

"Johnny, Adam, Adora and the hole royal court have been imprisoned by some guy named Lord Zedd." Johnny was stunned.

"What happened?" Orko took a deep breathe.

"Zedd and some guy named Aries took over the planet." This time Hercules was stunned.

"Aries." he said in a hard even tone. Johnny felt the same way.

"Let's go." Johnny said as he stepped into the portal, Orko close behind. Hercules turned to his three friends, shrugged and walled threw. Ieolus, Xena and Gabrielle followed.. Once at Greyskull, the sorceress stepped up to greet them.

"Welcome home my son." she said.

"Thank you mother, these are my friends Hercules, Xena..." Then Johnny noticed something. "Mother, are you alright? You look pail."

"That is because she now answers to me. "a voice said. the group turned to see scare glow and Aries step out from behind a corner of the dark castle.

"Welcome back to Eternia Son of Teelana." Aries said with glee.

"Aries, Since when did you work for skeleton's?" Johnny asked with a sinister smirk.

"Fool, I am scare glow, the ghost of the man you killed, the ghost of Skeletor." Johnny's eye's widened.

"Man, you don't waist any time, do you?" Johnny asked. Aries responded by pulling the chained Norin Radd into view. "Okay, what do you want?"

"I want you, the most humble traveler, to die a long and painful death." Scare glow said as he raised one hand and pointed it at the hero's, the six of them fell to the ground paralyzed. Scare Glow walked over to the huddled mass. meanwhile, Aries was so happy with his half brother in pain and all, that he actually dropped the chain around Norin Radd's neck. Norin took this opportunity to look for a way out of his shackles.

"You're probably wondering why Aries is here. Well I told him I would deliver his half brother," he was interrupted by the sound of Aries kicking his brother in the stomach," In exchange for his aid, I had no Idea you would kill him for me." he said with a sinister cackle. "And now I will look into your soul and see what you fear the most." he finished as he held up Johnny's head and starred his undead eye sockets into Johnny's fearful eye's. "Ah, so you have an uncanny fear of snakes. excellent. Aries," he yelled over his shoulder. " call my worriers, we attack snake mountain tonight." he said as Aries took one final kick and walked off.


Norin Radd was tired, weak, the transformation had taken a lot out of him and he didn't know what to do, he was no longer strong enough to fight anyone on his own.

"Need a hand, Bub?" asked a voice to his right. Norin turned to see wolverine, taking a puff out of his cigar.

"Wolverine, How did you get here?" he asked.

"A clown called the Beyonder sent me here, as a favor to Spider-man. Now first I'll get rid of those shackles," he said as a set of three razor sharp claws sprang out just behind his knuckles and used them to cut the chain around Norin's neck, " and now let's go help some old friends."


Johnny was in trouble of the worst kind. he had finally realized that scare glow was now controlling the power of Greyskull. He remembered that before he died, Skeletor had touched the orb of power and it made him invincible. His only chance now was to get to the inner chambers and touch the orb himself, if he didn't there'd be no way to stop him. but that didn't help him now. He also feared for his mother's life.

"What have you done to my mother?" Johnny asked in a quick gasp.

"She is my mistress now, you can just call me your step father." Scare glow said with a hint of sarcasm.

"You son of a bitch!" Johnny growled. "You'll still lose."

"Who's left to stop me?" Scare glow asked.

"Maybe we could." Wolverine said as he and Norin Radd stepped out of the shadows.

"Radd, Wolverine." Johnny said happily.

"Who?" Ieolus asked.

"Wolverine hurled himself at scare glow, claws extended. Scare glow just disappeared, and wolverine pulled in his claws in just before he flew into the pile of bodies.

"To me, my board." Norin Radd yelled. in seconds a surf board glided threw the tower window and hovered inches over the ground next to Norin. Hercules, Xena Ieolus, Gabrielle and Johnny were no longer under scare glow's spell and they were helping wolverine to his feet. At that same time, the sorceress was also no longer under her spell and fainted. Johnny caught her.

"Johnny, come on." Gabrielle said as she and everyone else piled onto the board. Johnny looked at his mothers weakened looking face.

"I'm not going, but take my mother," Johnny said as he handed her lifeless body to Hercules and stated to walk off.
"I'm coming with you ." Gabriele called out as she jumped off the board. Johnny whirled around.

"I can't let you, you could be hurt." Gabriele gave Johnny a stern look. Johnny could tell that she was mad. He took a long look at Xena. She knotted as Orko, who ad fallen unconscious when scare glow appeared rose and floated up to Johnny's shoulder.

"I'm coming with and you have no say in the matter." Johnny shrugged.

"Alright, you got it." Johnny said with a smile. "Orko will show you all to the royal dungeon, there you'll need to free the populous, but from there you'll have to follow the lead of a man named Prince Adam." Hercules knotted. As Orko floated past Johnny he whispered,

"That Gabriele reminds me of a certain captain of the royal guard and sister of yours." He said with a chuckle. Johnny giggled in agreement.


As the group of hero's glided threw the sky towards the royal dungeon Wolverine asked a puzzling question.

"Why would bone brain want to take a place like snake mountain?"

"Hordak took over snake mountain years ago when he and Skeletor were working together, And legend had it that the snake lord, King hiss and his snake men are imprisoned at the bottom of the fortress, if they get out all of Eternia is at risk." Orko replied.

"King Hiss's villainy was told of as far as Zen-la, he would kill what ever he could if it worked in his plans." Norin Radd said as they closed in on the prison, but what they didn't expect was that an army of scare glow's robot knights surrounding the structure.

"I've never fought steel before." Ieolus said.

"If those things are as tough as sentinels were in for a rumble." Wolverine added.


Johnny and Gabriele had reached the door to the inner chamber but scare glow was inside the inner chamber, so they hid on the opposite side of the wall making sure they were not seen by scare glow.

"Gabriele, there's some thing I wanted to tell you," Johnny said nervously.

"Hay Bone brain." Johnny yelled behind him.

"I want that orb."

"You fool, you will quiver in fear before you can fight me."

"Then fight me like a man, don't use your fear power, take that sword from your side and fight me." Scare glow griped the handle of the sword, which hung along his waist and healed it steady.

"Oh I would but I'm a little busy, Take care of him blade." Suddenly a tall bald man in a warrior's armor stepped out of the shadows. Johnny was stunned.

"Blade, How can you be here? Your from another reality, I know I was there." ( An alternate version to the masters of the universe movie).

"Scare glow has all the power you do and more." Blade said as he swung his sword strait at Johnny . Johnny ducked the slash just inched from his head, it cut off a few of his hairs.

" Alright, let's dance." Johnny said as he and Blade swung each other's swords towards each other. For a time blade had the advantage. He held two swords and he was a master with both of them. While Johnny was just a master with the one and he was getting tired of blocking every blow blade made. Finally Johnny smashed his sword into one of blade's swords, shattering it. Now they were on even ground and Johnny was winning now. Johnny was fighting furiously, causing blade to fight off balance and fall to the ground.

"Mercy." Blade screamed in fear. holing his hands up over him .

"Go, leave Greyskull now." Johnny ordered. Blade stood up and was about to leave when Scare glow whirled around. and pointed his evil finger at Blade. Blade screamed in agony as he vaporized into dust.

"He was unworthy of serving me." He said.

"You bastard!" Johnny shrieked running at him, Sword raised. Scare glow just stepped out of the way and slashed his sword and cut right threw Johnny's arm just below the elbow joint. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Johnny screamed as he fell to his knee's, cradling the wound.

"I was like you once, weak flawed, fighting for good. But then I saw Hordak and his solders destroy lives and kill the innocent, and that's when I knew I could change, and look at me now, I have surpassed him, by doing the one thing he could never do, KILL THE TRAVELER." He cried with a ghoulish high pitched laugh.


Wolverine was right, the robot knights were just as tough as sentinels if not tougher. and so far the little set of hero's were getting thrashed, that is until a laser blast flew from behind the hero's and into a mess of knights. The group whirled around to see five friends in a spandex like armor and helmets aiming pistols ant the robots. Next to the five space rangers were Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine, Tom Paris, B'ellana Torres, and Harry Kim, all aiming phasers at the same target.

"We thought you guy's could use a hand." The red ranger said stepping forward. then suddenly, another army of tengu warriors piled out of the structure.

"Great, Lord Zedd's goons." the blue ranger said and the two new groups started to rumble. Then the four sliders ran up to one of the rangers before she hit the battle.

"What can we do?" Quinn asked.

"Get inside the prison and free the Eternians." she said as she ran into the battle field. Quinn, Maggie, Rembrant and Colin raced into the tall tower, avoiding the battle as best they could. On his way in A tengu grabbed Rembrant's shoulder. Rembrant turned around with an angry look on his face.

"Get away from me Buzzard brain." He said as he smashed his fist into the bird's face. The tengu teted there for a moment and then fell to the ground. His three friends looked at Rembrant in surprise. Remmy shrugged. "He was getting on my nerves." Maggie giggled as the four friends raced into the prison.


Trap Jaw was worried, with all the tengu's and robot knights out fighting the hero's outside, he was all alone to guard the royal family and friends. He was so nervous in fact that he didn't see Quinn and Maggie sneak around the corner. Quinn decided to take a chance and stuck his finger into trap jaw's back.

"Unless you don't want a hole in your back you'll open that cell door." Quinn said strongly. Trap jaw instantly rose his hand and hook, and walked over to the cell door, and unlocked it.

"Who are you?" Adam asked and the prisoners piled out and pushed trap jaw into the cell at the same time.

"I'm Quinn and this is Maggie, We're friends of Johnny Springs." Teela and Adora looked at each other in shock. Suddenly Colin and Rembrant caught up to Quinn and Maggie, each with a long sword in they're hands.

"These belong to you?" Rembrant asked in Adam's direction.


For the first time in years, Johnny was scared. Scared out of his mind. Scare glow had finally won. Johnny felt like he would pass out any minuet, If scare glow didn't do him in first.

"And now traveler, may you never rest in peace." Scare glow said as he picked up the sword Johnny was using and lifted it high over his head, the tip aimed strait for Johnny's heart. Suddenly the image of Galactus appeared in mid-air.

"Scare glow, I withdraw my alliance-ship to you, Doom's power will remain , but the silver surfer will return once more." The image then dissolved.

"NO." Scare glow said angrily, throwing the sword to the ground, forgetting all about Johnny and racing for the castle exit. Johnny was needless to say relieved, but he just wanted to sleep, but then he remembered that if he went to sleep, he would die and as far as death went he didn't care. but then he thought of all his friends, his sister, his kids, ... Gabriele. Johnny wouldn't give in now, he mustered up all his strength and crawled for the orb. Using all his might he struggled to reach for it, but to no aid. Then he griped the sword's handle that had dropped centimeters from his side and Rested the tip of the sword on the orb. Nothing happened. Suddenly he felt his mother call out to him in his mind,

"Save us my son, as the defender of Greyskull." Johnny had a thought, he had seen it work before but would it work for him? He decided he had nothing to lose.

"AS THE DEFENDER OF GREYSKULL" In a flash of blinding white light, lightning burst threw the orb threw the sword and surrounded Johnny. His arm healed in microseconds, and his old T-shirt and blue jeans were replaced with a battle harness similar to He-Man's. Johnny instantly stood up and ran out the door, as he ran he stopped as he saw Gabriele, laying peacefully in the corner of the hallway. Johnny picked her up and continued his run outside the castle. But then he stopped and concentrated.


At that same time at the royal prison, as the escaping prisoners raced out, the sorceress stopped, and fell to her knees.

"Sorceress, what's wrong?" Adora asked.

"We must meet Johnny at castle Greyskull." Just then a robot knight shot a blast at the sorceress, vaporizing her.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Adora shrieked. But the damage had been done.

"Retreat." He-man yelled. and the mob of hero's ran off towards castle Greyskull.


"I can make it end." Johnny said. "I can turn back the clock, no one has to die, Skeletor can never return." Johnny said.

"How?" Wolverine asked as he lit a cigar.

"I can literally turn back time, stop this from ever happening. But it would mean that everything that's happened since I started traveling would never have happened." Wolverine was so shocked he almost ate his cigar.

"NO," Gabrielle said. "I won't let you do it."

"Do you think I want to do it, Living my life on earth knowing I could have had two beautiful kids, a loving sister, and a woman to love." Gabrielle was a little confused.

"I thought no one would remember anything." she said.

"No, being the one to perform the ceremony, I would retain all the knowledge."

"It's your decision Johnny... Brother, but remember this, no matter what happens we're behind you all the way." He-man said.

"Thank you... Brother."


An hour later, after Johnny had made all of his good-byes he was preparing the ceremony. He stood in the room containing the orb of power, his hands spread out just inches away from the glowing orb, his mind thinking back to the time before he started his fantastic adventures. He took a deep breathe and griped the orb in both hand's. As painful as it was he had to hold on, no matter how painful, if he let go, god knows what would happen. Just then, Gabriele bursts into the room, the door's closing quickly behind her.

"I won't let you go." She yelled over the building scream of wind. In the heat of surprise Johnny made a grave mistake, he let go of the orb. A blast of lightning shot out of the orb, circling the room until the lightning was so bright it was blinding. ant then, everything went black.


Johnny awoke in his bed. The sun was rising and the birds were singing. He was no longer in Eternia, he was in his old apartment in Minnesota. The tall Minneapolis sky scrapers loomed long in the pouring sunlight. As bad as he felt he knew that he had saved countless lives and that maid him feel a little better. Suddenly he heard a grown from behind him, he turned to see Gabriele, laying in the bed right next to where he was laying moments ago. She opened her eye's and took in a deep breathe, taking in her unfamiliar surroundings.

"Johnny, where are we?" She asked.

"Oh no." Johnny said slapping his four head.





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