The Eternian Heroes.


Prince Adam / He-man: Eternian prince who can transform into He-man.

Cringer / Battlecat: Adam's pet that can transform into Battlecat.

King Randor: King of Eternia, and a brave warrior.

Queen Marlena: Queen of Eternia, and a pilot.

Teela: A young female warrior.

The Sorceress: Guardian of Grayskull, and Teela's biological mother.

Man-At-Arms (Duncan): Inventor & warrior in the Eternian Army, also is Teela's adopted father.

Gwildor: Dwarf inventor of the Cosmic Key.

Zoar: The Sorceress in bird form.

Zodak: "The Cosmic Enforcer", is the keeper of the universe, and the last true Zodakkian.

Granamyr: Oldest and wisest of the dragons.

Fisto: Heroic warrior with a metal hand.

Extendar: Heroic warrior with the ability to robotically extend his body.

Buzz-Off: Heroic humanoid bee warrior.

Cyclone: A warrior who is able to spin his torso very rapidly.

Orko: Trollan magician.

Dree Elle: Orko's girlfriend, also a Trollan.

Montork: Orko's Trollan uncle.

Ram Man: A warrior who is a human battering ram.

Man-E-Faces: A warrior who can change to a human, a robot, or a monster.

Stratos: Heroic warrior with the ability to fly.

Clamp Champ: Heroic African American warrior.

Mekaneck: Heroic warrior with a robotic extending neck.

Mossman: A warrior with the ability to control plants.

Stonedarr: Leader of the Rock People.

Rokkon: A Rock warrior.

Roboto: A robotic warrior.

Rotar: A heroic warrior that can spin like a top.

Snout Spout: A herioc warrior that has an metal elephant face, and spits out water.

Rio Blast: Heroic cowboy with multiple laser guns.

Stridor: Heroic robotic horse.

Skytree: An immortal tree, the only thing on Eternia older than Granamyr, who lives in the Forgotten Forest.

Tulimar: Skytree's loyal servent.

Lady Adwena: The snoby cousin of Prince Adam.

Jeremy: Prince Adam's idiotic cousin.

Alena: Prince Adam's and Teela's childhood friend.

The Oracal of the Crystal Sea: Entity that told Teela who her mother was before it was erased from her memory.

The Attack Trak: The intelligent battal van created by Man-At-Arms.

Heleos: King of the fire people.

Yuckers: Dree-elle's kid brother.

Lizard Man: The protector of Torin.

Cilece: The singer of Torin who keep's Yog asleep.

The Widgets: A group of midget Vikings.

Ice Troles: Friends of the Dragon's of Darksmoke.

Galk: Unkle Montork's pet.

Malactal: The Royal Archealogist.

Stanlin: Malactal's student.

Torm: The youngest dragon of Darksmoke, turned was turned into a human.

Lira: Torm's wife.

Krimdel: A wizard and Lira's father.

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