Written by Johnny Proft.

Based on characters and situations created by Mattel Toys, Hallmark Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Twentieth Century Fox, Saban Entertainment, Hasbro Industries, Paramount Pictures, Brian Terrell and Johnny Proft.



Teela stood on the stone suspension bridge that stood just outside Castle Grayskull. A cold wind floated by, sending a chill down her spine.

"What do you want?" she yelled at the lifeless castle.

"The war is not over." A voice said from within the castle, cold and ominous.

"Who are you?"

"You must relive the past to save the future." The voice said.

"What dose that mean?" she asked. Just then the jaw-bridge opened, and the bluish glow from Teelaís past shined from within the castles entrance. And something, no someone walked through.

"MOTHER?" Teela found herself in her bed, Adam shaken awake at her side.

"What happened?" He asked.

"I had the dream again." Teela replied as she stood up and walked into the bathroom.

"The one about Grayskull?"

"Yes, thereís something going on, I donít think the war is over."

"But how can that be, Skeletor, Hordak and Horde Prime all died in the battle three years ago."

"Donít now but I donít think we can trust anyone."

"Not even Johnny?" Adam asked.

"I...I donít know."


" Told you we should have waited until I could get more animals under my control." Beast-man said as he and Mer-man sped towards Snake Mountain in Skeletorís old doom buster.

"Shut up and drive." Mer-man replied in his watery voice as the doom buster was rocked about.

"You are under arrest for crimes against truth and justice, pull over and prepare to be taken into custody." a voice said threw a bullhorn. Mer-man looked behind them to see hundreds of Wind Raiders behind them. Beast-man looked down to see the same amount of attack tracks following them.

"Do it flee face." Mer-man ordered. Beast-man growled and brought the ship down. Before the two creatures could even shut off the engines thirty laser rifles were all pointed at the two oldest solders of the late Skeletorís army. Suddenly a man walked threw the mass of Eternian solders. Mer-man and Beast-man recognized the man who controlled the army.

"TRAP-JAW!" the two said together in shock." Trap-jaw laughed.

"Iíve got a new job guys." Trap-jaw replied as he aimed his rifle arm at his old allies. Just then a hand pulled the gun arm down, where the laser blast hit the ground. Trap-jaw looked up to see Johnny, with an angry look on his face.

"What are you doing?" Johnny asked angrily.

"They were seen stealing." Trap-jaw groaned.

"Yeah, stealing food to survive. They are to be taken to the royal prison until their hearing." Trap-jaw laughed.

"That foolish compassion you created to give monsters a second chance, who would defend them?"

"If I hadnít defended you, do you think youíd be here as the Eternian police chief?" Trap-jaw said nothing.

"Take them away." He said evenly.


"So how are those blood pills working on Morbius?" Johnny asked Duncan threw the computer screen in the attack track heading towards home.

"Well theyíre stopping him from feeding on the rats outside the palace." Duncan replied.

"Donít tell me he went out again."

"Yep, youíd better get back home soon, Cidneyís been asking for you and, the king is getting worse." Johnny groaned at the news.

"How are Adam and Adora?"

"Adora and Marlena have stayed by Randorís side, but Adam has been forced to take the thrown in Randorís absence."

"Tell Adam Iíll be at the palace within the hour, tell Adam Iíll help in any way I but I need a favor first, have trial ready for Beast-man and Mer-man."


When Johnny and his solders reached the palace, Adam was there to greet them.

"Adam, how are you?" Johnny asked. Adam gave a weary smile and shook Johnnyís hand.

"I set up a trial for next week but youíll be the judge." Johnny was confused.

"I donít understand, with you being the acting king, shouldnít you or Teela be the judge?" Adam gave a deep breath.

"I need to be with my family at this point, and Duncan, the royal advisor, said under the circumstances, I can have someone who is a friend to the royal family to take the thrown in my temporary absence." Johnny took a step back.

"Adam I... I canít be king, Iím not king material."

"I could think of no one better." Johnny shook his head.

"Adam, I am not a king, I would never be accepted by the Eternian people."

"They will if I tell them of my wishes."

"Adam look, we can postpone the trial, Beast-man and Mer-man can wait in prison, I donít need to be king for you to see your father."

"Johnny, please, I am Eterniaís king, please donít make me order you to take the thrown." Johnny looked down at the small blue orb that hung around his neck.

"All right, but you come back to that thrown when this is all over." Adam nodded as they walked away. Neither of them noticed Trap-jaw hiding behind an attack track, a sinister smile, if it was possible with his steal jaw.


Johnny felt foolish sitting in the royal thrown of Eternia. He felt like he didnít deserve it and he knew heíd feel better after a month and it would be all over. But as the years rolled by he wondered if he had made the right choice when he had put the swords of power and protection in the slab of rock near the drawbridge of Castle Grayskull. Teela walking up to him interrupted his thoughts.

"Whatís wrong?" she asked as Johnny looked up from his book.

"This isnít right, I donít belong in this blasted chair, and I should be out there rounding up the rest of Skeletorís gang." Teela sat down in the queenís thrown next to Johnny.

"How are you and Cidney doing?"

"Iíve been so busy lately that we havenít seen much of her, with me on this blasted thrown and her in the class room, I canít remember the last time I saw her. Sis, I swear this royal thing will be the death of me. I just wish there was something I could do to help the king get better." Johnny said as Adam walked into the room.

"How is he Adam?" Teela asked. Adam merely looked up and faced Johnny.

"Johnny you no longer need to hold the thrown, my father is dead. I am now he king of Eternia." Johnny and Teela looked at each other in sad disbelief, and Johnny slowly stood out of the thrown. As Johnny walked down the short staircase and past Adam, he rested his hand on Adamís shoulder.

"Iím sorry my friend." Johnny said as he walked out of the room and towards his quarters.


The gavel in the Eternian courtroom rang like a bell in the cold courtroom, reminding Johnny that he had to preserve justice as much as he could in any way possible. And Adora looked little like the kind that would send people to their death, so no matter what happened, one way or another justice would be served.

"Defense, please begin your opening statements." As Johnny stood, he felt surprised to see that one similarity to Earth was one he never brought to the planet, queen Marlena had brought the idea to Randor years ago. Skeletorís warriors were unable to get to court because they had always escaped before they made it to trial, but as Johnny looked down to Beast-man and Mer-man, he realized that with Skeletor gone, they were ready to try the other side of the law.

"Your honor, I intend to prove that these two men were for years ordered by fear of punishment to join the legions of Skeletor. And now that Skeletor is no longer among us, these two poor individuals are ready to make the transition to a normal life." Johnny then sat down.

"Prosecution..." Adora said evenly. Trap-jaw stood up. If he enjoyed trying to send his old allies to prison, it didnít show on his steel features.

"Your highness, these two monsters were members of Skeletorís highest order, they have made horrible decisions under Skeletorís command. I intend to prove that the vicious actís of their own free will, and that they must be put away forever."


The trial lasted for four hours and Johnny felt he was getting no where, Trap-jaw had worked with the two defendants and had more negative stories than good ones. Johnny found himself sitting in a bench outside the courtroom at the recess, Beast-man and Mer-man in chains next to him.

"Tell us Johnny, do you really think weíll win?" Beast-man asked.

"I really donít know guys, but I hope so." Just then Trap-jaw walked up.

" Itís to bad you guys are going to the prison mines." Trap-jaw said with a laugh. Mer-man stood up.

"How can you be so calm about this, you were treated just as badly as we were, how can you use all this past to destroy us when you did just as much damage." Trap-jaw wanted to claw Mer-manís face off with his hook attachment, but decided to simply walk away. Just then a royal guard walked out of the courtroom.

"Court is now in session." As the masses re-entered the room, the guard gave an odd look. Trap-jaw returned the look and walked to his seat. The room was filled with voices, most of which were placing bets on how much time the two former terrorists would spend in prison. The room suddenly became deathly quiet as the judge, Princess Adora, walked from her small room behind the podium and sat in her chair.

"Will council please approach the bench." Johnny and Trap-jaw looked at each other in surprise and stood. Johnny noticed a look in Beast-manís eyes, like that of a dear in headlights. Johnny tried to ignore the look as he approached the bench.

"Whatís the real deal here guys?" Adora asked, surprisingly cold in Johnnyís eyes.

"Your honor, these two individuals were Skeletorís second and third in command, if anyone who survives to pay for his crimes itís these two men." Johnny immediately shook his head.

"I strongly disagree your honor, these two men were victims, and forced into circumstances they had no control over." Adora sat there silently for a moment. "If I may ask your honor, you had all this information before, why ask again now?" Adora was silent for a moment.

"Thank you gentlemen." Trap-jaw started top head back for his seat, when he saw Johnny still standing at the bench. "THANK YOU MR. SPRINGS." Johnny simply walked back to his seat.

"Whatís going on?" Mer-man whispered. Johnny simply shrugged as Adora stood up.

"Before I pass judgment I must first say this. I know more then most what it is like to be forced into evil acts. And what it takes to remove oneís self for those actions, and I must make everyone aware that evil forces people to do things we wish hadnít happened, and for what ever reason in which those actions were made, we can not undo those mistakes. But we must take responsibility for our actions, which is why I must reluctantly find the defendants guilty as charged." The room of people cheered as Johnny gave a sympathetic look to his two clients.

"Your honor, your honor," Johnny yelled as the crowd began to settle, "I ask that the court shows leniency." Adora nodded.

"So noted. Please stand defendantís." Beast-man and Mer-man stood. "Beast-man, Mer-man, I hereby sentence you to thirty years in the widget mines, your first parole in three years." Johnny was disgusted, but he wouldnít let it show, that would be a personal matter, he wasnít about to show how he disagreed with the decision of the Princess of Eternia, but he would let her know at the earliest convenience.


Johnny found himself wandering the halls of the royal palace. When he bumped into Morbius.

"Johnny my friend, whatís wrong, you seem so distant." Morbius asked.

"Morbius something odd is going on, I think thereís some kind of conspiracy going on, either that or the royal family is real upset about Randorís death." Morbius was shocked.

"Randor died? I knew he was ill but, my goodness." Morbius said sadly.

"Morbius, look I know this isnít a good time but I need to know where your loyalties are." Morbius was shocked.

"How can you ask that, you know my loyalties are with you. What is this all about?"

"I think thereís something else involved in this and no one will tell me whatís going on, and that speech at the trial, I donít like it. Weíd better get all our friends on Eternia together and find out."

"This is like some old bad movie." Morbius added as the two walked off. They didnít notice Trap-jaw listening in on their whole conversation from around the corner.


Adam and Adora stood at the bridge of Castle Grayskull, hoping their plan would work. Teela sat at the edge of the bridge, Speaking to someone with telepathy. Suddenly something happened. Teela shook, and then stood up and walked over to her husband and sister in law. She then spoke with a voice that was not her own.

"To Earth you must go, there the rebirth will grow, and at the right time, you must start an unwanted fight, heroís and villains side by side, to correct the unholy tide, when the battle is won, the power will return to one." Then Teela fainted. Adam caught his wife and groaned.

"What dose it mean?" Adora asked.

"To Earth we must go to there the rebirth will grow." Adam said wearily.


Johnny was in the region of flame, Morbius at his side with lizard man, Helios, the Guyver (Who had decided to stay on the planet after the war,) Cidney and five of the seven Space Rangers.

"Okay guys, I like this as little as you do but something is going on around here and like it or not, the royal family may be behind it. I had a vision last night and I believe that all our answers will be answered on Earth. I believe that..." Johnny stopped as he saw Ram-man, Stratos and Man-E-Faces all walked up to Johnny.

"Johnny, we share your concerns, we donít want to battle our old friends but we will do what we must to discover whatís going on." Johnny nodded silently.

"All right friends, board the Astro mega ship, we are going to Earth."


"Father we have to do this, now will you help us or not?" Teela asked man-at-arms as he sat in his workshop, his arms crossed.

"This isnít right Teela, Iíll help you but only because youíre my daughter, but you know as much as I do that this is wrong. Adam killed a man, and whether he was good or bad, the rules say that when that happens the power is revoked, they allowed Johnny to take the swords remember, if you revoke them now, you donít know what will happen." Duncan said as Teela walked towards the door.

"Where is the ship?"

"Itís in the rear courtyard, fueled and ready to go." Duncan groaned.

"Thank you." Teela said sadly as she left the room.

"Forgive me, Sorceress." Duncan said as he picked up a blaster from inside his desk. And began to aim it at his chest.


As Adam, Adora and Teela boarded the massive space ship that sat in the courtyard, Trap-jaw walked up to Adam.

"Your highness, I wish to inform you that ...your friend Johnny has started a rebellion against you." Adam was shocked.

"You lie."

"I wish that were true my king, but it is the simple truth. My spyís have told me that his friends are already on their way to Earth." Adam groaned.

"Very well, board the ship, we take off immediately."


"So what did I miss on Earth?" Cidney asked Cassie as they entered Earthís orbit.

"I canít really say, the rangers and I have been on KL-35 since last year." Cassie replied as the Earth came into view. One by one the crew of the Astro mega ship gasped as they all saw the sight of Johnny and Cidneyís Earth. As they passed threw the o-zone, they saw massive clouds of smoke rise from the tall skyscrapers of the US coast.

"By the ancients..." Stratos said in shock as they glided threw the towering smokestacks and half-demolished buildings. As they passed, two smaller dark ships flew to either side of the mega ship.

"You are now entering new Infinita, you are not authorized to enter this city, and you are to be terminated immediately." A voice said over the intercom just before the ship was knocked about. Johnny clenched is fist as he realized a small bulge in his pocket, he reached into it and pulled out the Orrin and his old hard drive computer watch. He looked up just in time to feel himself shake within the ship once again.

"Cid, take care of things in here, Zhane, youíre with me." Johnny said as the two raced out into the ship's hanger.

"Where are they going?" Ram-man asked.

"To make a difference." Cid replied, as she watched the silver space ranger and the gold Zeo ranger glide off towards the two ships on galaxy gliders, shooting their blasters at the two ships. When the two ships were shattered into dust and then guided the ship to a landing spot on an abandoned rooftop. As Johnnyís group walked out of the ship, Zhane and Johnny slipped their helmets walked around the ship to meet them.

"New Infinita, where have I heard of that be...oh god no, it canít be. Cid you and Andros keep everyone here, and use that cloaking device I sent them to hide from other ships, if any ship shows up, we canít trust Adam now, I hate to say it but itís true for the moment. Shawn, you and Zhane are with me, letís find out what happened here." Johnny said as he slipped the gold ranger helmet back on his head and they hopped onto their air gliders and flew down to ground level. Johnny immediately sends his glider on autopilot and returned it to the ship and de-morphed. Zhane silently followed his example silently. Johnny then walked up to the sewer cover and began to open it.

"What are you doing?" Shawn asked.

"If the apocalypse hit the world you lived in, where would you hide?" Johnny asked as he finally moved the lid and slid down the ladder below.


"I donít like this." Andros said as he and Cidney looked around the devastated remains of New York City. "Theyíve been gone to long."

"I donít like it ether, but this is a big city, they may be gone for hours." Cidney replied.

"What was that nickname you had for him?"

"Oh I would refer to him as the fortune teller, he always seemed to know how things were going to turn out." Suddenly there was a shadow within the grayish clouds. Cidney first noticed it, then something across the bay. The statue of liberty stood there, but it seemed different. When the fog around the statue cleared, she gasped to see the now disfigured statue. Instead of holding a torch and a book with the word liberty, he now held a sword over his head and a lifeless body beside him. But the most recognizable new feature was the face; it was that of a hooded man, with a skull for a face.

"S...SKELETOR!" just then a laser blast whizzed by her. She looked up to see a massive disk shaped ship in the air.

"Empty your ship, drop your weapons and give yourselves up." A voice said from a speaker from the ship. Andros and Cidney raced into the ship and closed the door behind them.

"D.E.C.A., shields up!" Andros ordered as they raced to the bridge. "Did I mention that I donít like this?" Andros asked as they reached the main bridge.


"Do you know what Iím stepping in?" Zhane asked sarcastically as they stood in a sewer tunnel.

"I donít like this, there is nothing here, no people, not even a rat. It doesnít make sense." Johnny said as they searched threw the cold sewer system. Suddenly there was a scraping sound from around the corner. Johnny pulled out his blaster. From out of the shadows emerged at least thirty robot sharkís, they all had arms and legs and shimmering steel teeth. "Sharkticons!" Johnny yelled as he and Zhane fired at the closest robot monsters. One sharkticon weave threw the barrage of laser fire and swung his massive metallic claws at Zhane, shredding his uniform and the flesh underneath, spray blood onto the face of the monster.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!" Johnny yelled as he fired repeatedly at the sharkticon, turning the robot to a pile of chard and lifeless metal. Johnny and Guyver picked up the bloody boy and pulled him up the latter to the surface. Johnny held the dying boy in his arms.

"What happened?" Zhane asked as he started to cough up blood.

"I was wrong, thereís no one here, if Sharkticons are here that means quintessons have taken over, Iím sorry Zhane, this is all my fault." Zhane grabbed his hand.

"Donít you dare give up now pal, you save anyone you can, and be sure to tell Karone that I ...I love ...hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr...." Zhane said, just before his arm fell and his body went limp. Johnny lifted his hand and closed Zhaneís lifeless eyeís.

"I will old friend." Johnny said as he lay Zhaneís lifeless body on the quiet city street and saluted him for a moment, then bent back down, deactivated his morpher and pulled the morpher off on Zhaneís wrist. Suddenly there was more gunfire from a few blocks away.

"We have to go." The Guyver said as he raced towards the sounds of gunfire. Johnny looked down at the lifeless body of his old friend one last time, and then turned and followed the Guyver towards a new problem.


"Sweeps." Johnny said angrily as he and the Guyver watched the three sled-like airships attacked a young man who seemed to be guarding a tall building. Johnny wasted no time aiming his blaster at the first sweep, firing and blowing the light blue sled to bitís. The young man was able to shoot the second ship to ash; the third turned and flew off in fear. As Johnny and the Guyver raced up, the young man seemed so mad he could have nearly taken a swing at Johnny.

"What the hell is your problem, I had them," the man said angrily.

"Look pal, you were under attack and those things arenít wind up toyís so donít give me your crap." Johnny said as he walked up to him.

"No one asked you to help." The man said, as he entered the skyscraper they all stood in front of him. Johnny grabbed his shoulder, stopping.

"Look pal, you donít know those things like I do, their called deceptions and they donít play nice with humans, so you come with us or you get wiped off the street with a spatula." the man turned around and flung his fist into Johnnyís face. Johnny turned with the punch and faced the man.

"Whatís your name kid?" Johnny asked as he slowly wiped the blood from his lower lip.

"Stryfe, Blade Stryfe." Johnny nodded and flung his fist into bladeís face, sending him to the ground, more by surprise than by pain. Before Blade could recover, Johnny held out his hand.

"Now if weíre done, we should go, the sweeps will bring back more trouble." Blade ignored Johnnyís hand and pulled himself up, then started to walk over to the building. Suddenly the building exploded in a flash of blinding light, sending the three of them hurtling across the street.

"...THE FUCK!" Blade screamed in shock as he watched the battered building burn. Johnny looked around to see a creature he knew all to well walking towards them from within the blaze.

"Darkonda!" Johnny said in rage as he pulled his sword from the harness on his back and held it aloft.

"Itís been along time boy." Darkonda said sinisterly as he held out his own sword.

"Not long enough. Why did you attack us, you helped us last time we met." Darkonda laughed.

"Do not think of my assistance as a character flaw, I still plan to be the one to kill you." Just then Johnny noticed the puncture marks on the side of Darkondaís neck.

"Where did you get those wounds?" Johnny asked.

"I was bitten by a viper, the same one that will rob you of your life." Darkonda said as he raced towards the three men. Johnny was about to block Darkondaís blow, but the Guyverís elbow blade beat him to it.

"You two go, get back to the mega ship, Iíll handle him." The Guyver said.

"No Shawn, youíll be killed." Johnny yelled in fear.

"Letís say I need to do this," the Guyver said as he continued to struggle against Darkondaís tremendous blows. Johnny took a final look at his old friend and raced off, Blade reluctantly followed.


Johnny and Blade gasped for breath as they stopped to rest.

"Sharkticons, sweeps and Darkonda..."

"Oh my." Blade added jokingly. Johnny gritted his teeth and swung his fist into bladeís face sending him backwards.

"You bastard, I just lost two good friends because my greatest enemies seem to have come together just to trash my home planet."

"Youíre from another planet!" Blade asked as he picked himself up.

"I um... yeah, I was born on a planet called Eternia. And now king hiss is up my ass again, I rather not talk about it now." Johnny said as he suddenly turned to see a massive explosion.

"SHAWN!!!!!" Johnny screamed, he would have run into the blaze, but Blade held him back. When Johnny came back to his senses, he looked around, distraught.

"This was all my fault."

"That was cold, they killed their own guy just to get Shawn."

"Darkonda is immortal, heíll be back, just not any time soon, how did all this happen?" Johnny asked, trying to by time so he could calm himself down.

"Well these sweep things just started to..." A searchlight flashed onto he two of them interrupted them. A massive ship hovered above them. The light from the ship remained on the two men as the ship descended and landed in a barren highway a few feet away. The massive door opened in the front of the ship and two people walked out of the ship both aimed blasters at the two men.

"Adam, Adora? Whatís going on here?" Johnny asked.

"Trap-jaw told us everything, you conspired to destroy the royal family." Adam said sadly as they walked closer.

"Adam, Trap-jawís an idiot, I came here because of a vision, after over eight years your going to trust Trap-jaw over me?" Johnny asked almost angrily.

"There were secrets in the palace, and you were at the center of them." Adora replied.

"You want to talk about secrets, what about that courtroom, six months ago you would never have sent someone to prison for thirty years if you knew they could be brought back to the right side, and what about Skeletor." Johnny asked.

"Skeletor, what are you talking about? Heís dead."

"Then why is a statue of him standing where the statue of liberty used to be?" Johnny asked. Suddenly thirty sweeps shined their targeting lasers on the four, they would have turned to the ship, but it suddenly took off and flew away. Johnny sadly raised his hands, Adam, Blade, and Adora all followed his example.

"Hi guys, I guess weíre in the wrong planet huh?" Johnny asked just before they ushered him into a transport ship.


"Like old times huh?" Johnny asked as he hung from the chains that were mounted to the stone wall inside the dark cobblestone room. Suddenly a door opened from within the room, cutting a slab of light through the darkness. He wore a silk-like black hood and cape, his face hidden in the shadows, with steel cloth draped over his shoulders and a long steel staff with a cold goatís head at the top. Johnny had an idea of who it was, but he needed to be sure.

"What have you done here?" Johnny asked.

"You have no Idea what you have done when you left this planet. I searched for you for decades you would have been the one to lead me into Grayskull, but you had to go to Eternia the second I found you. Not only that, but you knew of my existence before I could find you, but it made little difference. I struck a deal with Galvatron, and now all the decepticons are under my control, and I didnít need to use any foolish mind control spells like I did with those fools Beast-man and Mer-man." The man said as he looked up at Johnny, a villainous look on his face, it glowed a light yellow, with no eyes.

"If it wasnít Johnny than who was the spy?" Adam asked.

"Iím afraid that would be Me." a voice said from the open doorway, the light hid the womanís face, but Johnny knew the voice.

"No. Please god in heaven no." Johnny said as the woman walked up to the hooded man and leaned up next to him. "Why Cidney? "

"Why? Why not, I was never real, thereís a Cidney on every world in the multiverse, but there was never a real Cidney, every one was created in a lab by tall dark and mysterious here." She said as she kissed the skull cheek on the hooded manís face. Johnny let himself hang from chains.

"And you my old enemy, if horde prime and Hordak werenít able to kill me, what makes you thing you could kill me, I cannot be killed, I am the lord of destruction, a demon, a spirit of evil who will simply choose another host." Adam had an honest look of fear on his face. "I now leave you to your fate, I go to take over the now unprotected Castle Grayskull." Skeletor said evilly as he turned and walked away, leaving Cidney behind.

"Eight years, you played me for over eight years, how could you, even robotís I know have more heart than that." Johnny said with tears in his eyes.

"He made me after learning from the mistakes on Faker, he gave me an evil emotion system."

"Was it all a lie? Every kind word, every kiss, every night alone together?" Cidney said nothing, she just held up his chin, and slapped him hard, and then with an evil smile, she walked out of the room, slamming it shut behind her.

"So what do we do now?" Blade asked.


"NOTHING?" The three of them asked all at once.

"Nothing, Skeletor has won, weíve lost everything, the powers of Grayskull, the Sorceress, my planet, Cidney...thereís nothing left." Blade started to get angry.

"Look pal, Iíve known you for all but two minutes and until now youíve proven to be a great hero, unless you want to join that asshole, Skeletor, you will help me get free." Johnny simply groaned silently, then peeled off his wristwatch and handed it to Blade.

"Press the second button to the left." Johnny ordered with a whimper in his voice. Blade pressed the button and a laser shot from the face of the watch, cutting through his chains. Once free, Blade used the watch to cut through the chains of Adam and Adora. He would have cut through Johnnyís when Johnny gave Blade a cold stare.

"Leave me, I donít want to fight anymore, for me at least thereís nothing left." Adam signaled for Adora and Blade to start to walk off and Adam looked at his old friend.

"Johnny, we all cared about Cidney but we have to face facts, Skeletor did this, he has to pay for all heís done to us, to you, and your father. Johnny gave Adam an angry look.

"You donít know a damn thing about my father. My father was Skeletor for Christ sake! For eight years Iíve been a pawn in the multiverse, if not played by Thanos, king hiss or Skeletor, itís the Beyonder, of Zodak, or even my own mother, I say no more, no more puzzles, no more tricks, no more fighting! You do what you must, but I wonít fight anymore." Adam wanted to say more, but had nothing more to say, there was nothing more to say. Adam simply sighed.

"I pity you old friend, Iíll be back." Adam said as he walked off.


"Jonathan..." A voice said from within the shadows. Johnny looked up, his scratchy facial hair giving him a more age-ravaged look.

"Who speaks?" Johnny asked as he hung from the wall.

"Jonathan, you still have evil to battle." A woman said, as she stepped out from the shadows, her falcon headdress and rainbow feathered cape made her identity all too clear.

"What do you want mother, isnít heaven to your liking?"

"Why do you give in?" The spirit asked.

"Cidney was playing me, she worked for Skeletor for eight years, and she never had any feelings for me, it was all one big lie."

"My son, she was never an automaton, she was real and always was."

"So she isnít a robot created to destroy me?" Johnny asked unbelievingly.

"She is not a robot, but she was created by Skeletor, but any feelings she held were genuine, Skeletor still has those mind control spells." Johnny groaned.

"Even if that were true, what can I do now, I donít have the power to fight Skeletor, and He-Man and She-Ra are trapped forever in that sword I foolishly slammed into Grayskullís side." As if by magic, the long sword Johnny hadnít seen since he had imprisoned it in Grayskullís stones. The sword split in half and fell to the ground; the two halves of the sword of power lay pointing at Johnny. They started to glow, and a blast of energy shot Johnny in the chest. Johnny gasped as he felt a burning in his chest.

"What have you done?"

"There is no longer a Sorceress in the universe now, there is only a sorcerer, only you can decide if you wish to let the universe survive, and remember, Cidney resides within that universe." The Sorceress said as she faded away into the darkness. Johnny, led by an unknown anger, struggled and ripped the chains off the wall, taking some stones and concrete off the wall with it. Johnny then unclipped the chains from his wrists and ripped his shirt off, using the torn cloth to hide the two swords from view as he strapped them to his back.

"Time for some pay back!" Johnny said as he kicked the door open and walked off, swords safely at his back.


"So what your saying is that Johnny is a fortune teller?" Blade asked as they walked down the cold endless halls.

"More or less, he predicted the last Great War and gave us the advantage that saved us." Adam said as they stopped to rest.

"So how do we fight, Skeletor has all the power and we are just three people." Adora asked.

"We may be mortal, but we still have the knowledge, we may be able to fool him somehow."

"Itís rarely that easy." Johnny said as he walked towards them.

"How did you escape?" Blade asked.

"It doesnít matter, Adam, Adora, I imprisoned the power of Grayskull because I thought it was no longer needed. Now itís time I undo my mistake." Johnny said as he pulled out the two sword halves and handed on half to the twins. They felt the swords hot steel within their hands.

"You both once again hold the power." Adam was shocked.

"How...what about my killing Skeletor?" Adora asked.

"When my mother died, I was given one wish to try to make the multiverse better. I used that wish to imprison the two swords in Grayskull, but unfortunately I used a shard of the Em'cron crystal to fuse the two swords into one, so you now each have half of a source of power that could destroy the universe. So do me a personal favor and keep them away from each other." Johnny said with a weary smile.

"So whatís our plan?" Blade asked.

"First things first." Adam said as he gave his sister a sinister smile and they both raised their swords to the air.

"BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL..." Adam yelled as a bolt of lightning harmlessly passed through the ceiling and struck the sword, engulfing Adam in its brilliant glow.

"FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL..." Adora said as the same bolt of lightning struck her sword.

"I HAVE THE POWER!" Adam said as he transformed into his alter ego, HE-MAN.

"I AM SHE-RA!" Adora said as she transformed into She-Ra.

"By the Matrix!" Blade said as he watched the two siblings transformed into the two classic and long lost heroes. "Um, okay, so what now?" Blade asked.

"He-Man, you and She-Ra find and stop Skeletor, stop him, donít kill him, those old rules still apply. Blade, you go find Andros and trap-jaw."

"I have to go back to the building you found me at first." Johnny showed no emotion.

"Be quick about it, we may need you." Johnny said as he started to walk off.

"Where are you going?" Adam asked.

"I have to see a robot about a woman." Johnny said as he walked off, a strange staff seemed to appear in his hand.


"AH, soon all of Eternia will be mine, once I gain control of the Earthís military defense systems. I can wage a full planetary assault of Eternia, horde prime should have tried to take over this planet and used it to take over Eternia, the war would have been over in seconds." Skeletor said to himself as he peered down at the massive orb that illuminated the room.

"Itís been along time bone head." A voice said from behind him, Skeletor turned and scowled as he saw his oldest foe and his twin sister.

"Will I ever be rid of you?" Skeletor asked in a blind rage as he shot a bolt of lightning from his fingertip. He-Man blocked the blast with his sword and reflected it into a wall, making a hole in it. "You aim is still off." He-Man said as he charged at the lord of destruction. Skeletor blocked the swordsí blow with his havoc staff, staring angrily at He-Man.

"I will destroy you this time, Iíve worked too hard to fail to you now," he said angrily and he struggled against He-Manís hulking strength. He-Man suddenly grew fearful at the fact that Skeletor was actually matching his strength.

"Youíve had my strength before Skeletor, what makes you think this time will be any different?" He-Man asked.

"Because this time it isnít a one time occurrence, there were many unexplained phenomena on this planet before I came here, like a fountain of youth for example, I have lived here secretly for some time solving these mysteries and using them to my advantage. And there is no going back, I am a god now!" Skeletor said as he forced He-Man off of him and swung his havoc staff into his face, knocking He-Man down. He-Man shook it off and looked up to see the havoc staff aimed at his chest, the head of the staff giving off and eerie green glow.


Johnny found a majestic staff in his hand and realized that the Orrin was mounted at the top of the staff. He found it quite dignified and decided not to ask himself about it. He eventually found himself in a massive thrown room. One of the three thrones in the room was much bigger than the others; in fact it looked exactly like the collasor monument back on Eternia. Johnny shook the memory aside as he struggled to decide what to do.

"God I wish I had left Blade with me, or at least brought Spidey with, or maybe I should have tried to get a hold of Tai or Agumon, I could really use another opinion."

"Itís not an opinion youíll need." An all too familiar voice said from behind Johnny. He turned to see a giant robot behind him, with a red canon mounted to his arm.

"Galvatron, what are you doing here?" Johnny asked? Just then someone walked out from behind the robot.

"Cidney." Johnny decided something instinctively. "Cid, remember when we left Eternia the first time?" Johnny got the wrong answer when she pointed a gun at Johnny. "Come on Cid, you know me, why would I try to trick you, I care about you, I ...I guess I never told you.... But I." Johnny was interrupted.

"He is your enemy, Skeletor is your creator, he is your father, and all he wants in return is to destroy your enemy. All you must do is pull the trigger." Galvatron said evilly. Cidney struggled for a moment, then pulled the trigger. A laser blast whizzed through Johnnyís shoulder sending him to the ground.

"Cid, remember, remember when we left Eternia. What did you say to me? Remember what I said back to you... Cid, I love you." another laser whizzed by his head, but fell short. Johnny slowly stood to his feet; Cidney now trembled, the gun shaking in her hands.

"He is your enemy, he will destroy you." Galvatron yelled.

"You know thatís not true Cid, I love you, and as the old song goes, "I donít care who you are, where youíre from, or what you did as long as you love me." Cidney simply continued to tremble as Johnny slowly stepped in closer, tears started to stream down Cidneyís face. Johnny walked over, calmer now, and gently pulled the gun away and hugged her.

"J. Johnny, I Iím so sorry for what Iíve done. I..."

"SHHH." Johnny said as he rested his finger on her trembling lips and kissed her. The moment was interrupted by Galvatronís furious screams. Johnny simply aimed the blaster at Galvatronís head.

"Time to die Decepticon." Johnny said as he fired the laser, the blast nicked the fusion canon and it started to steam. "I guess this is our cue to skidoo." Johnny said as he led the still shaken woman out of the room. They were twenty feet down the corridor when the rooms behind them shook and dust and debris floated out of the room. "I guess he forgot to pay the gas bill." Johnny said with a smile. Cidney gave a weary smile. That smile faded when she looked down to see the sword that had been sent threw her chest. Johnny looked at her in terror and she returned is fearful gaze as the sword holderís sword was pulled from her chest and Johnny caught her nearly lifeless body in her arms.

"I. Iím sorry I betrayed you. I wish I could have had the chance to make it up to you." Cidney said as she started to cough up blood.

"Donít say that Cid, Iíll gave you I promise." Johnny said as she went limp.

"Aw poor boy, losing his little woman." Darkonda said as he stood over him. Johnny looked up at the monster, a vengeance burning in his eyes. Johnny immediately pulled out the blaster and shot Darkonda down, but this time, before he hit the ground, Johnny aimed his staff at the monster at him and a blue fog hovered over Darkonda.

"Why havenít I disappeared?" He asked, scared for the first time in years.

"Because I wonít allow it, I have power now you leech, and when you reach hell, and you will go there this time, say hi to Satan for me, and that Iíll be coming for him soon." Johnny said as he shot Darkonda again, vaporizing the monster for the last time. He then quickly picked up his lifeless love and raced off at top speed.


Skeletor was reveling in the near defeat of his oldest enemy so much that he was surprised to find She-Ra lunging over him, choking him with her superhuman strength. But Skeletor swung her off and returned to face He-Man. But He-Man was already on his feet, his sword aimed at Skeletor. But for some unknown reason the sword began to glow, and a blue flash shot from the sword and struck Skeletor in the chest. Skeletor stumbled for a moment, but was now in a mindless rage.

"NO, you bungling fool, do you know what youíve done? Iím mortal!" Skeletor said as he swung his staff, an odd green fog blanketed the room and Skeletor disappeared within it. "I will return to conquer Eternia, and I will rule it. And you will be ash underneath my feet." Skeletor said as he evaporated, almost immediately, the building began to shake. He-Man immediately raced over to She-Ra and helped her to her feet.

"We have to get out of here, NOW!" He said as he led the way to the exit, but when they reached the front door, it was already covered with rock and plaster. "I guess we go up." He-Man said as he and She-Ra raced up the stairwell. When they reached the roof, Johnny and Cidneyís lifeless bodies were already there to meet them.

"What do we do now?" Johnny asked as a shadow covered the rooftop. Johnny looked up to see a saucer shaped ship hanging in the sky.

"Itís the Eternia!" She-Ra said as Johnny ran up to her.

"She-Ra, Please, heal her!" Johnny pleaded. She-Ra nodded and rested her hand on Cidneyís wound, and the blood stopped pouring. The building began to shake harder as her eyes began to flutter. She-Ra wouldnít let her out of her arms at first. She held her as she jumped some fifteen feet into the open shipís shuttle bay. As Cidney walked away from the shipís edge, she saw the Astro mega ship.

"Jump Johnny!" He-Man yelled. Cidney turned to see Johnny now hanging on the edge of the ship.

"NO!" Cidney yelled as she slid across the bayís floor and grabbed Johnnyís arms just before he fell to the crumbling building below. She then noticed that it wasnít just the building; the whole planet was now alive with flame. "I wonít let you go, I ...I love you."

"Cid, this is it, thereís no time!" Johnny said as he handed her his staff. "Donít forget me Cid, I love you." Johnny said as he let go of Cidneyís hand. Cidney watched helplessly as she watched the man she loved fall, and become engulfed in the flames below. Cidney wearily stood up and walked into the corner of the bay and sat there as Teela and Blade walked into the room.

"Whereís Johnny?" Blade asked. He-Man and She-Ra exchanged a saddened look.

"No." Teela said in shock as she started to weep. Meanwhile, Blade looked through the small porthole overlooking the Earth from space. The planet seemed to give off more light than the sun, as the planet continued to burn.

"My home... Whatís left for me now?" He asked. He-Man walked up to Blade.

"You can honor Johnnyís memory, by fighting by our side as a defender of Grayskull." Blade nodded sadly as he watched the planet burn.

"Skeletor... Youíre going to pay for this!" Blade vowed as the ship sped towards the wormhole that led to their reality, leaving the dead planet behind, for the last time.


Cidney lay in her bed, hating herself for what she had done to the man she had loved, mind trick or no; she was the reason he died on that planet. As she struggled to sleep, the staff Johnny had handed her started to glow. A fog began to emerge from the staff and created a form at her bed stand.

"CIDNEY..." A voice said. Cidney sat up in shock.

"J...Johnny!" Cidney said in fear and relief at the same time.

"Cid...I can return, but I ask you to only bring me back if Iím needed."

"But...I want you to be with me. I was the reason you died."

"No, I decided to end it, He-Man and She-Ra can fight the fight on their own, but Iím not needed."

"Damn it Johnny, you are needed, I need you."

"Do what you must, just let me rest for at least a week, Iím with my parentís for the first time." Cidney nodded.

"I love you." Cidney said sadly.

"I love you, too." Johnny said as he blew her a kiss and faded away in a cloud of fog. And for the first time since they returned to Eternia, she slept peacefully.


Even though she knew she could bring Johnny back and it was more like a vacation than a death, the funeral was one of the saddest things she ever saw.

"Eternia and the multiverse have lost a great person, someone who always put the good of the universe above his own problems, and never asked for anything in return." King Adam said as a tear trickled down his cheek. "Johnny Springs will be missed, and I know from personal experience that he would not want any kind of praise. But I also know that he deserved more praise than any god I can think of. So, as my first official action as king of Eternia, We will build a shrine to Eterniaís greatest hero and of all those who were lost along with him, and also as a reminder to any who wish to challenge the forces of good. A man named Zodak once told me that good and evil were equal, that if one side grew to powerful that it would cause an imbalance, but if evil is supposed to have some leeway, how long would it be before it attacked the good again? I say no more, to hell with this balance, The evil will not only be balanced, but driven into the ground and buried forever, WHOíS WITH ME?" The thousands in attendance cheered, all except for Cidney. As she walked out of the mob of cheering bystanders, a man in a long trench coat walked beside her.

"You know I canít allow an imbalance." The man said without turning his head.

"And you know I will stop at nothing to get him back, and when I do, Zodak, the universe will be safe again from evil." Cidney said back, not turning her own head.

"I give you one warning," Zodak said as he stepped ahead to face her, "If you challenge the counsel of the Zodakians, you not only put yourself in danger but the life of your unborn child." Zodak said as he walked off, leaving Cidney with a ghost white look on her face.


"The child of the traveler will have a good mother." Zodak said as he withered away like a passing fog. Cidney raced right to Duncanís workshop, not sure what to expect. When she got there the lights were turned off. Cidney reached for the light switch, but it didnít work.

"Duncan?" She called.

"Whoís there?" A voice asked.

"Is that you Duncan?" Cidney asked. A light flashed to life from within the darkness, Duncanís fear and age-ravaged face was partly visible at the edge of the light.


"What happened, Duncan?" Cidney asked as she walked up to Duncan through the darkness."

"I found the traitor, it was just a common guard. When he learned that Teela and everyone was going to Earth he had reported to Skeletor, the only problem was, he didnít know I was here, I slowly pulled out a blaster, there was a struggle, the weapon went off and he..." Duncan trailed off.

"Itís okay, it happens to the best of us. I...thereís more bad news, we should talk."


Morbius and lizard man sat on a large rock outside the royal palace, admiring the sun.

"I canít remember the last time I saw any sun." Morbius said happily.

"I canít remember the last time I was without it." Lizard man said in his raspy voice.

"Tell me friend, what do you think our next course should be, with our friend no longer among us?" Morbius asked.

"I donít know, what would he want next in his mourning?" Lizard man asked back.

"If I knew anything about Johnny, he wouldnít want us to mourn, he would want to celebrate his long and well spent life." Morbius said, pondering a thought.

"Are you saying we should have a party?"

"Yes my good friend, that is exactly what I am saying." Morbius said in his Transylvanian accent.


"Skeletor did WHAT!" King hiss asked in rage as he sat in the throne of bones and rotting flesh.

"He destroyed the planet, nothing survived." Darkonda said as he bowed before the serpent king, not daring to look at him. Hiss slowly walked down from his thrown and circled the evil monster.

"If Skeletor is in fact mortal and returning to Eternia, than it will only be a matter of time before he returns here, if he does return than he will regain the ability to travel through the multiverse, I cannot allow that, and I also cannot allow another failure!" Hiss said, as a serpent burst threw his gauntlet and bit into Darkondaís shoulder. Darkonda spasmed in pain as the serpentís vice like grip held onto the monsters shoulder. "You see my lackey, if I let a soldier of mine fail and work again, that soldier would continue to fail with no fear of consequence."

"Please, master, think of my years of loyal service, even killing Dark Specter for you. "I wonít fail you again." Darkonda pleaded as he felt the snake venom, already flowing towards his brain. King hiss thought there for a moment.

"One more failure and my Anti-venom wonít be able to save you." hiss said as he released his grip and tossed Darkonda the anti-venom. "A third dose of venom is incurable." Hiss added as Darkonda scrambled for the anti-venom vial. "Now tell me about this new enemy, this Stryfe." hiss asked as he casually walked down the cavern.

"He... He was found on Earth before it was destroyed and. and he has the hard drive." Hiss turned to face Darkonda, his eyes burning red.

"And the Orrin?"

"Portman has it." hiss then laughed.

"How Ironic, Skeletorís greatest creation rebels against him, and now holds the only weapon that can destroy him. But as amusing as it is, it can no longer be, remove any proof of our stay here, and we will return to Etheria. The fright zone has been abandoned for some time now. Round up the remaining hordes men and that vampire that surfaced some time ago, that Dracula, and meet me at the fright zone, the time will come when we will rule the multiverse, and that time is sooner than any could think."


Beast-man and Mer-man sat in a dingy cell in the royal prison, but other than their current environment, they had been treated in the best of care. Transported in luxury in a royal zoom chariot, feed luxurious meals, and treated like honored guests, and the two had never been more confused.

"Why are we here?" Mer-man asked in his watery voice as a cell door opened and closed some feet away. They were surprised to see Princess Adora walk up to their cell.

"Why are we here, were we not tortured enough at our trial?" Beast-man asked with a growl that was more of a speech impediment.

"Iím willing to admit I was wrong, the two of you have been granted a full pardon, provided you stay away and never join Skeletor again." Beast-man and Mer-man looked at each other in shock.

"We would ask to be given royal protection." Adora found little surprise in the request and opened the cell.

"You guys got it."


Cidney sat in the royal library, pondering what to do with her life. Every thing had changed in her life since she had met Johnny over five years ago. And in the end she finds out that she was literally made for Johnny, Skeletor had created her in a lab, somehow impregnated a young woman with her genetically created DNA, and was only able to control her for about ten minutes. Had Johnny really made that much of an impact on her, or was living on Earth enough to teach her right from wrong? All these thoughts raced threw her head as Adam and Adora walked up to her.

"You two know, donít you?" She asked. "How?"

"Duncan told us and Teela." Adam replied.

"How long have you known?" Adora asked.

"Some time on the Eternia, I could feel something inside me. Like a piece of Johnny was still with me. Honestly, it felt like I really hadnít lost him, but I had a dream last night, that Johnny visited me in my sleep. He said itís possible to bring him back. But he asked me to wait at least a week." Adam rubbed his chin.

"I think we should respect his wishes but weíre going to need him back if Skeletor decides to resurface. I think we should keep this a secret until itís necessary."

"What about Blade?" Adora asked.

"I think we should tell him, but wait until I tell him, Iíll do it sometime next week. But I feel so empty without Johnny." Adam gave a small smile.

"Morbius had a pretty good idea about giving Johnny a farewell party, with Johnnyís supposed return, I think we should invite anyone we can in the multiverse. Spider-man, the Ninja Turtles, the whole works, what do you guys think?"

"A lot of people will have to be sought out, like Thor and the turtles." Cidney added.

"Iím willing to do some friend hunting if you two want to get the royal hall prepped while Iím gone." Adora said with a smile.

"Me too." Blade said as he walked into the room. Adam and Cidney smiled.

"The kids can even pay their respects." Adam said happily. "Okay, sis, you go after the ninja turtles and Blade can take the Eternia and find Voyager, if Janewayís willing to join the party."

"Youíll have to give me coordinates."

"That wonít be a problem."


Chakotay was fighting fatigue as he watched the bridge of Voyager as he saw a light flicker on his chair.

"Commander, thereís a message coming through on subspace." Ensign Kim said as he tapped on his own keypad.

"On screen." Chakotay replied. The sea of stars that covered the screen was replaced with the enlarged face of Princess Adora.

"Your highness, to what do we owe the honor of your call?" Chakotay asked.

"A lot of things have happened since you last visited, we would ask you to return to Eternia, weíre sending an escort vessel."

"Your highness, with all due respect, we are on an important mission, I can talk to the captain but..." He was cut off.

"King Randor has past away lately, but thatís not why Iím talking to you right now, Johnnyís dead, and weíre inviting you to a farewell party. The senior staff and the entire crew are invited." Chakotay was speechless, as was the entire senior staff, even Tuvok couldnít think of something to say, but after a few moments Tuvok spoke wearily.

"He was a kind and caring man, who deserves our full respect, I hardly think that a party would be the best way to honor his memory."

"We think itís what Johnny would have wanted. The ship is already on its way, I hope you will show our friend on board the same courtesy you have shown me. He will be in your sector in four hours." Adora said as the screen changed back to the sea of stars. Chakotay took a deep breath and headed for the captainís ready room.

"You have the Bridge, Tuvok." He said as he walked into the office.


"We have to alter coarse." Chakotay said to the captain who was staring at her little computer screen.

"Weíre on an important mission, what is so important that it canít wait?"

"The traveler is dead." Janeway looked up at Chakotay, a look of fear in her face.


"We donít know, Princess Adora has invited us to a farewell party, and has sent a ship to meet us in four hours." Janeway gave a sad breath.

"We can afford to alter course, but this coincidence canít be ignored." Janeway said as she turned the screen around showed Chakotay its contentís.

"Ensign Knight, I donít get it."

"I never heard of him until a few weeks ago, for some reason he seemed familiar so I did a background check, other than his Starfleet training, thereís nothing, like he doesnít exist. Heís an exact duplicate of Johnny."

"Whatís your thoughts, clone, transporter mishap?"

"No, he was born, he had parents, but something stuck out in our last visit with Johnny, you remember Johnny talking about doubles?"

"You think this Knight is this realityís double?"

"Itís to much of a coincidence, Iíve asked Seven to investigate, see if thereís any similarityís."

"Why only realize this a few weeks ago, between the two of us we know every crewmen on this ship, how would he have never noticed this man?" Chakotay asked.

"His evaluation sheet said heís a loner, has very few friends on Earth and even less on the ship. He seems to be a mystery boy, but he seems to have most of Johnnyís attributes, same age, same height, and weight. But I think we should hold further speculation until after Sevenís report."

"You realize that all the information on the traveler has to stay away from the federation, other than out treaty with Eternia." Janeway leaned back in her chair.

"You donít need to remind me of my own rules." Janeway said as she took a sip of her coffee.


A young man was hard at work relining phase converters of a shuttle in cargo bay one on the Starship Voyager when a tall slender woman walked into the relatively empty cargo bay. Hearing the bay doorís open and close, the ensign looked up, and his head collided with the shuttleís floor. The ensign rubbed his head as he slid himself out from under the shuttle and stood up to meet whoever entered the bay, rubbing the bruise under his hair.

"Are you damaged?" Seven of Nine asked as she walked into the room.

"Only my pride." the ensign said as he searched his pile of tools.

"Identify yourself." Seven added.

"Names knight, chance night, could you please talk normally?" Chance asked as he slipped himself back under the shuttle.

"I must apologize, tell me, how long have you served on Voyager?" She asked as chance struggled against a stubborn shuttle part.

"Since we left Deep Space Nine and got stuck out here." chance said as the part he had struggled with, flew out of the shuttle and rolled out of reach. "Aw shit!" He said as he rolled out from under the shuttle and searched the silver floor for the bolt.

"If I may ask, how are your feelings about being stranded in the delta quadrant?" Seven asked as she watched chance search for the bolt.

"Honestly, other than the constant excitement, I havenít really noticed."

"Have you no friends or family?"

"Nope, familyís dead and never had any friends, not much to look at am I?" Chance asked as he stood up, discovering the bolt and returning to the shuttle, entering the shuttle threw the back door and working on the open floor panel within the shuttle.

"I donít understand the question."

"Itís not a question itís an expression. So what brings you to my neck of the ship?" Chance asked.

"I was looking over the crew manifest and became curious after reading your report." Chance was surprised, but only for a moment, and never let it show. Crew reports were open only to the senior staff.

"What makes me so interesting?" Chance asked with a sarcastic tone.

"You seem to have no history, it seems odd."

"Thatís what I wanted, I stay out of the spotlight as much as I can. I like to keep a low profile." chance said as he twisted the bolt back into place. He smiled as he heard the computer voice blare.

"Shuttle transporter at one hundred seventy percent." Chance sat up and wiped the liquid off his fingers.

"That seems difficult."

"Only if youíre not willing to make sacrifices." Chance said as he put the floorboard back in place. Seven followed him as he picked up the tools and walked out of the shuttle bay.

"You must have some sort of personal information, no one can simply be empty." Chance stopped and looked at Seven.

"Are you sure, you were a Borg once, thatís common knowledge, are you so sure you werenít like that once?" Chance asked as he entered the engineering department and returned his tools.

"Are you to busy to repair the transporters in transporter room three?" LT. Torres asked as chance almost walked out.

"Iíd rather not, lieutenant, my shift is over." Chance said as he walked out of the room, leaving Seven and Torres standing in the room.

"Seems to have a lot of issues." Torres said as she returned to work.

"Indeed." Seven said as she walked out of the room.


When chance got his orders to report to the captains ready room, he thought he had been reported by Lt. Torres, but while riding the turbo lift he realized that that wasnít likely, they werenít children, whining whenever they didnít get their way, they were Starfleet officers. When he stepped off the turbo lift and onto the bridge, he was hit with a certain awe as he took in his new environment.

"Um, excuse me, whereís the captains ready room?" Chance asked.

"The door to the right." The Vulcan lieutenant said as Chance followed the Vulcanís finger and pressed the doorbell.

"Come in." Janeway said as chance entered.

"Welcome to the bridge Mr. knight." Janeway said as she peered out at the blanket of stars behind her chairs.

"Whatís going on captain? Why the sudden interest in me?" The captain turned her chair to face him.

"What brings you to that conclusion?" Janeway asked.

"Permission to speck freely sir?" Chance asked.


"I donít like to be toyed with, so you either tell me whatís going on here, or I turn in my resignation." Janeway gave a great smile.

"Johnny was right, there are real duplicates."

"What are you talking about?" Janeway whirled her monitor around to show the screen to chance.

"What do you know about Johnny springs?" She asked.

"Good god, he looks just like me." Chance said as he stared down at the photo of the man heís only known as the traveler.

"Answer the question ensign."

"Well, just what I read in history, his involvement with the captain Kirkís crew about 90 years ago."

"Well what Iím about to tell you is not to leave this room do you understand me?" The captain asked, a stern look on her face.

"Yes captain."

"The traveler was alive until two days ago, and he has helped keep this crew alive on several occasions. And we owe him everything. And you seem to have an odd connection to him."


Cidney lay in bed, the night before she would start her journey to find her old friends, and felt something move within her and suddenly had a terrifying feeling. One that would create sleepless nights for many weeks to come. What if what Skeletor did to create her would effect her child, what if the child wouldnít survive, what if the child would be born loyal to Skeletor, this one thought terrified her more than anything sheís ever seen or felt before.


Chance looked over the endless sheets of information only known to the Voyager senior staff and was shocked to see the similarities.

"What the hell is this? Lives in another dimension, fights mystical demons and monsters, this guy isnít human, who the hell is this man?" he asked in confusion.

"That man, fortune teller," Blade said from behind, standing inside the open doorway." The man was simply a fortune teller." He said as he walked into the room, Orko floating behind him.

"Nameís Blade Stryfe, I here your captain Janeway."





Johnny is gone, and Eternia must now adapt, but with new visitors in immediate danger, and our newest ally on missions of his own, will He-Man, She-Ra, Morbious and our friends be enough to defend the planet from all forms of evil?

On April 28th, on the official Masters Of The Universe day, celebrate with old friends and read the astonishing climax....

"Back From Beyond."