The Evil Horde.


Horde-Prime: Evil two-headed soverign leader of the Evil Horde.

Hordak: Leader of the Evil Horde. Horde-Prime's 2nd in command and brother.

Imp: Hordak's polymorphing pet.

Shadow Weaver: Evil Horde sorceress.

Scorpia: Evil woman/scorpion Horde member.

Catra: Evil Horde squad leader with the ability to become a feline.

Modulok: Horde scientist with the ability to alter his body.

Multibot: A robotic version of Modulok that can be added to him.

Mantenna: Horde enforcer with "pop out" eyes.

Leech: Horde enforcer with the ability to drain people's energy.

Grizzlor: Hairy beast-like henchman in the Horde.

Dragstor: Horde warrior that is part man, part vehicle.

Mosquitor: Horde enforcer who can drain people's blood.

Red Eye: Evil cousin of Kowl's that joined the Horde.

Horde Troopers: Robotic Troops for the Evil Horde.

Octavia: A major Horde officer.

Entrapta: An evil woman who could squeeze the life out of anyone who crossed her path with her hair.

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