Journey to Earth.
by Teela.

Part 1. Part 2.
Part 3. Part 4.
Part 5. Part 6.
Part 7.

Part 1.

Xena and Gabrielle looked out ahead, trying to determine just how much farther it was to the Island of crete. The boat creaked beneath their feet and Gabrielle was having a tough battle of keeping her lunch in her stomach.
Hercules and Iolaus sat on the deck behind them, keeping their course steady. They were all going to Crete together to celebrate Midsummer's Eve and to meet Jason and Hercules mother, who were still on their own honeymoon. They had decided to take a second honeymoon a month ago--to Crete. Naturally, they invited Hercules and Iolaus to come and celebrate Midsummers with them. Xena and Gabrielle had bumped into them while bargaining for a boat. It seemed that they were on their way to Crete, too. There had been a Calisto sighting on the island and they intended to check it out.
"How much longer, Xena?"
"I don't know, Gabrielle. I don't even see the island, yet--"
Her words were cut off as the boat rocked beneath their feet. All four of them grabbed for something stable and held fast as their world seemed to crash in on itself--

Skeletor laughed as he began his spell. He had been scrying into Earth's past, searching for warriors that he could use against He-Man and Grayskull. He had found these four and had delighted when he saw Xena's dark past. He was confident that he could turn the other three as well with the same spell he intended to cast on Xena.
"Soon, the most powerful warriors of Earth's past will be MINE!" Skeletor cried as the portal beneath the boat widened.
Suddenly, the spell wrenched out of his control. He felt it slip from his mental grasp as he tried to figure out what had gone wrong--

The Sorceress of Grayskull took control of Skeletor's spell, then felt him fight for it again. She calmly battled back, using the power of Grayskull itself to keep her hold. But she couldn't reverse it. She simply tried to hold onto it and set the boat down in the wastelands, close to Grayskull.
Changing into Zoar the falcon, she flew out to help and guide these warriors Skeletor had tried to steal....

Hercules got up first, looked out around them and gasped.
Desert...nothing but desert!
"Where ARE we?" Iolaus asked as he shakily got up to his feet.
"I don't know. Hercules?" Xena asked.
"I've never seen this place before," he replied.
"What're we gonna do?" Gabrielle asked, looking around.
"I don't know," Xena replied.
A falcon's cry interruped their thoughts. They looked up and saw an orange, white and blue falcon flying in circles overhead, then it came down and changed...
Into a woman! A woman dressed as a falcon, complete with headdress! Xena started, Hercules took his defensive stance beside her and Gabrielle. Iolaus just looked stunned for a moment, then followed suit.
"Hold, warriors. I mean you no harm. I have come to help you," the woman cried, holding her hands up high in a gesture of peace.

Part 2.

"Who are you?" Xena asked coldly as she jumped down from the boat.
"I am the Sorceress of Grayskull. Welcome to Eternia," she replied calmly, lowering her arms slowly and waiting for them to make the next move.

"Who brought us here?"
"An enemy of mine...and of Eternia's."
"Who's Eternia," Gabrielle asked as she jumped down, her Amazon quarter-staff in her hands.
"Eternia is this is not a being, so to speak. Come, we must get you to safety...before that enemy of ours spots us--" "Why should we trust you?" Hercules asked, coming up to stand beside Xena. Iolaus stood beside Gabrielle, still in ready position.
"Because I am willing and able to help you. There is the matter of transport, though...One moment."
The Sorceress closed her eyes and stood there, silent for a few moments, concentrating. Suddenly, they heard a rustle overhead and looked up.
"Sorceri, what brings YOU to the desert!" a warm voice floated down. The Sorceress opened her eyes and smiled.
"Seer, I am glad to see you again. I need help in transporting these warriors to Grayskull and we need to do it quickly, before Skeletor notices where we are!"
"Skull-face up to somethin' again, huh? No problem. Down, Draka," the woman shouted.
Xena, Hercules, Gabrielle and Iolaus looked up and ducked. Above them was a blue-haired woman in a black and white outfit similar to the Sorceress' riding a large blue dragon.
The dragon circled around and landed lightly on the sand.
"Sorceress, why don't you go ahead and fly back. Draka can carry these four and I'll stretch my own wings for a bit. Come on, warriors. Climb up on Draka's neck and hang on!" the Seer cried as she changed into a large hawk, equal in size to the one they had seen change into the Sorceress. This hawk was black and white with a bright blue streak down her back.
"What are they?" Gabrielle asked as they climbed up the dragon cautiously.
"I don't know, Gabrielle. But, we'll have to be on our guard," Xena replied as they took hold of the dragon's scaley back. The Sorceress changed back into her falcon form and flew off into the distance. The hawk followed and the dragon, Draka, flew up and off at a great speed!

"That meddling Sorceress!" Skeletor cried as he watched the dragon and birds fly off on his viewscreen. "She's gotten to the warriors before I could even locate them! Drat her! Well, she'll soon be of no importance. I'll lure the warrior-woman Teela out to the desert and capture her. Once she's in my dungeon, I'll contact the sorceress and trade her for the secrets of Greyskull. I'll keep grayskull--Evil-Lynn and I will cast a spell so powerful on her that not even the Sorceress herself has any hope of breaking it!"
He laughed loud enough to shake the very walls of Snake Mountain, then began to set his new plan into motion....

Part 3.

Xena jumped down from the dragon's back after they landed outside a large, gray castle with a skull carved onto the front of it. The landscape around them was dead and the skull gave the whole place a very eerie look.
"What is this place?" Xena asked as the drawbridge lowered itself. The drawbridge, she noticed looked just like a jaw opening up to devour its prey.
"This is my home, Castle Grayskull," the Sorceress replied as the falcon swooped down and changed back into the Sorceress. She smiled and walked in, unafraid. Xena and Gabrielle exchanged worried glances and followed her inside. Hercules and Iolaus followed them and watched as the Hawk from earlier flew in and landed on the Sorceress' shoulder. They walked into a throne room and the Sorceress stood there on the steps for a moment, then turned and faced them. The Hawk flew up and changed back into the blue-haired woman, who landed lightly beside the Sorceress.
"Why did you call her Sorceri?" gabrielle asked the one the Sorceress called "Seer."
"It's my nickname for her; she calls me Seer, which is not my real name, and I call her Sorceri--a play on her own name. She saved me a couple of years ago; Skeletor had captured me and, well, he tried to steal my powers. It nearly killed me, but I was rescued and she was able to give me a second chance," Seer replied.
"Now, to the business at hand. Skeletor was the one who tried to steal you and he partially succeeded. I think it is because of your past, Xena, that he tried to take you," the Sorceress said.
"Why me?"
"Because you were once Evil and he thinks he could control you with a spell tomake you just as evil and as loyal to only him."

Teela was laying down, resting. She had had a particularly exhausting sparring practice with her father, Man-At-Arms, and she had felt the need for a nap. She allowed herself to drift...
Suddenly, she jerked awake, hearing the cry of a woman calling her name. She dressed and, with a rush of excitement, began to follow it out of the palace, then out of the city...and finally, out to the wasteland...

Phoenica, the Seer of Eternia, watched as the Sorceress explained their recent history to the warriors they had rescued. Phoenica had already been told the story of how Skeletor had tried to steal them from Earth telepathically and she paid attention now to the details of Eternia's and Etheria's past and present predicaments. It would be handy for the future.
Suddenly, she felt a flash of danger,searched andfound the person in trouble. It was Teela and she was out in the wasteland!
"Sorceri, I must go! Teela's in trouble!"
"Teela! Go quickly. When it's over, bring her here and I'll take care of any injuries you two may have."
Phoenica nodded and ran for the window, jumping out of it in a carefully calculated leap. She landed lightly on Draka, who responded as she did to teh currents of energy that told them both just who and what was in danger.
They arrived to find theyw er already too late. Teela was nowhere to be seen and the signs of battle were quite clear. As Phoenica overlooked the battle-ground, she saw traces of foot prints. One had webbed feet.
"Mereman! It must be Skeletor's henchmen who did this. C'mon, Draka! Let's go tell the Sorceress nd get help!" Phoenica cried as she jumped back up to Draka's back. Draka flew off towards Grayskull again, flying at her highest speeds.
"Seer, can you tell if Teela is still alive?" Draka asked.
"Yes, but I can't tell where she is. But, you can bet, if she's anywhere in Skeletor's grasp,its in Snake Mountain."

The Sorceress waited anxiously by the window, waiting for Phoenica's return. She had finished her tale for the warriors and had made sure that they had eaten and drank enough water to make up for any dehydration they received in the desert. She had then given them each bedrolls and allowed them to bed down in her guestroom. Night would be falling soon, but she knew she could not leave...nor sleep this night.
"Sorceress," a voice called to her. She turned and allowed the person's image to form onthe viewscreen. Sure enough, it was Skeletor. "Skeletor! Why do you contact me?"
"To tell you that I have the warrior Teela. I am willing to trade her--"
"What do you want for her freedom, Skeletor," the Sorceress asked without hesitation.
"I want Castle Grayskull,Sorceress, and its secrets. I will be there in the hour with Teela. If you do not give Grayskulla nd its secrets to me, Teela will die."
And with that the viewscreen went blank.

Part 4.

The Sorceress looked back out her window, trying to weigh the circumstances logically in her mind, but she couldn't. She knew that there was no hope for Teela if she didn't give in...and that there was no hope for the universe if she did. She would be bound by her word and wouldn't be able to violate them in any way...not even to ask for help.
But, help she knew could be brought Xena and Hercules if she asked them to go to the Palace before she gave Skeletor her word.
She went to them and gently shook them awake. She gave them a map and instructions to go to the Palace on the map and ask for He-Man's help.
"Why do you need us to go do this?" Gabrielle asked, suspicious.
"I cannot explain. I can't go myself--I have a deed I must do.
The Seer--"
"is here!" Phoenica's voice rang out. "Sorceri, Teela's gone--"
"Kidnapped by Skeletor?"
"How did you know?"
"He contacted me not too long ago and gave me an ultimatum...give Grayskull and its secrets to him or Teela will die. He wants Grayskull...and Xena and I can't allow him to have both. I want you to take them to the Palace, Seer, and get He-Man. Go now....before I give Skeletor my word."
"You're going to give in?"
"Yes...but if Teela is rescued by you and He-Man, my promise is forfeit. He will arrange to keep Teela in his grasp, no doubt, until he at least has the secrets. Leave now...before its too late."
The Seer nodded and led the others out of Grayskull. The Sorceress sent word to Skeletor to come to grayskull and claim it and waited for the inevitable...

"Sorceress, lower the jawbridge," Skeletor ordered. The Sorceress gestured from her balcony and the jawbridge opened, giving Skeletor the entrance he'd only dreamed of. He and his warriors walked in, bringing Teela with them. Teela was in chains and bruised and beat, but the fire in her eyes showed there was still sense...and that she was waiting for the right time to rebel against her captors. The Sorceress allowed them to chain her up, Skeletor having refused to set Teela free until he had the secrets of Grayskull in his possession.
"Now, my dear, tell me the Secrets of grayskull," he said as he touched the Sorceress' face with a tenderness she would not have credited him with.
"They are all around you, you have only to look," she replied wearily. Skeletor and his warriors began to search the Castle, finding nothing. Finally, nightfall came and the warriors all found places to bed down.
Skeletor chose the Sorceress' own bed and took her with him, chaining her beside it so that he could "appreciate her beauty."
He lay down in the bed and stared at her for a moment.
"I am surprised you gave up without a fight, Sorceress," he said as he reached forward to stroke her thigh.
"I wouldn't endanger Teela, Skeletor," she replied softly. He studied her for a moment, then pulled a lever, releasing her chains.
"Come here, then, my lovely prisoner, and reveal your secrets to me," he said as he pulled her close to him. He pulled off her boots, then started with her clothes when the whole castle shook.

Part 5.

Adora was at the Palace of Eternos with her brother, Adam, training on Teela's training field. They had just finished their workout when the Seer of Eternia came up with four visitors.
"Adora, Adam!" the Seer cried as she ran up. Draca, her dragon, landed softly behind her, carrying two men and two women, all warriors. "He-Man and She-Ra are needed immediately. Will you go find them?"
"Of course, Seer, but what's going on?"
"Skeletor has captured Teela and is holding her prisoner. He's delivered an ultimatum to the Sorceress; give him Grayskull and it's secrets or Teela dies. Hurry, there's no time to lose!"
Adam and Adora rushed off and found a secluded place quickly. Raising her sword, Adora cried "For the Honor of Grayskull!"
Beside her, she could see her own brother beginning his transformation even as she finished and emerged as She-Ra, defender of the Crystal Castle, Etheria and Castle Grayskull.
When they were finished, they ran back to the Seer and Draca. "This is Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus. Skeletor kidnapped them to make them into slaves but the Sorceress saved them. Now he has Teela....and by now he has the Sorceress," the Seer explained.
"It's nightfall now," He-Man pointed out. "If we go there now, we just might be able to take them by surprise. Draca, can you carry all six of us?" He-Man asked.
"Of course," Draca laughed. "It's easy when you're a dragon! Seer, will you fly?"
"Yes, I need to sort things out before we go in. He-Man, I hope you and She-Ra have a plan because I'm stumped on this one."
"I think I know what He-Man has in mind," She-Ra replied as she and her brother swung up. We're going to take the back way in."
"The back way?"
"YES, the back way," He-Man replied with a chuckle. "Poor Skeletor won't know what's hit him!"

Part 6.

Phoenica flew ahead, sending off balls of fire whirling towards CAstle Grayskull. She had sent Draca around to the "Back Way" with the others. Only Xena had insisted on staying with her.
"How much longer until we have his undivided attention?" Xena asked.

Phoenica cried out as she flew back and hit a tree. Xena landed beside her, looking like she'd been in one too many catapults.
"I think we have it," Phoenica replied with a grim smile.
Phoenica took out her quarterstaff and Xena took out her sword and, together, they approached Grayskull.

"Give up the castle and the Sorceress, Skeletor!" Xena cried.
"And release Captain Teela!" Phoenica added.
Skeletor laughed and the sound filled Phoenica with terror. It had been a long time, but she still remembered the sound of that laughter when he had tortured her and tried to steal her powers.
"Never!" Skeletor cried.

* * *

He-Man led the others through the narrow hallway, trying to make out exactly what was ahead. He could hear footsteps above him, so he motioned for everyone to be quiet, then he leaped up and grabbed the foot of Evil-Lynn!

He gagged Evil-Lynn before she could cry out and tied her up as he pulled her down into the tunnels.

"Where's the Sorceress, Evil Lynn?" he asked.
"He-Man! Oh, I knew you would come!"
"Where IS she!" Hercules asked as he came forward.
"In Skeletor's bedchamber--she's chained beside it."
"That's what I call convenient planning," She-Ra said. "This way....."

Part 7.