Masters of the Universe

"A Legacy Unfolds"

By Henry Giordanelli.

"Thereís a substance that fuels things up". "Is whatís inside dragonís blood". The Primals created this substance, and injected it into some ancient creatures, turning them into what we now call Dragons. Some old fella used to call this ancient creatures Dinosaurs, and the substance "HydroBioGeneratum" or HBG.

I met a guy, from another world that turns around Heliodus too, that claims to earn his living as an HBG-Tracer. He said heís supposed to guide mine drillers into the best path to HBG. He also said that they use HBG as a fuel to their vehicles and to warm their houses and fire their food. Those otherworlders also heal their people with a reprocessed extract of HBG. Here we know what the HBG can do if used with wrong purposes, and thatís exactly what the Horde wants to do in our WorldÖÖÖThe beautiful world of Krilwy.


Primals were a now extinct race of supreme beings, their intelligence was outstanding, but they lacked the strength and will-force to counteract the demons from Infinita. The demons from this magical dimension couldnít simply be stopped by mere scientifically created devices, with no intelligence of their own. This fact led the Primals into genetically create a race of perfect warriors, a race that with half of the Primals mental capacity but with more than three times their strength and that were good enough to keep the demons from Infinita away from the Primals interest. The Primals called this race, of near-perfect warriors, Zodakkians. The Zodakkians had the upper-hand against the demons from Infinita when the Zodakkiansí supreme general, General Zardok learn the ways of magic when he and his expeditionary crew, spent some few days in Infinita, after getting there through a portal that the Primals created for them.

Primals were pleased with the performance of his creations, so they decided to give them mates. Primals created perfect strong women to give company to their opposite sex partners. These women were superior to human women in strength and beauty, but they lacked the most precious gift of allÖthey couldnít bear a child inside their body, they had no ovaries. The Primals didnít give them the capability to breed. So in order to perpetuate their species the Zodakkians needed to go (man and woman) to a gene-mixing chamber (GMC) that only Primals controlled. If the Primals gave permission they could proceed to mix their genes inside the GMC, select the sex of their inheritor and let the GMC carry their fetus until ready to come out of it and join the rest of the universe. The plan was going good for the Primals, but they forgot that male Zodakkians could breed with other humanoids. Male Zodakkians didnít lack any piece of their sexual organs for this could tame their fierceness notoriously. Male Zodakkians that were forbidden or delayed into having a child opted for a companion different from the Zodakkian species. Among the humanoid species that could bear a zodakkian child, were Barbarians, Lernians, Elves, and Plain Humans.

The Zodakkians called other humanoids Barbarians, but the most advanced of them were the ones that kept the name. Barbarians mastered science. They didnít know about magic.

Zodakkian women didnít suffer of PMS, Menstruation or pregnancy, making them fully operational warriors for their whole adult life. As they didnít carry their children inside their belly and didnít breast-feed them these women didnít have a strong affection for their children, like Barbarian, Elf and Human mothers had for their own.

The Great-General of the Zodakkian army, Zardok, realized that magic made him very powerful, even a match to his creators. So this great politician, extremely strong and skilled warrior, and nowadays-powerful wizard easily conformed a Rebellion against the Primals. It took him less time to overthrow the Primals out of the Stellar System than to finally decide himself to do it. Almost every Zodakkian was behind Zardok. Zardok manipulated the resent the Zodakkians had for their creators and their anger for how the Primals controlled their breeding. Only Zandar, a first breed Zodakkian like Zardok, and his clan werenít too convinced on this, not for they would like Primals, but for Zardok being the leader.

After all was said and done most of the Primals were expelled, but not without closing before leaving, all connections from the rest of the Universe to the Stellar System that Zodakkians were taking for themselves. Nevertheless Primals left a backdoor.

There were some Primals that couldnít escape with the rest, some remained hidden and some others decided to ally themselves with the Barbarians, teaching them the best of the science that the Primals mastered. The Barbarians didnít call themselves that way; in fact they were an alliance of many multicultural interdependent cities, each with a different denomination for their inhabitants.

The Zandarian clan (Zandarís) was right, there was no such goodness behind Zardokís intentions. Zardok immediately installed an iron handed Empire across the Stellar System. Zardok also declared those races of sentient beings not having zodakkian blood, as Barbarians. Everything was to be reported to the Empire, control was greater than such of the cold-blooded Primals.

Of course the Zodakkian Empire was prosperous: magic and science continued to flourish, but all richness mainly belonged to houses and clans of the Empire. Although there was no poverty in the lowest levels of this society, zodakkian people couldnít choose their role in society; they were forced to belong to working communities assigned by the Empire local representatives. This deteriorated development in certain areas, and increased tension between capable workers and incompetent bosses.

Some sectors of Zodakkian clans declared themselves independent from the Empire and even allied themselves with those called Barbarians. The Empire didnít allow this independence and much less accepted Barbarians as allies, so a series of reprisals ended in war declarations from the Empire to these rebel factions.

Zandar, the most relevant leader that rebelled was a very prolific scientist and innovative magician. Zandar was in the expedition to Infinita with Zardok, so he learned magic too. Zandar and his chosen wife bred a child with genetic improvements over the rest of their race. This child was named Zandar after his father and the previous Zandar then took the name of Zandarr from then on.

Zardok realized of Zandarrís achievement and copied the gene-mixing chamber program to one of his matrixes, creating an Empire loving and defending clone with all the abilities of Zandarrís son, but with some little changes of Zardokís own. This powerful baby quickly grew to become Zardokís adoptive son and right hand, even above Zardokís own sons. This quickly grown child was named Zader (The Zodakkian thunder, lightning and ray of cosmic proportions).

Zader training and cybernetic exoskeleton gave him and edge over Zandar and the rest of the Zodakkians but Zardok.

Zardok always experimented on his body becoming the most powerful Zodakkian of all, referring on physical and magical capabilities, as well of his military and political supremacy.

Zader quickly and effectively expanded the dominion over previously unconquered territories and subjugated many opponents to the regime. But Zader had some nobility in his soul. Although his actions benefit Zardok, Zader was brave, never backstabbed someone or kill a neither woman nor child. He also took prisoners alive when they surrended.

Zader took three human women as consorts. One of them gave birth to a zodüman (or humakkian) child named Ziggard.

Zader wasnít the one and only general of their empire, but the most trustworthy, effective and proficient of all. The other supreme generals, called Heralds, were in charge of conquering new territories as well. The one that rivaled more with Zader was Zoghan (The Zodakkian Earthquake or Terramotion). Zoghan was second just because Zader existed. Zoghan was a very close second. Zader just made no mistake or had a combat flaw; Zoghan couldnít just achieve this perfect performance. But donít underestimate Zoghan he made very few mistakes, fewer than his opponents.

Another very prominent oppositor to the empire was Zor-El. Zor-El was the governor of Frillgga. Frillgga was a frigid planet with temperatures bellows zero all across his territory. In Frillgga the oceans were frozen. Zor-El managed to create a Paradise-like place in top of one of Frillgga highest mountain. This place was an automated city with some power generators with the maximum capability ever achieved by Zodakkians. This power generators were capable of generating 100 times more power than any other power generator ever built in the Heliodical System and such capacity was allowed to take place because there was no need for a Cooling System, the surrounding temperature of this world did all the job.

What made Zor-El an enemy to the empire wasnít even his refusals to join the counseling committee or his non-adulating attitude towards Zardok, instead what enraged Zardok was the fact that he married a Barbarian woman and gave her privileges and rights equals to not only the rights of any zodakkian woman but even worse, equal to the rights of a zodakkian man. This beautiful and strong barbarian woman was called Lania and she gave Zor-El the greatest gift of all, a healthy and intelligent father-loving child. This boy (a Zodakrian) was given a non-zodakkian name, "Kyan", which meant Strength and Wisdom in one of the Barbaric dialects.

Zardokís first-born son, the one called Zardikhan, was the first pureblood zodakkian child ever to be born from a zodakkian woman, carried inside her belly.

Zardok developed the ability to impregnate zodakkian women. His spermatozoids acted with uterine cells merging into a zygote that later developed into an embryo. Zodakkian women could later create a placenta to feed their fetuses until birth. The price they paid after giving birth was moderated menstruation symptoms.

Zardikhan grew-up under the loving and caring support of his mother. He grew up to realize how bad was his father. Zardikhan resented the preference Zardok gave to Zader; in fact he was jealous of Zader. But all this feelings didnít separate him from his father; he kept living in the palace and enjoying the privileges of being the prince of the Great Zodakkian Empire. All this changed when he met Zandarrís daughter, a beautiful woman with a sympathy and grace never seen before in any other zodakkian woman. It was said that only with her beauty, she took the heart of the Prince at first sight.

Even when pleased with his Heralds and even more with Zader, Zardok made a decision that changed their stellar system, the Heliodical System, forever.





Zardok ordered and personally conducted an experiment to create the ultimate fighting beast, the Doom Bringer to Zardokís enemies. This beast was a genetic improved mix of a Dragon, a White-Lion, a Fire-Ram, a clawed beast and a mutant cannibal Orc from Infinita. All the already impressive capabilities of this beast were enhanced by Zardokís magic.

The beast was fierce and destructive, had very acute hunting skills and an impressive ambushing ability. The beast wasnít an intelligent being like humanoids and morgs, but the beast was far from the contrary.

The name that Zardok gave to his horrific creation was "Ziphreus". It was a compound word that meant Swift Death to my enemies (Ziphro: swift death and Eus: enemies).

The first release of the beast was in Frillgga. Zardok gave the beast a whole horde of bestial mutant creatures to command and complete the destruction of one of his main opponents.

Zor-El wasnít naive and he expected an attack from the Empire Forces, but not from these creatures. Zor-El was preparing himself for an attack and developed and Electromagnetic Device to disrupt the Interplanetary crafts that Zodakkian Empire forces had. But this device wasnít good for attacking the Horde of beasts that came through a Portal that Zardok secretly constructed in Frillgga.

Another precaution Zor-El took was to construct a Power-sword. A Power-sword like Zandarrís Power-swords but with a power amplified by the electromagnetic radiation of Heliodus. This power-sword, as well as Zandarrís, gave the wielder an enhanced strength, agility and endurance that surpassed the rest of their race rivaling and surpassing sometimes those of Zardok, Zader and Zoghan. The other improvement Zor-El made over Zandarrís power swords was to include a solar beam projector that could melt even metals under certain conditions.

Sorrily Zor-El didnít have the chance to use this sword to defend himself from the attack of Ziphreus. He was killed before getting to it. Zor-Elís right-hand man saw the great danger in which Frillgga was and sought to save his best-friend son. He placed the child into a chamber that was carried by Krillkhod, the winged dog, and sent the magnificent animal to a secret portal that led both to a safe haven in another planet called Algeos. Along with Kyan, Krillkhod also carried the power-sword that Zor-El constructed.

This tragedy wasnít publicly related to the Emperor or Empire Forces. The beasts were officially described as monsters from Infinita, and the Massacre attributed to an unfortunate rift opening, caused by the Power-generators, that allowed these beasts to travel there from Infinita.

Further attacks to other enemies werenít so easily dismissed by the zodakkian populace and coincidence didnít explain why all the non-aligned with the Empire were the only ones affected by the alleged rift openings that transported these monsters. Zardikhan, who finally decided to betray his father, previously alerted Zandarr of Ziphreus. Zandarr also received from Zardikhan a golden disk that contained the instructions spells and formulas used by Zardok and his alchemists to construct Ziphreus.

Based on these disks, Zandarr then started to conduct the construction of some cybernetic creatures that could counteract the might of the beasts. These beings of good and fantastic abilities responsible of bringing peace again were named Archangels. The construction was complete, but Zandarr was just in need of HBG to animate them when this Ziphreus killed him. Fortunately the Archangels were made in a hidden place, just waiting for the HBG to begin to function. Ziphreus by this time was called by the name of Apollion.

He made ZOZ, the world where most of the HBG was processed, a living hell. He set on fire all the containing tanks during a confrontation with Zandarr and the Zandarian clan. This really pissed off Zardok. Zardok didnít planned loosing a world this way and more less didnít plan to loose all that valuable HBG.

What Zardok really didnít expect was the beast to get out of control and attacking the empire forces and himself.

Before getting to Zardok, Ziphreus had to battle Zader and Zoghan. Zader was wining this fight, even caused mortal injuries to the beast. But as reversal of fortune the whole bestial horde of demons attacked him at once, overpowering him and finally killing him. Zoghan escaped and helped into delaying the demons in order to allow Zaderís son to be taken to a safe place. Zoghan finally died too. Zardok was killed a little later and next to it the whole race became near-to-extinction.

In the aftermath Ziphreus was facing death, but the HBG contained in the GMC and matrixes inside Zardokís palace filled the room where he was lying and healed him and mutated it into a calculating and intelligent, yet destructive and powerful demon. Ziphreus named himself XsatharicK after that.

XsatharicK took as personal goals to improve himself as a warrior, learn the ways of magic, collect the golden disks of knowledge and eliminate all the Zodakkians, Barbarians and Primals. He needed to eliminate them all, because he felt them as the only capable of destroying him. Another thing that he has set in his mind is to accumulate all the HBG he could get and process it in a way that he could make more demons to follow him, become physically more powerful, and provide fuel to his destructive machines.

Xsatharick established an Empire of Demons across many of the worlds that Zodakkians previously ruled. XsatharicK made the burning planet of ZOZ the center of his kingdom and renamed as Hell.

The burning HBG expelled many mutagenic gases transforming many living creatures into demons, some ones that later became part of XsatharicKís demonic forces and other ones that established as separated gangs that spread terror as well.

All his destructive machines were all the remaining ones from the zodakkian empire with some cosmetic modifications. Very few times he kept barbarian machinery, Ďcause "Barbarian machinery is too complex to fix or maintain, even for the smartest morg".

Barbarians named the supreme Demon Lord as "Omadon" in all their dialects. This word means the one that inspires fear and brings destruction.




The only and last true Zodakkian that survived was Zandarrís son Zandarr.

He managed to escape to a planet where there was only one portal and only the Zandarian clan controlled it. This planet was Planet Eternia. There Zandar brought the three powerswords his father made for his sister, for Zardikhan and for him.

Zandar found refuge into an ancient castle of former evil, Castle Grayskull.

The primitive inhabitants of the planet saw Zandar as god. In fact all the Zodakkians that whereever been seen in Eternia were seen as gods. Zandar later was named Zodak, as a reference to his race.

Another Zodakkian that survived the massacre was Zanthor, but he cannot be considered a real living Zodakkian. Zanthor used magic to convert himself in a living ghost, avoiding this way ending dead at the hands of Ziphreus. Zanthor was the keeper of the golden disks of knowledge. He managed to hide many of the disks, but few where found by Ziphreus.

Inside castle Grayskull Zodak devised portals to other planets and dimensions, trying to find a place where some powerful people to make an alliance in order to prevent XsatharicK from putting the whole stellar system under his demonic rule. But what Zodak wanted more was to find Primals and convince them to open the portals to rest of the Universe.

The Zodak easily passed as a god among the people of Eternia because of the following:

But little people knew that he could be killed as any other living being, although he has an endurance and resistance that no eternian man of those times could match.

Zodak had three consorts (one at a time) and he outlived them. Their deaths were sinking him into a grimmer attitude towards life.

His first wife was an eternian warrior woman from a clan of snake worshippers. She learned the ways of magic inside Grayskull and was the one that taught Zodac the eternian language. She was called the Goddess just because she married a man considered a god. Her real name was Kaldora. She died at their 10th wedding anniversary. Her lost was more deeply felt than the death of all his family at the hands of Apollion.

But 10 years later another woman captured the heart of the alleged god. She was the second goddess. This time she was a Lernian woman . This yellow skinned woman also learned the ways of magic and spread her knowledge on this subject among other Lernian women of her time. This good intended woman wasnít considered a goddess among her peers, but a goddess among eternian humans. She died at the hands of one of her students, the apprentice witch later known as Evil-Lyn. Zodak swore to avenge her death, whenever he found the responsible. The relationship with Zodak didnít last more than 5 years.

After the death of his second wife, the Zodak isolated himself for some 50 years. After those 50 years he knew of the things that happened all across the planet and he felt guilty. He thought that his absence allowed all the tragedies to occur, and he was right; if he were there the things should have gone in a different and better way.

Only a year later he knew another human woman that revitalized his heart. Her name was Kodak-Ungor. This woman was also the first Sorceress. This time one of his wives wasnít considered a goddess, but she was respected as a powerful magician. She lived a prosper life with Zodak. She became the protector of Castle Grayskull. She gave Zodak a son. At last Zodak could have an inheritor to all his power. The name of this child was Wizzord. He learned the ways of magic directly from her mother and the fighting techniques of the warrior from his father the proud Zodak.

Kodak died old and tired, after all she was a mortal human woman. During her life, she translated a lot of information about magic from some golden disks of knowledge (that belonged to Zodak) and wrote it into a book.

Zodak couldnít be at the time she left this world. Zodak and Wizzord were travelling through some portals, trying to find the location of the Archangels that Zandarr constructed.

Kodak felt improper to leave unattended the mythical castle after her death and decided to name a successor. For that purpose she took a beautiful, brave and strong woman with the name of Teleena from a near-by village and taught her a little enough to keep learning by herself. Just a week after Kodak died. Teleena became the new Sorceress and protector of Castle Grayskull, waiting for Zodak and Wizzord to return. Zodak and Wizzord returned a year later and found out about Kodakís death. Zodak felt under a great depression again and decided to leave the castle for good; he thought that the memories would be too hard to bear if he remained there.

Wizzord was devastated too; loosing both father and mother the same day was too much. Teleena consolated him and it didnít took much time until both youngsters felt in love.

From their love was born a girl. A precious girl named Teela.

Unfortunately, her father had to make a sacrifice and died during the Second Great War that was fought in Eternia. The absence of a father and a mother that couldnít be there every time were going to be a bad factor in the life of this young girl. So Teleena made a decision that changed many lives as well as the girlís life; she gave the girl to a great soldier, an adoptive father that could take care of her under a safer environment. This great soldier was the kingís most trusted man and a prolific scientist; this man was the man-at-arms, Duncan.



Barbarians were an off-shot of the human race. They were very advanced in science, but magic wasnít something they had. In fact magic didnít exist in this Stellar System before the rifts from Infinita started to burst open. As was said before, Zodakkians called everyone that wasnít a Zodakkian (or a Primal) Barbarians. That denomination included plain humans, lernians and elves, but the last three were not considered as a threat or something to be concerned with, by a Zodakkian. So the more advanced race kept the name.

Barbarians didnít call themselves that way, in fact they were a federated association of State-Cities that spread around worlds, that later were conquered by Zodakkians. Barbarians were able to fight back the mighty power of the zodakkian empire thank to some help from some Primals that were left behind or refused to leave the stellar system. The center of the Federation of the Barbarian States was the great State-City of KRUMAX in the Planet Krilwy.

Barbarians were able to collect a large amount of HBG inside the underground of Krumax. The HBG allowed Barbarians to fuel their Mecha-warriors and other important military weapon-vehicles. Barbarians with the help of the Primals, developed their technology up to a level that they had: Positronic Brains, Robotic Servomechanisms (Servos), Effective Regenerating Medicine, Space Crafts, Robotic Exoskeletons, and many other things that allowed them to stand against the brave Zodakkians.

The war between Zodakkians and Barbarians, finally reduced Barbarians to just a little-yet-threatening rebellion in all worlds but Krilwy.

XsatharicK was very aware of the Barbarian power and how they could be a threat to his kingdom of terror. So XsatharicK decided to employ his newly found and most devastating weapon, the Dragon Fire Bubbles, against the remaining threat for him to overcome, the Barbarians.

The Dragon Fire Bubbles burned down all the cities that Barbarians ever constructed. But killing barbarians to extinction was a more difficult task to do, than killing all and every zodakkian. Even when XsatharicK wasnít successful into getting rid of every living Barbarian or Primal, Xsatharick succeeded into destroying their civilization.

Among the few survivals of the Massacre was an ancient wise barbarian guy that was very skilled with the following sciences: paleontology, psychology, archeology, medicine and chemistry. This barbarian ran by the name of Eldor. He wasnít a magician even when he was considered one. This confusion came from the fact that he got a hand into the Ancient Book of Magic that Zardok buried in a hidden place. Zardok hid it, when he didnít want it to be found by the Primals; this happened before he started the rebellion against them. Zardok never was able to get back the book, because Eldor found it before he could ever go back and take it.

When Eldor was forced to escape to Eternia he brought the book with him. Not being a believer in Magic, he decided to hide it, so it wouldnít fall in the wrong hands.

The snakemen were reptiles that mutated into homomorphic beings. Their blood was cold, as well as their hearts. HBG again was responsible for these monsters. As the mutants they were, none was equal to the other; every snakeman was different from one another, in appearance and skills.

The phenomena of snakemen only occurred in Eternia. And quickly these pitiless monsters gained control of the fertile valleys of this beautiful world.

They constructed Snake-Mountain as the symbol of their supremacy. They also enslaved humans and made them work in mines in order to get more HBG, so these monsters will continue to mutate into more powerful beings.

The only place they couldnít conquer, was Darksmoke. Darksmoke was the sanctuary for all Dragons, and Dragons defended it with more than their own lives. Snakemen knew this and they didnít even try to get a hand of a single piece of the place.

The snakemen were able to do all his conquering without almost no opposition, because Zodak was into seclusion. A seclusion he gave to himself after the death of his lernian wife.

Among the people that snakemen enslaved were Eldor and a young boy by the name of Heron. This boy was strong and athletic, nevertheless more inclined to science and lecture than to warrior training.

Heron managed to dig a tunnel that conducted to the Sea of Eternity. This place was avoided by snakemen and Heron knew it. The sea had some HBG that didnít work in the monsters the same way HBG from underground did.

When the time was right, both Eldor and Heron escaped from the mines through the tunnels, not without swearing to free other humans later.

After finding refugee Eldor started to properly train the boy into the sciences that Barbarians mastered. Heron later helped Eldor to find the mystical book Eldor hid before being trapped.

Eldor never bother to practice the magic from the book, even when he translated it from infinital language to both human language and his barbarian dialectÖ the Krumaxian dialect. Instead he gave the book to the boy and the boy started to practice, becoming the most powerful wizard of his time, the wizard called "He-Ro".

With the magic he learned, He-Ro constructed a Magic-Light-Staff that allowed him to blast opponents with light rays.

With power on their side, Eldor and He-Ro started to free humans from the clutches of the snakemen. This freed people sooner became part of He-Roís army. When time was right and people was prepared humans started a crusade against snakemen. He-Ro lead the human armies and the snakemen were led by their powerful wizard kingÖ King Hiss.

King Hiss was a snakeman that was able to surround his snake body with a human-like skin, making him look like a human with a mysterious something nobody could detail. King Hiss was also able to shed the skin and grew a completely new-looking one. King Hiss also had a snake-shaped staff. This staff allowed Hiss to capture opponents with a slime that was expelled from the staff-snakeís mouth. Hiss was also able to hypnotize anyone (from humans to snakemen) just by making them stare at the staff-snakeís eyes. The tail of the staff-snake was a sharp spear head that could crush any single shield. And for the last, if the staff-snake ever bit youÖ my friendÖ you are Dead.

More to come soon!