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He-Man & She-Ra related links:

Mosquitor's He-Man Realm. A He-man site, filled with great fan fics, info, and more!

Mattel's He-Man site.

By The Power Of Grayskull" A comprehensive site from Illya King.

The Caverns of Grayskull Another site to gather information about He-Man.

The Sorceress's Homepage. A great He-man site from the Sorceress. (Should be a dead link, but is there for memories!)

He-man & She-ra Episode Review page. A great Website with episode reviews of He-man & She-ra.

The Legends of Greyskull. An around He-man & She-ra site.

Orko's Homepage. A He-man site based on everyone's favorite Trollan, Orko.

Adam Logan's He-Man Webpage. A collaborative He-Man site that features a message board and a voicechat.

Cringer's Index Page. A Cartoon of the 80's site, from our furry friend, Cringer.

Masters of the Universe. Action figures for sale.

He-Man Props & Costumes page.

MOTU New Millennium. An compelling fan-fic site from "Brimstone".

The Grayskull Library. A great site for reading fan-fics, and for downloading the MOTU: Dungeons & Dragons compendium.

WarriorLady's He-Man Site. A fan-based He-Man site in Germany.

Emma's site.

Special thanks to go out to:
Adain Cross for giving me my nickname,
Illya King for giving me my first interview,
Henry Giordanelli for donating a great fan-fic and for suggesting the idea of a forums page,
and a very special thanks to John Proft and Brian Terrell for helping out with the character lists and for sending in a kick-ass fan-fic series.

Unrelated links:

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The House of Fright. Here is a great webpage about Horror movies.

Pojo's Digimon An extremely great site about Digimon.

Power Rangers Central THE site to go to for Power Ranger's info!

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics Wow! TONS of info about physics, and other sciences.

Dungeons & Dragons The place to go for the latest info in the D&D worlds.

Pro Championship Wrestling. An internet wrestling federation built by Saurod.

Norn in the U.S.A. Here is a Creatures 2 download site built by Saurod and I. A website that contains cool stuff from certain movies.

Unknown Sci-Fi Stories. A site dedicated to free & complete sci-fi stories and novels.

Draac's Gifs.
Learn html, gifs, wavs, and more. A website that contains some decent reviews of some science fiction movies. A forums hosting website. An online auction site that you can practically find anything for sale!

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