The New Adventures Of He-man Character List.

 The New Adventures Of He-man.

He-man: Heroic Eternian warrior, and defender of the Universe.

Skeletor: Evil warlord and sorcerer who wants to control the universe.

The Sorceress: Guardian of Castle Grayskull, helps out He-man, is able to talk to He-man through time via telepathy.

Darius: Leader of the Galactic Council.

Hydron: Marine Commander, and Captian of the Starship Eternia.

Tartarus (a.k.a. Kayo): A fearless warrior.

Flipshot (a.k.a. Icarius): Space-age pilot, A young soldier who is able to control a set of Jet Wings.

Nocturna: Martial Artist, and a Warrior of the Night.

Vizar: Master of vision and mind power.

Insyzor (a.k.a. Tuskador): Warrior with powerful tusks.

Karatti: Hard-headed mutant Warrior.


Flog (a.k.a. Brakk): Evil soldier in Skeletor's army, Skeletor's second-in-command.

Optikk: Evil warrior with an eyebal for a head.

Hoove: Hoofed warrior who helps Skeletor.



Lizorr: Mutant lizard who helps Skeletor.

Slosh Head (a.k.a. Kalamarr): Cyborg with metal tentacles.

Earthquake (a.k.a. Quakke):


Sagitar: Galloping Battle Beast, has 4 arms and 2 legs, can run like a centaur.

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