New Adventures of He-Man Episode list.


A New Beginning (Part One of Five)
Quest For The Crystals (Part Two of Five)
The Heat (Part Three of Five)
Attack on Onnor (Part Four of Five)
The Ultimate Challenge (Part Five of Five)
Sword & Staff
The Galactic Guardians
The Festival of Lights
He-Man Mutant
Fading Star
Zone of Darkness
The Test of Time
Four Ways To Sundown
The Sheriff of Gorn City
The Guns of Nordor
The Bride of Slushhead
Mutiny on The Mothership
The Running of The Herd
The Gift (Part One of Five)
Skeletor's Victory (Part Two of Five)
He-Man In Exile (Part Three of Five)
The Seeds of Resistance (Part Four of Five)
The Battle For Levitan (Part Five of Five)
Glasnost Schmasnost
The Youngest Hero
Crack In The World
Council of Clones
Cold Freeze
Brain Drain
No Easy Way
Rock To The Future
Planet of Junk
The Children's Planet
Collision Course
Balance of Power
The Siege of Serus
The New Wizard In Town
You're In The Army Now The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword--Or Is It?
Once Upon A Time
Escape From Gaolotia
Skeletor's Revenge
The Mind Lens
The Nemesis Within
The Power of The Good and The Way of The Magic
Slaves To The Machine
A Plague on Primus
The Taking of Levitan
Save Our City
Queen's Gambit
Adam's Adventure
The Dream Zone
The Tornadoes of Zil
There's Gems in Them Hills
The Call to The Games
The Blacksmith of Crelus (Part One of Five)
A Time To Leave (Part Two of Five)
The Games (Part Three of Five)
Flogg's Revenge (Part Four of Five)
The Final Invasion (Part Five of Five)

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