The Traveler Series Character list:

Johnny Springs / The Traveler- The Hero trapped in an alternate reality's who recently found out he was born on Eternia.

Teela- Johnny's new found sister, and wife to Prince Adam.

Prince Adam / He-Man- The first of Eternia's hero's, and the Traveler's best friend.

Kaine- Spider-Man's first clone who was rejected by the Jackyl.

Jackyl- One of Spider-Man's enemy's.

The Phantom Ranger- Met Johnny while in the Power Ranger Turbo universe, and was given a double of his power jewel, thus copying his powers.

Ben Reily- Spider-Man's clone. Once thought to be the real Spider-Man, currently living in Eternos.

Morbious- A living vampire, transformed accidentally in an experiment to create a cure for a disease that was plaguing his village.

Cassie / The Pink Power Ranger- The latest love of Johnny's life, and possible bride.

The Guyver / Shawn Barker- A young man taken from Japanese anima fame, who's body was accidentally fused with an alien bio-boosting armor, which gives him his lust for dark justice.

Hercules- Son of Zeus and a dear friend of the Traveler's after meeting him at the academy.

Wolverine- A X-man with an unknown past, a mutant with razor sharp Adamantium claws, a healing factor, an advanced sense of smell, and a short fuse.

Spider-man- The first of many Marvel hero's Johnny has met in his lifetime.

Captain Katherine Janeway- Captain of the U.S.S. Voyager and a fearless leader.

Scare glow- The evil ghost of Skelator, resurrected by King Hiss and given the power of uncontrollable fear.

Billy Pelser- A young man who was given an odd gift for Christmas and, with the help of Johnny, destroyed a gremlin invasion.

Andros: The red space ranger and a man in love with his fellow yellow ranger, Ashley.

Alena: In an alternate reality, Alena was Johnny's wife, but was killed in front of Johnny as a form of torture by Hordak.

Age: A woman of mystery found by the X-men and had asked for the Traveler by name.

Eddie Brock/ Venom: A villain of Spider-man's who was a lethal hero for a time before he returned to his evil ways, he's also come after Johnny on a number of occasion's.

Darth Vader: Once the man named Anakin Skywalker, who met the time jumping Traveler as a child and later fought his younger current time counter part when Johnny was helping his son and his friends escape the death star.

Wade Well's: A slider who was last known to be on a Kromage breeding camp.

Dorothy Gail: A young child from 19th century Kansas who has her own world of magic and mystery to travel to when needs be.

Kevin: A young man from the Marvel universe who met an alternate version of The masters of the universe with his girl friend, Julie. The traveler was also present.

Hotrod: The Autobot hero who first opened the Matrix and saved the universe from the evil monster planet, Unicron, and became the Autobot leader in the prosess.

Profesor Maxamillion Arturo: Quinn Malory's collage professor, who was shot in the middle of his third year of "sliding", the first Slider to die.

Qui-Gon Jinn: A stuborn Jedi master who met a Johnny from the future and warned him of Anakin's future treatury, but ignored the warning.

The Living Tribunal: The god of the marvel universe, and one of the few being's in the cosmos who know's all the answers.

Agent Fox Mulder: A perinoid F.B.I. agent who's life has been turned up side down because of his thought's on alien activity's.

Chris Redfeild: A member of the elite police organisation called "S.T.A.R.S." who, along with his friends and co-workers were betrayed and forced to stay alive in a mansion gone mad with geneticaly engineered creatures.

Juggernaut: A hired gun who has hounded Johnny on several occassions.

Mr. Fantstic: Leader of the Fantastic Four, Real name of Reed Richards, was bombarded by cosmic rays while on a mission in space to obtain his unique stretching ability.

The Human Tourch: Member of the Fantastic Four, Real name of Johnny Storm, was bombarded by cosmic rays while on a mission in space and recieved his fire abilities.

The Invisible Woman: Member of the Fantastic Four, Real name of Susan Storm-Richards, is the sister of Johnny Storm, and married Reed Richards. Was bombarded by cosmic rays while on a mission in space and recieved her powers of invisibility.

The Thing: Member of the Fantastic Four, Real name of Ben Grimm, was bombarded by cosmic rays while on a mission in space to recieve his rock-like appearance, and super strength.

Spider-girl: Peter Parker's daughter from an alternate future who inherited her father's spider-power's.

Optimus Prime: The legendary leader of the Autobot's who died in the year 2005 in the Transformer reality, and was later ressurected.

Astronima: The princess of evil, kiddnaped at the age of five and was saved by her brother, Andros and has become the first seventh purple ranger

The Shredder: An evil ninja master with a huge army called the Foot Clan and a short fuse for his former master, Hamoto Yoshi, currently known as "Splinter".

Captain America: Mr. USA himself, now the leader of the mightiest hero's in the marvel universe, The Avengers.

Ducan: Eternia's Man-At-Arms and the adopted father of Teela

Gizmo: The little fur ball that multiplies when he's wet and has the biggest heart and enormous bravery.

Palpatine: A senator some years ago, and died as the evil emperor of the Imperial Empire.

Canser Man: A man shrouded in mystery, and a constant nusance for Fox Mulder.

Ecliptor: Astronima's former adopted father, who gave up his life of evil to save her.

Daphne Blake: An old friend of Cassie's who as a teenager started a small group called mysteries ink.

Quin Mallory: Inventor of a slide machine, and trapped with his long lost brother, Colin, searching for a way home.

Alpha Trion: The oldest known Auto-bot alive, and one of the Council of Elders.

King Hiss: A very odd, very powerful villain, working possibly working under Thanos but most defiantly holding his own agenda.

Rembrant "Remmy" Brown: The fourth Slider, forced to search for the one thing he wants more than anything, a way home.

Cidney Portman: A woman from Johnny's world who was forced to travel to Eternia on Johnny's first travel, but they were forced to separate.

Dr. Octopus: A scientist who in an unprotected experiment explosion, four metallic tentacles were welded to his spine.

The Monstroids: A group of transformer-like robots who may or may not work for Horde Prime.

Horde Prime: The unseen monster leader of the Horde and Skeletor.

The Manchenes: A race of child like cyborgs.

Norman Ozborn/Green Goblin: Spider-man's greatest enemy, and one of the few villains who know Spider-man's secret identity.

Vlad the Impailer/Dracula: The rumored king of the undead, who is now stranded on Eternia.

Col. Jack O'Neil: An Earth U.S. Air Force colonel who now heads a space division of the military called Stargate SG1.

Keldor: Johnny's dead father, who's body was used to house the deadliest spirit ever known, Skeletor.

Jack Deth: A man from the future who, as a policeman of "Angle City", hunted down zombie like creatures called "Trancers".

Katie Mitchell: A woman who traveled with Johnny for a while as part of a group who eventually went their separate ways a year before "Reunions".

Tai Kamia: Leader of a group of kids from Japan known as the Digidestend, who went to the digital world and found that they were part of a great prodegy.

Albert Wesker: A lone radical who steals biological weapons and a paticular form of weapon, B.O.W. which is made from a strand of chemical called the t-virus.

Ash Kechum: A great pokemon trainer who met with an untimly death thanks to the alien dragon.

Fin Fang Foom: The alien dragon who had hunted both Johnny and Cidney since the beggining.

Null: A buissness man who sold the Earth to a race of insect like aliens for ginetic alterations, like horns (similer to the kind on the devil), and a pail of fleshy leathery wings. But to date the teenage mutant ninga turtles, with the occasional assistance of Johnny and Cidney, have always spoiled his plains.

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