Reunions 3:
Race for the Zeo Crystal.
Written by John Proft

Based on characters and situations created by Mattel toys, Twentieth century fox, universal studio's, Bandi Entertainment and John Proft.

Darkness flowed over the strife torn planet of Eternia. In the mountains of the north, the mystic mountain's, the shadow beast's and fishmen stayed in they're caves. In the desert's of the south, the sands of time, the sand worms and land sand diggers didn't burrow threw the sand as usual. And in the palace in the center of this presently quiet world, an odd collection of hero's and friends mourned over the casket of a young woman, her golden blond hair fluttered in the breeze no longer, her staff lay at her side as tears of passers by dropped down over her lifeless body. The young man walked over behind the casket and started to talk to the mourning mass.
"Gabrielle..." The young man said, starting to whimper. " Gabrielle was a friend to all of us, you all know what she was to me but I'm not here to tell you that again. I've come to tell you all and myself that...that Gabrielle touched us all in a way that's ...undeniable. I'm here to tell you that... that she wanted us to remember the happy times, when she gave us strength when there was none left, when she helped us to do the simplest of tasks when it was impossible to do them ourselves, remember Gab... Gabrielle wouldn't want us to mourn, she'd want us to rise above and continue the fight." The young man couldn't say anymore He just watched helplessly as the casket was lowered into the earth in the courtyard of the royal palace.
That night Johnny sat in a rocking chair in his room. Leaning his head on his head, deep in thought. Wondering if there was something he could have done differently that could have made a difference when he heard a knock at the door.
"Come in." Johnny said wearily as teela entered the room.
"The sorceress told me about how we're..." Johnny cut her off.
"How we're brother and sister, yeah, I knew she would."
"How you feeling?"
"The same, I can't get her last moments out of my head."
"It'll get better."
"How? How could it get any better, Gabrielle, the woman I loved, is dead. And."Johnny's words fell to the ground.
"There's more to this isn't there?" Teela asked.
"Yeah, yeah there is, but I can't get into it now, it's to complicated. Maybe I'll tell you when I feel more comfortable with it sis." Johnny said as he sat up and walked over to the bathroom. He was about to lay down when he saw that Teela was still standing there, a distant look on her face. "What's wrong?" Johnny asked.
"I don't think I'll ever get used to you calling me sis." She said. Johnny smiled.
"Then for now I'll just call you Teela." Johnny said, happy to get her to smile. "I'll see you in the morning." Johnny said as she slowly started for the door.
"Goodnight big brother." She said.
"Goodnight Teela." He said as she closed the door. Johnny walked to the bed and fell on it; he fell to sleep before he hit the pillow.
Johnny stood in a golden field, wearing a white T-shirt and light sky blue jeans. Usually this field was his ground for entertainment, but some times the setting itself was the bearer of bad news. As he surveyed the surrounding's with his eye's he spotted the golden sun, flouted down from the sky and land in the clearing a few feet away from him.
"Defender." A voice called from within the sun's glowing rays.
"People refer to me as the traveler." Johnny said back. "Who are you, what do you want with me?"
"Defender, find the human, Andros, He is the means of finding the tool that will save your civilization, Find the tool to destroy the coming evil, find the tool before it is to late." Before Johnny could ask any more questions, the glowing yellow orb disappeared into the earth's shadow. Johnny turned and started walking, as he walked he heard a sound, one that always made his skin crawl, two sounds actually, one was the sound of reptilian skin sliding across the cold earth, the other was an unmistakable hissing. Johnny whirled around to see just what he feared, his greatest fear, Snake's, a mountain of them, closing in on him, he tried to run or cry for help but to no means, the serpents had crawled up his body, sinking they're dripping poisonous fangs into various point's of flesh on Johnny's body, slithering down the dark hole's in Johnny's mouth, ears and nostrils. Suddenly Johnny sat up, breathing heavily. He was sitting up in his bed, the blanket's were sweaty and wadded around him, and right then and there, he knew what the orb was talking about, what weapon he needed to find. He didn't know why he needed it or why, he just knew.
"The Zeo crystal."
Skelator's yellow jaw cracked a small grin.
"What's taking so long Beasty?" Skelator asked beast man.
"Controlling so many animal take's time master, especially when keeping it secret." Beastman whimpered.
"Well hurry up fur face." Skelator yelled as he left the dungeon and walked into his thrown room. The Thrown room was like every other room in snake mountain, the stone table in the center with the crystal dome in the center, dimly lit lights, the thrown of flesh and bones and the smell of rotting flesh festered in every corner. Skelator sat and waited as Evil-Lynn entered the room.
"What troubles you Skelator?" She asked with evil grin to match her namesake.
"Beastman is a fool, taking his time controlling all the animal's in the banshee jungle." Skelator said as he taped his black fingernails on the bone arm of his thrown.
"Why would you want all those animals under control?" Evil-Lynn asked.
"It will keep those defenders of Greyskull occupied while we go after castle Greyskull." Skelator said, cracking a smile. "Once I possess the orb of knowledge that float's in the inner chambers I will become all powerful, nothing will be able to stop me." Skelator said with a cackle. Evil-Lynn stood and walked off.
"We shall see, Skelator," The mistress of night whispered. "We shall see."
The next morning, Johnny was loading supplies into the wind raider and checking off each peace of supplies in his mind.
"Let's see, First aid kit check, Lazier blaster check, camping gear, check." Johnny was surprised to see Orko hover over to him.
"Where are you going Johnny?" The little magician asked. "To KL- 35, I'm going to visit some old friends of mine, But first I have to make a few stop's."
"Can I come?" Orko asked. Johnny saves a worried look.
"All right, but if some thing comes up, you have to do as I tell you, no matter how odd it seems." Orko nodded. "Okay, Hop in." Johnny said as he jumped into the pilot's seat and started up the engine. Orko quickly floated into the passenger seat just before the wind raider's engine powered up and growled to life.
"Where are we going first?" Orko asked.
"Castle Greyskull, I have to get my computer back then I need the sorceress to transport us to earth four." Orko looked confused. "You'll see what I mean." Just then Teela walked up.
"And where are you two going in such a rush?" she asked.
"Well, we're going to the region of flame, to visit Heleos, you know, catch up on old times." Johnny said nervously. Orko shook his head.
"No we're not, we're going to castle..." Johnny quickly put his hand over Orko's purple scarf and gave a desperate laugh.
"Aheh heh, he's a little excited. Well we'll see you later." Johnny said as he prepared for takeoff. Before he left, Teela slipped a small bead from beneath a peace of her uniform and stuck it to the raider's tail fin just before it flew off into the morning's rising tapestry.
Orko was mad.
"Why did you do that?" Orko asked. Johnny smiled.
"I didn't want her to come with us, I would have to answer to many questions. Besides, this is a little personal, you shouldn't even be coming, it's only thirty thousand feet Orko, I'm sure you'll live if you jump now." Orko had a worried look on his face. Johnny laughed. "It's only a joke Orko, I'd never do anything to hurt you." Johnny said as he piloted the small green and orange plane threw the evergreen forest.
"So, who's hard drive?" Orko yelled over the whizzing of the passing trees.
"He's my old computer from an alternate reality, with him... it I can call on any weapon I can think of, id be a real time saver if I didn't go and get it destroyed last time." Johnny yelled back just before they came to a clearing, Johnny landed the plane and they hopped out and walked over the jagged toothed jaw bridge into the dark castle. They didn't notice a rustling in the bushes. As Johnny and Orko disappeared into the darkness of the castle, He-man, She-ra and Teela pooped they're heads out of the shrubbery.
"Why would Johnny say he was going to the region of flame?" He-man asked.
"He's always trying to protect me, he doesn't realize that I'm a grown up and can take care of myself." Teela said
"That's why we're hiding in the bushes like children right?" She-ra asked with a hint of sarcasm. All three of them started to giggle as the slowly crept up to the castle.
Life was calm in the city of angle grove, all except for one of the many back allies' of the California city. Stray papers floated threw the air as a swirling vortex appeared out of the thin air, growing and growing until it was ten feet in all directions. Suddenly, one by one, four people fell threw the blue swirl. The first was a young woman, about twenty. The second was a plump man, in his early forties, the third was a black man, about thirty-five, and the last was a young man at the age of twenty-three. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the vortex disappeared. Three of the travelers stood from their land spot's and laughed as the saw the third waddle out from the pile of garbage that he landed in.
"Yes, yes, Mr. Mallory, very humorous, but I would prefer to find the dominion hotel so that I could take a long hot shower." The plump man grumbled angrily.
"Well professor, you'll have plenty of time, we're here for three weeks." Mallory said as he looked at the black keypad with the lit numbers clicking down.
"Well let's start walking, Cue ball, I'm so hungry I could eat a cromag." The third man said.
"Me to Remmy, It's hard to service on a planet for two day's were the only thing to eat is live electric ell." The young woman said as she gave an odd look at the professor.
"Ms. Well's how was I suppose to know that the humans on that world were born with living battery's?" The professor asked angrily.
"Well wade, Remmy, OSCAR, Let's get a move on." Mallory said with a giggle as he walked off. Remmy and wade behind him. The professor growled.
"I AM NOT A GROUCH!" He hollered angrily. Their only replay was a second chorus of giggling. As the four newcomers walked down the street and turned the corner into a deserted road, they saw four strange men huddled in a group. All dressed in silver armor. The four friends tried to walk around them slowly but as Mallory got closer they turned to face him. They looked like armored robots but Mallory wasn't sure. He gave a hallow grin.
"Hi, my name's Quinn, Quinn Mallory, these are my friends, Rembrant brown, Wade wells, and Professor Arturo. Could you tell us how to get to the dominion Hotel?" Quinn's smile faded when they didn't answer. His face then gave a look of fear when they each pulled out nasty looking laser gun.
"Don't move," One robot said in it's computer voice. "You are prisoners of Skelator." Quinn groaned and rose his hands. His three friends did the same. Suddenly four men jumped out from behind Quinn and his friends, flipping in mid air over their heads and landing between Quinn and the robot's, The four of them facing the robots.
"Not today Tin Grin." The leader said as he flung his foot into the metal man's helmet, sending him to the ground. The kicker then hoped on one foot, holding the other in his hands. "Yow, These things are hard." He said. He said as he ran over to Quinn and his friends. "Hi, name's Tommy, The guy's over there are Jason, Adam and Billy." Quinn hadn't noticed before but they were all wearing tuxes. But he and his three friends were still more interested on the fight.
"Aren't you worried about your companions?" The professor asked.
"Heck no, We've been in plenty worse scrapes than this." Tommy said as he watched the last of the metal men go down. The three other survivors ran up to them.
"Hay Tommy what's going on?" Jason asked.
"Well Jason, I was just saying hi to our new friends. "Tommy said back.
"Hello young men, My name is Professor Maxamillion Arturo and these are my student's, Rembrant Brown, Wade Wells and Quinn Mallory, we were on our way to Los Angeles when our bus broke down, where may we ask are we?" The professor asked.
"Well professor, your in angle grove, Is there anything else we can help you with?" Adam asked.
"Well, do you know where the dominion Hotel is?" Quinn asked.
"Yeah, I'll take you there, Hay guy's you go ahead, I'll be there by three like we discussed." Tommy said to his friends, who knotted and ran off.
"Oh we don't want you to miss a wedding." Wade said.
"Oh, Don't worry, They can't start without the groom, This way." Tommy said as he led them out of the ally.
Skelator peered over the small dome on his stone table with glee, the images flashing across his yellow skull. He stood up.
"Mer-man, get your scaly hide in here." Skelator ordered. Mer man waddled in.
"Yes master?" He asked in his watery voice.
"Gather my robot knight's, We are going to free my master tonight, The Orion will soon travel to earth, And when it gets there we will take it." Mer man looked hesitant.
"But master, The traveler possesses the Orion, the last time I fought him, He shattered my sword."
"Never fear fool, I know his weakness, His over developed sense of consideration for others."
"Gabrielle, hold on!" Johnny yelled as he jumped, slid across the rope bridge and caught her hand just before falling and pulled her up. "Run, get out of danger now!" Johnny ordered. Thanos giggled.
"Yes child run, I will kill you later." Thanos said as he shot another blast at Johnny, hitting his chest and sending him to the bridge. "Sorry, but I'm very inpatient." Thanos said as he aimed his fist at Gabrielle, the fist started to glow and another blast formed and shot out, directly for Gabrielle.
"Johnny, Johnny wake up." Orko said, shaking him awake. Johnny rose, his eye's flickering to life. They were in castle Greyskull. Johnny whipped the sweat from his face.
"Are you okay?" Orko asked, Johnny whipped a lone tear from his eyes.
"Yeah, sure, fine, Is Zodack here yet? Johnny asked.
"Not yet." Orko replied. "What do we do when we get to KL-35?" Orko asked.
"We find Andros and the other space rangers, but KL-35 isn't our first stop." Johnny said cracking a smile.
"It's not?"
"Nope, first we go to earth to find the Zeo crystals." Suddenly the mirror on the right side of the dark hall started to shimmer, like it was holding water instead of glass, as Zodak stepped out.
"Greetings traveler." He said, his black bubble like goggles protruding out from his red and Gray helmet.
"Who was it?" Johnny asked sternly.
"Who was who?" Zodak asked back.
"Who told me to go no this mission?"
"I can't say."
"Can't or won't?"
"All right, I believe you, but I need hard drive." Johnny said.
"Very well, but head my warning, this is the last hard drive I can provide, my powers cannot provide another. Be warned traveler, this quest you go on is filled with danger, Skelator's robot knight's have been spotted on Eternia, it is not doubtful that they also reside on earth."
"Skelator?" A voice said from within the shadowed hallway, which was quickly muffled. Zodak disappeared as Johnny turned into the dark passage as a small wristwatch appeared on his wrist. Johnny noticed it, but paid little attention to it.
"Who's there?" Johnny asked. He grew a frown as when He-man, She-ra, and Teela stepped of the shadow's. "Didn't want you guy's to come along, this is my quest."
"It's always been your Quest, you personal crusade agents evil, well guess what, we care about you, so your stuck with us!" Teela snarled.
"Your sister's right Johnny, We're coming with you whether you like it or not."
"All right, All right, but we have to take the wind raider so everyone out of the castle and I'll be out there in a minute. Johnny's four friends hesitantly walked out of the castle. Once they were out of earshot he turned and looked at the sorceress. "Mother, is there anything you can tell me about the Zeo crystal that can tell me where to find it?" Johnny asked.
"My son I can only say this, the child with the speed and the spirit of the falcon can lead you to the crystal's path." Johnny thought for a moment.
"The falcon spirit?" Johnny snapped his fingers. "Tommy." As Johnny turned to leave he didn't notice someone jump from they're hiding spot and run out of the castle threw the cover of the castle shadow's. A tear running down Teela's face.
Cassie lay on the cot in her room on board the astro megaship, waiting for the colossal ship to reach earth's atmosphere. She had a feeling of depression eating away at her stomach. She felt a little jealous of Andros and Ashley, or Karown and Zhane, Holding each other's hands and looking into each other's eyes. It made her sick to see it every time she passed one of the two couples in a hallway, and at the same time, she wished that sort of thing would have happened between her and the Phantom ranger. Suddenly a computer beeping shook her back into reality.
Time to wake up Cassie, I will have your usual breakfast in the synthatron in five minute's." A computer voice said over the P.A. system. Cassie yawned.
"That's Okay Deca, I'm meeting an old friend for brunch this morning." She said as she walked into her small bathroom.
"Should I alert the other's?" Deca asked.
"No, That's all right," She yelled from inside the bathroom. "What's happening in the news today?" She asked.
"A man named Jessie "The Mind" Ventura was elected for governor two months ago." Cassie gave a loud laugh. Her laugh was interrupted by the beeping from the wristwatch that sat on the dresser on the far end of the other room. Cassie ran out, the majority of her body covered in a towel, and snatched the watch and lifted it close enough to talk into it.
"What's up guy's?"
"Cassie come to the bridge, we're home." T.J.'s voice said from inside the watch.
"I'm on my way." She said as she strapped the watch on her wrist, being careful not to drop the towel, ran into the bathroom with a pile full of cloth's, came out five minute's later fully dressed in her old street cloth's "Deca, have my galaxy glider ready for take off in two hour's." she said as she raced down the hall, thankful to not having to wear that blasted uniform a second longer, and glad to finally be home.
When Johnny hoped into the wind raider he noticed a lone tear trickle down Teela's face.
"Are you all right?" Johnny asked. Teela quickly whipped the tear away.
"I'm fine, I just got something in my eye." Johnny looked at her for a moment, then shoved the confused thought aside as he roared up the wind raider's engines, with a mighty roar, the ship flew off and whizzed on it's journey.
"Hard Drive!" Johnny yelled over the roar of the engine.
"Yes sir?" The watch said back.
"I need three set's of clothing, One male, Two female." Immediately normal earth clothing appeared over his companion's normal body armor. They all looked at Johnny, confused. "If your going to earth, you have to look the part." Just then Orko asked.
What about me?" Johnny rubbed his chin.
"What about a shrink spell." Johnny suggested.
"All right," Orko said as he waved his hands around himself and shrunk until he was about two inches high. Orko quickly floated into Johnny's pocket. "Now hard drive, Open a Doorway to earth, this dimension."
Suddenly a golden shimmering vortex grew in the thin air ahead of them. Johnny gritted his teeth and brought the wind raider in at a top speed, when it went threw the portal and came out into California. Johnny pulled up with all his might to keep from hitting the approaching skyscraper. After Johnny whizzed the raider around the building he brought it in to land on the skyscraper roof.
"Everyone remember where we parked." Johnny joked.
Katharine was furious when she heard the news about Tommy, Who he decided to play escort for a few tourists. She had to admit it was the right thing to do, but why couldn't he have done the right thing after the wedding. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at the door. "Who is it?" she called.
"It's Kim." The voice said at the other side of the door. Katharine quickly opened the door and Kimberly, wearing a light blue maid of honor dress, quickly stepped threw and Katharine closed it shut.
"Hello Kimberly." Katharine said nervously in her Australian ascent.
"Hi Kat." Kim said back, just as nervous. The room was silent for a moment.
"Kimberly, I know how much you care for Tommy, but I..." She was cut off.
"Kat I don't, I mean I do but not like that any more." Kim said quickly as they both sat down. "Tommy and I said our good-bye's along time ago, like it or not, we're just friends now, both Tommy and I and you and I, and no matter what happens, nothing will ever change that." Katharine and Kim hugged happily.
"It sounded like you practiced that speech for day's." Katharine said jokingly.
"Month's actually." Kim said as they both gave uproars laughter.
"Where'd you learn to fly like that?" Teela asked.
"A young woman named Cassie taught me once, Before..."
Johnny's word's fell as he heard a noise he didn't recognize at first. After listening for a few second's he recognized it as the sound of clapping hands. He whirled around, no one there. Suddenly, a man in his mid forty's appeared in a quick flash of light. clapping his hand's in a form of giddiness, his s Starfleet uniform seemed to be much to good a garment for him.
"Excellent Johnnatha, and to think Jean Leu thought you were just another child. Your action's never cease to amaze me." He said. Johnny had grown accustom to these unexpected visit's.
"Imagine that." He said to the man. "It's been along time Q, I'd begun to think you'd lost interest in me." Johnny said. "What do you want?" Johnny asked.
"Must I have a reason for every little visit?" Q asked.
"If you didn't it wouldn't be you Q." Johnny replied.
"Fine, You seek the Zeo Crystal, yes?"
"Your Point?" Johnny asked.
"Skelator isn't, He want's you and something else."
"What else?" He-man asked.
"I Can't say, suffice to say that the object in question is one of a kind. Keep in mind that I help you out of my one free will."
"Out of the goodness of your heart." Johnny said sarcastically. Q gave a giggle.
"You've spoken with Riker." Q said in giddiness.
"We've met." Johnny said with a snicker.
"And It's good to see the princess of Eternia looking so healthy." Adora was surprised.
"You know me?" She-ra asked.
"You wouldn't remember me. "Q said with a hint of mystery in his voice. (For complete details on what Q is talking about, see Alexandra Spear's MAJOR CHANGES.) Well, I leave you to your journey, Just remember to go to the Dominion Hotel, Have fun mes'a'mee." Q said as Q disappeared. Johnny wasted no time pulling a small device out of his jean pocket and pressing a small button in the center. Instantly the wind raider disappeared.
"Where Did it go? "She-ra asked, felling out of place in her T-shirt and loose blue jeans.
"It's still there, I put in an invisibility induser just for this type of situation, now let's find the power rangers." She-ra was shocked.
"You mean Andros's ranger's?" She asked.
"Who? No I mean The Original rangers like Tommy and Jason. Who's Andros?" Johnny asked.
"When I worked for Hordak, He spoke of a creature called Dark Spector, who kidnapped the sister of the red Space ranger, The two of them used to do business with each other."
"Dark mind's think alike." Johnny said as he lead his friend's down the fire escape. "The Dominion?" Johnny thought to himself as he set foot on the hot pavement.
When Quinn Followed Tommy down the street's of Angel grove he felt like he was home again. The street's were clean, the people were friendly, But he knew it wasn't his home right away, Everywhere he looked he saw something about these power rangers. Quinn was about to open his mouth and form a question but The professor beat him to it.
"My Dear Boy, could you tell us what a power ranger is?" Arturo said in his outrages English ascent. Tommy stopped and whirled around.
"You've never heard of a power ranger?" He asked. The four of them knew they had to come up with an explanation fast.
"Yes, well, you see we've stranded on a desert Island for five years now and were just rescued last month." Arturo said weakly. Tommy crossed his arms in confusion.
"I thought you said you all were from the university." Tommy said as they continued walking.
"Yeah well we were from the university when we were on a trip to Germany for a field trip when our plane went down in a snowstorm." Quinn said quickly as they crossed the street.
"Well, there it is, The dominion hotel." The five of them looked up at the tall classy building. Wade bit her lower lip.
"We'll never be able to afford this place." Wade groaned. Tommy sighed.
"I wish I could help you but..." Tommy trailed off as he spotted four people scurrying down the Dominion fire escape. "I'll be right back." He said as he ran around the corner. He quickly raced up the fire escape just in time to bump head long into Johnny. They both fell to the ground. Adam and Adora helped the two of them to their feet. Johnny shook his head into clarity and looked at Tommy.
"Tommy?" Johnny asked noticing the tattered tux.
"Johnny, My god it's good to see you." Tommy said as they hugged.
"What are you all dressed up for?" Johnny asked. "I'm getting married Katharine this afternoon."
"That's great, look I'd love to talk to you but I need your help, I'm looking for something, I need the Zeo crystal, And if I read my old friend Q right I'm also looking for four people, they're leader's named Quinn Mallory."
Skelator Peered down at the shimmering orb in the center of his table with glee.
"Excellent, Once my troopers are assembled, we will go to this infernal earth and destroy everything in our path until we find the Orion." Skelator giggled as beast man slowly walked in.
"The solder's are ready master." Beast man whimpered with an animal growl.
"Excellent, and now it's time I changed." Skelator said as a flash of white light burst over him. When the light faded, Skelator was no longer in his purple battle armor and hood. He now wore a black hood and cape, with a black and silver chestplait. He seemed overall, more superior.
"Prepare the air superiors and robot knight's, we march on earth." Skelator said as he started walking out of the thrown room. Beast man turned to him. "Master we have taken castle Greyskull and guards are in every corner of the castle, what do we do now?"
"Prepare my chariot, It's time we taught the traveler not to meddle in my affair's. And at the same time, free my ageless master." Beastman shuttered at the thought.
Johnny couldn't believe he was meeting so many old friends so soon, he thought this as he hugged the four sliders.
"My dear boy, It's truly marvelous to see you again." The Professor said.
"Yeah, I haven't seen you four since that time with the cromage's." Wade said with a smile.
"Well you guy's obviously get around. Tommy here is an old friend of mine, He's going to help me for a mission pretty soon, but first I promised to go to his wedding." Quinn looked inquisitively at the three strangers behind Johnny.
"Oh, these are my friend's; Adam, Adora, and my sister Teela." Quinn and Rembrant looked at each other in shock.
"Your sister?" Wade asked. Johnny smiled.
"I'll explain later, Right now let's get to the church." Johnny said as the nine friends walked away from the classy hotel.
"So what happened to Gabrielle?" Rembrant asked. Johnny sighed, deciding it was finally time to tell the tale as they walked down the street still along way away from the church.
"Well we decided to find our way back to Eternia once I realized that Teela was my sister. We made it back right away, but it was in the mystic mountains. And somehow, Thanos found us as we were crossing a rope bridge, He shot at me, and hit her, There was nothing I could do." Teela who was walking some feet ahead wiped a tear from her cheek, feeling for her brother.
"A truly sad tale my boy, but her life was not in vein, she saved your life for a reason. And believe it or not, many other's would do the same." The professor said, resting his hand on Johnny's shoulder.
"That doesn't make it right do." Johnny said back sadly as he continued ahead of the others.
"Poor kid." Remmy said.
"Yeah, He's really been threw a lot." Wade said.
"When we found him in the mountain's he was in some kind of savage state, he didn't even remember how to talk, he got better but, you just don't forget something like that." Teela said sadly.
"My dear, your brother is one of the greatest men I've had the privilege to know in these dark time's we've all had, He's entitled to all the happiness he can get." The professor said.
"Yeah, Johnny saved my life more than once, but he never asked for help himself." Quinn said as he looked down at his timer. "And with all the time we have on this world, I think it's time we repay the favor." Suddenly the sky overhead darkened, and people everywhere ran for shelter. Teela and the sliders caught up to the surprised set of friends a few yards ahead of them.
"What's going on?" Wade asked/
"I don't know." He-man said.
"I do." Johnny said to himself, having seen the sight before in an alternate dimension. When he was searching for... "The cosmic Key."
"The Cosmic what?" Tommy asked as a flash of light burst threw the air and flickered until it had grown into the size of a tall building. Johnny burst into action.
"Everyone Inside now!" Johnny ordered. " Sorry Tommy, the wedding will have to postponed, Get ready for an onslaught." Johnny said as he ran into the church, Tommy close behind.
Cassie sat at her post in the megaship bridge, starring down at the flickering lights, bright buttons and labels on the console.
"Cassie, set coordinate's for angle grove." T.J. said. Cassie just sat there, starring out into space. "Cassie?" T.J. asked, walking up to her. He waved his hand into her field of vision; breaking threw her thought's.
"Angle Grove, right." Cassie said as she punched in the command. T.J. sat down beside her.
"Come-on Cassie, what's wrong?" he asked.
"It's the phantom, the war's over, why hasn't he come to see me?" T.J. sighed.
"Cassie I don't know who the phantom is or why he hasn't come to see you but I know he still has feelings for you."
"Yeah but..." Cassie was cut off by the sound of the image that flashed onto the enormous screen. Cassie's depression disappeared when the Phantom's features came into view.
"Rangers, I need your help, Johnny Spring's, his family, a group called the sliders and some old friends of yours are all in grave danger. I have to go, meet me at St. Mary's cathedral in angle grove, hurry Time is short." The phantom said as his image disappeared.
Cassie turned to her console and started punching in commands.
"What's going on?" Zhane asked as he stepped into the bridge.
"We're going to help some old friends." Cassie said as she piloted the ship into earth's upper atmosphere.
She-ra, Teela and Wade slowly walked around the dark church halls. The power had gone out the minute the light burst from the cold night air.
"Where did Johnny say he went?" She-ra asked.
"He said he went to get some help. But I don't know why." Teela replied as they entered the main hall where fourteen men and women sat and waited. Tommy stood up and walked over to Adora and Teela.
"She-ra, Teela, this is my fiancee Katharine, and one of my best friends, Kimberly." The four women shook hands. They were all given a shock as Johnny burst threw the front door and fell to the ground. Jason and Quinn picked him up off the floor and Trini shut the door behind them.
"What happened, where have you been?" Quinn asked as they lay him down on a bench.
"Skelator is here, his robot knights and air superiors are everywhere." Johnny said as Rocky looked out the window.
"We got trouble." He said to the group inside. They all gathered around the windows. Johnny was right, hovering robot's filled the streets and air superiors hovered threw the sky.
"It's like he's taking over." Kimberly said.
"Why is he here?" Remmy asked.
"He must be after the Zeo Crystal." All the ex rangers were stunned (Except for Kimberly, Zack and Trini). Johnny saw they're worried faces. "Don't worry, I won't go after it until they've left." Johnny said as he pulled a small red jewel out of his pocket. He stood up, holding it in his hand as he walked up to the door. He rose the jewel into the air and yelled... "PHANTOM RANGER POWER!" In a flash of blinding red light, Johnny was transformed into a black and silver armored warrior. Everyone was starring in au as Johnny turned and griped the door handle.
"Where are you going?" Wade asked.
"To go pick a fight." Johnny said as he opened the door and walked into the waves of troopers.
Skelator had changed and He knew it. His master would be pleased with the way he'd evolved he thought. When he freed his maser he would be made a hero to the ranks of evil. Suddenly one of his air superiors hovered up to him.
"Speak." Skelator ordered.
"Sir, there is a disturbance in the second sector." Skelator stood up and looked over the platform that extended past his hovering throne. He saw a mass of his knights being knocked over as they tried to stop what seemed to be an invisible man. Skelator raised his havoc staff and pointed it at the mob of falling troopers. A blast of light shot from the goat head and knocked out both the troopers and the invisible man who was shook into visibility. The man was in a black armor and matching helmet. He stood up, a little woozy; suddenly 5 robot knights grabbed him and held him to face Skelator. "And who are you, Who tries to interfere with my plans?" Skelator asked. The armored man took a deep breath.
"I am the Phantom Ranger, And I give you Five minute's to gather your minions and leave." The phantom replied. Skelator grinned.
"How generous you are. But I have come for a man named the traveler." The phantom froze.
"Your not after the Zeo crystal?"
"The Zeo Crystal? That jewel is nothing compared to the power I intend to wield." The Phantom Tried to shake free.
"What do you want with the Traveler?"
"He is the one man I can Sacrifice to free my master, King Hiss." The phantom froze again. He had heard of king hiss before. The Phantom had heard enough. He quickly flung the five troopers over his head and removed his helmet. Johnny's face was a painting of rage.
"Skelator, You've hounded me long enough, I've got three words for you, Pay-back's a bitch!" Johnny said as he attacked another horde of the robot knights. He fought long and hard but there were to many of them. Johnny growled as robot's pined him to the cold street.
"Now traveler." Skelator said sinisterly. "You will accompany me to Greyskull and you will die there." Johnny was stunned.
"My mother..."
"MY SLAVE." Skelator growled. Suddenly one trooper went flying. The same thing happened to a second trooper, and then another. Johnny and Skelator both looked to see He-man, She-ra, Teela, all the former power rangers, and the four sliders, all attacking the solders. Johnny was even more surprised to see the pink space ranger fly past him on her galaxy glider, griping his hand and pulling him onto the board next to her as she flew past.
"Good to see you again Phantom, Or is it traveler?" She asked. Johnny smiled.
"Kind of takes the mystery out of life doesn't it." Johnny said as he jumped off and kicked a robot down as he landed next to Andros. "So when did you get here?" Johnny asked.
"A few minute's ago, we met your friends at the church and decided to help you out." Andros replied. Johnny smiled as he imbedded his foot into the chestplait of another trooper. The war in these city street's continued for a few minute's longer. Suddenly the hero's stopped they're fight. Johnny stopped and looked around to see why. His thought's turned to fears as he saw Skelator's sword laying across the pink ranger's neck, The blade already tearing away at the white turtleneck underneath her helmet.
"Stand where you are Traveler, One more move and your love will not live to see another day!' Skelator howled in rage. Johnny was recalling this sight before, at least a similar site. Skelator's voice grew calmer. "I offer you a choice. Return to Eternia with me as my slave and save her despicable life, or parish with her on this primitive and tasteless planet, SURRENDER THE ORION!" He-man slowly walked over to Johnny.
"What's the Orion?" he asked. Johnny pulled the red jewel out of it's resting place on his chestplait. The costume disappeared into his T-shirt and blue jeans. At the same time the jewel transformed into a shimmering blue jewel.
"NO Jonathan, We'll find another way." Arturo yelled.
"There's no time Do. We have no choice, Skelator, if I give you the Orion, will you let her go?" Johnny asked.
"No, I will merle let her live. Johnny gritted his teeth as he threw the Orion at Skelator, then he whispered...
"Hard Drive, don't respond, Give me a web shooter on my right wrist, then teleport to he-man and update him on my situation and follow his orders." In an instant the watch disappeared and was replaced with a sleek wristband. The watch reappeared on he-man's wrist but he didn't even notice. Johnny growled as two troopers put Johnny in energy cuffs. Karown, Andros, Teela and Wade ran up to him.
"You can't do this." Wade said.
"Don't worry, I'll be fine, Andros, Find the Zeo crystal and bring it to Eternia, He-man knows how to get there, Good journey." Johnny said as they shoved him away.
"What about them sir?" A robot asked in it's robotic voice.
Leave them, The traveler is my slave, as long as I let them live he is bound by his word, Let them rot." He said with a sinister giggle, "Let them rot."
It killed Andros to not go after Cassie and Johnny right away, But Johnny asked him to find the Zeo crystal and he owed Johnny a favor or two. Besides he knew Johnny would watch out for Cassie. All these thought's raced threw his head as the six space rangers glided slowly towards the moon.
"I can't believe Tommy put the crystal exactly where he found it." Zhane said as they landed on the moon's surface. Andros ordered the other's to stay where they were as he slowly walked into the forbidding caves underneath Rita and Zedd's old fortress. The task at hand was a simple one, just go in, navigate threw the maze of tunnel's, find the Zeo crystal and get out. Then it would be a matter of finding Johnny. Andros took a deep breath as he walked into the caves of deception.
As Johnny and Cassie were ushered into castle Greyskull's main hall, Johnny noticed that the room was much different Skelator had done some improvements. Two large chasms lay across each other lining out a path which led to the stone throne, to the right; the sorceress lay on a small ledge, chancels around her wrists and ankles.
"MOM!" Johnny yelled as he ran towards her. He was puled back By Cobra Kahn's tugging on the chains that were fused to the challis on Johnny's wrists. Skelator giggled at Johnny's concern.
"Traveler, Look around you, see how you've already failed, I rule Greyskull and your mother, and in return for his help, I summoned you to the mystic mountains like Thanos asked." Johnny's anger grew hotter.
"You sent me there, Your the reason Gabrielle Died!" Skelator just giggled at Johnny's hurling face.
"Your pointless romances are of little consequence to me, Our life long battle is ending at last in the only way it could. You may notice the improvements I've made on your mother's home. One of these improvement's a holosphere, and I release king hiss, I will use it to show Eternia the sight of you kneeling to me, JUST BEFORE YOU DIE!" Johnny ran at Skelator, Fire in his eye's, Merman and Jitsu held him back.
"I'll never kneel to you!" He roared.
"Yes you will, yes you will Or I will inflict unforgettable harm upon you." He said as he signaled for beast man to activate his cyber whip. Meanwhile Jitsu Johnny's shirt. And Beast man flung the whip into Johnny's back. Johnny winced in pain but didn't cry out as the whip cut a clean line of red into his back. The whip cut his back again but no sound came from his lips. Again and again this happened until...
"Enough," Skelator ordered. "Why don't you cry out, why don't you give in?"
"Because," Johnny said between gasps. "Because I won't give you the satisfaction." Skelator growled, Then his smile returned.
"Perhaps, if the girl would be made to suffer." Johnny interrupted immediately.
"No, I'll kneel, don't hurt her." Johnny begged. Skelator nodded. As he signaled for a solder to activate the holosphere.
Andros hated caves, he was thinking exactly that when he navigated threw the cold catacombs which would lead him to the Zeo Crystal. He could smell the sent of what could only be evil in the air as he followed a dim glowing light threw the tunnels. It took awhile but Andros finally found the large oddly shaped crystal standing in the large clump of earth. As Andros approached a voice called from behind.
"Andros" the voice called. Andros recognized the voice of Karown, His sister and now the purple power ranger. Andros turned to face her but not as the purple ranger but as the person she was when they first met, Astonima.
"Leave the crystal alone, ranger." she said as she pointed a blaster at Andros. The red ranger's eye's closed in sadness, beneath his helmet, waiting for her to shoot.
"Andros?" Karown said again. Andros opened his eye's to see Astronima fade away and the purple power ranger in her place.
"Hi, sis, what are you doing here?" Andros asked as he stood up.
"I wanted to make sure you were okay." She replied.
"Well, let's get that Zeo Crystal and get out of here." Andros said as the two rangers ran up to the crystal and gently touched it. "It's astonishing." Andros said as he griped the flawless crystal and yanked it out the dark earth.
"Okay, Let's go." Andros said as he slipped the crystal under his arm and the two ran off towards the landing site.
"What do you mean you can't take us back?" Teela asked the glowing watch on He-man's wrist as the six space rangers glided down and landed a few feet away from the group.
"I can only take twelve, My power supply is very low and I will be able to take more when my power recharges in twenty minute's. Androse looked down at the Crystal in his hands.
"Well," Andros said as he threw the jewel into the air. "Once a ranger..." He swung his spiral saber into the jewel, shattering it into five equal parts." Always a ranger, who wants to morph again?" For a moment no one moved. The Quinn stepped forward.
"I'm in." Quinn said.
"We all are." Said the professor as he picked up four blasters from four discarded robots and handed three to his sliding friends. Jason walked over, Tommy right beside him. They both picked up a shard, Jason held one with a rectangle at one end, and Tommy held one with a triangle and one end.
"One more time?" Jason asked.
"For old time's sake." Tommy finished As they held the their crystal's into the air as lightning struck the shards of crystal. In a flash of light Jason and Tommy were in power ranger uniforms. Jason in blue, Tommy in green. Andros walked over and picked up a red glowing crystal.
"Johnny may need this." He said, admiring the star design on the edge.
"People of Eternia, Your nightmare has become my reality." Skelator yelled. His image seen all over the planet. "The son of Greyskull is my prisoner and with this power I will unearth and revive the all powerful KING HISS."
"NO!" Johnny screamed. "You can't." Skelator peered down slowly at the two hero's.
"You fool, You thought I was after the Zeo Crystal all this time when all I wanted was this blasted jewel that hung around your neck for so many years. All this time all I wanted to do was unearth my master and now You will witness it." He said as he took the Orion from his belt and smashed it in his hands. The ground started to rumble and quake. Just then In a flash of light, (There's allot of light in this story, isn't there?) He-man, She-ra, Teela, The four sliders, and six rangers, some Space some Zeo, all appeared in Greyskull's hall.
"Hay kid's," Teela yelled, "I think you could use these." She said as she tossed Johnny and Cassie each a Morpher. Johnny smiled at Cassie.
"Skelator, It's time for a rumble." Johnny said as he used the morpher to transform into the red Zeo ranger. He took the blaster from it's holster on his waist shot off his shackles. He then ran up and stopped right in front of Skelator.
"You dare stand between me and my destiny?"
"You bet, You cause trouble, I come and stop it."
"Oh how I'd like to smash you out of existence, to drive your accrued face from my memory forever."
"Then let's do this." Johnny said evenly.
"Yes, let this be our final battle." Skelator howled as he swung his havoc staff. Johnny ducked it, and the staff head hit the stone ground. Johnny wasted no time, slamming his shoulder into Skelator's side and flipping him over. Johnny whirled around and caught Skeletor's hand just before he fell into the pit.
"You fool, even after I die, Hiss will still be freed.
"How do you stop it?" Johnny asked.
"You don't!" Skelator said with a laugh as he broke Johnny's grip and fell into the abyss. Suddenly Johnny heard a clapping. He turned to see a man in a green armor, clapping.
"Excellent work my boy, you've done well." Johnny looked shocked.
"A man just died."
"Yes but a man of pure evil is one who deserves to die." The man said. "Now go, celebrate your victory against the forces of evil."
"Who are you?" Johnny asked.
"My good man, I am King Hiss." Johnny drew his sword.
"You wish to fight me?"
"I read history, I know what you are. I would kill you where you stand if you were king hiss." The man pulled His armor and it seemed to peel off. His skin peeled off with it to reveal his upper body, which was made up of five sinister Cobra's. Johnny froze; his uncontrollable fear of snake's overpowering him.
"Come now, son of Greyskull, come fight your greatest enemy." Hiss hissed as he leapt at Johnny. Johnny swung his sword out of absolute fear, blocking left and right. Suddenly, hiss stopped his assault.
"The time isn't right, your not ready yet child, but be prepared, son of Greyskull, someday I'll be back." Hiss said as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.
A day had past, the sliders had slid on they're merry way, Tommy and Katharine had gone and gotten married, and the space rangers decided to stay on Eternia for awhile. Johnny lay in bed, aching from his resent battle's and tired of the constant danger. He lay in bed with a small smile on his face as a knock came from his door.
"Come in." He said as Cassie walked in.
"Johnny when did you become the Phantom ranger, were you always the phantom?" She asked.
"No, After your first encounter with him, He had left earth and somehow crash landed on a planet called Cybertron, where I was at the time, On his death bed he told me about the crystal he used for his powers and told me how to use it. If we're separated while I'm in phantom form I could die, that's why I hardly ever use it." Cassie sat on the bed next to him.
"You saved my life yesterday. Thanks." She said as she gave him a peck on the cheek.
"Least I could do." Johnny said as she stood up and walked out of the room. Johnny waited for the door to close, and fell to the pillow, fast asleep in seconds.
Johnny stood in the field again, in his jeans and torn T-shirt, looking at the golden orb that sat in front of him.
"Johnny, you have another mission ahead of you."
"What now?" He asked, sternly.
"You must find a hero of great importance in the near future."
"And who might that be?"
"Ben Reily."
"What? Why?" The orb didn't answer, instead it disappeared into the horizon.. "The Scarlet Spider, Who's next, Howard the Duck?"

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