By Johnny Proft

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Chapter 7

Based on situations created by Alexandra Spears and characters created by Mattel.

Chapter 1
The sun rose on Cybertron as a young man raced down the steel road as he wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead.

"How do I always get into these messes?" He asked himself as he continued his jog down the metal highway, Lasers whizzing past him, being shot by what looked like miniature fling pyramids from the future. "Okay, let's see," He said to the cold, thin air." I landed on this planet, stooped Megatron's latest plan and said goodbye to the Autobots, so why haven't I teleported?" As if an answer to his Question, The boy watched himself disappear, all the while he was shooting his small blaster at the space pyramids. The boy watched as the enemy lasers flew right threw him as he disappeared into nothingness. The three pyramid's stopped in mid-air, and seemed to reshape themselves until they had transformed into three giant robot like men.

"Blast," One of them said." That traveler got away again."

"Megatron's going to have our heads for this." Another said.

"Well, let's report back to him before he beheads us for being late." said the third. The three robots' transformed back into they're pyramid shapes and flew off into space.


Spider-man was as happy as he had ever been, Sure, he was flying in limbo searching for his beloved Mary Jane but he was sure he would find her. He only had one regret now, He knew that the Green goblin was stuck in that same limbo, caused by doctor Owen Holm's invention, the time dilation execrator. In fact the good doctor himself was trapped in limbo along with is beloved, Dr. Silva Lopez. Madam web had said that he was going to take him to save Mary Jane and return the two of them to new York but he was so tired of fighting that he was ready to quit being spider-man. Suddenly Madam Web, The old woman who sat in some kind of life sustaining chair, started to grown, almost as if she were in pain.

"What's wrong web?" Spider-man asked. Web straitened up and spoke.

"You are needed for one more mission, spider-man." She said. Spider-man grounded.

"Well all right, but this had better be the last one," he said as he started to drift towards a black hole in the nothingness, web held out a hand, stopping him.

"Be warned Spider-man, this world you leave for is nothing like what you've faced before, you will meet new friends and new foes and you will be forced to fight the very lord of destruction himself." Madam web wasn't one who would frighten spider-man but this last warning terrified him.


It was two days since the battle for castle Greyskull. Skeletor had been killed by his own teacher, shocking the world of Eternia. Adam was walking threw the evergreen forest, holding his son James in one hand, and his neace, Annabele's hand in the other. Adam had offered to watch the two children while Teela, Adora, and Sea Hawk went to see Man-E-Faces latest performances. Adora and Sea walk were a little hesitant to leave they're daughter even for an hour but they trusted Adam and took his generous offer.

"Tree" Annabelle said pointing to one of the evergreen's surrounding the path.

"Very good Annabelle." Adam said with a smile. He was amazed to see how fast she was learning. But her next trick was very unexpected.

"Magic" She said as the three of them watched in shock as a young man, aiming a blaster behind him ran headlong into an evergreen. Adam set down the children and ran over to the young man.

"Johnny, what happened, How did you get here?" Adam asked as he helped the young man to his feet. Johnny took in his surroundings and jumped for joy so high he hit his head again on a tree branch. He loved this planet; it was always the best place to be in his opinion.

"Adam, how are you?" Johnny asked shaking Adam's hand.

"Just fine, but what happened to you?" Adam asked looking at Johnny's battle torn T-shirt and Blue jeans. Johnny ignored the question and looked over Adam's shoulder to see the two children.

"So, you and Teela have been busy." Johnny chuckled. Adam was a little surprised.

"How did you know that I married Teela?"

"Everyone knew that you two would marry eventually." Johnny replied.

"Well, Only one of them is mine, This is my son, James." Johnny walked over and held the infant in his arms.

"Hi Jimmy, I'm your Uncle Johnny." James just took a deep breath and went back to sleep. Johnny smiled and kneeled down so he was eye level to the little girl. "And who is this beautiful little girl?" Johnny asked in Annabelle's direction.

"I'm Annabelle." She said shyly.

"And who are your parent's Little one?"

"She-Ra and Sea Hawk." Johnny was stunned as he turned to Adam.

"You let you children know who you are now?"

"Unfortunately Hordak found out and told the world."

"Did Skeletor find out yet?" Adam's face went pail. "What?" Johnny asked.

"Skeletor was killed in a battle with the horde."

"What was Skeletor doing in a battle with the horde?" Johnny asked.

"A lot has changed since we last met, And I'm sure you'll have lot's of story's to share with the me and the rest of the royal family so we'll fire up the memory projector and you can tell us all about it." Adam said as he, Johnny, and the two children walked off towards the city of Eternos.


As Spider-man walked threw the glowing portal into the dark castle he felt a fear he had never felt before. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER SPIDEY. He thought, YOU'VE TAKEN ON VENOM, CARNAGE, AND EVEN YOURSELF SO YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAVE ONE SMALL PLANET FROM FALLING TO ASHES. Spider-man kidded himself. He was more scared than he had ever been but if madam web said he was the only one able to save this planet than he would try. He felt he owed her that much for what he had said to her earlier. (Spider-man episode 42: Turning point). Spider-man was interested to see such an old building still standing. That's when he spotted the young looking woman sitting on a cold looking throne at the top of a tall staircase.

"Welcome to Eternia, Spider-man." She said.

"Who are you?" Spidey asked looking around.

"On your planet I am known as Madam Web." Spider-man was stunned, could this beautiful woman and the old woman named Madam web really be one and the same? Spider-man decided to test his theory.

"If you're really madam web, where is the Beyonder?" He asked. The Sorceress pointed to a tall mirror on the other side of the dark hall. Sure enough the image of a middle-aged man appeared in the mirror's reflection. "Is he the Beyonder on this planet or did he have another name two?"

"Indeed I do, Peter Parker." A voice said behind him. Spider-man whirled around to see the man step out of the mirror and transform; he was no longer in his silver bodysuit. Th now wore a gray and red helmet and red chest-plate. "Here I am known as Zodak." He said as he stepped up to spider-man. " I never got a chance to thank you for saving our reality from spider-carnage." Spider-carnage was a double of spider-man from a different reality that was driven over the edge when he learned that he may have been a clone, a copy of the real spider-man of that reality. (See the Spider-wars two part episode on spider-man).

"Think nothing of it. But please tell me why I'm here so I can go find Mary Jane."

"I'm afraid we have bad news, Peter." The sorceress said as she waved her hands and the mirror's image swirled into a different image. "I'm afraid that a being of ultimate evil named Hordak has freed your enemy, the green goblin and enslaved your love." Spider-man gritted his teeth behind his mask as he watched Mary Jane struggle in a dingy cell. Spider-man whirled around to face the sorceress.

"What do I do to save her." Peter asked.

"You must wait, soon a mutual acquaintance of ours will visit, and when he does, we will ask his help for it is his destiny to face this fear alone."


A group of people had huddled around Johnny as he told a story of his travels.

"And then Hotrod and I actually fell into the giant Unicron and had to fight Galvatron for the matrix." Johnny said descriptively. "While I used the Exo-suit to hold off Galvatron, Hot rod opened the matrix and it seamed to tear Unicron apart at the seams. " The group held they're breaths.

"What happened to Galvatron?" Orko asked. Johnny rubbed his chin.

"Well I'm not sure, Last I saw him, Hotrod flung him threw one of Unicron's sides and he just floated off into space." The group of people clapped they're hands as Johnny stood up and bowed.

"A fantastic tale Johnny, you must tell us another sometime soon." King Randor said still clapping and standing up.

"Thank you your highness, but I would like to rest for now. Excuse me." Johnny replied as he walked off to the guestroom the royal family had provided. Adam and Adora looked at each other confused.

"He hasn't been his cheery self lately." Adora said.

"Yeah, I wonder what's wrong, he's been like that ever since I found him in the evergreen forest." Adam replied in agreement.

"Maybe a short trip to Etheria will cheer him up." Adora said.

"That's a great Idea, I'll go see if Sea hawk, Teela and the children want to come, You go see if he's up to it." Adam said as he raced off towards the garden where Teela and his son would be. Adora shrugged and started into a brisk run towards the guest quarters.


Johnny sat on his bed, with A weak look on his face, and began to cry. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Johnny whipped away the tears and walked up to the door and opened it. They're stood Adora, in her usual Red and white bodysuit. Johnny couldn't help but feel attracted to her, who could blame him he thought, she was a very beautiful woman but she was married and even if she wasn't, he felt he would never get a chance to be with her anyway. Johnny shook the thought away as Adora spotted a lone tear Johnny had missed.

"Are you alright?" she asked. Johnny whipped away the last tear.

"Oh, um, yeah I'm fine. What's up?" he asked.

"Well Adam and I were wondering if you would like to go on a trip to Etheria with us." A TRIP, Johnny thought, MAYBE THAT'S WHAT I NEED TO GET ME OUT OF THIS RUT.

"Alright, Lets go." he said as the two of them walked off to meet the others. As they walked down the hall they ran into Orko.

"Hi guy's" Orko said. "What's going on?"

"We're taking a short trip to Etheria, want to come?" Adora asked. Orko knotted and the three friends walked towards the palace garage.

Chapter 2

Hordak sat in his large throne in the fright zone, as his followers stood at the foot of the staircase awaiting his orders. Norman Ozborn was becoming impatient.

"Please, Hordak, let me go back after spider-man, when controlled he can become a very helpful ally." The goblin pleaded. Hordak's arm transformed into a canon and fired a round into the floor an inch away from the tired goblin.

"Silence," Hordak ordered as he rubbed his chin. His red eye's suddenly lit up with glee. "Shadow Weaver, you said that the Traveler was on Eternia," Shadow weaver knobbed. "Excellent, then we can use this to our advantage, we grab the traveler, and then send the goblin to Earth to collect spider-man and force him to kill the Traveler. If your spell's of control work like they use to, once he kills his best friend, he will become cold blooded forever." Hodak cackled with glee as plans for Eternia formed in his head. The Green Goblin however, didn't like the Idea Hordak had formed. He wanted spider-man dead for all the trouble he had given the goblin. Just then an eviler plan formed in the goblin's head, if such a thing is possible.

"Remember our deal Hordak, I deliver the traveler, and you deliver spider-man." Hordak oinked in delight.

"I'll hold up my part of the bargain if you hold up yours." he giggled as the goblin ran onto his metal flying glider and flew off. "Grizzlor, watch him, I don't trust him yet." Hordak ordered. Grizzlor bowed and ran after the goblin. Hordak then sat up out of his throne and walked over to the window. Catra seductively stepped up the staircase and stood next to him.

" What's wrong Hordak?" Catra purred.

"I hate that traveler so much, I was so glad when he finally left Etheria, now that he's back on Eternia, I want to make sure he dies." Hordak roared. Catra cuddled up to him.

"I can make you forget about him." She said in a more feminine tone. Hordak brushed her aside and walked off. YOU WILL PAY TRAVELER Hordak thought I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR DISTURBING MY PLANS, I WILL TAKE THAT WHICH YOU HOLD MOST DEAR AND DESTROY IT AND KEEP YOU ALIVE IN CHAINS FOREVER SO YOU WILL SUFFER. Hordak grew a sinister smile and cackled as he walked down the hall.


Spider-man was growing restless. He wanted to save Mary Jane so bad he could taste it, and he wanted to settle the score with the Green Goblin. As the goblin, Norman Ozborn tried to kill him, kill his friend and ruin his best friends life two, Harry Ozborn, Who was also Norman's son was somehow able to contact his son from across the dimensions turning him into the next green goblin.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" Spider-man asked, turning to the sorceress.

"Turn and see the prophesized savior of the universe." The sorceress said pointing strait at Johnny. He and his friends had just showed up to go to Etheria, he had no idea that his old friend would be on Eternia.

"Peter, what are you doing here?" He asked, shaking his hand. Then Johnny knotted Zodak. "Hello Zodak, or is it Q?" Johnny asked, shocking everyone except for Zodak.

"Here it's Zodak, traveler." he replied in a grim voice.

"Well what do we owe the honor of the presence of one from the continuum?" Johnny asked, gritting his teeth. Johnny had run into the Q before, and he didn't have a very good experience when it was made aware to him that they may be the reason for his traveling from world to world.

"I am here to ask your help." Johnny shook his head.

"Oh no, forget It." he then prepared to leave when he saw the looks on everyone's faces. "Where was he when I needed him? Where was he when I was forced to choose between the life I had and the shadow of a life I have now?" He yelled pointing angrily at the man. His friends continued they're stairs. Johnny shrugged. "What would you ask of me?" he said painfully.

"I first ask you to meet a friend of mine." Zodak said as he waved his hands. Suddenly he was no longer in castle Greyskull. He was in a field of light, no floor, yet he stood there. Just then, a man walked up to him, his features shadowed by the surrounding light.

"Who are you?" Johnny asked.

"I'm you." The man replied. Johnny was stunned.

"What? How is that possible?"

"You've seen sliders, right?" Johnny knotted.

"Then you know the deal with doubles. I'm your double and the Beyonder has asked me to give you something." The double said handing a wristwatch to him.

"Thanks but I don't pay much attention to the time anymore."

"No, stupid. This is a small computer developed by Tony stark." Johnny was stunned.

"Iron man Tony Stark?"

"No the actor Tony Stark, of course the Iron Man, This computer contains a memory of weapons, defenses, first aid tools and a mainframe similar to homer's" Homer was the name of the computer Iron man had implemented into his armor "Okay, now what?" Johnny asked.

"Now you continue what you've been doing in style. But the first thing you need to do is help peter save M.J."

"Mary Jane is here too?"

"Yep, and she's a prisoner of Hordak and the green goblin." HORDAK Johnny thought, THAT PIG BOY ALMOST KILLED ME ON MY FIRST VISIT TO ETHERIA WHEN HE THREW ME INTO HIS MAGNABEAM ENERGIZER. (An alternate version of the secret of the sword movie, If you like this story I'll tell you about it some time).

"Alright, I'll help that Q, but I don't have to like it." Johnny said as he started to walk off.

"Wait," His double said running up to him. The double reached into his pocket and pulled out three rings'. "These are the ring's of resurrection, They will each bring one person back to life but you have to use them right." Johnny stood there listening. "Rule one, the dead person in question must be burred for three hours, rule two, no one can know about there power unless there is no other alternative or if they find out on there own." Johnny knotted in agreement. "Rule three, they have to be worn by the host for three full seconds." Johnny felt that that wouldn't be a problem." And the most important rule, don't feed them after midnight."

"What?" Johnny asked, confused.

"Oh, sorry. I just finished watching gremlins and it's still in my system." Johnny knotted in agreement. "Oh, buy the way, Hordak's hanging his hat at the fright zone again." Johnny was confused.

"I wasn't aware that he had left the fright zone." Johnny's double just shook his head.

"Well, good luck springs." The double said as the lighted room started to dim. Johnny blinked and when his eye's reopened he was back in Greyskull. All his friends stared at him, wondering what his next move was.

"Well I think that Adam, Adora, Teela, Sea Hawk, and the children stay here and Spider-man and I pay Hordak a little visit."

Chapter 3
It had been two hours since the Traveler and Spider-man entered the portal to Etheria and started they're walk threw whispering woods. Spider-man wanted to web swing the trip but he didn't know the way to the fright zone and he didn't want to get lost. Johnny however wasn't sure he was going the right way himself if he was steering them in the right direction, he hadn't been on Etheria for four years and he really missed it. He wondered what had happened while he was gone. How Skeletor had died, How Hordak set his sights on Eternia, But that would have to wait, right now Johnny wanted to know how he had been able to free the Green Goblin and Mary Jane from that astral limbo. Some time later, Johnny and Peter came across a cliff, at the bottom there was a rushing river, and a tree the size of a redwood lay across the cliff and a cliff on the other side of the river.

"Well I guess we're going to have to cross the tree." Johnny said.

"I can cling to the tree, but do you think you can make it?" Spider-man asked.

"We'll see won't we." Johnny said as he climbed up to the top of the tree. The tree was wide enough to walk across, but they soon ran into another problem.

"Well, Traveler, I must say you've saved me a trip to Eternia." Hordak said as he, The Green Goblin and a platoon of troopers stood at the other side of the tree trunk.

"What are you talking about?" Johnny asked as he slowly walked behind spider-man. Johnny's intent was to keep Hordak talking long enough to sneak a web shooter, A tool spider-man used to swing from spot to spot, from spider-man's wrist to his own.

"Well I was planing on forcing Spider-man to kill you but I hate you so much I want you to die right now." Hordak giggled as a trooper shot a stunner at the traveler. Johnny lost his balance and fell over the trunk and towards the water below. Spider-man dropped his body to lay on the trunk and caught Johnny's arm just before he was lost, but it was no good. A trooper shot a stun beam at Spider-man and Spidey lost his grip. Johnny fell down into the water, and then everything went black.


When Johnny awoke, he was in the old rebel camp, on a warm bed, in a tent. Glimmer and Bow were at his side. Johnny sat up quickly and looked around.

"Where's Peter?" He asked, holding his head, feeling the painful after affects of the horde stunner. Bow and Glimmer looked at each other.

"Who's Peter?" Glimmer asked. Johnny hit his head, OF COURSE THEY DON'T READ COMIC'S AROUND HERE. He thought.

"Of course you might know of him as spider-man" Bow and Glimmer looked at each other again.

"The only Spider-man we know of is working for the horde" Glimmer said.

"I hope and prey that you're talking about Webster, Skeletor's old crony." Johnny said.

" I'm afraid not, He swings around with webbing from his wrist's and wears a black costume except for the white Spider symbol on his chest." THAT'S THE DESCRIPTION OF SPIDEY'S OLD COSTUME THAT LATER TURNED OUT TO BE A LIVING CREATURE THAT SPIDER-MAN REJECTED AND IT JOINED WITH HIS ENEMY, EDDY BROCK, IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE SYMBIONT RE- FORMED WITH SPIDER-MAN? Johnny thought in fear. "Oh and he seems to fly around on a flaming glider like his friend the green goblin." Johnny was shocked; He didn't know what to do. If spider-man was truly evil now, how was he going to save him? Then Johnny wondered how he even got there in the first place.

"How'd I get here? Last thing I remember I was food for the fishes." Glimmer and Bow looked at each other yet again.

"We're not really sure, The Twigget's found you off the lake shore, brought you here and called us as soon as they knew who you were." Bow said. Johnny stood up and walked out of the tent and, overlooked the Twigget's, busy at work repairing the structures of the clearing. Glimmer and Bow walked over next to him. "What are you going to do now?" Bow asked.

"I'm going to the fright Zone as I intended and save my friends." He said as he started his long walk towards the dark towers. Glimmer ran up next to him.

"We're coming with you." Glimmer said boldly. Johnny shook his head.

"I've already lost a friend on this trip, I'm not going to lose any more." he said as he continued walking.


A day after the Traveler and Spider-man had begun they're trip threw Etheria. The Two royal children slept comfortably in they're cribs in the dark nursery. Suddenly a dim yellow light filled the room as a portal appeared. A man, his features hidden in a hood and clock as he walked over to the first crib and scooped Annabelle into his left arm. He then stepped over to James's crib and slipped him into his other arm. As the man prepared to enter the portal, King Randor burst into the room, alerted by the children's screams. He flipped the light switch as the man looked up, his Glowing yellow ghoulish skull came into view, tormenting the King with its sinister cackle. The man raced threw the Gate and it disappeared behind him. Randor jumped towards the shrinking vortex but fell to the floor. Man-at-arms Raced into the room.

"Your majesty, What happened?"

"We've been fooled, Skeletor's alive, and he's taken the children.


Johnny must have walked 15 miles. He was becoming impatient but he knew if he were to run he would exhaust himself and he wouldn't be able to take on the horde, which brought on another question, what would he do once he got to the fright zone, just knock on the front door? Johnny was so mixed into his thoughts that he walked right into a tree and fell over backwards. But it wasn't a tree he had walked into but a castle wall. A CASTLE, HERE? IN WHISPERING WOODS? THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, Johnny thought. Consumed with curiosity, he knocked on the door. The door opened and Johnny casually stepped inside. The door slammed shot behind him. He looked around the room. It was a great hall, surrounded with great tapestries, a gold throne and doorways into many other rooms.

"Welcome my confused friend." Said a voice. Johnny instantly recognized it.

"Doom." Johnny said clenching his fist recognizing the man dressed in steel armor, covered in a green shirt, skirt, cape and hood, but the most determining feature was that faceplate, and his eyes, with the scared flesh raped around it.

"Doctor Doom actually." The metal man said as he walked into the room.

"What are you doing on Etheria?" Johnny asked, confused.

"I've decided to start over, redeem myself. I wish to save this world from the evil of the horde." Johnny gave a disbelieveable smile.

"Out of the kindness of your heart."

"It's true I fought for the rule of the earth for my own personal reasons, but know I fight for these people to be free, And as proof of my change of heart I have some bad news."

"Why am I not surprised." Dr. Doom tried to take over the earth off and on for thirty years. Thousands of hero's had taken him down over the years including spider-man. Still, Johnny had a feeling that doom was telling the truth. "If you want to help me give me something I can use to defend myself from the horde."

"You have all the weaponry you need already, now go before your friends parish." Doom said pushing Johnny outside the castle.

"Wait, what do you me-" He was cut off by the castle door slamming in his face. Johnny started walking off; wondering what doom had meant by his own weaponry. He then slapped his forehead, remembering the wristband given to him by his double. He looked at his wristwatch; it resembled a small TV Screen and a smaller speaker. "Hard Drive," Johnny said hoping that the computer responded to verbal commands.

"Yes sir?" The watch said back in it's computerized voice.

"Show me a list of weapons." The screen lit up with life as Johnny viewed the list, surprised to see so many weapons usually used by other hero's, One interested him more than the others. "Hard Drive, Do the weapons on this list work for me the same way they work for they're original owners?" Johnny asked.

"Why yes sir."

"Good than give me the golden power staff." Suddenly a scepter of gold and black metal appeared in his hands. With a huge smile Johnny lifted the staff to the sky and spoke the incantation," GOLD RANGER POWER". He screamed to the heavens as a bolt of gold lightning struck the staff and a gold and black futuristic armor involved him, it looked like tights to the human eye but it was a source of great power. Johnny started running towards the fright zone, and with the power of the gold ranger in his hands, he would cover four miles in three minutes. As he ran he said," Hard Drive?"

"Yes sir?" The computer asked back.

"Do you have a sound system?" Johnny asked.

"Yes sir, and a computer memory of over six thousand songs from all over earth."

"Then let's play a song, something.... Something athletic." Suddenly the gold ranger theme song blasted in his helmet, and at just the right volume. "How Ironic, Hard Drive."

"Yes sir?"

"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." Johnny said as he continued his jog towards the fright zone.

Chapter 4
"Blast it Bow, We have to go after him, he's our friend." Glimmer said franticly at that exact moment." And besides you know how hard headed he is, he's in danger I don't care how safe he feels." Bow knotted in agreement.

"You're right, you're right, but what can we do, he's half way there by know." Bow said as they started they're trek towards BrightMoon. The sun was setting on Etheria, and the first of three moons started to rise.

"I know but when we get to bright moon I can use a spell to take us right threw Hordak's defenses." Glimmer said with a smile.


As Johnny neared the fright zone, something occurred to him, I WONDER HOW I GOT TO SHORE AFTER FALLING INTO THE RAPIDS. But there was no time to think about that, he had reached the fright zone.

"Hard Drive? Can I call The Zord, Pyramidis to use as a distraction?"

"Yes sir but I'd recommend agents it, If the Zord is captured and the real rangers call for it they may perish." Johnny didn't want to take that chance so he deactivated his gold ranger power and sneaked over to a trooper, and used the power staff to knock him out.

"Now to do a little sneaking around." He said as he cautiously stepped into the fright zone. After searching for hours he found spider-man, in his old black and white threads, ordering troopers around. Johnny hoped that he could talk some sense into the web head and walked over to him. "Spider-man, sir." Johnny said, hoping that he addressed him right.

"Yes trooper?" Spider-man asked.

"May I have a privet word with you sir?" Johnny asked.

"Of course." Spider-man said and covered Johnny in a cocoon of webbing. Johnny's helmet shook off as he fell to the floor.

"You forgot about my spider-sense." Spider-man gloated, standing over him." Tell Grizzlor to take him to the pain amplifier." PAIN AMPLIFIER I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT, Johnny thought as two troopers dragged him out of the room. ATLEAST I DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE.


Johnny was toss into a glass booth resembling a telephone booth. Grizzlor, Spider-man and the green goblin stood over a control console across the small room.

"This is the Pain amplifier, Traveler. It will cause you pain and increase it until it literally tears you apart." Grizzlor said as he started to play the keyboard like a piano, Johnny saw that Spider-man was struggling to stand strait, He knew that his friend Peter was fighting his controller but his will alone wasn't enough. It was the last thing Johnny saw as the little pain he felt in his feet flew over his body. Johnny struggled not to respond to the pain. Just as he was about to scream, Hordak walked into the room.

"What are you doing?" Hordak screamed furiously.

"Torturing the rebel sir." Grizzlor whimpered fearfully.

"This Traveler has caused me to much trouble to merle be tortured, Take him to the plunder room." UT-OH, Johnny though, I'VE GOT A FEELING HE'S GOING TO USE THAT DAMM MAGNABEAM WILL SUCKER ON ME AGAIN. Johnny had been taken to that machine before, He-man and She-Ra had saved him before but they were no where to be this time. I'M SCRWED THIS TIME. Johnny thought. As he was dragged off he saw spider-man watching him.

"Take a good look at my face Peter, Because this is what the face of a condemned friend looks like, I HOPE YOUR SATIFIDED." Johnny screamed as he was dragged off towards the plunder room.


As Glimmer and Bow Appeared out of thin air in one of the many corridors in the fright zone, Bow took a deep breath.

"I don't know how you always talk me into this." he said as they started walking.

"You know as well as I do that he is that chosen one the sorceress told us about all those years ago." Glimmer replied remembering the day 5 years ago, after they're Christmas celebration, where the sorceress had gathered up all the hero's of Eternia and Etheria together at castle Greyskull and showing on her magic mirrors the image of a reluctant hero, who would one day become the savior of every thing everywhere. She shook the memory from her thoughts as they entered the plunder room, molded after the original room on Beast Island. Suddenly, they heard footsteps, coming closer. Without exchanging a word, the two lovers dove behind a nearby corner as Hordak stepped in, followed by Shadow weaver, Grizzlor, Spider-man atop his glider of fire, the green goblin atop his own glider and a group of troopers dragging along the helpless traveler. The two troopers threw Johnny into a glass booth and shut the door behind him. Hordak stepped in front of the booth and cackled with glee.

"So Traveler, How many times have you thwarted my plans?" He asked with a smile.

"You tell me, I forget." Johnny glared back in his usual wit.

"It doesn't matter, Soon your will power will be drained and if it is as strong as it was when you were in this machine last, it will be more than enough to erase Eternia forever." He oinked with glee as he pulled the lever and the booth began to glow. Johnny suddenly felt his hope draining, as if someone had hit the rewind button on the worst moments of his life, The time he found out he was an orphan, the time he was forced to watch Optimus Prime die, the time he was forced to watch as Hordak Killed his ex-wife and steal his two children. He screamed in agony as his hope to keep going continued to shrink. Happy beyond comparison, Hordak left the room, Grizzlor, Shadow weaver, the Green Goblin and the troopers followed, giggling. Spider-man glided off slowly after them. When the door closed, Glimmer and Bow stepped out of they're hiding spots and ran over to they're fallen comrade.

"What can we do?" Glimmer asked.

"I...I don't ...I don't know." Johnny managed to whisper out between sheiks. "Someone's coming." he said as a lone pair of footsteps grew louder. Glimmer and Bow raced back to they're hiding spot as spider-man G glided into the room. Johnny decided to try to help his friend break the spell.

"Spider-man, Peter, What did your uncle always say to you." Spider-man was shocked to realize Johnny knew that about him.

"How do you know..." Spider-man was cut off.

"He said that with great power, comes great responsibility, now tell me peter, what do you think he would say if he saw what your doing now?" Spider-man thought for a minuet, then fell to his knees, his head in his hands, tears soaking his black mask. The tears seamed to comfort Johnny because if water could go threw his mask that meant that it was cloth, not an alien symbiot." What do I do now?" Spider-man asked.

"Help my friends and save Eternia from Hordak's evil." Johnny said as he fainted. Bow and Glimmer stepped out of they're hiding spot and walked over to the booth. Glimmer had a tear in her eye.

"Well what do I do now?" she asked. Without a word, Spider- man wrapped his fingers around the corners of the booth and tore it out of the ground, Johnny lay on the ground as if dead.

" We take Johnny back to Greyskull and stop Hordak." Spider-man said as he tore off the black costume, (He had his good old red and blue suit underneath) And picked up Johnny off the floor.

"What do we do about Hordak?" Bow asked.

"We do nothing, you two take Johnny back to Greyskull and I'll catch up with you." Spidey said as he handed Johnny's lifeless body to bow and swung off towards the roof.

Chapter 5
"What do you mean we have to wait for the traveler?" She-Ra yelled, worried about her kidnapped children. The sorceress tried to comfort her.

"I am truly sorry of your loss, but..." Suddenly The magic mirror started to glow and swirl as Zodak stepped threw it.

"The second stage of the evolution has begun." He said. The Sorceress gave a smile and turned to She-Ra.

"Would you like to go and bring the traveler back?" She asked. She-Ra didn't know what Zodak had meant but she didn't care at this point, her child and nephew were in danger and if she had to get the traveler to save them then that was what she'd do. She knotted and smiled.


Spider-man was growing madder and madder with every breath he took. Hordak had turned him from a lighthearted hero to a pawn of evil, Spider-man just wanted to save Mary Jane, destroy that magna-beam and go home, and He was going to make Hordak pay. All these thoughts raced threw his head as he swung over to the balcony. Hordak was looking out to the sky, his hand resting on the lever which would activate the beam. Spider-man quickly shot a blob of webbing at the console, gumming up the control lever and Hordak's hand. Hordak whirled around and narrowed.

"Why you Earth traitor." Hordak cursed. Spider-man just shot a second blob of webbing at his mouth to shut him up.

"I'd love to hear your hole tie raid oink boy, but I have to save my wife." Spidey said as he swung off towards the prison wing.


As glimmer and bow raced across the disserted hallways, Glimmer heard what sounded like a child's cries. Glimmer stopped in her tracks and ran towards the cry's.

"Glimmer where are you going?" Bow asked. But Glimmer ignored him as she ran into a locked prison door, she couldn't open it or even look threw a window that wasn't there. Bow ran up and they both tried to open the door but it was locked tight. Just then, Spider-man, caring Mary Jane, swung up to them.

"I thought I told you two to get out of here." Spidey said. Then he heard the cries. He gave a fearful look at his wife and turned to the door. He took a deep breath and gently griped the handle. He then tore the door off its hinges.

"Better than a door bell, huh?" He said comically. As the group walked inside the room they were shocked to see Whiplash snapping his deadly tail at two children, he was enjoying himself so much he didn't even notice the hero's come in. Spider-man gritted his teeth and in a rage tackled Whiplash, and knocked him out cold. He then looked over to the two children, cuddled up in the corner and held out his hand.

"No more of this, We'll take you to a safe place." The older girl (By about a few minutes) Reluctantly reached out and griped spider-mans hand. After holding his hand for a few seconds she felt safe and smiled. This happy moment was interrupted by a miniature pumpkin flying threw the air. Spider-man s eyes widened with fear as he quickly scooped up the two children and pulled them out of the pumpkin's path just before it exploded. The two children started crying as the Green goblin flew above the three bodies.

"Enjoy your trip Parker?" The goblin asked with a cackle. In a rage, Spider-man hopped onto the glider next to the goblin and the two old enemy's started to wrestle.

"You stole Mary Jane, My Life and the life of your son and you can still laugh about the death you've caused?" he yelled. "Well guess what, I'm taking MJ back to earth and your coming with." The goblin's giggle faded.

"No I'm better off here. I'm normal here," the goblin said angrily.

"BUT YOU DON'T BELONG HERE." Spider-man yelled as he thrust his fist into the goblin's face, knocking him out. Spidey then picked up the goblin before he fell, and hopped off the glider just before it plowed right threw the wall.

"Well let's get back to Greyskull." Spidey said, holding the green goon over his shoulder. And the group of friends raced off towards the exit.


As the group raced around the trees of whispering woods, they were surprised to see She-Ra, racing towards them.

"Who are you?" Mary Jane asked, becoming tired of creature after creature in this New World.

"That's she-Ra, she's a friend." Spider- man said, setting the goblin against a tree, and Bow set Johnny down against a tree.

"What happened to the Traveler?" She-Ra asked in fear.

"He was re introduced to the magnabeam energizer." She-Ra took a deep breath and kneeled down next to the traveler and placed her hand on his chest. When nothing happened she became more afraid. "I can't revive him." Spider-man pushed her aside.

"Let me try something." Spider-man said as he pulled off his mask, Tilted back Johnny's head, opened his mouth, and blew three deep breathe into his lungs, then he started pushing on his chest." One, Two, Three, Four, Five." He said as he pushed down.

DON'T DIE Spider-man prayed as he repeated the process.

"Forget it Peter," Mary Jane said, "He's gone." spider-man ignored her and continued. After fifteen tries, spider-man. Clenched his fists and screamed into the skies.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Spider-man then stood up, tears in his eyes. As they turned to leave, Spider-man heard a cough behind him. He turned to see Johnny stand up rather shockingly.

"Any calls while I was out?" Johnny asked comically as the hole group ran over and hugged him." Did I miss something?" Johnny asked weakly as the group backed up a bit. She-Re saw that Johnny was still weak, so she walked up to him and placed his chest. A light blue began to glow around her hand. Johnny gave a sigh of relief. "Thank you." Johnny said as he leaned against a tree. "It's finally over." Johnny said caching his breath.

"I'm afraid it isn't over yet." She-Ra said sadly.

"What do you mean?" Johnny asked as feeling of dread loomed over him. She-Ra sighed.

"Annabelle and James were kidnapped last night and there are a few complications." She-Ra said sadly. Johnny raised one eyebrow, not liking the tone in her voice.

"What kind of complications?" Johnny asked.

"Well.... Skeletor's alive and he took the children, and Zodak said that you are the only one who can save them." Johnny wasn't surprised, already learning this info from Dr. Doom. And he knew Zodak wouldn't keep his word. But then he saw the two children for the first time and knew that he would do anything to save the life of a child. Suddenly Johnny heard the Sorceresses voice in his head.

"Traveler, Please hurry, Skeletor is in the inner chamber, there was nothing I could do to stop him, he was holding the children as hostages." Johnny gritted his teeth. SKELATOR, YOU'LL PAY I SWEAR. Johnny thought as he walked down the path.

"Sorceress, bring me to Greyskull, now." In a flash of blinding weight light, Johnny disappeared.

"Please save them." She-Ra whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Chapter 6
As Skeletor stepped into the inner chamber he felt the dim white light emanating from a small orb sitting on a stand, in the middle of the room. He felt the goodness around the orb felt positively putrid, but wanting this all his adult life, he felt he would walk threw lava to get it. He stepped over to the orb, the children dead body's laying dead in the corner, and touched the sheer. He yanked his hand away instinctively, feeling the his mind burning with new knowledge, knew power, He-man was no longer his greatest enemy, he now felt beyond he-man, the Traveler was the only one who could defeat him now.

"Hey Death." yelled a voice behind him. Skeletor turned to see Johnny in a rather furious mood. "Let's see if that skull bleeds." He said as he lunged at him. Flinging punch after punch into Skeletor's face, a left, a right, one another, he wouldn't let up, he was literally killing him and Johnny knew it.

"Johnny." Spider-man said running up to Johnny who was leaning over the huddled mass of Skeletor. "Remember what you told me back at the fright zone?" Spider-man asked. Johnny looked at Skeletor, his lower jaw was hanging by a thread, and blood pored freely down from his nose hole and eye sockets. Johnny flung Skeletor to the ground and stood up as he-man and she-Ra ran in. as Johnny turned to leave he didn't saw Skeletor aiming his havoc staff at Johnny's back.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he-man yelled as he jumped in front of the blast, which flung him into the floor, dying instantly. Johnny turned around as Skeletor adjusted his aim for She-Ra. Johnny ran over to her and pushed her out of the way, the laser blast whizzing inches past they're heads. The blast hit a magic mirror and flew right back at Skeletor, which crumbled him to dust. A heavy breeze took the ashes and scattered them. Skeletor was dead, but at the cost of Three lives.


It was a week after Johnny's fight with Skeletor, and he honestly didn't expect himself to end up in an Eternian prison. See no one saw the actual battle between Johnny and Skeletor so they had to assume that Johnny had disregarded the children's safety and let Skeletor kill them. In reality Skeletor had killed them the minuet he opened the door to the inner chamber. On a more personal note, every friend he had on that planet blamed Johnny for the death of the children and Adam except for Sea Hawk, Orko, Mary Jane, and Spider-man.

"You should be glad that you didn't go to the funeral," Orko said at the visitor center," People couldn't stop crying, I just wish I could being them back." Suddenly a light bulb went off in his head as he pulled the three rings out of his pocket.

"Orko, I have to get out of here three hours after the bodies are buried." Orko was confused and Johnny could see it in his eyes. "I'll tell you why but first I have to be at they're graves three hours after they're buried." Orko just floated off. Johnny didn't think he trusted him. Johnny wondered in there was a maximum time limit to how long they were to stay underground. Johnny was feeling sick to his stomach later as he lay on his cough. He felt responsible for the death of his.... His hero. Johnny wasn't going to fail his hero.

"Guard." Johnny called out. The guard walked over to the bared cell.

"What is it murderer?" the guard asked. Johnny placed his hand on the guard's shoulder and yanked him hard into the bars, knocking him out.

"Just felt lonely." Johnny joked as he lifted his wrist to his field of vision. "Hard drive, I need a cutting laser now." As if by magic, a blaster appeared in his right hand. He immediately aimed it and cut a nine-foot hole out of the concrete wall. "Okay, HD Now I need a turbo ranger power morphed." just as before a wristband appeared on his left wrist and a key appeared in his right hand. Johnny shoved the key into the keyhole on the wristband and a suet similar to the gold ranger suet he wore before involved him, complete with helmet. Johnny ran right threw the wall and raced off towards the cemetery.


Once Johnny reached the cemetery, he deactivated the power ranger armor and called Hard Drive for a shovel, he then started digging.

Adora was taking a late walk that night. She wanted to kill Johnny for the death of her children it was then that she heard the sound of a shovel cutting threw the Eternian soil. She hid behind a shrub as Johnny dug into her brother's grave. She was about to pull out her sword when she saw Orko float up to Johnny.

"Johnny what are you doing." Johnny shrugged and told Orko about the rings of resurrection, unaware of Adora listening in. Orko agreed to help Johnny and the two friends continued to dig downward.


The next day Johnny had returned to his cell, his friend, his son and his niece were alive and well and were found in the palace hospital. Johnny felt as if he was free and he wouldn't be able to fight anymore, and he was glad. His was always feeling like a job to do and now he felt like he was finally free. He had finally started to dose off when he saw Adora walk up to the cell door. Johnny let out a grown as he sat up.

"Come to watch my execution?" Johnny asked standing up. Adora was wearing a great big smile.

"Nope, I've come to set you free," she said opening the cell door. "And to say thank you."

"Thank you, for what." Johnny asked.

"For bringing back my family." Johnny didn't know how she knew about the secret but he didn't care he was just glad to see her happy. "And the Sorceress wants to see you." GREAT, Johnny thought, NOW WHAT DO THEY WANT ME TO DO?

Chapter 7
When Johnny and she-Ra walked into Castle Greyskull he didn't expect to see Spider-man, He-man, The two children they had rescued from the Fright zone, the King and Queen and Mary Jane all there waiting for him.

"What's going on here?" Johnny asked as he walked over to the stone staircase, which led to the throne.

"My dear traveler, I have some good news for you, we have found out who your sister is." The Sorceress said with a smile. Johnny's eyes lit up.

"I have a sister," The sorceress knotted and pointed strait at Teela. She looked just as shocked as Johnny did. "But how is that possible? I've lived on Earth for 18 years, and that earth was in a different reality." Suddenly the magic mirror began to swirl as Zodak stepped threw.

"True you lived on earth your entire life but you were born on Eternia. You were born two years before Teela was, an it was prophesized that the first son of your parents were to send they're son threw the mirror of magic so he would be spared the teachings of evil so he would one day save his home planet from the forces of darkness." Johnny and Teela raced over to each other and embraced, tears in both of they're eyes. "I awls dreamed I'd have a sister that would be as caring and honest as you." Johnny said weepingly. He knew that his mother was the sorceress but he also knew that Teela didn't know and he would wait to hug his mother until Teela had left.

"And I have more good news," The sorceress said. These two are also of relation to you," She said pointing to the two children, which they had saved from the fright zone a day earlier. Johnny instantly understood who they were.

"Children, did Hordak ever tell you who your names were?" Johnny asked. The young girl and the younger boy shook they're heads. "Well Your names are Adora t. and Adam O. Springs." The whole group except for the two children gasped. "I'm your father." The children started to tear up as they ran up to they're father and hugged him.

"Who's they're mother?" Teela asked.

Alena was they're mother, 5years ago she, I and our two children, who were infants, had taken a short trip to Etheria when we were captured by the horde. They Killed Alena right in front of me and he told me he had done the same to my children. I wanted to kill him a thousand times over but if I did I would be no better than he was so I continued my travels as if nothing ever happened, I told no one about the Relationship Alena and I had at her request. And grew cold in the last three years I was without them." Johnny said as he pitched up his children." I'm just glad it's all over." Johnny said.

"Alas it isn't." Zodak said sadly. Everyone looked at him, confused. "Oh it's over for now, but one day, Skeletor will literally rise from the ashes and come after you, one day when you think the worst is over he will return to take revenge on you traveler.


Three days later Johnny lay on the grass outside the royal palace, watching the clouds float by. Spider-man and Mary Jane had returned to earth two days before. And Johnny was taking a break from his fencing practice. There were no teachers on Eternia so he just practiced the skills he had learned from when he was a child. The King had given Johnny a job as a teacher for the royal children and allowed him and his children to live and attend the teachings. All the knowledge he learned about his past raced threw his head as his foil cut threw the calm spring air. Suddenly the sorceress spoke into Johnny's mind.

"Traveler, Mermista of Etheria is in need of your help, She is the one who saved you from the fall on the tree trunk, please help her." the sorceress pleaded. Johnny smiled.

"Sure mom, and call me son." Johnny said as he started running towards an open field. "Hard drive, open a portal to Etheria." Johnny yelled into his wristwatch.

"Yes sir." The little computer said back as a circle of light appeared in front of him. Johnny ran threw and dove into a river inches away from the portal. Would he save her? Would he be able to stop Skeletor in the distant future? My friends, that is another UNIVERSAL COLLISION.

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