The Universal chronicles

Chapter 1: With friends like these...

By John Proft

Based on characters and situations created by Mattel toys, Bandi entertainment, and marvel comics.

Johnny slowly crept threw the royal hallways as the sun rose it’s early rays over the royal city. He hoped to do this one mission and return before anyone was the wiser. Suddenly Johnny bumped into something and fell to the ground. When he shook off his confusion ha saw T.J., the blue space ranger, sitting on the floor across from him.

"T.J., I thought you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow." Johnny said, half surprised, half-nervous.

"Well it turns out that the governor of angle grove is planing to turn the mega ship into a museum when they heard that the rangers were back in town, so we thought we’d leave ahead of schedule." T.J. then noticed the time. "Hey, what are you doing up at this hour?" T.J. asked.

"Oh, just going for a walk." T.J. gave a cold stair. "All right, all right, I’m going to save the scarlet spider before his degeneration decease kicks in."

"I’m coming with you. I always wanted to meet spider-man." Johnny shook his head.

"All right, but when the time comes, you must do exactly as I say all right?" Johnny asked. T.J. nodded. "All right, let’s go." Johnny said as he raced down the hallway, T.J. close behind.


Peter Parker could never remember the last time he felt so scared. His clone, his brother, lay dying in his arms, the green goblin floated in the New York sky gloating. Spider-man looked up at the goblin, rage building in his mind.

"And now spider-man, you’re next to die!" The goblin mocked as he pulled out a steaming pumpkin.

"I don’t think so green jeans." A voice said from behind. The goblin turned to see Johnny and the blue space ranger hovering over the New York skyline on the rangers’ galaxy glider, the blue ranger held a blaster pointed at the goblin's head. Johnny hoped off the glider and landed next to spider-man, who held the lifeless body of Ben Reily in his arms. Johnny leaned over to spider-man.

"Peter, let me take him to Eternia, we can treat his injury’s there." Johnny said. Spider-man looked up to Johnny, tears stained threw his white and scarlet mask.
"Right, Just have him call me when he gets better." Johnny knotted.

"No problem." Johnny said as he scooped up the dead body, hopped back up on the glider, and the two glided off, leaving the spider and the goblin to their latest battle of good against evil.


Doctor Amanda Dension was crouched over her medical table, carefully studying a soil sample from the nearby village when Johnny and T.J. burst into the royal medical center.

"What’s the meaning of this?" She asked angrily.

"This is about you saving this man’s life." Johnny said as he set the lifeless body down on a rolling bed in the corner. Doctor Dension ran over and rested her ear on the weak chest.

"Any medical problem’s I should be aware of?" she asked.

"He’s a clone, suffering from a degeneration disease that was a side affect of the cloning process." Johnny replied. "That and the big gash in his back was caused by a weapon going at about fifty when in hit him." The doctor looked up at Johnny. Finding no sarcasm in his face, she continued her study.

"I’ll see what I can do, he should be fine." The doctor said as she push the two of them out of the room and continued to work on the mass that lay on the table. No one noticed the man in the shadow’s, his black and yellow battle suit, or the three claws that popped out of the back of his palms.


"So, now that the worst is over, what are you going to do now?" Johnny asked.

"I don’t know, I think I’ll ask Carlos if he’s in for a morning meal out somewhere in town, since we’re going to live here for awhile we might as well get to know the city of Eternos." T.J. replied as he waved and walked down the hall.

"Have fun, and bring me back a doggie bag." Johnny called back as T.J. walked around the corner and into his room that he shared with Carlos. He barley past the sliding open door when a desk lamp flew into the wall inches from his head, shattering to bits. He followed the path it had taken threw the air and saw Carlos standing in the middle of the demolished room.

"Carlos, what happened?" T.J. asked openly concerned.

"Don’t give me that pity crap, I’m tired of this, of living in this weasel of a world. But most of all, I’m tired of living with you." T.J. was shocked.

"What did I..." He was cut off by his friend picking up the power morpher T.J. left on the counter and hurling it at him.

"Get out?" Carlos screamed. T.J. raced out of the room and wiped the sweat off his face.

"I guess I’ll be eating alone than." He said with a deep sigh as he walked off. He didn’t see Prince Adam walk around the corner, watching him walked down the hall and into the turbo lift. When the door’s closed, Adam cracked a devilish smile.


Johnny was exhausted, he had spent a lot of energy on carrying the scarlet spider to Eternia, and all he wanted to do now was rest. When the door to his room slid open what he saw was the last thing he expected. Cassie sat on the bed across from the door, wearing only an extremely thin bathrobe and a serious, sexual expression. Johnny was so shocked that he almost fell over backwards.

"Cassie, what’s going on, how’d you get in here?"

"I thought we could ...converse." She said as she stood up and started walking towards him. Johnny swallowed.

"About what?" He asked wearily.

"About our current relationship." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him onto the bed. She started to kiss his neck as the two started to roll in the bed. Then Johnny pushed her away.

"This isn’t right." Johnny said as he rolled off the bed and stood up.

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked.

"Are you on any medication?" Johnny asked. Suddenly Cassie jumped off the bed and tackled Johnny, clawing at him furiously. Johnny struggled and overpowered her and pinned her to the ground.

"What the hell is going on?" Johnny asked.

"You will never leave the palace alive." Cassie said in a voice more unnatural. Johnny recognized it immediately.

"You." He said in shock.

"Yes traveler, I have returned from the realm of demons and I will have my revenge." the voice said from Cassie’s mouth. Johnny sighed and gave the woman a pinch in the neck. The woman was out in seconds. Thank you Mr. Spock." He said to himself as he sat Cassie down on an empty chair and tied her up.


T.J. felt strange as he walked down the busily city street. As he turned his head from side to side it was almost as if the entire town was watching him. He shook the thought away as he entered a small restaurant and sat down at on of the many booth’s inside. The restaurant looked much like the rest of the city, bright and lively, with a bright orange wall circling the city like a barrier. He thought that it was what earth would have ended up like if they hadn’t stopped building castles.

"Can I help you sir?" A man asked in a pair of blue pant’s and white undershirt. T.J. was just about to order when Johnny burst threw the room and ran over to T.J., The lifeless body of the scarlet spider draped over his shoulders.

"Teeg, we got to go, now." Johnny yelled.

"Why, what’s going on?" T.J. asked. He was answered by wolverine’s body flying threw the window and tackling Johnny, claw’s outstretched. When the two stood again Ben Reily was on the ground and wolverine’s hands were around Johnny’s neck.

"How do I fight some one like wolverine?" He asked himself. "He’s got claws super healing, super sense of..." Johnny suddenly had a light in his head as he shook free of wolverine’s grip. He ran to the restaurant’s kitchen as fast as he could. Wolverine leaped threw the air and took Johnny down again sending them both threw the kitchen door. Johnny stood up only to get caught in a massive bear hug. Johnny reached for the cylinder on the kitchen shelf. He griped it and flung the powder in wolverine’s face. Wolverine instantly dropped Johnny and started sneezing violently. Johnny ran over to T.J. and helped him pick up the scarlet spider.

"How’d you get away?" T.J. asked.

"Pepper, never leave the palace without it, now let’s get to Greyskull, I’ve got a Windraider outside." Johnny said as the two raced outside.


The trip to Greyskull was a safe one, which made Johnny more nervous than ever. He helped T.J. carry Ben Reily into the castle and set him down in front of the stone staircase leading up to the sorceress.

"What’s going on?" she asked as she walked down.

"Can you help him, mom?" Johnny asked.

"No, but perhaps you would like to join him." she said as a bolt of lightning shot from her hands and scorched the ground beneath Johnny’s feet.

"Aw shit!" Johnny said as he picked up the lifeless body once again and signed for T.J. to follow.

"Come on, we need to get to the travel corridor’s." He said as he raced down the dark halls. When he came to one of the many large door’s in the castle basement he opened the one he’d walked threw hundred’s of time’s before and ran threw the yellow glowing vortex within, Ben Reily over his shoulder and T.J. at his side.


That night was a cold one on the world of Etheria. Johnny used the medical equipment he got from hard drive to keep the scarlet spider alive and then sat next to T.J. who had a roaring fire going.

"What happened back there? It was almost as if everyone in Eternia was after us." T.J. asked.

"That’s exactly it, an old advisory of mine has taken control of the planet."

"Then why weren’t we affected?"

"We weren’t on the planet at the time, remember."

"So what do we do now?"

"Tomorrow you go take Ben back there to light hope, you know that creature of light I introduced you and the turbo ranger’s to, and ask him to cure Ben, I’ll go find the rebels and see if they’ll help."

"All right, for now we’d better get some sleep." T.J. said as he slumped over and closed his eyes. Johnny waited until T.J. was asleep then reached for his wristband.

"Hard drive, open the door to Eternia." Johnny ordered. Instantly the vortex reappeared and Johnny walked threw preparing to face one of the first villain’s he’d ever fought.


The next morning T.J. was surprised to see Johnny was gone, but he was more surprised to see that Ben Reily was awake.

"Mr. Reily, Are you all right?" T.J. asked.

"I’m fine, and the name’s Ben, but how did I get here and where is here?" Ben asked.

"Johnny spring’s and I saved you from the green goblin and brought you here to bring you back to life."

"Well I still feel like dying but I think I can walk."

"Well we were going to take you to light hope but Johnny’s gone, he must have gone to find the rebel’s, let’s go." T.J. said as he morphed and called for his galaxy glider and hopped on. "Ready?" T.J. asked. Ben looked at the glider with an odd look.

"All right." he said as he hopped on and the two glided off towards the cloud-covered mountaintop in the distance.


Johnny stood in the main hall of castle Greyskull, wearing the ski mask and overcoat that made up the super hero costume he wore year’s ago when he first fought the current villain.

"ALIEN DRAGON. I KNOW YOU’RE HERE. SHOW YOURSELF!" Johnny cried to the empty room. Suddenly from behind, out from the shadow’s stepped the giant alien dragon. Johnny turned to face the creature, his face a thing of rage behind the mask. "Hello fin fang foom." Johnny said evenly.

"It’s been along time, defender of good." Fin Fang foom replied.

"Not long enough. So, you still want my body to travel to earth?" The dragon giggled.

"You fool, I cannot use you to travel to earth, you’re not from that world, but your friend Cindy, The woman who first traveled with you, You would make Ideal bait for her. So would you like to start the confrontation?" the alien dragon asked. Johnny peeled off the ski mask and stuffed it in his pocket.

"Let’s dance."


T.J. and Ben Reily walked into the odd castle of crystal and looked up at the bright light shining from floor to ceiling. It reminded T.J. so much of Zordon but now wasn’t the time to think of such thing’s.

"Blue ranger, Scarlet spider, what brings you to my sanctuary?" A voice asked from within the light.

"Light hope, The scarlet spider here was fatally injured yesterday and we wanted to know if He was still in danger." T.J. asked.

"Do you not see my dear boy, the majestic air from Eternia and Etheria have an unforeseen affect on his cloned D.N.A., he is more health than when he left the earth. But time is short, the traveler has gone after the alien dragon, Fin Fang Foom on his own, if you don’t go to Greyskull to save him, he will be destroyed. But I will not leave you empty handed, Ben Reily, step into my light." Ben looked at T.J. with a look of fear, but saw no help threw the power ranger’s helmet. So he swallowed and stepped into the light. "Now you may exit..." And Ben walked out, "As the scarlet spider is reborn." Ben was fully replenished; his tattered and torn spider-man suit was replaced by his old scarlet body suit and blue sweater. Web shooter wristbands were on his wrists and fully loaded with webbing, impact webbing and stingers. "Now go, and save your friend."


The battle between dragon and man lasted all night, but was over in a heartbeat. Johnny lay on the floor, weak and battered, and without the help of Iron man that he had in his first battle with the alien dragon, he was helpless.

"Tell me, traveler, is this how you’d expect it to end?"

"I can’t say that I did, but..."

"But nothing, your end is here, nothing can save you now." Fin Fang Foom said with a laugh, his laughter was cut off by a small ball of webbing hitting the back of his fin like face and wrapping around his head. More and more balls of webbing started covering the dragon, then small needle’s flew threw the air and punctured the dragons hard scaly skin. Johnny slowly stood up to see the scarlet spider and the blue space ranger standing in the tunnel entrance. Johnny whipped a river of sweat off his forehead.

"What took you so long?" Johnny asked sarcastically.


A day later the planet was pretty much back to normal, wolverine was brought back to the x-mansion with no hard feelings but Ben Reily had decided to stay on Eternia to see what his future had in store for him. Johnny sat in the royal library; reading about Eternian myths and legend’s when Cassie stepped in with a nervous look on her face.

"What’s wrong?" Johnny asked as he set the book down.

"I just want to apologize for what happened two day’s ago." Johnny smiled.

"Look, let’s forget it happened, but ya know, I didn’t mind the first part to much, let’s just take it a little slower all right?"

"No problem, you in the mood for a late lunch?" She asked.

"Sure, Let’s just eat here though, I just want to sit at home and be with those I care about." Cassie kissed his cheek and walked out of the room. Johnny smiled as lay back, his hands behind his head.


"Where you defeated?" Asked a man hidden from the darkness.

"Yes master, the scarlet spider was resurrected and turned the tides in the battle." Fin Fang foom whimpered.

"Excellent, the traveler will continue to rely on the aid of his friends, when we deprive him of them, then we will have him." A massive purple faced man said in his blue and gold body suit. "A plan, five years in the making is finally coming to an end, and I Thonos will rule the universe, I must go to meet with lord Vader, and then the universe will be mine." Thanos said as he gave a cackle that even sent the alien dragons skin crawl.