The Rebellion And Their Allies.


Princess Adora / She-ra: Princess of Eternia, Leader of the Rebellion, and can transform into She-ra.

Spirit / Swift Wind: Adora's horse who turns into Swift Wind.

Prince Adam / He-man: Adora's twin brother who helps the Rebellion as He- man.

King Miro: Former King of Eternia who visits Adora and helps the Rebellion.

Bow: Heroic archer in the Rebellion.

Arrow: Bow's horse.

Light Hope: Magical entity living in the Crystal Palace.

Kowl: A wise, old advisor to the Rebellion.

Queen Angella: Queen of the Kingdom of Bright Moon.

Glimmer: Daughter of Queen Angella, a rebel warrior with the powers of light.

Madame Razz: An old witch and rebel ally.

Broom: Madame Razz's broom and friend, a rebel ally.

Frosta: Rebel warrior who has the ability to control frost, snow, and ice.

Flutterina: Rebel warrior who is part woman, part butterfly.

Loo-Kee: A young monkey boy who helps the Rebellion. Was the character who was known for the catch phrase of "Can you see me now?", as he tried to be a "Where's Waldo" wannabee.

Netossa: An African-American Rebel warrior.

Peekablue: Rebel warrior.

Perfuma: Rebel warrior with the ability to make pleasant scents.

Castaspella: Wizard Queen of Mystacor, and Rebel ally.

Stondarr: Leader of the Rock People.

Granita: Stonedarr's wife.

Rokkon: Rock warrior.

Mermista: A Rebel warrior who is a mermaid.

Sea Hawk: Pirate with a sword that can change color settings, allowing him to cut through different objects.

Tallstar: The oldest of the Star Sisters, who could extend different parts of her body, and lived in the Crystal Caverns.

Starla: The middle sister of the Star Sisters, who was the leader of the group, and lived in the Crystal Caverns.

Jewelstar: The youngest of the Star Sisters, who could transform into a jewel, and lived in the Crystal Caverns.

Huntarra: Cylaxian Warrior, who was tricked into fighting She-Ra by Hordak, only to ally with She-Ra to fight Hordak.

The Great Rebellion

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