Chapter 3


Written by John Proft.

Based on characters and situations created by fox entertainment, Mattel toys, marvel comics, and George Lucas.



Johnny found himself walking threw the palace halls, thinking over recent events, he had spent the last three hours in Duncan workshop, going over the file photo’s left at three murder scenes. All very brutal all very grotesque. All having one very important thing in comma, the puncture wounds on the base of the necks of three young, attractive women. Johnny knew the murderer in an instant but was to tired to go looking for him now, it was almost dawn now and the killer hated the daylight, so he wouldn’t make much trouble now, that’s when he found himself walking towards cassie’s room which she shared with korowin, which was two levels above his, could he have been so distracted as to get off the elevator at the wrong floor, or did he subconsciously go to this floor willingly as an excuse to possibly bump into her. Suddenly the reason no longer mattered as he saw white armored troopers of some kind storming into her room. Johnny instantly reached for his blaster...not there; he had left it in Duncan's workshop. That wouldn’t stop Johnny, he raced up to the closest troopers and hurled himself into the mass of troopers, sending his boots into the heads of the two closest troopers, sending them to the ground.

“Johnny,” Cassie said as the sound of clad armor clattering to the ground awoke her, “What's going on?”

“The local warlord apparently wants and advances.” Johnny said as he stood, swung around, tornado kicking the next closest trooper as Cassie came to stand in the open doorway.

“You are to close to the truth hero.” A man said in a dark death mask and matching body armor and flowing cape.

“You!” Johnny said in shock. Johnny suddenly turns and ran.

“Johnny, afraid?” Cassie said half shocked half enraged.

“No my dear, not afraid, simply forming a battle plan, but it will fail. Solder.” The dark man said to the closest trooper.

“Yes me' lord?”

“Secure the women to the gate, I will apprehend the boy.”

“Yes me' lord.” The trooper said as the troopers overpowered cassie and karowin (Who was shaken awake by the troopers) were forced down the hall as the dark man followed Johnny, taking his time.


Johnny hated the thought of leaving the woman he loved but if he was going to save her from this monster, he would need something and there was only one place he could get such a weapon. That's why he went to his current location, castle greyskull, when he entered the thrown room, the sorceress was sitting in the stone thrown room, waiting for him.

“Greetings my son, what brings you here?” She asked in her usual tone.

“You know dam well why I’m here, I’m tired of all this mystical crap, I know you have some great endgame you’ve been preparing me for, well I won’t wait any longer, You give me the weapon I know you’ve been keeping from me or I’ll join that viper and destroy eternia with him.” Johnny said angrily. The sorceress for a moment looked concerned, then returned to her god like audited.

“Very well my son; hold out your hand.” She said as she waved her fingertips, in an instant a golden sword appeared in his hands, but as he examined the other side, he noticed that their was only half of the sword in his hands.

“Where’s the other half?” Johnny asked.

“It has been missing for a meleneya, but that is of no importance, the half is just as strong as the hole would be strength wise, now go, before time runs out.” Johnny didn’t even take the time to say good bye. He knew joining king hiss was an empty threat, but that didn’t make him feel any better about what he said to his own mother. He shook the sad thought aside as he raced out the gaping jaw like entryway tot he castle and raced for his sky sled, he was five feet away from it when he watched it become thinner than a sheet of paper under the massive foot of steel that had just landed on it. The foot was part of the massive eighty-foot steel dinosaur like robot, which stood just outside the evergreen forest.

“Crap.” Johnny said as he quickly slipped the sword into its holster on his back. He stood there as the dark dressed man stepped out of the forest and up to face Johnny.

“Young man, you have a choice. Come with me as my prisoner or you will die where you stand along with your two friends.” Johnny sighed and knotted. “You were right, his weakness is his compassion.” The man said to a second man stepped out from the forest.

“It is the weakness of many heroes‘.” Thanos said as he came to stand next to the dark man, a glowing smile across his purple face.

“THANOS!” Johnny screamed as he raced towards the mad titan, fist’s clenched, forgetting that he had a sword, fury in his eyes and savagery in his heart as his hands reached for the monster’s neck. Ironically, the monster caught him by the neck as Johnny had lunged for him.

“A pity, in another reality, you might have been my pupil.” Thanos said as he walked off, carrying Johnny by the throat.

“Not my smartest move.” Johnny thought to himself.


“But it’s my first affiance.” Johnny said as he was pushed into the futuristic cell, and the door was shut behind him. Johnny took no time to look around and furiously pounded on the door, hoping to frustrate the guards enough to come after him in order to quiet him.

“DO you mind?” The woman behind him asked. Johnny turned to see her; she was dressed all in white with donut shaped hair on both sides of her head.

“Love the hairstyle, you married to a cop or something.” Johnny asked angrily.

“How dare you, Do you know who I am?” She asked.

“Lady I couldn’t care less, all I know is that the woman I love is here somewhere and I will won’t let anything come between me and her, so if you’ll excuse me.” Johnny said as he pulled his sword and thrust the edge into the corner of the door, hopping to pry the door open, the woman watched with a skeptic look, her eyes widened with surprise as the door slowly wedged open, then slid firmly shut again, sending the sword flying to the ground and Johnny with it. Johnny sighed and sat down on the bench next to her.

“So what are you in for?” He asked.

“Stealing the plans of this base.”

“And why would you...” Johnny was interrupted.

“Shhh, someone’s coming.” Johnny instantly grabbed his sword from the ground and slipped it back into it’s holster just as the door slid open and three troopers stepped in, followed by the man in black.

“It’s been along time Jonathan.” The man in black said.

“Not long enough, How could you betray Qui-gon?” Johnny asked angrily.

“Qui-gon was an old fool who simply could not see the proper place of things. “ The man in black replied as Johnny and the woman were cuffed and ushered out of the cell and into an odd space hanger overlooking a small planet in the distance.

“Governor Tarken, I should have expected you holding Vaders leash, I could smell your foul stench when I was brought on board. Johnny smirked.

“Vader, is that what your calling yourself these days?” Tarken and Vader both ignored Johnny’s remarks.

“Princess Leia, do you know how hard I found it sighing the order to terminate your life?” Tarken asked as he gently griped Leia’s chin in his hand. Leia yanked herself out of his reach.

“I’m surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself.”

“Princess Leia, before your execution you will take part in an exercise that will make this battle station operational, in a way you have been the one who chose the planet that will be destroyed first, since you have been reluctant to give us the location of the rebel secret base I have decided to turn this stations destructive power on your home planet of alderman.” Leia’s face turned white with fear.

“No please, Alderaan is peaceful we have no weapons, you must not...” Tarken interrupted.

“You prefer a different target, a military target, than please name the system.” Johnny didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t attack, and he’s never known what controlled what.

“Downtown.” She said sadly, “It’s on daunted.” Tarken's face changed from a picture of rage to one of massive satisfaction.

“You see Vader, she can be reasonable, you may continue with the operation, and you may fire when ready.” Johnny clenched his teeth.

“But you said...”

“You’re far to trusting, Alderaan isn’t big enough for a descent demonstration, but don’t worry; we will deal with your rebel friends soon enough.” Johnny, not able to take any more, broke free of the troopers and lunged at Tarken, but was sent to the floor by Vader's light saber, Johnny looked up to see that his arm was gone, severed from the elbow down. Johnny looked up to Leia in shock just before he past out.


King hiss sat in the thrown of bone and rotting flesh in the cold recesses of snake mountain, staring at the crystal ball imbedded in the center on the stone table in the center of the room.

“What have you done with Skeletor?” The voice asked from within the crystal ball.

“Skeletor has been killed, he has been dead for some time, and who may I ask is calling?” Hiss asked sarcastically.

“Horde prime, ruler of the fifth dimension and future ruler of Eternia and atheria.” Hiss gave a snicker.

“Well I’m afraid Eternia is mine to concur, but Etheria is of no interest to me, you may do as you wish with it.” Horde prime was enraged.


“Hordak is under my control now, but I’ll tell him you called.” Hiss said as the screen went blank. Hiss then leaned back in his chair. “This horde prime is a new interest in our little melodrama, but he seems too difficult to control, what do you think of him?” Hiss asked a man shadowed in the darkness.

“Skeletor was most afraid of him; he could be a seed of great trouble for both sides.” The man said.

“I’d like to see where his role in all this would end but time is short and there is no room for him in my plans, Thanos would want him kept alive as a possible partner, but his plans wouldn’t coincide with mine, how would you suggest despising of him?”

“Perhaps we could pit him against your master.” Hiss griped the shadowed man’s neck, lifting him clear off the ground.

“I call no one master, do you hear?” Hiss growled.

“Yes my lord.” King hiss's expression changed back to a carefree mode.

“Then we can return to business.” Hiss said with a sinister smile as he returned to his chair.

“Where is our supposed god now?” Hiss asked.

“He is currently negotiating the traveler’s involvement with the space station with that dark lord.”

“Excellent, than we have time to prepare, perhaps we should keep his friends here occupied with our usual fish out of water scenario, but one who will really get their attention.”

“May I make a suggestion?” The shadowed man asked.


“Cletus Kasudy, cereal killer with access to alien power.”
“Perfect, I knew there was a reason I keep you around, take beast man and strong arm to retrieve him and help him make a little noise in the city of Tolin, I believe that creature, lizard man is a resident there, make sure are men all have a little fun before they are defeated.”


“Johnny,” A voice called from the darkness.

“Who’s there?” Johnny asked in fear. Suddenly the room he stood in was filled with blinding bright light, and there in the middle of the room stood a man in his late middle ages, dressed in a falcons head dress and garments made up of fur and feathers. “You, I’ve seen you before,” The man smiled.

“Yes you have.”

“It was you who sent me after Ben, after the zeo crystal, who are you?”

“A friend.”

“Why, you have sent my life into a downward spiral, how dare you interfere with my life.” The old man was firm.

“This is not the time; you will never find happiness if you don’t do as I say.” Johnny groaned. “You must not worry about your romantic problems, in time they will sort themselves out, the woman cassie, she holds the key in her past, she and the zeo crystal will show you the way. The battle you’ve predicted is soon in coming, and it will need new blood to save it, if you don’t go on this journey, history will repeat itself, you’ve changed history once already.”

“When I saved Teela’s children.”

“Yes, and now you must change it again, seek out Ninjor, he will show you the way, from there everything will be made clear.” The man said as he started to disappear.

“Wait, when will this war start up again? How do I find Ninjor, what new blood? WAIT!” Johnny said as he sat up. He was in Leia’s arms, back in the prison cell.

“How are you feeling?” She asked as Johnny sat up.

“Could be better.” He said as he looked at the cybernetic glove that now replaced his hand. “I have to find Cassie and karowin now.” Johnny said as he pulled the sword from its holster and tried once again to force the door open. Only this time the door was slowly forced more than half ways open. Leia was about to slide threw, when the door slammed shut once again, sending Johnny to the floor once again.

“I hate to say this but I’m getting good at this failure crap.” Johnny said as he stood up and collected his thoughts. Just then the door slid open and a single short trooper walked in. “Isn’t there a height restriction to getting in the empire?” Johnny asked sarcastically as the trooper removed his helmet. Just then the pink power ranger walked in. “Cassie!” Johnny said as he raced up to her and they embraced. “What happened?” Johnny asked.

“This guy saved us, for some reason our ranger weapons wouldn’t penetrate the cell then this guy broke us out.”

“Name’s Luke, I've got your R2 unit, I’m here with Ben Kenobi.”

“Ben Kenobi where Is he?” Leia asked in shock.

“Com’on.” Luke said as he lead the four of them to the end of the hallway, but then were forced back by the purple power ranger (Karowin,) a man made up of long fur, and a man in another trooper uniform.

“Did we miss something?” Johnny asked as laser fire sped past them. Johnny reached for his gun, but it wasn’t there, he had no time to prepare for his current adventure. Not paying attention to the discussion between Leia and Luke’s friend took a shocking turn when Leia took a blaster from Luke and fired it into a floor vent.

“What the hell are you doing?” Luke's friend asked savagely.

“Why not, everyone into the pool.” Johnny said, as he dived headfirst into the gaping hole in the vent, followed by Leia, Cassie and karowin. The fur man kneeled down to slip in, then gave a growl.

“Get in there you furry old off, I don’t care what you smell.” The man said as he kicked his furry friend into the hole. “Wonderful girl.” The man yelled while he continued to return fire into the furry. “If I don’t kill her I’m beginning to like her. Get in there.” He ordered as Luke dove into the hole. His friend took two more shot’s into the mass of troopers then followed look into the hole.


Darth Vader stood in the center of one of the death star’s many empty corridors, starring at the empty hallway ahead of them.

“Tell me Vader, what plan dose your emperor have for this princess Leia?” Thanos asked as he leaned against one of the many walls.

“She is our one link to the rebel base, when she will be aloud to escape we will track her escape vessel to her secret base.” Vader said as Ben Kenobi walked towards them. “We will continue this at another time.” Vader said as he pulled a sleek cilender from his belt.

“Of course.” Thanos said with a sinister smile.


Ben Reilly lay sound asleep in the large room in the royal palace that was now his home. He slept so soundly that his communicator rang fourteen times before he slowly opened his eyes, rolled over on his back, and pressed the small button on the wristwatch on the small endtable next to his bed.

“Reilly.” He said wearily.

“Ben, I’s he-man, there’s a problem in Eternos.”

“Who is it this time, trap jaw, you can handle it; I’ll get the next lacey hiss sends out.”

“It’s someone new; he call’s himself carnage.” Ben’s eyes lit up in terror as he sat up on his bed.

“I’ll meet you in Duncan's workshop in fifteen minute’s; we have to have a quick history lesson.” Ben said as he whizzed out of bed, grabbed a blue sleeveless sweater, a set of crimson red tights and a set of steel wristband and raced into the bathroom.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When Luke's friend landed he expected something better that the giant garbage masher they had landed in.

“Welcome to the death star.” Johnny said, trying to lighten the mood, “Name’s Johnny, Johnny springs.” He said as he held out his hand.

“Name’s Han solo, and that walking rug over there is Chewbacca.” Han said as he shook Johnny's hand and pointed out the furry creature. Han then turned his attention to Leia.

“Well your highness, falling into the garbage shoot was a wonderful idea, what a wonderful smell you’ve discovered.” Johnny ignored any further argument and picked up a discarded steel rod. He could feel a change in him, whether it was the cybernetic arm and hand or his constant contact with his new sword but he he decided to test the extent of his change as he tested his elevated strength. He griped the bar tight and slowly but surely bent it into a perfect “U” shape. He removed his real hand from the bar to see the shape of the bar bent by his now water wrinkled fingers.

“I wonder if this is a good thing?” Johnny asked himself just before Luke was pulled underneath the slimy muck that made up the small pond of garbage water.

“LUKE!” Johnny said as he dove into the knee height water after him, keeping his eye’s closed he felt all around with his fingers, finding the hard shape of Luke's armor he griped his arm and felt nearby for some sort of creature pulling at him. Johnny found a slimy tentacle wrapped around Luke's leg and squeezed it with all his might. The tentacle recoiled and sped away under the cover of the muck water. Johnny and Luke jumped up to the surface, gasping for breath. “Well, that was fun.” Johnny said as he patted Luke's back.

“What happened?” Leia asked.

“I don’t know, it let go and disappeared.” Juke said between breaths. Suddenly there was a sound of machinery slowly springing to life.

“What the hell was that?” Johnny asked just before the wall’s slowly moved towards each other.

“The walls are moving!” Luke said as he sprung to life.

“Don’t just stand there, try and brace it with something.” Leia ordered as she tried to pull a long steel pole up to hole the wall’s in place, it did nothing. Luke franticly screamed into his communicator.

“Three peo, turn off all garbage mashers on the detention level.” He repeated this message over and over but there was no response. Suddenly the wall’s stopped, the machinery behind it struggled to close in on them but they couldn’t seem to move, everyone looked up to see Johnny, suspended in mid air, holding the two wall’s apart.

“Arnold Shwartzinager, eat your heart out.” Johnny joked as he desperately struggled to keep the walls apart. The whole group stood there in shock. “Hay a little help here.” Johnny mumbled as the wall’s moved inward a few inches.

“Master Luke, are you there sir.” A voice said threw Luke's communicator.

“3p0, turn off the garbage masher on level three two eight three eight seven.”


Prince Adam, man-at-arms, Andros and Ben all stood in man-at-arms workshop, studying the readout on the thin man with the fiery red hair and matching eyes.

“Cleatus Kasidy, major serial killer. He had the highest record of victims, and that was before he bonded.” Ben said as the image changed to a man with an evil red/black face, his body covered with a red and black ink like substance, and snake like tendrils wrapped around his body. “Bonded with the alien costume that turned him into the universal serial killer, carnage, weaknesses include fire and sonic vibration.”

“Sonic vibration?” Adam asked.

“Loud noises, anything incredibly loud will render the alien powerless, fire could do the job, but it would be very difficult, even with a fire plaster.” Ben replied.

“Unfortunately we don’t have any technology to produce such a weapon.” Duncan said sadly.

“Nether do we.” Andros added.

“So what can we do?” Adam asked.

“Johnny told me about someone who may be of some help.” Ben said with a smile behind his mask.


“I can walk just fine and you or anyone else is going to stop me.” Teela said angrily as she slowly stood out of her wheel chair and started walking out of her room and down the hall, Eclipter close behind.

“Ms. Teela, I am in your brother’s debt and I ask only to do what was asked of me, and I know full well that you are not physically able to walk so soon after the accident,” Eclipser's words seemed to fall on deaf ears. “It may in danger the children.” Teela turned to face the monster gone good, fury in her flaring scarlet eyes.

“How dare you, I am there mother and I know what's best for them, don’t you ever tell me how to raise my children again.” Teela said as she stormed down the hall as best she could. Eclipter starred down at the ground, ashamed of himself for what he had said. Just then He-man, the red space ranger, and the scarlet spider walked up to them from the other side of the hall.

“Hay Eclipter, we need your help.” Andros said. “There’s this creature in the city of Tolim...” Andros was interrupted.

“I have no desire to fight anymore.” He-man walked up to him.

“Eclipter, he’s killing innocent people, like Kerowin was, are you really going to let him destroy lives, like Kerowin and Androse's.” Eclipter growled.

“Very well, but to not expect me to accompany you in the future.” Eclipter said as he followed them back down the hall.


Johnny wanted nothing more than to go home and remove the cybernetic hand that had replaced the flesh and blood one that was severed recently, id seemed to be itchy after getting wet, he hoped that it was all that would happen after getting wet. He looked around the room outside the garbage compactor to see everyone arming themselves their escape, and then his mind wondered how he was able to do what he did, it couldn’t have been the cyborg arm, his hole body was being effected, and that worried him. Just then Han walked past him, groaning, and fired his laser rival inside the garbage room.

“Did I miss something?” Johnny asked. Han gave a grumble and started walking down the hall.

“C’mon chewy.” Han said as he sped away.

“I guess we’re going now.” Johnny said as he and the others and caught up to Han. As the group turned the corner they were confronted by a platoon of troopers.

“It’s them, blast them.” The trooper’s leader said just before he was shot in the stomach by Han's blaster, Han and Chewbacca then raced after the retreating troopers.

“Get back to the ship.” Han yelled as they disappeared into the laze fire fog.

“Karowin follow them, they’ll need help.” Johnny ordered. Karowin nodded and raced after them, blaster in hand.

“He certainly is brave.” Leia said sarcastically.

“What good will it get him if he gets himself killed? C’mon.” Luke said as he led the way. They raced away from passing troopers until they came to a hole in the ground, like the start of a bridge with no middle. Johnny, who didn’t see the hole in the ground toppled over, he would have fallen to his death if not for someone catching his hand just before his fell. Johnny looked up from the chasm to see the pink space ranger.

“I ow you one.” Johnny said as they both pulled him up.

“You ow mw six, but who’s counting.” Cassie said with a smile behind her helmet. Suddenly troopers started up the ramp; Leia slammed the control button on the side, sending the door to shut quickly.

“There's no lock.” Leia said in fear. Luke pulled her away and was about to shoot the panel but Johnny grabbed the gun and pushed it to the ground, preventing Luke from firing.

“Wait, those are the bridge controls, the door stays closed while the bridge is extending.” Johnny said as he pressed a second button and raced down the moving bridge as the bridge sped across the chasm, Luke firing at the troopers as the slowly followed them.

“Well it pays to stay informed.” Johnny said as they raced down the adjoining hall.


“Lizard man, what’s going on here?” He-man asked as the four strangers entered the city of Torim, which now stood in ruins.

“He-man thank goodness your here, this creature just appeared out of no where, slaughtering people like a madman.” Lizard man said franticly.

“We know, we’re here to stop him, tell us where he is.” The scarlet spider said sharply. Lizard man nodded and led them to the small clearing over the hill, where a man in red and black ink like coverings used his razor sharp tentacles to sit up person after person in a psychotic dance of blood. “KASIDY!” The scarlet spider screamed in shock.

“Scarlet, well if it isn’t the little copycat, still ripping of the original’s trademark?” The monster asked sinisterly.

“Look there’s no reasoning with this lunatic, we have to take him out before...” But it was to late, carnage had jump up the twelve-foot hill and tackled the spider before he could get another word out.

“Eclipter now!” Andros ordered. From eclipters eye’s poured two emerald green laser beams, hitting carnage in the center of the back. Carnage screamed in a moment of pure pain. Then the red and black oil disappeared, leaving a naked mad behind. The scarlet spider pushed him off and stood up.

“Whoever sent him here must not have expected us to take him out so easily.” He said.

“That could be anyone, I haven’t been very forthcoming with my visit to this planet.” Eclipter added.

“We’ll worry about this later, I’ll bring Cassidy here back to our dimension and then we can worry about whoever sent him.” The scarlet spider said as he covered Cassidy in webbing.

“Shouldn’t we question him first?” Lizard man asked.

“Take it from me buddy, he wouldn’t be very forthcoming.”


Han, Chewbacca and karowin found them in a hall, just cross from that which they all sought, the millennium falcon, and the ship that would take them from that horrible space station.

“Didn’t we just leave this party?” Han asked his furry friend as Johnny, Cassie, Luke and Leia raced up next to them.

“What kept yea?” Han asked.

“We ran into some old friends.” Leia replied.

“The ship all right?” Luke asked.

“Seems all right if we can get to it, I just hope that old man got the tractor beam out of commission.” Han said as the troopers who were guarding the ship all raced away.

“Look.” Luke said, pointing out the leaving troopers.

“Now’s our chance go!” Han ordered as the group raced up to the ship ramp, all except Luke and Johnny.

“Ben?” Luke said to himself. Johnny, having met obi wan Kenobi on a previous occasion, knew what he would do.

“Kenobi, don’t do this.” Johnny said as he watched Vader's light saber slide threw his body, just before Ben's body disappeared, only his robe remaining. Just then Johnny notice another figure from across the chasm that separated Luke and Johnny from the watching troopers.

“THANOS!” Johnny screamed as he pulled out his sword and literally leaped over the chasm, landing a few feet from Thanos, swinging his sword at Thanos. Vader tossed Thanos his saber and Thanos used it to block Johnny's sword. Johnny smiled as he noticed Thanos’s expression change to a picture of surprise, almost shock.

“I thought a light saber could cut threw anything.” Thanos said to the open air.

“You fool, this is one of Greyskull’s swords, nothing can cut threw it.” Thanos grew more furious.

“How can you wield a sword of Greyskull?” He screamed.

“Johnny c’mon.” Cassie screamed as everyone else raved onto the ship. Thanos grew a smile.

“You have a choice, son of Greyskull, stay and try to defeat me, or retreat with your foolish allies.” Johnny gave a final glove of rage at the mad titan, then leaped back over the chasm and reached onto he ship just as the ramp rose, celing up the ship.


“I can’t believe he’s gone.” Luke said as he lurched over the small table, Leia at his side, hoping to comfort him, Johnny, Cassie and karowin sitting in various other parts of the small lounge.

“There was nothing you could do.” Leia said as Han raced into the room.

“Johnny, take the ship’s control's, c’mon Luke, we’re not out of the wood’s yet.” Han said as he hoped onto the ladder leading in both up and down directions, Han headed up, Luke ran up to it and headed down, Johnny raced to the cockpit where Chewbacca was waiting for him, followed by karowin and cassie. all three sat down in the small chairs provided.

“Chewy, dose this thing have joystick control?” Johnny asked. Chewbacca gave a grunt and pressed a button, the console in front of Johnny slide over to to reveal a joystick resembling the type Johnny used on video games as a child. Johnny smiled, gave a foreboding look to the approaching tie fighters, and piloted the ship around the four ship’s like an ace pilot, flying the ship less than twenty inches away, which sent one ship flailing into another. Luke and Han were able to shoot the other two into atoms. Leia sped into the cockpit and the five friends embraced in joy.

“We did it.” Johnny said happily as Han and Luke joined them. As the others celebrated, Johnny stepped out, and peered down at the small bead neckless he had hidden in his pocket.

“Are you all right?” Cassie asked. Johnny sighed, being forced to explain his greatest secret about the future, but then, maybe he needed to get the information off his chest.

“When I rewound time about a year ago. A woman named Gabrielle had come with me, when we returned to Eternia we ended up in the mystic mountains, somehow Thanos showed up and killed her, and then he ran like the monster that he is, not even allowing me to try to avenge her.” Cassie felt shocked, wondering how Johnny must have been hurting at that moment. “I checked the dimensional scanner, she’s still alive in her reality, but that world rewound to the time before we were ever involved. And I won’t go back to put her in danger, so for me it’s back to square one.” Johnny said, as he was about to crush the necklace.

“What are you doing?” Cassie asked as she took the necklace from him.

“I was going to destroy it.”

“I can’t let you do that, she cared about you, the Gabrielle that died, and if you destroy this necklace, you’ll be destroying that last part of her that still lives in one man’s heart.” Cased said as she held the necklace to his chest. “Your heart.” Johnny sighed.

“Your right, I wasn’t thinking. Well get Cassie, it’s time we went home.” Johnny said as he pulled a small chip from his wristwatch.

“So soon?”

“Yeah, I’ll give this homing beacon to Leia, if something happens she can send for us, but I doubt she’d need us, but we’d better hurry, hard drive’s power is almost dead, that’s why I haven’t used it lately.” Cassie smiled, kissed Johnny's check, and trotted back to the cockpit. Johnny sighed. “I’ve got to learn how to talk to women.” Johnny said as he prepared the device on his wristwatch.


“How was your visit with lord Vader, Master?” King hiss asked as he bowed before the mad titan, Thanos.

“Things have taken an amusing turn, what is the status on that creature we sent to eliminate that boy?” Thanos asked as he sat on hiss's thrown.

“He has been converted; he works for their side now.” Thanos’s eye’s burned red with rage, and then he lends back in his chair, relaxing.

“An unforeseen outcome, but one we must rectify, is there any villains we can use to destroy Eclipter?”

“There is, but he has been killed nine times by the space rangers.” Hiss replied as he stood up next to him.

“That is of little importance. My resurrection ability’s can bring any back, is there any other news that should be brought to my attention?”

“As a matter of fact sir, a being known as horde prime has claimed the traveler as his game.” Thanos gave a giggle.

“Ah a new player into the game.”

“One you can’t afford to have alive.” Thanos gave a cackle.

“I doubt that he would be too hard to control, but if he grows difficult he will be liquidated, you don’t trust this horde prime, do you my little soldier.” King hiss wanted to kill Thanos right there, but no emotion of it showed on his reptilian features.

“I trust no one, save for you of course my master.” Thanos smiled sinisterly.

“I am not the trust worthiest of men.”


Johnny walked down the palace hall, rubbing the newly healed arm where the bionic one once lay, glad to be a whole man once more. As he thanked the stars for the return of his arm, we walked into Eclipter, who seemed amazingly depressed.

“Eclipter, what’s wrong?” Johnny asked.

“I have failed you sir, your sister is furious with me, and I was forced to leave my post to help he-man and the scarlet spider.” Johnny smiled.

“You helped he-man and scarlet take out carnage right?” Eclipter nodded. “Then you did do as I asked. You protected the planet, therefore you protected her, and I think she’ll calm down, she is pregnant, and due to have mood swings.” Johnny said as he patted Eclipter’s shoulder. “ I think karowin id looking for you my friend.” Johnny said as he walked off. As Eclipter continued on his way, Teela met him in the hall, wheeling over on her wheel chair.

“Eclipter, I...I want to apologize, I don’t have an excuse for what I said to you this morning, I just haven’t been acting like myself lately, I guess it’s my pregnancy, can you forgive me?” Teela asked.

“Madam, You can make it up to me by allowing me to help you threw your pregnancy.” Teela nodded and Eclipter wheeled her into her room.


Johnny leaned out on the balcony, overlooking the Eternian plain when Adam walked up next to him.

“So, I missed another of your adventures huh?” Adam asked.

“It was that fun, I did lose an arm over it.”

“So, what are you thinking about?”

“Honestly, king hiss, he and Thanos have been after me since Skeletor died, and I can’t imagine what they have in store for me, but then I think of cassie, and if I have the courage to talk to her, maybe even ask her out.” Adam laughed. “What’s so funny?

“Teela and Cassie have become good friends lately, and Teela tells me that she’s more interested in you than you are of her.” Johnny smiled.

“You want to bet?” Johnny asked as the two old friends laughed the day away.