To fill out the survey, copy the contents of this email (or board message, depending on where you got it) onto an email addressed to Then just fill in the blanks. Remember this survey is all about what YOU personally would like to see in a new series--there are no wrong answers!

PART ONE - ABOUT YOU________________________________________________

The first step in developing (or re-developing) a series like this is to find out what you, a member of the core fan-base for MOTU/POP, are interested in seeing in a brand new series. To help us out in this quest for information, please let us know a little about you:

AGE                             GENDER          LOCATION (state, country)

RACE (optional)


PART TWO- THE LOOK__________________________________________________

We would now like to find out what major characters & places you feel would need a "facelift" in the new series. Please take the time to tell us what you think (if anything) needs to be changed with some of the major MOTU/POP characters & places. We realize this section is long, but please do your best, and if you have no opinion on something, just leave it blank.

For the characters' section, please consider things like hair, uniform, body type, even a different character type (such as "Beast Man should be more intelligent.") Also, if certain characters or places had drastically different "looks" between the cartoon, the toy line, or any other continuity, tell us what your favorite was. Don't worry if you can't remember what "look" came from where, just describe your favorite version of the character (for example, "I liked the version of Catra with a long cape {the cartoon}, instead of with a fur skirt and tail {the toy line.}")


Prince Adam - what what you change?

He-Man -

Man-At-Arms -

Teela -

Stratos -

Ram Man -

King Randor -

Queen Marlena -

Orko -

Fisto -

Battlecat/Cringer -

Granamyr -

Skeletor -

Evil-Lyn -

Beast Man -

Mer Man -

Kobra Kahn -

Trap Jaw -

Tri-Klops -

If there are any other characters from MOTU that you feel need makeovers that we haven't listed here, please list them and decribe what you would change here:

Other -

2. POP

Adora - What would you change?

She-Ra -

Glimmer -

Bow -

Cowl -

Swift Wind/Spirit -

Angella -

Sea Hawk -

Loo-Kee -

Madame Razz -

Frosta -

Castaspella -

Hordak -

Leech -

Mantenna -

Modulok -

Grizzlor -

Catra -

Shadow Weaver -

Horde Troopers -

If there are any other characters from POP that you feel need makeovers that we haven't listed here, please list them and decribe what you would change here:

Other -


Please do the same regarding the places in MOTU/POP as you did with the characters above. For this section, consider things like structure, and what the place should be used for (is it a battleground or a safe zone?)

Eternia (three towers) -

Castle Grayskull -

Eternos -

Snake Mountain -

Fright Zone -

Brightmoon -

Crystal Castle -

If there are any places you want to discuss that we haven't mentioned, list them and describe what you would change here:



One of the ideas in the works for the new series is to have drastically different looks for Adam and Adora, to contrast them with He-Man and She-Ra. One thought, for example, was to have them look more like teenagers, younger than the other characters, so that they wouldn't look so much like their heroic counterparts. If you have any ideas on how Adam and Adora should look to contrast He-Man and She-Ra that you haven't described above, please tell us here. If you are set on having them look the same tell us that, too:


We are also interested in your feelings on all the different factions of characters within MOTU/POP. Please tell us what you liked and/or disliked about each group.

Heroic Warriors -


Evil Warriors -


Rebellion -


Evil Horde -


Snake Men -


Rock People/Meteoroids -


The "Preternia" Line -



Please list, in whatever order you choose, your three favorite characters:


Your three least-favorite characters:


The three characters you feel were not given the recognition they deserved:


PART THREE - THE "JAR-JAR" FACTOR___________________________________

Perhaps you've heard of the "Jar-Jar" Factor before. It is a popular idea that the new Star Wars movie would have been a lot better without the character of Jar-Jar Binks. The goofy-looking alien was added to provide comic relief and to appeal to children, but ended up annoying audiences on the whole. Well, MOTU/POP has many of its own "Jar-Jars," characters/story elements that most people say they would be well off without if MOTU/POP were given a second life. Here we have a list of some of the major ones. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being acceptable and 5 being "I'd rather have needles shoved under my fingernails than deal with this again," please grade how much they annoy you. If there are any notes you'd like to give us on certain characters, please feel free to do so.

Orko -

The fact that Battlecat/Cringer can talk -

Cringer -

the Energy Zoids, Twistoid and Rotar -

Madame Razz and Broom -

Cowl -

Imp -

Loo-Kee -

Gwildor -

The stupidity of most of the evil characters -

The Widgets -

Other -

PART THREE - CONTINUITY_____________________________________________

As you might be aware, one of the biggest problems with the original MOTU/POP was keeping continuity among its separate components. Please tell us what part of the original MOTU/POP line you are most familiar with in reference to continuity (i.e. major events, important characters, character relations, character origins)

- The MOTU and POP cartoons produced by Filmation, as well as the film "Secret of the Sword"

- The MOTU and POP toy lines produced by Mattel, as well as the minicomics packaged with the action figures

- The live-action "Masters of the Universe" movie

-The "New Adventures of He-Man" toyline and cartoon

-The MOTU Goldenbooks series

-The MOTU UK comic book series


Now we'd like to ask some more specific questions regarding continuity. Below are some "either/or" statements, based on inconsistencies in the original MOTU/POP storyline. Please tell us, in your opinion, what makes most sense in keeping with the rest of the storyline. If you have any ideas on how to reconcile these differences, enter them below the statement in question.

1. The Sorceress was originally referred to as "The Goddess," and wore a snake headdress instead of a falcon-cowl
The Sorceress has always worn the falcon-cowl.

2. Teela was created by Skeletor as a clone of the Sorceress, and then given to Man-At-Arms to care for
Teela is the child of the Sorceress.

3. Skeletor met Evil-Lyn as a young wizard, before entering under Hordak's tutelage; together, they worked with Hodark to kidnap the infant Adam & Adora.
Skeletor helped attempt to kidnap the infant Adam & Adora as Hordak's second-in-command, after years of study under Hordak, and then met Evil Lyn.

4. The Sorceress can only leave Castle Grayskull as Zoar the hawk, they are the same entity.
The Sorceress and Zoar are two different entities.

If there are other continuity problems that you feel ought to be addressed, please list them here:

PART FOUR- THE STORY________________________________________________

1. At the moment, our creative team is working on several different ideas for the basic storyline of the new comic. We'd like to know what you'd like to see. For each of the following story scenarios, please give us your approval or disapproval. If you have ideas for either of the scenarios, please feel free to include them. Would you like to see:

A "revamped" MOTU/POP story, with all the same characters, and the same plotline, but retold with a more mature tone and a "new look"..........


A "part 2" story, set a few years after the old storyline , same characters, but older, with a shift in power (perhaps one of the evil forces in control) and an older He-Man called back to fight his old foes............

2. If you have any ideas for a TITLE for this new series, please tell us!! You can write your ideas here:

3. If we go with a "part 2" storyline, a long-term project idea would be to create a kind of "Classic Tales" spin-off series, which tells the traditional He-Man stories we are already familiar with. If you have an idea for a TITLE for this series, or ideas for storylines you'd like retold, write this information here:

PART FIVE - THE END___________________________________________________

Congratulations! You have completed our survey! Thanks for contributing to a project that will hopefully bring MOTU and POP back into the entertainment mainstream! The information you've given us will be carefully considered as we develop the new series, and you will be the first to know when a new comic is available for the public. Our first step will be to try and introduce a He-Man mini-series onto the market, followed by a regular series if the mini-series does well. Again, send your completed survey to Thanks again!

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