The Dream, Blade

Written by

Brian Terrell

This story is dedicated to our armed forces fighting the war against terrorism.

Based upon Characters and situations by Brian Terrell, John Proft, Mattel and Hallmark, Paramount, Fox Kids, Capcom and other copyrights owned by their respective owners.


So the problems grow worse for our heroes. Danger is now lurking around every corner. With their friends captured, Blade must learn more about himself and discover new truths about both his digimon and himself. Let us now begin our tale.

Blade had barely made it back to the Delta Flyer. Almost everyone else was captured. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer if he didn’t activate the new HD. He had the computer copy all the files from the original. After the copying was complete, the nanites were ready for injecting. After injecting himself with the nanites, Blade collapsed to the floor as everything was taking hold in his body.

"Where am I?" He asked himself as he found himself in a magnificent bedroom fit only for a king. He looked out the window to the rolling white fields of snow. A man in silver and red walked up to him.

"Would you like a tour of the security systems?" the man asked.

"Sure." Blade answered.

The strange man guided him through the rest of the building before coming to a large ornate door. The man opened it for Blade. Inside was a sphere, what it was made of, Blade did not know.

"Before you may inhabit this castle, you must promise me one thing." The man in silver and red asked of Blade.

"What is it that you wish?" Blade asked.

"That this sphere never falls into the forces of evil." The man answers.

"I agree." Blade shakes the hand of the man.

Blade leans forward to look more closely he sees the image of a castle with a huge skull on the front. One name came to Blade’s mind, Greyskull.

He woke to find his body looks just like before. Blade took the original HD and left to find Johnny. He took his digivise up to the computer screen and said "Digiport Open." After a half-hour of running at what seems like thirty mph he comes up on He-man fighting what looks like a mountain of a man in red armor. He comes up from behind Cody.

"I hoped to never see this fight." Johnny said as he and his friends backed off.

"Who do you think will win?" Cody asked.

"I’m putting my money on Juggy." Blade replied.

After the battle was over Blade looked in the direction that Juggernaut went flying.

"And he’s out of here." Blade said with a chuckle.

Blade walked up to He-Man and congratulated him on the fight. The two were talking when out of the corner of Blade’s eye, he saw someone speak to Johnny. The man looked familiar to him, but couldn’t quite place it. He watched what was unfolding in front of him. Johnny asked Blade for the original HD.

"HD, deactivate security protocol A-1, prepare for new user." Blade spoke into the wrist-computer. "Oh, and another thing Hollywood Hulk Hogan has teamed with The Rock."

"HD, activate security protocol B-2, accept new user." Johnny spoke into the computer.

"New User confirmed, new user is Johnny Springs." HD spoke in its usual voice.

"HD, I need a dimensional warp generator." Johnny asked.

In a flash, another wristwatch device appeared in Johnny’s hands. He handed the warp generator to Blade. He turned to He-man.

"He-man, it is time for you to rule Eternia now. Trust Blade as you have always trusted me." Johnny said to He-man.

"Of Course." He-Man said as they shook hands.

"He-Man, you’re with me." Blade said as Johnny left.

Blade walked over to Lymon, Cody and Sora. He told everyone that things would be all right. He put on a pair of black ray-ban sunglasses.

"HD, begin system check." Blade spoke in a quite voice.

"System checks complete everything at 100% of normal." HD replied.

"HD, Interface with sunglasses, and I need a new trench coat." Blade asked.

He-man and everyone else were shocked to see a new leather trench coat appear on Blade.

"I bet you’re wondering why I have this new trench coat. Before I arrived here, I was in very bad shape. I had the Delta Flyer’s computer copy and analyze HD’s files and transfer them to some nanites, and then I injected them into myself. In other words, HD is a part of me." Blade explained to the group. "I must hurry; King Hiss and our friends are on their way to Greyskull."

Blade made his way back to the Delta Flyer. Blade hopped into the pilot’s seat.

"Greyskull, Here I come." Blade said aloud.

The Delta Flyer landed in the palace courtyard. Blade had radioed the palace and told Trip, Lucas, and Wes to find anyone they could to defeat King Hiss. Blade took off running in the direction of the Greyskull.

King Hiss was leading his captives towards Greyskull, when Blade snuck up and took out a few guards. He also freed Reptilemon, Davis, Ken, Tai, Matt and their Digimon partners. One of the guards noticed that some of the captives were freed. The guard told his lead who was free and the guard went to recapture them. By the time the lead guard could do anything, all five of the people held their digitizes into the air.

"Reptilemon digivolve to Bahamutmon."

"Veemon digivolve to Exveemon."

"Wormmon digivolve to Stingmon."

"Agumon digivolve to Greymon."

"Gabumon digivolve to Garurumon."

Blade was excited to see Reptilemon digivolve for the first time into Bahamutmon. The lead guard held up an evil digivise. An Ultimate-level Digimon appeared in front of him.

"I want you to meet Black Wargrowlmon." The guard said as he threw off his armor to reveal himself.

"What the blue hell are you doing here, Lore?" Blade said in disgust.

"I serve my new master, King Hiss!" Lore said in delight.

The Digimon fought valiantly as champions until Black Wargrowlmon used Dark Atomic Blaster and turned everyone into rookies. Blade looked at his D-Power Digivise. Black Wargrowlmon’s info said it was an Ultimate.

"Everyone, listen, that thing is an Ultimate, My Digimon’s too badly hurt from that last attack. Let’s take it to the next level."

Everyone else held up their digitizes into the air.

"Veemon digivolve to Exveemon."

"Wormmon digivolve to Stingmon."

"Exveemon DNA digivolve to…"

"Stingmon DNA digivolve to…"


"Paildramon mega-digivolve to Imperialdramon."

Imperialdramon changed from Dragon-form to Fighter-mode.

"Agumon warp digivolve to WarGreymon."

"Gabumon warp digivolve to MetalGarurumon."

Lore saw the Digimon turn into their mega-forms, but that did not frighten him. He held his evil digivise in the air.

"Black Wargrowlmon dark digivolve to Dark Gallantmon."

Everyone saw this new dark mega Digimon. They knew he had to go down. The Digimon fought this beast to a standstill. Lore was thoroughly pissed that he couldn’t take these Digimon down. He knew what he had to do.

"Dark Gallantmon, omega digivolve to Megidramon." Lore laughed out loud.

Everyone was horrified at what Dark Gallantmon had become, a massive Demonic Digimon with a serpent’s tail for legs, a radiation hazard sign on his chest, and huge reptilian wings.

King Hiss had learned of the battle between Lore and the Digi-destined. He decided to bring back a Digimon powerful enough to take out Megidramon.

"By the powers of darkness, by the spirits of evil, bring to me a Digimon of venom and malice. Bring to me one of the Dark Sovereigns, Myotismon." King Hiss chanted.

"You have given me digital flesh, I owe you my life. What do you wish?" Myotismon asked.

"A human by the name of Blade Stryfe has freed Davis, Ken, Tai, and Matt. They are battling a Dark Sovereign, Megidramon. Blade is trying to free some more captives, do not let them escape." King Hiss ordered.

Myotismon had reached Blade who had already freed Adora, Jennifer, and Chance. Blade looked to see a vampire-like Digimon. Myotismon attacks the foursome with crimson lightning.

"HD, I need the Golden Power staff." Blade spoke into a microphone attached to his sunglasses. In an instant, Blade held the Golden Power staff in his hands. The crimson lightning proved too much for Blade. The blast knocked the four unconscious. Myotismon went to recapture the Digi-destined.

Megidramon was thoroughly trashing the three mega-level Digimon. The Digi-destined were facing certain disaster. Matt and Tai looked at each other and they knew only one Digimon could take out this monstrosity. They didn’t think it would ever happen again, but they knew it had to be done.

"WarGreymon DNA digivolve to…"

"MetalGarurumon DNA digivolve to…"


WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon had just digivolved into a Digimon not seen since their infamous battle with the second most deadly Digimon ever, Diaboromon. Omnimon fought with magnificent courage. The battle raged on for about ten minutes. Omnimon was ready to end this fight.

"Transcendent Sword."

Megidramon simply tripped Omnimon with his tail, grabbed his sword with his mouth, and picked him up with one claw. Megidramon flew high up into the sky with his chest glowing. He threw Omnimon to ground, and while he was falling, Megidramon hit Omnimon with the second most powerful attack ever, Megiddo Blast.

Matt, Tai, and Davis were in total shock that Omnimon was defeated. Ken had a plan, a dangerous plan, but it was a plan. Ken suggested that Imperialdramon and Omnimon DNA digivolve.

"Are you nuts?" Davis protested.

"Our two DNA Digimon DNA digivolving? You have no idea what will happen." Tai protested as well.

"We have no choice; its either we DNA or we die fighting." Matt told the rest.

The four Digi-destined held their digitizes out. The two Digimon leapt into the air

"Imperialdramon DNA digivolve to…"

"Omnimon DNA digivolve to…"


A shining sphere of light surrounded the two Digimon as they merged into possibly the most powerful Digimon, even more powerful than Malomyotismon or even Apocalymon. Things were starting to go the way of the tamers, but Myotismon digivolved into Malomyotismon. The merging was complete by the time Malomyotismon was ready to attack. Paladinmon was soaring through the sky with Omega Sword when Malomyotismon strikes with Crimson Mist.

"No, it can’t be Malomyotismon is back." All four said as they freaked out.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, That’s right. I’m back and I serve my master, King Hiss." Malomyotismon cackled in a bone chillingly evil laughter.

Paladinmon fell helplessly out of the air as Malomyotismon attacked with Screaming Darkness and Megidramon followed up with Cataclysm’s Flame.

Blade was walking down a small street in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. He came upon an open park. He noticed several children between the ages of five and fourteen. He also noticed an energy field of some kind. Blade also saw what looked like Digimon. He had never seen these Digimon before. Blade decided to take a better look. He noticed there was an adult there as well. Blade saw that the Digimon were glowing and growing smaller.

"Why are Guilmon and the others de-digivolving?" A boy with goggles asked the adult.

"De-digivolving? Dad, what’s going on?" A boy with black hair holding a rabbit-like Digimon asked his father.

Blade walked down a road when he saw the same boy with goggles he saw a moment ago.

"How's Guilmon?" Blade asked.

"Who are you?" The boy asked.

"Blade, what's yours?" Blade answered.

"Takato." The boy answered, "How do you know Guilmon?" Takato asked.

Before Blade could answer, he felt something pulling him away.

Blade was sitting on a lounge chair by the swimming pool at the royal palace on Eternia. He was relaxing when Adora and her mother, Marlena, walked into the garden.

"Hello, Blade." The two beautiful women, possibly the two most beautiful women on Eternia said.

"Good Afternoon, Marlena. Good Afternoon, Adora." He replied.

Adora sat in the chair next to Blade. She thought that Blade looked a bit depressed.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"I don't know. It's been about two years since the tournament. As far as I know, there are only three full-blooded humans on this planet: Kane, Marlena, and myself." Blade said to Adora.

"What about Adam, Johnny, and myself?" Adora asked.

"You and Adam are only half-Eternian. Johnny on the other hand is full-blooded Eternian." Blade answered.

Duncan races towards the pool. Blade heard his footsteps a mile away. Blade catches Duncan as he trips on a small pebble.

"Where is Marlena?" Duncan asks as he sits down in Blade's chair. Marlena and Adora approach him Man-at-Arms.

"What's wrong?" Marlena asks.

"Your Earth, it’s under attack!" Duncan said with a grave voice.

"By whom, Duncan?" Adora asks.

(At this point Blade is putting on combat gear because we all know what this is leading to.)

"I swear, I didn't think they existed on this Earth, but it looks like Dragons!!" Duncan said.

"Wait a bloody second, Isn't Marlena's Earth and the Power Ranger Earth the same world?" Blade asked with an almost pissed off voice.

All three look at Blade and nod their heads.

"Ah, Shit!" Blade exclaimed as he saw their heads.

The four made preparations for what would be a very dangerous adventure.

"HD, I need three Pegasus devices; One for Adora, Duncan, and Marlena." and an instant later three watches appeared on their wrists.

The four went to Blade's lab. Blade inserted a keycard into the security control panel of the Pegasus Generator. A claw device opened up with needles on the end of the tips.

"Computer, DNA scan."

The needles pierced his hand to take the DNA scan, a computer screen showed the DNA section that was tested.

"Access Granted"

Blade brought up a holographic globe of Marlena's Earth. They decided to make their insertion point at New York City.

"How do we get back?" Adora asked.

"Activate the 'Recall' program." They will send the user back to the origin of their jump.

As they walked through the portal the generator made, Blade could felt himself fading away.

Blade felt something cold on his wrists. He saw Adora awake and chained to two pillars just as he was. Just after that, he saw that Sea Hawk was chained to some other pillars. Malomyotismon had reverted back to Myotismon. Everyone else was chained to a giant wall; everyone else was chained, from Kane to Highwind to Tommy. Even the Digimon were restrained. King Hiss stood in front of Blade with his head in his serpentine hand.

"Ah, the new hero has awoken. You will now see what happens when people oppose me. As punishment and as a lesson, you will witness the destruction of someone here; I know who will die here." King Hiss said with an evil chuckle.

He took his staff and pointed it at Sea Hawk.

"No, not my husband." Adora screamed.

But it was too late; King Hiss had ended the life of Sea Hawk, Adora's husband.

Adora was devastated, her children's father, was now dead. What would she tell them if she survives?

Blade could not stand to see Adora in such pain. He summoned all the rage and anger he could and snapped his bonds. His anger and rage unsealed the Ultimate X armor.

"King Hiss, you just made your one fatal mistake."

"And what might that be, hero?"

"You just pissed me off, viper-breath."

King Hiss backed up as Blade's body was surging with energy as he summoned the Ultimate X armor.

"Hard Drive, Maverick Hunter X." Blade growled as the Armor was appearing on his body.

Blade quickly engaged the acceleration system and got Adora and Sea Hawk's body to the wall. Blade turned on his attention back to Hiss. Blade jumped high into the air. Wings sprung from Blade's back as he soared down at King Hiss. Myotismon and Black Wargrowlmon were about to shoot Blade out of the air, but before they could attack, Blade severely injured the two of them with his plasma cannons. He then folded his arms into his chest and went into a corkscrew dive at King Hiss.

"Oh no you don't!" King Hiss said as he blasted Blade out of the sky.

"Oh Shit, this is gonna hurt!" Blade screamed as he dove head-on into the blast.

Blade landed about twenty feet from King Hiss. Before anyone could approach him, Blade deactivated the armor. Lore approached him and put restraints on Blade. King Hiss, Myotismon, Lore, and the rest of his guard took everyone and continued their march towards Castle Greyskull. Lore carried Blade and made sure he was unconscious. Everyone had made their way through the Evergreen Forest. Blade managed to wake up just enough to see the castle. King Hiss' minions began to pull the drawbridge down. After about twenty minutes of pulling, the drawbridge opened, revealing a man riding a Saber-tooth Tiger-like creature bathed in a dim blue light. The prisoners' eyes widened when they realized it was Johnny riding atop SaberLeomon.

"JOHNNY" King Hiss screamed.

"Next time, you might try knocking first." Johnny said heroically.

So it has come to this, with King Hiss just outside Greyskull’s gates, and with the orion in his possession, what will transpire next. And what of Blade, he has finally learned how evil the king of the snake men really is, will the combined forces of both Johnny and Blade be enough to finally end Hisses campaign of evil? And where was Johnny during all this? Find out next time…..


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