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NEWS: The date of the NEW He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon has been announced. It will air Friday, August 16th, at 4:00pm EST/PST on Cartoon Network with the 90 minute animated feature, based on the origin of He-Man. The show will enter its weekly Toonami time slot on Friday, August 30th, at 6:30 pm EST/PST. Feel free to download the trailer from, as well as a newsclip about the new series. (Real Player required for trailer and newclip. Please visit to download the latest version!)
Also added two new images of the Starship Eternia on the History of Starship Eternia page, and a recent article from Scott Sloan of New York Newsday. I also changed the midi playing, updated the links page, fixed a glitch with the forums page, and added a menu at the bottom of this page,(for those who are too impatient to mess with the side menu).
Comming Soon: A photo gallery of He-Man and She-Ra, the conclusion to "Blade's Revenge", more Fan-Fics from John Proft and Brian Terrell, and more news about the upcoming series. Also, please feel free to send in your fan-fics, as well as a midi request, if you want.
Added a fan-fic from John Proft, and updated the Links page. Also fixed a few typos, and changed the midi.
Added a fan-fic from Brain Terrell, and an interview from Scott Sloan from New York Newsday. Also changed the midi, and added a second forum, (hosted by RapidForum), updated the Q&A page, and re-did some images. Feel free to also use the alternate address for this site at
First off, Happy Easter to all you Christians, and Happy Passover for all you Jewish familys. Second, I finally added the LONG awaited History of Castle Grayskull. I also fixed the Links page, added Adian Cross's "History of Eternia" fan-fic, changed the spinning sword images, changed the midi, added a maps of Eternia page to the Stats of Eternia page, updated the Q&A page, and polished up the rest of the site.
Added a forums section, using EZBoard, as well as changed the midi. Feel free to post on the new forums page.
Added an Interview that I recently did from Illya King, plus joined the Cartoon of the 80's webring. Also fixed the errors on the Masters of the Sword submission page, as well as added a few links, and updated a few of the pages. Still in the works on "The History of Castle Grayskull", and my fan fic, "Blade's Revenge", and in the development stage of another fan fic, based on John Proft's "Traveler" series.
HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!! Added a fan-fic from John Proft, editied a some other pages, changed the midi, and am busy suffering from a hangover!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Added John Proft's awaited fan-fic, edited a few other pages, changed the midi, and am busy drinking egg nog.
Added a NEW fan-fic from John Proft and changed the midi.
Added two NEW fan-fics; one from John Proft, and one from Henry Giordanelli. Also changed the midi playing to add a more holiday touch.
Dusted off some cobwebs off this site, and gave it a much needed revision. Notice: Please wait until all images have been downloaded. To increase download time on menu, move mouse over images, then wait for your computer to download hidden image.
Blade's Webpage has it's 3rd year on the internet.
Finally, after several attempts, was able to retrieve some images and regain some control of my site.
Blade's webpage celibrated a lonely 2nd birthday.
Tripod messed up my account, thus deleting some images, and causing nearly a year's worth of abandonment. :(
Blade's Webpage celibrated it's 1 year aniversary.
The beginning of it all! This was the day in which Blade's He-Man & She-Ra page went on-line.

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