Villians Of Eternia.


Skeletor's Evil Army.

Skeletor: Evil sorcerer.

Evil Lyn: Evil witch, Skeletor's second in command.

Beastman: Evil warrior with the ability to control animals.

Clawful: Evil humanoid crustacean warrior.

Fakor: A fake and evil He-man.

Jitsu: An evil judo warrior with a metal hand.

Merman: Evil sea creature and warrior.

Panthor: Skeletor's purple panther.

Screech: Skeletor's pet vulture.

Webstor: Evil humanoid spider warrior.

Too Bad: Evil two headed warrior.

Trap Jaw: Evil pirate with a robotic arm and jaw.

Tri-Clops: An evil warrior with a helmet that contains three eyes.

Twistoid: Evil robot that can spin like a top.

Whiplash: Evil humanoid alligator with a powerful tail.

Skareglow: Evil skeleton warrior, possibly Skeletor's ghost from the future.

Ninjor: Evil ninja warrior.

Saurod: Cybernetic Snakeman mercenary.

Blade: Sword wielding mercenary.

Stinkor (a.k.a. Skunkor): Evil humanoid skunk warrior.

Spikor: Evil warrior & blacksmith with spikes surrounding his body.

Night Stalker: A robotic horse in Skeletor's army.

Karg: The leader of Skeletor's evil soldiers.

Strongarm: One of Skelator's soldiers who once traped He-man in a Photanium Body Cell.

The Snake-men.

King Hiss: Leader of the Snakemen, who is also a powerful magician.

Cobra Khan: Snakeman who can spray a sleeping mist from his mouth, use to serve Skeletor before serving King Hiss.

Tongue-Lasher: Snakeman warrior who is able to turn people into stone with a lick of his tongue.

Ratlor: Rattle-Snakeman warrior.

Sssqueeze: Boa constricting Snakeman warrior.

Snake-Face: Gorgon Snakeman warrior.

Blast-Attack: Robot trooper that can blow apart.

The Other Villains.

Batros: Bat-like villain.

Evil Seed: Plant-like warlord.

Icer: Evil warrior with the ability to control ice.

Modulok: Evil scientist who can alter his body. Formerly served Skeletor and Hordak, until he went on his own.

Morning Star: An evil dragon.

Shadow Wing: Dark enemy of the dragons of Darksmoke who was bannished to the Relm of Deamons by Granamyr.

Jarvan: The evil sorcerer who swore revenge on He-man and King Randor, but was sent to the Eternian prision by He-man.

Asrog: An evil Trollan wizard who almost turned Orko evil.

Spidera: Asrog's assistant.

Damar: A deamon who was freed from the Dark Dimention by Orko, and was convinced to choose his own destiny.

Fang-Man: An evil warrior with large, sharp fangs and the ability to control dragonsaurs.

Masque: Evil guardian of the House Of Shokoti.

Shokoti: Evil sorceress residing in the House Of Shokoti. Her main goal was to release the sleeping beast on Eternia.

Lord Taran: Evil lord who drew energy from trees. Put himself in a long sleep when the trees had died.

Lady Voltera: Evil wife of Lord Taran. Put herself in a long slumber with her husband over a hundred years ago.

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